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An improv comedy show where we debate anything and everything, just for the sake of arguing. Each new episode features a debate topic, past debates have been anywhere from "Better Father? Putin vs Trump" to "Haircut for life? Mullet vs Manbun" and everything in between. We have a guest judge to keep the peace, ask questions, and to decide the winner! Rate, review and follow us on Twitter @weliketodebate and on instagram @itsdebatablepod. You can also leave a comment to offer new debate ideas or let us know if you agree with the winner! Visit our website www.itsdebatablepod.com Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/itsdebatable/support

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Better Schools? Private vs Public

You want to set up your children for success in life right? What's more important than where they get their foundation....Nothing.  This week Judge Tom who has 5 kids posed the question, which is the better schools? Private(Doug) vs Public(Schramm).  Will Tom choose an education filled with the best facilities or choose to teach his kids life lessons involving a chicken patty(you'll get this when you listen and will laugh....trust me).   Do you agree with our judge? Let us know on Twitter @weliketodebate; or check out our Instagram @itsdebatablepod for some exclusive in-studio content.   Check out our new website www.itsdebatablepod.com If you are a looking for a drop like we had in this episode, reach out to Nightlife Audio and ask for James at www.nightlifeaudio.com --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/itsdebatable/support


29 Mar 2019

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