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High-impact interviews for those who love adventure and the outdoors. Host and journalist Shelby Stanger interviews world-class explorers, athletes, authors, scientists, health experts, and entrepreneurs about how they’ve taken their own wild ideas and made them a reality, so you can too. Some of the wildest ideas can lead to the most rewarding adventures. Take a listen to start living more wildly today.

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Shanti Hodges: Getting Kids Outside

When Shanti Hodges had her son Mason, she knew she wanted to share her love of nature with him. She saw a lack of organized outdoor activities for families and decided to do something about it. She ended up helping thousands of families get outside and get active. Her organization Hike It Baby has grown from an informal gathering in Portland, OR, to a nation-wide network of parents and children hiking together and supporting each other. Shanti built this community from the ground up, but now she’s taking a step back to focus on her own family and her next professional adventure in Utah. In this episode, Shanti and Shelby talk about how Hike it Baby has changed lives, supporting amazing women and must-have tips to taking kids hiking and in the outdoors.Connect with Shanti:WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramResources:Hike It BabyMirna ValerioKatie Arnold Melody Forsyth on InstagramChris MacDougall - Running with ShermanAdventure MamasAdvertisement:REI Adventure TravelRelated episodes:Mirna ValerioChris MacDougall 


19 Feb 2020

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Dr. Rhonda Patrick - Health Hacks for Performance and Longevity

Rhonda’s Wild Idea: To combine her love of research and science into a podcast and site where she helps educate people about health and wellbeing practices. Leading a healthy lifestyle is a key component to living wildly. That’s why I’m so excited to have on Dr. Rhonda Patrick. You may have heard her on The Joe Rogan Experience, The Tim Ferriss Show, or on her own podcast, Found My Fitness. She’s done research on and has interviewed some of the top scientists in their field about things like breath work, sauna, training, fasting, and more. Rhonda and I actually know each other from teaching surfing together at the Surf Diva Surf School in our early twenties. We reconnected a year ago when I was researching a story about Wim Hof for Outside Magazine, who she’s spent some time with. I love how she takes complex scientific studies and puts them into plain English so more people (like myself) can understand them.  On this show, we talk about everything from health hacks to increase performance on the road or trail, how she got the wild idea to create her own site full of health and science information instead of going the traditional tenure track and working at a university, and how she got the attention of people like Joe Rogan and Tim Ferriss. Presented by REI Listen to this episode if:  You love trying new health hacks. You’ve thought about using a sauna. You’re intrigued by time-restricted eating and/or fasting. You’re curious about the benefits of different types of exercise and which is best. You want to pave your own career path in health or science. For full show notes, including guest links and books mentioned during the episode, visit: http://wildideasworthliving.com/57


17 Jan 2018

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Mike Posner: Becoming Someone You're Proud Of

Mike Posner is a Grammy-nominated pop artist who decided to walk across the United States to see if a cross-country walk would help him become someone he was proud of. He started his trek in April of 2019, but it nearly ended when he was bitten by a rattlesnake en route. As it turns out, a rattlesnake bite wasn't enough to stop Mike. He eventually finished the walk and learned a lot about himself along the way.  Connect with Mike: WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramProducts mentioned in the episode: Bodyglide Foot GlideREI Silk Liner Socks SalomonBooks mentioned in the episode: Ask and it is Given by Esther Hicks The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho  Episode sponsor: Teva 


16 Mar 2020

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Cheryl Strayed - On Hiking, Getting Outside, Being Kind, and Writing Like a ‘MoFo

Cheryl’s Wild Idea: To share her story of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, encourage others to get outside, share their stories, and embrace kindness.  Cheryl Strayed is the author of #1 New York Times bestselling memoir Wild about her trek along the Pacific Crest Trail. The book was adapted into an Oscar-nominated movie starring Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern. In addition to writing Wild, Cheryl also wrote the New York Times bestsellers Tiny Beautiful Things and Brave Enough, as well as her first novel, Torch. She is the co-host of Dear Sugar, an advice column turned WBUR podcast, and a true force of nature.   On this episode, we talk about hiking, how to choose your best adventure, how to make better decisions about what to do with your life, the party she’d throw, and so much more. I have wanted to interview Cheryl since I read her first book, so this was a real treat. I hope you enjoy this show. *Please note, we are taking next week off, which is important for living wildly.  Listen to this episode if:  You love Cheryl Strayed. You want to go on a big adventure. You’ve ever thought about being a writer of any kind. You love hiking. You think the world needs more kindness. For full show notes, including guest links and books mentioned during the episode, visit: http://wildideasworthliving.com/76


30 May 2018

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Alex Honnold - The World’s Best Climber on Free Soloing El Capitan and Putting Yourself Out There

Alex’s Wild Idea: To climb El Capitan without ropes and tackle some of the world’s most challenging routes, setting records, inspiring others, and giving back through his foundation. *Editors Note: Do not try this at home. Alex Honnold is the most exciting and recognized climber in the world, in addition to being one of the best climbers ever. Last year, Alex completed the most terrifying, challenging climbing feats to date. He climbed 3,000 feet up El Capitan in Yosemite without ropes. (Yes, if he fell at any point he could have died). The film he made with National Geographic about his journey, and the training and everything else leading up to it will hit theaters nationwide in just a few weeks.  For years, Alex has lived the life that many athletes dream of -- living out of his van, traveling around, and climbing some of the toughest and most stunning routes. Along the way, he set plenty of records, but remains humble about his talents. He strives to live his own terms to the fullest, and encourage others to do the same. He also is incredibly generous and gives away a third of his income to through his foundation.  My conversation with Alex goes from his amazing free solo ascent of El Cap to his perspectives on life and death, his unique mindset on conquering huge goals, what he does on his vacations, how he met his girlfriend, and why being in danger can make for having a better perspective on the present moment. Listen to this episode if:  You’re a climber. You have ever thought about free soloing. You want to achieve a huge goal and don’t know where to start. You think about life and/or death. For full show notes, including guest links and books mentioned during the episode, visit: http://wildideasworthliving.com/86


29 Aug 2018

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Jen Sincero - How to Be a Badass at Making Money and Go After What You Want

Jen’s Wild Idea: To help people unlock their inner badass, and make the kind of money that allows them to live the life they want. We’ve done a few shows about how to find the career you love and how to make the money to create the life you want. I get great feedback on them. This is why I’m so excited to have on one of my favorite authors ever, whose books I gift all the time: Jen Sincero.  Jen is the author of You are a Badass and You Are a Badass at Making Money. Her latest book is a guide on how to make more money and teaches you how to release negative views about it. Jen is a free spirit with lots of sass who walks the walk and loves the outdoors. She’s done everything from starting a punk band, to traveling the world, and penning #1 New York Times Bestsellers (multiple times). She also has a no B.S. approach and a great sense of humor that I appreciate, and I think you will too. In this episode, Jen shares how to live more wildly, how to make more money, how to get out of your own way, and how to get started today. I recommend listening through to the end. Listen to this episode if:  You want to make more money. You want to work for yourself. You are afraid of failure. You love Jen Sincero’s books. You want to get over fear, self-doubt and perfectionism. For full show notes, including guest links and books mentioned during the episode, visit: http://wildideasworthliving.com/70


18 Apr 2018

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Chris Burkard - Becoming a World-Class Adventure Photographer

Chris Burkard’s Wild Idea: To become an adventure photographer. Wanting to discover the best photographs in nature, Chris Burkard decided to go to the most remote and raw of places. While he was well on his way to become a leading surf photographer, spending most of his time in tropical water, Chris wanted to go to places that were a little more untrammeled by man. He knew a little sacrifice, just might yield amazing results and photos. Listen to this episode if: You want to be an adventure or nature photographer. You want to find a deeper connection to nature. You want to know how to balance family and travel. You want to learn tips on how to become a successful photographer. You have ever seen one of Chris Burkard’s stunning photos. You just want to listen to a great storyteller. For full show notes, including guest links and books mentioned during the episode, visit: http://wildideasworthliving.com/13


1 Mar 2017

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Liz Frugalwoods – Retire in Your 30s and Achieve Financial Independence by Being Frugal

Liz’s Wild Idea: To live frugally so she and her husband could achieve financial independence and spend more time hiking, homesteading, and doing what they love. Part of living wildly is having the means to pull it off. Traveling and buying gear can add up. On the show, we’ve interviewed dumpster divers, minimalists, and people with side hustles galore. But today we present a new financial take on living wildly.  Author Elizabeth Thames, aka Liz Frugalwoods, is the voice behind the blog and new book, Meet the Frugalwoods. Liz and her husband did everything they were supposed to as young adults: they attended a good state college, graduated, and got good jobs. But as millennials working 9-to-5 jobs for non-profits, they knew there was something beyond the daily grind. Instead of just working harder and harder, they instead used extreme frugality so they could retire in their early thirties.  Today, Liz and her husband have two daughters and live on a sixty-acre homestead in Vermont. They still spend money on things like farming equipment (which doesn’t come cheap), and she works on her blog only by choice, not because she has to. Instead of making more money so they could have more, they just spent less - a lot less - in order to achieve financial independence. This mindfulness about money led them to a unique, amazing outlook on life, and one that I found motivating. In our conversation, Liz shares some great tips for living frugally (like hacking her SodaStream) and also talks about the psychology of what going with less has done for her own self-esteem. We also get deep into the power of gratitude and privilege, and how having less materially has helped her get more out of life. Listen to this episode if:  You want to retire early and achieve financial independence. You’ve ever dreamt of living on a lot of land. Getting outside and going hiking gives you peace of mind. You want to quit your job. You have a five year or more goal. You want to have kids but think they are too expensive. For full show notes, including guest links and books mentioned during the episode, visit: http://wildideasworthliving.com/67


28 Mar 2018

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Scott Jurek – How to Revitalize Your Purpose, Tackle the Longest Trails, Set Records, and Write Best-Selling Books

Scott’s Wild Idea: To renew his sense of purpose by running the Appalachian Trail (which he also set the speed record for), and chronicling his adventures with his wife in a book called North. Scott Jurek is one of the most accomplished ultra-runners of all time. Among his many accomplishments, Scott won the 153-mile Spartathalon, The Hard Rock 100, The Bad Water 135 Ultramarathon, and he’s won the Western States 100-mile endurance run a record-breaking seven straight times. He’s also the author of the New York Times bestseller Eat & Run, a memoir that traces Scott’s journey from his Midwestern childhood to his adventures in ultrarunning, and how he became a vegan. In 2015, Scott had already accomplished much in his life, but found himself wanting a refresh. He eventually decided to run the entire 2,189-mile Appalachian Trail north towards Maine, with his wife, Jenny, as his support crew. The trail not only tested his limits, but also renewed his sense of purpose and love for running and the life he created. Averaging over 50 miles a day for over 46 days, Scott was pushed to his limits, enduring injury and meeting an amazing cast of characters along the way. He also broke the trail’s speed record, despite running north toward Maine, a harder route to follow if going for speed. In our conversation, Scott and I talk about what it was like to run the infamous trail, what he ate along the way, and the challenges and benefits of doing it all with his best friend/wife as his support system. We also dive into the process of co-writing a book with your spouse, and how adventure can be so impactful in helping you rediscover your own purpose in life and build better relationships. Listen to this episode if:  You’ve ever thought about hiking (or running) the Appalachian Trail. You want to run an ultramarathon. You are or are interested in becoming a vegan. You like to write. You need some inspiration to renew your sense of purpose. For full show notes, including guest links and books mentioned during the episode, visit: http://wildideasworthliving.com/83

1hr 2mins

1 Aug 2018

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How to Unplug with Danny Kim

Smartphones have been around for a little over a decade, but in that short time, many of us have become addicted to our digital devices. Have you ever been staring at a gorgeous vista or surrounded by snow and found yourself wanting to pull out your phone to capture the moment? Danny Kim is a researcher and speaker who is studying the impact of technology and social media on our health. In his workshops, he talks about how to actually unplug.


30 Jan 2019

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Florence Williams - Proof Being in Nature Can Make You a Healthier, Happier Person

Florence’s Wild Idea: To show why being in nature makes us feel so good, with science to back it up. If you are a regular listener to this podcast, chances are you love spending time outside in nature, and you’d love to spend even more time in it. Today’s guest, Florence Williams, knows all about this feeling, and the science behind it. Her book The Nature Fix proves why being in nature makes us happier, healthier, more productive, and more creative. We talk about the research behind it, new research she’s discovered since she wrote it, policy and workplace decisions that have been informed from the book, and how you can squeeze in more time outside, even if you work a 9-to-5 desk job. We also talk about the best places to travel to be in nature, what sounds in nature are the most appealing and advice on writing books. We even delve into some other fun topics including breasts, which Florence wrote about in another book (it’s not a picture book) and some of her favorite authors.   Florence is an accomplished writer and speaker. Her writing has appeared everywhere from the New York Times to Outside Magazine, and she’s even hosted a few podcasts herself, so this conversation flows fast. She loves what she does, and you get a sense from listening to her that she really wants others to get more joy in their lives from nature. Listen to this episode if:  You love spending time in the outdoors. You want to know why it feels so good to be outside in nature. You care about leading a healthy lifestyle. You want some stats to show your boss/teacher why you need more breaks, more time outside or a window nearby. For full show notes, including guest links and books mentioned during the episode, visit: http://wildideasworthliving.com/66


21 Mar 2018

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Liz Clark - Learning About Yourself While Living on a Boat and Sailing Over 20,000 Miles

Liz’s Wild Idea: To pursue a dream of sailing to remote places, and living life aboard her sailboat, Swell. To encourage people to be brave, search inside themselves, and to help protect the environment and places we play. Liz Clark is an adventurer, surfer, sailboat captain, and now an author, with her first book coming out next year with Patagonia Books.  In 2005, Liz pursued her lifelong dream to live on her sailboat, and set sail from Santa Barbara to French Polynesia. She’s sailed over 20,000 miles since, and along her journey, has learned a lot about herself, life, and the world. She discovered that exploration doesn’t just happen when you travel around the world - it happens within as you challenge and push yourself.  Liz is a good friend, and we had a great time talking. She is so genuine and thoughtful, and I love how open she is in talking about her voyage, her boat, the process of writing a book, and some of the challenges she’s overcome and changes she’s experienced. Listen to this episode if:  You sail, surf or want to learn how. You love books or want to write one. You love traveling. You love adventure. You are curious about going deeper inside yourself. For full show notes, including guest links and books mentioned during the episode, visit: http://wildideasworthliving.com/48


1 Nov 2017

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Mindfulness with John Allcock

At Sea Change Preparatory, a school in Del Mar, San Diego that not only educates junior high and high school students in traditional subjects, but also focuses on mindfulness, physical fitness, teamwork, and goal setting, they begin each day on the beach with a ten minute meditation and a mile-long swim in the open ocean before starting classes. What’s even more impressive, these kids are training to swim the English Channel as a team this summer. John Allcock, the co-founder and Director of Mindfulness at Sea Change Preparatory, talks about the impact this kind of education is having on these kids’ lives. John isn’t just an educator though, he’s also a Harvard-educated trial lawyer at one of the top firms in San Diego and the author of Forty Things I Wish I’d Told My Kids, a book about his journey learning mindfulness. Mindfulness has been a hot topic for a while now, but incorporating it into education is still a relatively new idea. John and the folks at Sea Change Prep are making a huge difference in these kids’ lives, so much so that it made me wonder how long it will be until a meditation practice is commonplace in both our kids’ lives and our own lives. 


16 Jan 2019

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Gabby Reece – Advice on Life, Finding Balance and Optimizing Fitness and Health

Gabby’s Wild Idea: To continuously learn new ways to optimize health and fitness while helping others be their best selves. Gabby Reece is a woman of many talents. She is a health and fitness expert, a former professional volleyball player, a best-selling author, a model, a TV host, wife to big wave surfer Laird Hamilton, and a mom. She is also the co-founder of XPT (extreme performance training) and founder of HighX Training. I have looked up to Gabby since I was young, and have even written a few stories about her throughout my career. It was pretty exciting to interview her at her house in Malibu (they have a slackline over their pool), and this conversation is different than many that you usually hear on this show. Instead of asking Gabby about her one wild idea, I ask her for advice on health, nutrition, training, how to have a great relationship, being a female athlete, being a mom, and so much more. She has a huge passion for what she does and an incredibly intuitive sense about her. It makes her an awesome coach and a great person to ask for advice. Enjoy the show! Listen to this episode if: You want to train smarter. You want to get motivated. You are trying to eat healthier. You have ever felt insecure. You are trying to raise strong, confident kids. You are looking for a healthy and balanced relationship.  For full show notes, including guest links and books mentioned during the episode, visit: http://wildideasworthliving.com/92

1hr 6mins

31 Oct 2018

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Bethany Hamilton - How to be Unstoppable and Live Life Fully

Bethany Hamilton’s Wild Idea: Surfing giant waves, having a family, giving back to others, and living life to the fullest no matter what. Bethany Hamilton is one of the most empowering surfers of all time. She's had many wild ideas, from continuing to surf despite losing her left arm, to surfing giant waves at Jaws in Maui last year, starting a non-profit to help others, having a baby, speaking in front of crowds of 20k plus, and now making a movie, Unstoppable. Because wild ideas require wild living, this interview was done from a cell phone on an island, so the sound is not perfect, but the message is still clear. Nothing gets in the away for Bethany in achieving her dreams. Listen to this episode if you: - Are a Bethany Hamilton fan. - Are curious how long she can hold her breath. - Want to know how Bethany juggles her schedule. - Want to hear some of Bethany's tricks and tips to life and surfing. For full show notes, including guest links and books mentioned during the episode, visit: http://wildideasworthliving.com/9


1 Feb 2017

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Joel Van Der Loon - Survival Skills for the Wild and Living Closer to Nature

As a young boy, Joel Van der Loon grew up in South Africa and Tanzania, and has always been somewhat of a “wild child.” He and his dad grew up in a remote area of Africa, where he learned from the Massai, then sailed around the world, and lived a life very connected to animals and the untrammeled outdoors. Find out about the lessons Joel’s learned from the Massai tribe, his cultural shock in moving to the United States, what survival skills you need NOW, and why major TV networks want Joel to show the world his survival skills. Also, hear about his terrifying encounter with a very wild animal and why understanding animals is so rewarding. For full show notes, including guest links and books mentioned during the episode, visit: http://wildideasworthliving.com/4


28 Dec 2016

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Gretchen Bayless & Taylor Hood - Living the Van Life and Traveling the World with Roamerica Rentals

Gretchen & Taylor’s Wild Idea: To be able to go on an adventure at any moment with minimal planning and packing. To explore the world from a van and start a thriving business around their passion.  Gretchen Bayless and Taylor Hood are the founders of Roamerica Rentals, a camper van rental company based in Oregon that lets you take their vans all over North America and even to Canada. Their vans are decked out with items like Rumpl blankets, Stanley stainless steel cooking ware and local organic coffee, so all you have to do is show up with clothes and hit the road. Van life is all the rage right now, and it’s definitely a passion for these two - which is why they were so eager to start a business around sharing their love of exploring the great outdoors with the world.  What I love about their story is it’s very real. Starting a new company isn’t always easy, and as fun as a camper van rental company might sound, it comes with challenges, like working day jobs! That’s right - Roamerica is their side hustle. They didn’t let time or stress or some serious health problems hold them back. Gretchen and Taylor have a lot of joy and a huge sense of adventure, and that shines through in everything they do. They share tips for getting through the highs and lows of starting a business, and letting us all in on the true van life essentials so you can  get on the road and get going. Listen to this episode if:  You want to travel out of a van. You want to see the world. You love the Pacific Northwest. You’re starting a new business. You’re struggling with Lyme Disease. For full show notes, including guest links and books mentioned during the episode, visit: http://wildideasworthliving.com/26


31 May 2017

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Creating Art as a Couple with Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi

In June of 2017, rock climber Alex Honnold climbed El Capitan, a granite rock formation about 3,000 feet high in Yosemite National Park without any ropes. His journey to achieve that climb was captured and made into a beautiful, Academy Award-nominated documentary by filmmakers Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi. Aside from being incredibly talented filmmakers, Jimmy and Chai are married with two small children.


11 Feb 2019

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Pete Kostelnick - Running Across the Country Faster Than Anyone

Running across the entire United States of America is no easy feat. How about doing and training while working a full-time job?! Pete Kostelnick recently finished doing just that. Starting in San Francisco and finishing in New York, Pete logged about 72 miles a day on his feet running, with only one day off. It took him 42 days, six hours and 30 minutes for a total of 3,067 miles. They have been calling him the real Forrest Gump, and he’s just a financial analyst from Iowa who SHATTERED a GUINNESS RECORD. I love Pete’s story because this running adventure, which he broke a record doing, wasn’t his full-time job. He isn’t a pro athlete making heaps of money off of running. He’s a full-time financial analyst who had a dream to do something wild and made it happen by getting up two hours earlier to run, and then running after work while watching TV (which he says he would have just done sitting otherwise) after work to train. When he finished his run that he did take a few weeks off work to do (he has a very nice boss), he went back to work. For full show notes, including guest links and books mentioned during the episode, visit: http://wildideasworthliving.com/2


8 Dec 2016

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Dr. Alan Goldhamer - The Crazy Benefits of Water Fasting and Living a Plant-Based SOS-Free Lifestyle

Dr. Goldhamer’s Wild Idea: To teach people to lead healthy lives unharmed by unhealthy foods that many put into their bodies. To also share the benefits of water-only fasting. With the new year coming up and the tendency for lots of people to make resolutions, many of which are health oriented, I wanted to do a show focused on health. One of the most popular shows I’ve done was with David Goldman, a proponent of intermittent fasting, who worked at a place called TrueNorth Health. Fasting may seem like a wild idea, but the practice has actually been around for thousands of years and is still used in many cultures and religions. This episode is specifically about water-only fasting, and eating a plant-based, sugar-free, oil-free, and salt-free diet. Dr. Alan Goldhamer, who founded TrueNorth Health, is a huge supporter of these practices. Since 1984, he’s helped thousands of people take back control of their health with these techniques. He’s also a licensed osteopathic physician, author of The Health Promoting Cookbook, and the co-author of The Pleasure Trap. To dig into this topic and to do this podcast, I went to TrueNorth Health in Santa Rosa, California, and did a five-day water-only fast, where I was supervised the whole time by an MD. I had some interesting results, which I share about at the end of the show. After I started eating again, I sat down to talk to Dr. Goldhamer about the results he’s seen from fasting, who can or should do a fast, how to maintain a plant-based diet, and what being featured in the film, What The Health, was like. He is super knowledgeable, and he doesn’t shy away from a spirited debate, which I appreciated. Disclaimer time: I am not a doctor and this podcast is solely for informational purposes! Please consult your doctor and do your own research before trying a fast or any other unusual health practices.  Listen to this episode if:  You’re ready to get healthy. You’re not afraid to try something unconventional. You want to try a water-fast or are interested in fasting. You’re thinking about moving to a plant-based diet. You think Western medicine is too focused on medication. For full show notes, including guest links and books mentioned during the episode, visit: http://wildideasworthliving.com/053


6 Dec 2017

Rank #20