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Drew And Mike – October 21, 2021

Netflix walkout counter-protester Dick Masterson joins us, John Hinckley Jr joins Twitter, remembering Chuck Hughes, Jon Gruden breaks his silence, Maz checks in, duel Bonerlines, and Jim Fouts is still sizzling. Carlos Monarrez’s heart must still be broken seeing that attempted murderer, Justin Turner, in the NLCS this year. What is race-norming? We find out. SIST: Najeh Davenport once pooped in a hamper. Enis Kanter got the Boston Celtics kicked out of China due to his take on Tibet. Dick Masterson and company crashed the Netflix protest over Dave Chappelle. Check out The Dick Show here and his terrific trolling of Dr. Phil right here. Jokes are funny. Kate Beckinsale is a genius. Just ask her like Howard Stern did for some reason. Jerkmate brings you the Bonerline. Thanks to our Forensic Accountant for compiling our questions in Q3. Jon Gruden says the truth will set him free. Remembering former Detroit Lion Chuck Hughes. 50 years ago, he became the only NFL player to die during a game. Drew wants to watch Dick Butkus highlights. John Hinckley Jr. is on Twitter now and he’s quickly passing Drew in followers. He is announcing live shows! Charlie Murphy vs Darryl Stingley. The show gives multiple reasons to call Old Man Conrad back… but Drew isn’t biting. WeWork is BACK. Donald Trump’s new social media ‘Truth Social’ is bound to be the next hot TikTok for kids. It’s already been hacked. Jim Fouts is still looking hot on local TV news tonight. Brian Laundrie is finally officially dead. In-N-Out Burger lost its battle with San Francisco’s COVID-19 rules. Tom Mazawey joins us from his bowling league. Some people are saying his Atlanta Brave fandom mocks Native Americans. The Deshaun Watson trade rumors are heating up. Listen to ML Elrick and Shawn Windsor fight while ML’s mom referees. Debra ‘Everything I Touch Turns Into a’ Messing apologizes to Kim Kardashian. Aimee Osbourne > Kelly Osbourne. The AGT stuntman is totally fine. There is a GoFundMe for a Fox 2 photog who has been recently paralyzed. Donate here. This week’s Dateline will feature the Egypt Covington case. Drew is eating weiners for Harry Houdini at American Coney Island on Sunday. Enjoy more Clarktober! Social media is dumb but we’re on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

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22 Oct 2021

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Drew And Mike – October 20, 2021

The forecast calls for porno on KREM, Brian Laundrie body update with Bullhorn Andra, Netflix walkout/protest, WNBA parade attended by hundreds, and the Toolbox Killer leads us into a Foreigner/Asia rabbit hole. Drew’s going to the Battle of the George Jewett as his first University of Michigan football game of the year. MLB Championship series have been pretty good. Joe Biden was heckled on Fox’s post game coverage. Some baby took over Fenway way past his bedtime. Charles Barkley popped off on Kyrie Irving. Robin Roberts lied to her audience as the WNBA Championship parade attracted very few people to the streets of Chicago. KREM accidentally aired pornography. We call them to let them know. We try to reach the Sissy of Fremont Street after he posted his phone number online. Some dude ate a phone. Dirty Laundrie: Brian Laundrie’s body was probably found today, but internet sleuths claim he’s still out there using his Pinterest account. We chat again with Bullhorn Andra live from the Laundrie home. Brandon Goodwin is looking to get his COVID / NBA story out there. We offer him a platform. Chris Brown has Kyrie Irving’s back. Alyssa Milano has been arrested and she’s bragging about it. Meghan Markle is now making demands to Congress. Drew Crime: Don’t murder your spouse on the day they file for divorce. Bonerliners have recommended The Toolbox Killer on Peacock. Nikolas Cruz blames weed for his massacre but we can only focus on the sexy judge in the courtroom. We rock out to Foreigner and realize that someone should make a bad Broadway musical with their catalog. WATP’s Reddit sure hates Boomer Drew. Boomers are ruining homeowning for Millennials. Dave Grohl believe Nandi is as inspiring as the Beatles and Led Zeppelin combined. “Dogs vs The Volcano” starring Tom Hanks. Gas Station Shootings: Stopping for gas in Detroit when it’s nighttime seems very dangerous. The dude who killed a Detroit firefighter at a gas station in Troy is out on bond. Macomb schools can’t feed their students. Dave Chappelle is so evil that people are protesting Netflix. There actually were some people there that still liked jokes. Richard Speck had great boobs and his boyfriend is one cool kat. Bitcoin is soaring and Zooves is loaded again. Eli may be making some appearances soon. ML’s Soul of Detroit is getting feisty. Bob Page hates cigarettes and has no idea how Tom Petty died. “The Batman” trailer is out. In case you haven’t heard, the supply chain is an issue. Clarktober takes us back to James Brown and Tanith Belbin emails. Social media is dumb but we’re on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).


21 Oct 2021

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Drew And Mike – October 19, 2021

Andra the bullhorn Brian Laundrie protester, Thomas Markle takes the high road, new Jack White music, Oberlin v. Cisgender men, mandate madness, Brittany Murphy HBO doc, and the infamous Evan Longoria pic. We find out the MLB league championships are in progress. Boston fans are being really mean to A-Rod. Trevor Bauer is on YouTube instead of the NLCS. The Buffalo Bills lost MNF on a Josh Allen slip. BranDon lost his fantasy matchup. Marc lost his parlay. Reminder: Mitch Albom does a lot of great things for Haiti. Mitch has killed the goatee. We remember the quick 2-minute segment of Evan Longoria’s dick pic that got the Drew & Mike Show in trouble with the FCC around 2012. Andra Griffin is hanging out at Brian Laundrie’s house every single day. Chris Laundrie got fed up and ripped her sign… now he’s being sued for $40. We chat with Andra. We try and connect with Brian Laundrie’s doppelganger and we check in with the hotel that narc’d on him. Simon Monjack was the biggest con and Brittany Murphy paid for it. HBO Max has a new documentary that tells the story. Karl’s WATP show is climbing up the charts. The Reddit page is being really mean to Drew, but they LOVE Eric Zane. The fall of Radio Hall of Famer, Eric Ferguson, continues. It’s Wednesday, bitches. That 70’s Show gets a spinoff: That 90’s Show! We wonder if that Scientologist (and rapist) will reprise his role. Katie Couric jumped on the Today Show. Savannah Guthrie has vocal fry now. Marc coins ‘lateral dating’. Thomas Markle speaks out on Good Morning Britain and takes the high road. The poor old man has been dumped and wants to see his grandbabies. Meghan and Harry have a new investment firm (cause they need more money) that isn’t as woke as they think it is. Don’t drink and drive 150 mph on I-696. Bonerliners did not like The Guilty. Jack White dropped the first song in a long time… twice. The View was not a safe space for Meghan McCain. Joy Behar is so mean. Adele new songs sound like Adele songs. Rebel Wilson still sizzles. Cisgender men are not welcome on the Oberlin College campus. Peter Fray-Witzer needs a lot of time to process things before someone enters his space. People would rather film a rape than call 911 on the rapist. Drew and Marc feel marginalized for being left-handed. Mandates: The Washington State Cougars blow out their coach. Southwest bails on their plan. Allison Williams quits ESPN. Congress and other special people are exempt… not you. Religious exemptions are confusing. The Chicago Sky had a huge parade. Lyla is a humping machine. We roll with a few more older segments for Clarktober. Social media is dumb but we’re on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).


20 Oct 2021

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Drew And Mike – October 18, 2021

Good looking people in the news, Drew Crime, RIP Colin Powell, Travis Barker engaged to a Kardashian, The Guilty on Netflix, Jackson Mahomes dance & apology, and Drew’s buying new season tickets. Mr. Methane is selling farts in a jar online and you should buy one. Drew wants to purchase THIS specific fart. The Beatles are on TikTok, so sign Drew up to dance. Drew Crime: Eric Pearson is not a good guy. Mother God drank a little too much Jim Bakker silver. Ex-principal, Joe Bryan, is looking to clear his name so he can hang up his Chippendales calendar. Who Are These Podcasts? is cranking up the comedy charts after their episode on Dave & Chuck. We remember when Mike Clark’s description of Evan Longoria’s weiner got the show in legal/FCC trouble (NSFW link). Chad Dukes got a raw deal in radio and no one knows exactly what he said to get in trouble. SNL’s ratings are terrible. Check out this week’s top skit. Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian are engaged. Thankfully they caught it all on film for their new Hulu show. Both of their ex’s need to be check on and they are losing it. Kelly Osbourne is off the wagon and back in rehab, thus answering the question of “What ever happened to Kelly Osbourne?”. TikTok is causing tics in teen girls. The Five-Eighths beer we were talking about has NOTHING to do with us. #sad. Paul McCartney is going to induct the Foo Fighters into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Jennifer Love Hewitt announced on social media that she needs to take a social media break to get her body back in order. Drew watched Jake Gyllenhaal’s new movie and he hates it. Mandate Issues: Chicago Police are in a vaccine battle with Lori Lightfoot. Drew is upset that nobody knows Brandon Goodwin’s story. Allison Williams leaves ESPN to have a baby. Johnson & Johnson folks need their booster. Local Accidents: A semi-truck driver bailed after crashing into EVERYTHING! Two women were killed in a hit and run in Detroit. Henry Ford Hospital “spoofing” is all the rage. RIP Colin Powell. Robert Durst is going to die ASAP. Daniel Craig goes to gay bars to stay out of fights. It’s definitely NOT because he’s gay. Britney Spears is planning a huge Freedom Bash. Not one member of Motley Crue reached out to see if Vince Neil and his broken ribs are ok. Rolling Stone Magazine is evolving into ‘Rock and Roll Tattle-Tale Magazine’. A Netflix employee was fired for leaking company info in an attempt to hurt Dave Chappelle. “America’s Got Talent: Extreme” is a thing. They halted production after a stunt gone wrong. Some people are saying the trick wasn’t that great, but it’s still better than anything by Nic Wallendas. Flavor Flav’s Fried Chicken didn’t work out so well, but at least he’s now roosting in Michigan. Jackson Mahomes danced on Sean Taylor’s memorial. He’s really sorry,  as there’s a drive into deep left field by Castellanos and that’ll be a home run. REAL SPORTS: The WNBA Championship was a MASSIVE success according to Robin Roberts, Chance the Rapper and 6 other people. It’s a great day to be Dawn Staley, but still not a college athlete. The Lady Gamecock’s such a draw that Drew’s looking into getting season tickets. Stephen Belichick is a product of nepotism. DUUUUH! Cancel every single Pittsburgh Steeler fan for doing the wave at the wrong time. Benton Harbor is the new Flint. Superman has abandoned the ‘American Way’ to sell out to the rest of the world. Lori Loughlin is coming back and making some coin proving that her crime was the best thing for her entire family. Enjoy some classic Flavor Flav conversations with the show. Social media is dumb but we’re on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

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19 Oct 2021

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Drew And Mike – October 17, 2021

A Chicago team wins the WNBA Title, Hooter’s new uniform, Detroit Lions lose again, Vince Neil falls, Bill Clinton hospitalized, Hannah Gadsby v. Dave Chappelle & Netflix, Drew on WATP, and it’s Mike Clark-tober. As we start the show, the Chicago Sky are crowned the 2021 WNBA Champions. Fun fact: they won half their games this year. The Phoenix Mercury could have won if not for horrendous travel conditions for Diana Taurasi. Fun fact: a show member once turned her down. The Detroit Lions are not very good at football and somehow get worse. Seeing Joe Mixon reminds us of Brent Musburger correct observation of him… OK, 2nd down and 9. Jon Gruden is the ONLY person in the NFL with mean emails from the WFT investigation. The new uniforms at Hooters have upset some of their servers. We conduct a full investigation by calling some stores. Maz reads off the latest Legacy winner. Congrats to _____________! Drew popped on the latest episode of Who Are These Podcasts? covering Dave & Chuck the Freak. Vince Neil fell off the stage and broke his ribs. MGK and Megan Fox (Kelly) love doing drugs together. Boring Austin Green was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars. Mike Clark passed away 3 years ago this past weekend. RIP Planeman. We miss still you. Greta Thunberg needs to take Jeff Bezos and William Shatner to task for polluting the world with their carnival ride. Ford is taking subtle shots at Tesla in their new commercials. Kourtney Kardashian threw a hissy fit when Travis Barker lost a phone on a flight. Britney Watch 2021: Britney is allowed to ride motorcycles now. Britney sends a warning to her family… ALL of them. Lourdes Leon claims Madonna was a strict mom. She’s the most famous armpit hair model. If you’re rich enough to have Apple TV+, don’t waste your time with The Velvet Underground documentary. Bill Clinton was hospitalized due to an issue with his weiner getting E. coli. Jeffrey Epstein wanted to spill on Bill Clinton and Donald Trump to save his ass. Hannah Gadsby is really made at her content distributer Netflix for “using” her to show how diverse their products are after Twitter got mad at the new Dave Chappelle special. Marc wants you to finish Squid Game so he can discuss the ending. SNL & Pete Davidson did a pretty decent bit on the Netflix show. Travis Barker is always available to drum. There are rumors swirling that more Urban Meyer video exists and Shelley is on the warpath. CFB: MSU beat Indiana on the road. Ed Orgeron is leaving LSU. Some people are saying MSU’s Mel Tucker may be his replacement. Drew’s Hokies are terrible. Tennessee fans pelted Lane Kiffin and Ole Miss. Michigan is up to #6 in the polls. Drew discovered Sponge’s John Lennon cover from 1995. It was the most 90’s album possibly ever. Audacy is doing something different in radio by rolling out Dave FM- “Random Radio”. Brandon Goodwin claims the COVID-19 vaccine ruined his NBA season. Coldplay played Bill Gates’ daughter’s wedding. Their dancing is going to power their upcoming shows. Victor Williams went viral for shredding his skateboard during a live broadcast. East Lansing Public Schools jump on the dumb bandwagon and cancel Halloween and Valentine’s Day. Beaumont Royal Oak needs nurse anesthetists stat. They’ll pay BIG money. Aaron McDonald is a monster that should rot in prison. Enjoy some Mike Clark memories. Social media is dumb but we’re on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

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18 Oct 2021

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Drew And Mike – October 14, 2021

Brian Laundrie’s new look, Joe Rogan v Sanjay Gupta, Kyrie Irving speaks, don’t talk about Jonah Hill or Lizzo’s weight, a Bonerline, Maz checks in, Pete Rose killed Ray Fosse, and CBS gets our sloppy seconds. Listen to your “safe for work” show on WLLZ this and every weekend. Show Health: Drew’s hip hurts. Marc can’t see. Brandon doesn’t go to the dentist. Don’t even get us started on Trudi. Drew has been binging Dave & Chuck the Freak in preparation of his WATP appearance tomorrow. Storytime with Seth Rogen is the latest celebrity podcast. Jonah Hill is very insecure about his body. He doesn’t want bad OR good comments. Lizzo was… but apparently is no longer insecure about her body. Kyrie Irving breaks his silence about not getting the covid vaccine. Twitter is mad that he did an Instagram Live during a WNBA game. Jerkmate (NSFW link) brings you a brand-new Bonerline. Dial or text 209-66-Boner. Curtis Smith is making the rounds. We had him FIRST! Manchester schools and parents cannot meet in the middle about masks, but some people need to learn how TV interviews are conducted. Mellissa Carone wants to be a politician now. Hail to the Victims. Dr. Nassar victims join the Dr. Anderson victims protesting outside the UofM President’s house. Chick-fil-A is about to cause joy and havoc in Woodhaven. Where the hell is Ronald McDonald? If your African cats get loose more than once then: No more cats for you! Ramzu Yunus seems to be the only guy that has ever “won” a standoff. Also, don’t accept a deed from him. 4 Northland Mall security guards are being charged in the 2014 death of McKenzie Cochran. We interrupt Tom Mazawey’s show prep to chat Jon Gruden fallout, defend murderer OJ Simpson, the softness of high school soccer, comment on Kyrie Irving and preview the weekend sporgy. RIP Ray Fosse. Some people are saying Pete Rose should be arrested for murder. Colin Kaepernick is ready for his NFL comeback. Where is Cam Newton going to land? Special Agent Gibbs is leaving NCIS and we dial up Count David Wimp to see if he’s ok. Laundrie List: Dog the Bounty Hunter and John Walsh are receiving heat. Brian’s sister is getting death threats. Internet sleuths believe Brian Laundrie looks like Paul Rudd now. Joe Rogan is angry CNN said he took “horse de-wormer” and he took it out on Sanjay Gupta. Tis the season for schools to cancel Halloween. Jim Bakker is still selling Doomsday products. Check out what Charlie LeDuff and ML Elrick are up to. Social media is dumb but we’re on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

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14 Oct 2021

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Drew And Mike – October 13, 2021

Alex Murdaugh’s alleged shooter joins us, Shatner survives space, the Great Resignation, Millennials wreck the mafia, Britney Spears’ Uncle v. her fans, The Beatles: Get Back doc, and Urban Meyer’s girl Cayman Nebraska has been spotted. Karl and Eric Zane will be taking a look at Dave & Chuck the Freak on this week’s upcoming Who Are these Podcasts? with special guest: Drew. Britney Watch 2021: Uncle Willie enters the chaos and tells off her fans. Britney vs Jaime Lynn’s book. Jason Alexander is going to take a mental health break… after using too many hashtags. We scoop Mandy Matney and the Murdaugh Murder podcast and chat with Curtis Smith… who allegedly shot Alex Murdaugh in an insurance fraud scheme. Gone Gruden Fallout: The NFL has all the answers. Adam Schefter is apparently in trouble now, if you think he’s a journalist. Carl Nassib needed to take a mental health day. John Gruden has been kicked out of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ring of Honor. Jeff Fisher had to come out and make his own statement. Katie Couric edited some of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Colin Kaepernick comments to “protect” her. Here’s the original article from Yahoo. Urban Meyer’s bar girlfriend is seen for the first time since the fluttering ‘incident’. MGK and Megan Fox are so hot. Just ask them. Curb Your Enthusiasm is finally BACK October 24th on HBOMax. Drew doesn’t care for Seth Rogen that much these days or his best friend, #MeToo’s own James Franco. Kim Kardashian loves murderers. Here is another example. The world’s most expensive carnival ride sent William Shatner in ‘space’. Marc wants to send Darth Vader/James Earl Jones up there next. Econ 101: It’s the Great Resignation. The supply chain is messed up as well. Inflation is insane. It is, however, a lucrative time to be a nurse. Millennials are killing the mafia. They are also buying homes together. Music News: The Rolling Stones cave to wokeness and cancel Brown Sugar. The Beatles: Get Back trailer is out. Paul McCartney “hates” the Rolling Stones. American Crime Story: Impeachment dropped another episode. Ann Coulter is a Deadhead. Brett Favre needs to pay $828,000 back for ripping off the Mississippi welfare funds. Mia Zapata and The Gits were almost huge. Tim Taylor and Brainiac were almost huge. They died. Dave Grohl and a couple other people will be inducted onto the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. An exhibit is open if you need to see Dave Grohl in the meantime. The Ferndale Project dropped a beer called Five Eighths. TFLTTP! Social media is dumb but we’re on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

2hr 31mins

14 Oct 2021

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Drew And Mike – October 12, 2021

Gone Gruden, Smash Mouth’s show stopper, Tyga troubles, new Cameos, Texas v. Mandates, John Cusack v. Barstool Chicago, and WATP Karl joins us to co-regulate. The NFL office really didn’t like Jon Gruden’s emails that they found in their Washington Football Team investigation. The Las Vegas Raiders coach decided to resigned. Hunter Biden is killing it in the art world. Karl from WATP joins us to co-regulate 4D with Demi Lovato, the embarrassment that is Madonna, roast Berning In Hell with Hannah Berner, introduce us to Hey Poopy and point out Howard Stern’s tech issues. Playboy has dudes on their covers these days. Detroit City Council has totally fixed the towing situation in Detroit now that everyone seems to be indicted. Football: MNF was a great watch last night. Marc sweated his bet all game. (use promo code DMP). Frank Ragnow is hurt. Quintez Cephus is hurt. Jeff Okudah is hurt. Romeo Okwara is hurt. The Lions are bad. Steve Harwell of Smash Mouth is retiring. He says it’s due to health… but it’s clear he’s a mess. Barstool Sports Chicago decided John Cusack shouldn’t cheer for the White Sox. A guy that pretended he was Superman on TV comments on the son of Superman being bi-sexual. The US wants vaccine mandates. Texas does not want mandates. The Brooklyn Nets don’t want a part-time point guard. Tyga arrested for felony domestic violence. He seems to be totally broke. Jerry Jones, Tony Dungy and Mike Tirico have Jon Gruden’s back. Boring Austin Green is overdoing it on DWTS. MGK & Megan Fox have surpassed Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell as the hot new celebrity power couple. Cameo has welcomed a new roster of celebrities who need YOUR money. Congrats to Al Allen and Susan Whitall for making the Michigan Journalist Hall of Fame. Al was on Let it Rip and he didn’t allow anyone else to let it rip. Southwest Airlines is straining to do some explaining. They totally ruined Kimberly Romano’s wedding. Drew is planning his excuse to get out of his WATP’s appearance. Social media is dumb but we’re on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

2hr 50mins

13 Oct 2021

Rank #8

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Drew And Mike – October 11, 2021

Shatner taking up space, Netflix v. interrupting employees, Bisexual Superman, Showtime’s Buried & repressed memories, more Mandy Matney, and we have a Brian Laundrie list of neighbors to call. Seriously though, what happened to Tom Cruise’s face? Some people are saying he caught Fat Face Syndrome like Madonna and Chrissy Teigen. Old Man Conrad made quite the first impression yesterday. Joe Biden’s approval rating is low because of all those damn unvaccinated people. Superman is out of the closet. Today is National Coming Out Day. Some people are upset that Christopher Columbus Day isn’t getting enough attention today. Rolling Stone Magazine HATES Eric Clapton. Adam Schefter loves his role as #2. Repressed Memories: Marc recommends Buried on Showtime. Drew remembers his dead dog. Roseanne once remembered something from when she was 6-months-old. Clay Aiken needs to play Scott Rogers in a made-for-tv movie. Joel Osteen gave back his PPP loans. Mandy Matney dropped a new episode and advertisers are starting to make it rain. Laundrie List: Dog the Bounty Hunter is currently off the Laundrie case due to injury. We learn that Trudi is a huge Dog fan. We check in with new Laundrie neighbor, Tony. Eric Church enabled Morgan Wallen. Gene Simmons almost died in a stage mishap. William Shatner continues his media tour by dominating interviews. Britney Watch: Jamie Lynn Spears has a new book coming out. Britney Spears responds by spinning. K-Fed wants it to be clear that Britney will still have NO custody of the kids when her conservatorship is over because she’s a nut and unfit mother. Gina Stewart declares herself the ‘Hottest Grandma in the World’. Billie Eilish made the worst Bond song possibly ever. People are upset about the ending of the latest film. Eric in the Morning is off the air after accuser #3 comes forward. Max Scherzer got drunk. Billy Idol has some new tunes out. Beaumont needs nurses. The US needs truckers. This Ferndale pastor needs to pray to God to help him stop drinking and driving. Not many stories about school shooter Tim Simpkins out there. His family tried to create a GoFundMe for him but it was shut down. Netflix employees are furious that Netflix allows Dave Chappelle content to air on their platform. Social media is dumb but we’re on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

2hr 53mins

12 Oct 2021

Rank #9

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Drew And Mike – October 10, 2021

The Lions tearful loss, Trump fears AIDS, Dave Chappelle v. Dear White People, Tom Cruise deep fake v. Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato’s podcast, and we talk to an old-timer that knocked out his neighbor. The Detroit Lions are not a very good football team. 0-5 with 2 losses on last second FGs. Saturday was a great college football weekend: Michigan beat Nebraska. MSU rolled on Rutgers. VaTech painfully lost to Notre Dame. Bowling Green lost to Akron. Alabama lost for the first time in god knows when. ITT Tech still is not a real school. Jemele Hill’s tweets email Drew every single day. Some parents always believe their kids… even if they’re in the second grade in New Jersey. 15 Minutes of Shame documents the canceled, but isn’t worth watching. Donald Trump is still doing rallies. He’s really worried about Haiti AIDS. Shoplifters are stealing all the tampons in NYC. If you have the time, watch Tom Mazawey name all the Detroit Legends on the Woodward Sports set. Don’t even think about stepping a foot on Old Man Conrad’s grass. He’s a 5-time Hall of Famer. Marc stumbles upon some dirt on him and is likely next on Old Man Conrad’s punch list. Lions Update: Dan Campbell cried. The latest school shooter had a homecoming party after he shot 4 people. You can donate to the real victim Zacc Selby’s GoFundMe here. The Closer: Dear White People’s Jaclyn Moore is done with Netflix because of Dave Chappelle’s new standup special. Rotten Tomatoes critics still don’t like Dave Chappelle. Megan Fox looks dumb. Kim Kardashian hosted SNL. Donna D’Errico’s rack is massive leading us to wonder its age. Madonna needs to age more gracefully. Britney Spears got a new dog that will one day be taken away from her. She has a microwave and a Hello Kitty refrigerator in her bathroom. Drew just HAD to listen to Hailey Bieber on Demi Lovato’s podcast. Meghan Markle needs a new revenue stream and is starting a beauty line. R. Kelly’s courtroom struggles have been great for sales. Jon Gruden was very racist and mean in a 2011 email. A professor at U of M is in trouble after showing students an Academy Award Nominated film without a warning. Jon Vaughn is protesting Dr. Robert Anderson with a hunger strike and sit-in. Jim Kaat is the latest MLB broadcaster to be in trouble. Settle down, Olbermann. Tom Cruise = Norm Macdonald. Justin Bieber was duped by a Tom Cruise deepfake. McKayla Maroney appears to be in a cult. Some people are saying John of God is not a man of God. BranDon recommends Squid Game on Netflix. Turns out Chippendales is a crazier story than we remember. Social media is dumb but we’re on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Drew and Mike Show, Marc Fellhauer, Trudi Daniels and BranDon).

2hr 56mins

11 Oct 2021

Rank #10