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The digital home for RVers. RVing is not camping anymore. It has evolved into a high tech life style that requires maintaining many technology systems. This podcast addresses the myriad issues that arise while traveling in an RV. The podcasters travel extensively in their RV, so they can share their experiences with listeners in a fun and interesting style. Contact us at navigator@rvnavigator.com

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RV Navigator Episode 182 - Ground Hog Month

Another month of quarantine, what will our world look like once this is over? After 3 months of Quarantine, all of the days at home seem to be the same. The Ground Hog day movie takes this idea to the extreme. Bill Murray relives "grand hog day" for weeks before he is brought back to reality. What will our RVing future be. According to reports, RVing may be very popular and on the cutting edge of the new travel. Here at the beginning of June, 2020 it is hard to see our way to the future however We are thinking about the future as we see RVing as the ideal way to travel. We share a bunch of ideas about now and the future as well as our usual problem solving tips and tricks. Interesting new Apps, a few jokes, and thoughts about the sun wrap up this months episode.


1 Jun 2020

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RV Navigator Episode 165- A Warm Welcome to 2019

We begin our 13th year of the RV Navigator in the warmth of Florida. This episode is our annual NYE edition which features champaign and fun as the new year begins. Lots of RV tech topics to cover as your hosts share their adventures of the past year.


1 Jan 2019

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RV Navigator Episode 127 - Fix it and head off on Safari

Even a fairly new RV needs repairs so this month we visited Newmar in Indiana. Thus just before heading for Dubai, UAE & Nairobi, Kenya for our African Safari. These plus lots of good RVing and travel info make up this episode.


1 Nov 2015

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RV Navigator Episode 83 - Alaska or Bust

Our long awaited trip to Alaska begins this month with the long drive across the US to the Canadian Rockies. Follows us for the next few months as we explore our 49th state. Of course, we have lots more topics in the show, so take a listen.

1 Jun 2012

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RV Navigator Episode 92 - The 12 RV Gifts of Christmas


1 Dec 2012

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RV Navigator Episode 139- A Slow 2 weeks to Florida

Our travel plans are a bit different this year. We are taking the RV south in the fall before the winter season. We’ll be driving the toad back & forth in the cold weather. For now, we are visiting relatives in SC on our way to TGO in Florida. For the first winter we’ll be using our lot at The Great Outdoors in Titusville, FL between January and March. On our way south in late October, we stopped to get the Air Force 1 install. After a week with the relatives in SC, we’ll head to TGO until TG in late November.


1 Nov 2016

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RV Navigator Episode 181 - Bubble to Bubble to Bubble

We’ve moved - but safely from FL to IL (both bubbles of safety in gated communities) via our mobile bubble (the MH). Owning a lot in FL allows us to be flexible about moving. Even through our park was closed to outsiders renting, we could stay or leave as we chose. We understand that many full timers didn't have this option as states closed RV parks. We definitely feel their pain. Although we were supposed to be traveling overseas at this month, We had no definite departure plans but as the weather gets hot in FL, we knew that it was time to head north. How long will the economic shutdown last, we don’t know, but we're ready for and extended stay in place. Our 1200 mile trip home was uneventful - little traffic, low fuel prices, and open camp grounds made the trip one of the smoothest ever. This month we make some suggestions for activities like geocaching as well as streaming lots of video. On more serious topics, we learned about toilet paper and masks. Two months ago we would not have even mentioned either of these but they have taken on new meaning in this time of C-19. We’ve got suggestions, activities and humor to share in this episode along with some repair pain. How are YOU surviving?

1 May 2020

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RV Navigator Episode 77 - RV or Caravan, it's all in the name

Another podcast from the high seas without an RV. This months episode features an interview with some fellow RVers (Caravaners in their eyes) from Great Britain. They travel in their rig for months at a time by heading south to Spain.

1 Dec 2011

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RV Navigator Episode 84 - The Alaska Highway


15 Jun 2012

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RV Navigator Episode 154 - Record warmth in Tucson

Winter in the North means we are in the warm - this year in Tucson, AZ. After a brief encounter with winter in IL, we flew back to LV for a week before heading down to Tucson via Quartzsite and Pheonix. Then on to Tucson for a couple of months in the sun. Tucson is always sunny but often cool in January. This year turned out to be the warmest January in their history with 14 days above 75 degrees (very pleasant) and only a couple of freezing mornings. We enjoy the outdoor activities provided by this area of country. This campground offers alot of actives for us seniors all under the warm sun. Plus Tucson offers great bike trails and hiking in the mountains. We are content to be stationary for 2 months when winter travel is just not reliable in other parts of the country. We took the time to upgrade several kitchen components while here in Tucson. We've wanted replace or electric cooktop with an induction model. Induction are more boondocking friendly and are excellent heat source. We've also started air trying and using the instant for many meals in the RV. Both of these make for easier and quicker meals on the road. This month we also share several articles about various aspects of RVing that you'll want to read.

1 Feb 2018

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RV Navigator Episode 149 -A Fresh Start

Summer is nearly over but our travel are just beginning. We’re on our way west to Rocky Mt, NP earlier than expected after Martha’s surgery so we’re starting new. We had carved out until the first of the year for her recovery, but it is a bonus to be able to leave in September. Our plan is to pick up some of the NPs that we missed on our last trip west. We'll be headed South to Tucson for a couple of the winter months after the first of the year. Last months eclipse was an event to be remembered. A 5 hour drive home turned in to 13 hrs due to heavy traffic as everyone headed north after the total eclipse. For the last few years I have enjoyed flying my DJI drone, but its large size made it difficult to transport. I was able to buy a DJI Spark drone was put to good use. Ir is very small (7x7 inches) so is easily transportable in one hand. It is about the size of the old drones controller. The new one is controlled by the iPhone so no controller needed. These topics plus lots of good RV stuff about boondocking and buying an RV are included in this episode - 54 minutes of entertaining banter about our favorite activity.

1 Sep 2017

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RV Navigator Episode 108 - Puplic vs Private CG


1 Apr 2014

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RV Navigator Episode 155 - No longer tourists

When in your travels do you shed the tourism mode and become more local? I think it has happened for us in Tucson with this visit. So this month we’ve just enjoyed the winter warmth (with a bit of cold) to do home like activities. Join us for the details

1 Mar 2018

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RV Navigator Episode 175 - Hot Batteries

A month of highs & lows. We attended the Newmar Rally in Syracuse NY along with 450 other Newmar motorhomes. This 8 day event provided us with a chance to see the latest product and get some repairs-updates done to our coach. Newmar brought 55 techs to the event to provide service and repairs for coach owners. We took advantage of this service. Also this month we spent a week using our Harvest Host membership at a variety of different types of HH boondocking experiences. Overall it was a great experience and we’ll continue to use them when available. The month ended in Niagara Falls for a couple of days at this iconic tourist attraction. The final leg of the trip - back to Chicago - turnout to be an adventure of the negative sort. Our almost new alternator (new in January) failed again in Ohio causing a 2 day delay, purchasing 2 new batteries and plenty of waisted time. We share it all and explain it all, and answer questions in this episode.

1 Nov 2019

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RV Navigator Episode 79 - RGV is our pick


1 Feb 2012

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RV Navigator Episode 153 - Starting the Year in LV

2018 begins in Las Vegas where we celebrate on Freemont St. After flying back to our motorhome which was parked in LV for 5 weeks, we’ll be on the road again soon. We are cleaning up the RVNavigator mail box of topics this month with a bit bubbly added.

1 Jan 2018

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RV Navigator Episdoe 96 - Red Rock Adventure

1hr 1min

1 Apr 2013

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RV Navigator Episode 151 - Americas Loneliest Highway

Rt 50 is considered to be the loneliest highway and we traveled much of it this month as we traversed several deserts and vast planes of CA and NV. We also visited several NPs including Crater Lake, Lassen, Great Basin, & Yosemite. Spending just a few few nights in each, we have had a block buster month of RVing ending in Cedar City UT (Cedar Breaks NM). We have driven across hundreds of miles of desolate landscape on RT 50. One sign indicated that the next service (fuel) was 167 miles ahead. In that time we saw one car going in our direction and 3 in the opposite direction. This is impossible to happen in our part of the country - as probably yours but here in the western high plains. This meant that driving the large RV on a 2 lane black top was no challenge. The scenery was interesting despite the isolation. We crossed several 7500+foot passes which did challenge the RVs 450 hp diesel but we did fine in the end.

1 Nov 2017

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RV Navigator Episode 177 - Welcome 2020

The annual end of the year celebration with our listeners takes place on 12/31/2019. We open the bubbly and talk about the year in review. What will the next decade bring - we hope lots of RVing and travel. RVing and many other topics are on our agenda

1 Jan 2020

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RV Navigator Episode 138- North Atlantic route

Five days at sea highlighted our 16 day crossing of the Atlantic. We did make a major stop in Iceland for some great sightseeing, but we also spent quite a few days at sea. Many listeners would find this much unplanned time to be boring, but, from our exdperience its not. Would you switch from an RV to a sailboat? RVing & sailing seemingly have much in common, but do they? We also spend some time comparing our respective digital cameras. Ken favors one choice while Martha another. This enlightening discussion will help you decide what type of camera is for you. From blowouts to new shoes we talk about what’s happing in the RV world this month.


1 Oct 2016

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