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A show about what connects us hosted by Jakob Lewis and Cariad Harmon.Call the Neighbors “reverse complaint line” and tell us what you like about your neighbors 615-601-1411.Join “The Neighborhood” on Patreon.

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These Things Is Miracles

Today we feature a story from the podcast Anxious Machine called "These Things Is Miracles." What happens when a woman refuses to admit she can't hear, and what happens when she finally does? Music in this episode: Seaside by Jelsonic Other music in Rob's piece can be found at anxiousmachine.com


10 Sep 2015

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Highbrow Lowbrow

Find out the meaning behind the words highbrow and lowbrow through the construct of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You'll visit a man who is currently homeless and learn how he brews his coffee by the interstate. Enter into the home kitchen of a barista at the high end Nashville coffee shop CREMA. Let Neighbors food reviewer Chance Perdue take you from Italy to Nolensville, Tennessee, to try the holy grail of all bologna sandwiches at Martin's BBQ Joint. You'll get to go inside the mind of Josh Habiger, the chef who set up one of the classiest restaurants in Nashville, The Catbird Seat. You'll end up in Rwanda being exposed to a form of high art that most Westerners don't want to even touch.


26 Jun 2015

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Matt Got Shot: Part 1

It was inauguration day 2017 when Nashville singer-songwriter Matt Lovell was ambushed while sitting in his car — and then shot in the chest. A doorman at a nearby bar miraculously saved his life, setting in motion a series of life-changing events. In this first episode of a three-part Neighbors mini-series, we explore how the shooting forced Matt to come to terms with his identity and gave him an unexpected gift—peace. neighborspodcast.com Music in this episode by Podington Bear, Matt Lovell and the credits music is by Jason Goforth. A clip from Bill Fay’s “Be at peace with yourself” is used.


30 Jan 2018

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Bringing Wes Home

After a five-week road trip across beautiful America, I'm back. I'm bringing you a story I did from before I was gone. It's called "Bringing Wes Home": The tale of a family who took their son's body and prepared it themselves. If you've never heard of a home funeral, this will enlighten you and bring tears to your eyes at the beauty that this process can provide.


20 Jul 2014

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Runnin' Down a Dream

Bobby Hopkins wakes up one day and decides to change his life. Within two years, he's entering his first 100-mile ultramarathon. I go along as part of his crew to help him along the way. Will Bobby finish? Will I do a good job crewing? Also, a special release of Service Unicorn's "Water Color War Paint."


22 Oct 2014

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Quit Playin' Games With My Heart

Todd Michael Rogers got married young, and it was bad. It was the kind of bad that Todd describes as "Lifetime movie bad." He became unhappy and isolated. It was in that space where he started pouring his energy into creating a one-player card game called Spell Saga. When your life is in shambles, what happens when you follow your creativity honestly?


9 Apr 2015

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The Tuba Man

It's an odd scene: A man, playing a sousaphone, stands inside a tunnel on a busy Nashville road during rush hour. Is he crazy, divinely inspired or something else entirely? In this episode of Neighbors, we go inside the world of "tuba man" Joe Hunter and discover what brings him and his instrument to the tunnel. Some music by: Podington Bear Editing help from: Emily Siner, and Mack Linebaugh Production Assistance: Bailey Robbins


6 Sep 2017

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Lost and Found - Neighbors Live

Neighbors is once again live from my backyard. 10 storytellers poured their hearts out. 5 of them are featured in this episode. In this episode: Blake Farmer, reporter at WPLN in Nashville, tells a story of being a rockstar in the Philippines. Hal Humphreys, private investigator, talks about what it feels like to lose your freedom. Tasha Lemley, co-founder of the street newspaper The Contributor, reminisces about an encounter with fame. Josh Spilker, writer and across-the-street neighbor from me, reads from his e-book about our neighborhood.


25 Sep 2014

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The Language Learner

As Myanmar aka Burma is going through a humanitarian crisis Neighbors brings an update to the story of a man who fled the region to come to America with his family. We meet Gin Thawng. The 66-year old man lives in a Nashville apartment with his ailing wife, a baby grandson, his daughter-in-law and son. A graduate of an innovative ESL program-on-wheels, Thawng shows us something about the power that language has and how human connection is bigger than just words. Editing by: Emily Siner and Mack Linebaugh Production Assistance by: Bailey Robbins and Caleb Shiver Music by: Podington Bear and Dan Burns Leave a rating or review in iTunes Neighbors is a member of The Heard Neighbors is from Nashville Public Radio


19 Sep 2017

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The Hero's Journey

The town of Harrenheim is mysteriously out of water, yet its reservoir is full. The Heroes’ Guild summons four of its bravest to investigate. These particular heroes are middle schoolers, playing a tabletop roll-playing game at a Nashville community center. The game master is Josh Unruh. He's also a barista and leather worker. A couple years ago, Josh was sinking into despair over our polarizing political climate. Rather than give into the hostility, he decided he would “follow his bliss”. As a lifelong enjoyer of role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, Josh decided to share the benefits of those games with kids and founded an afterschool program to teach them a new game he and his friend Keith created for that purpose: The Heroes’ Guild RPG. It incentivizes peacemaking and cooperation over fighting, and you get a front row seat at how four kids embody the game. Thanks for listening all these years! You’re the best! To find out about Jakob’s new venture visit www.voxfamilia.net


4 Dec 2018

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The Genius Improviser

Michael Kearney is a genius — he holds the Guinness World Record for being the youngest person to graduate from college, at age 10. Now he's 32, and he's not curing cancer or solving world hunger. He's running an improv comedy company in Nashville. Why did this child prodigy decide to use his genius in such an unconventional way? We find out in this episode on Neighbors. This episode was edited by: Emily Siner, Mack Linebaugh, and Anita Bugg Special thanks to Lee Hale! Music by Podington Bear and Dan Burns Sponsors: Yazoo Brewing Company, Baja Burrito


19 May 2016

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The Pace Of Wonder

This episode is more of a meditation than a story. When Barclay was 25, he traveled the country in a van. Out under the open sky he bought an astronomy book, looked up, and had his sky stolen from him. He wasn't ready for what he saw. Close your eyes and soak up this very meditative edition of Neighbors.


5 Dec 2014

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A Ritual of Hospitality

This is a story about a ritual. A Chinese tea ceremony. It's used as a means to connect — with the past, with people, with another land. Joshua Drake Wu invited me into his home to experience the joy of Chinese tea. I learned a lot of surprising things about tea, hospitality, and my neighbor. Make yourself a cup of your favorite leaf and listen. Also in this episode are the rituals of two of my podcasting colleagues, Jonathan Hirsch of ARRVLS and Vannessa Lowe of Nocturne. They are two great shows you should check out. Special thanks to Jason Goforth and Dan Burns for some of the music in this episode.


20 Feb 2015

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The Fool

A story of how one clown turns his sorrow into connection. Some music by Podington Bear Editors: Tally Abecassis and Rob McGinley Meyers Production Help: Bailey Robbins Sponsors: Yazoo Brewing Company www.yazoobrew.com Baja Burrito Neighbors is a part of The Heard www.theheardradio.com


17 Dec 2015

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This is Not a Love Song

What keeps you up at night? For some, it's the shape-shifting song of a mockingbird outside the bedroom window. It turns out, not everyone is amazed by this bird's musical feats. What is a wonder of nature to some, to others is the sound of torture. This time on Neighbors, a guest episode from our friends at Nocturne.   Special thanks to Vanessa Lowe who produced this story and originally aired it on Nocturne. www.nocturnepodcast.org episode art by Christopher Stewart Sponsors: Yazoo Brewing Company www.yazoobrew.com and Magnolia Record Company www.magnoliarecord.club Neighbors is a member of The Heard. www.theheardradio.com  


29 Mar 2016

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The Grave of Rosa Mary Dean

On a rainy night in 1949, a young woman arrived by train in Franklin, Tennessee, and walked off into the night. The next morning, her body was found near an incinerator by the high school. Her throat had been cut. The murder has become a fixture of town lore, yet its victim lies in an unmarked grave. An effort to give her a headstone raises the questions: Who do we choose to remember? And why? Production assistance from Bailey Robbins Edited by Mack Linebaugh, Emily Siner, and Anita Bugg Sponsors: Yazoo Brewing Company and Baja Burrito Music by Podington Bear and Dan Burns Correction: an earlier version of this story stated the John Golden was buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery in Franklin, Tenn. He is buried at Cool Springs Cemetery in Bethesda, Tenn.


9 Sep 2016

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Sans Houses - Music

Our newest addition to our Sans Houses series has the theme of music. Producer Tasha A F Lemley takes us along to glimpse into the lives of three men living on the street. You'll hear beautiful, funny, and tragic moments from our homeless neighbors in Nashville. Neighbors is a member of the audio collective The Heard. www.theheardradio.com


9 Jul 2015

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The Fence Jumper

Most people might think it’s not worth the trouble to intervene in someone else's life. But in this episode of Neighbors, we get to know a woman who sees that obstacle—and will do everything she can to jump over it. Photo provided by Beth Mathews Neighbors is from Nashville Public Radio and Produced by Jakob Lewis Production Assistance from Bailey Robbins Edited by Mack Linebaugh and Emily Siner Music by Podington Bear and Jason Goforth Sponsors: Yazoo Brewing Company and The Crag Special Thanks to Dan and Beth Mathews


7 Jul 2016

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The Baker's Son

Sam Tucker is a gifted baker, but the one thing that is his greatest passion just might put his family in danger. With the premiere of Season 3, I am thrilled to announce Neighbors' partnership with Nashville Public Radio.    Some music by: Podington Bear Editing help from: Rob McGinley Myers, Emily Siner, and Mack Linebaugh Production Assistance: Bailey Robbins Artwork: Christopher Stewart Sponsors: Yazoo Brewing Company, Magnolia Record Club Neighbors is a part of The Heard If you like the story consider leave a review in iTunes. It goes a long way to helping others discover the show.  


1 Mar 2016

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My Grandma's A Spy

What happens when you want to learn more about your cultural heritage and find out that your grandma was a spy? 80-year-old Sara McCall grew up in Cuba. Now her family is learning just exactly how she came to America. Learn more about how you can tell your family’s story at www.VoxFamilia.net


21 Nov 2018

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