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The LOST Revisited Now : A LOST podcast

The Lost Revisited Now is a podcast about ABC'S hit series LOST. Heath Solo is your host and he is joined by Ms. Wendy from her "It's About Bunnies" blog at www.mswendy.wordpress.com Originally TLR Podcast was created during the season 4 hiatus. Heath was solo and during The Lost Revisited podcast, he revisited old episodes of Lost. He then had a second podcast, The Lost Revisited Now which focused on Lost news and theories to date(in the now). Since the start of season 5, Heath brought on Ms. Wendy as a co-host and has merged the 2 podcasts. The Lost Revisted Now is the official name and they examine new episodes of Lost while comparing them to past Lost episodes. The format of the new podcast : 1. They dive into the Big reveals & Important moments, 2. Clues, quotes & Sawyer nicknames, 3. Moments they didn't like, 4. Theories & Questions, 5. Rate the episode, 6. Lost Alums segment : what lost actors they have seen in other films/tv. Also, **The amazing artwork done for The LostRevisited Now was donated by the talented artist Scott Lincoln. email Heath at thelostrevisited@gmail.com email Wendy at bunnieshatch@aol.com Follow Heath on twitter at : www.twitter.com/heathactor THE LOST REVISITED IS A PART OF THE LOST PODCASTING NETWORK.

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EPISODE 125 - "lOST In Concert : We Have To Go Back"Review

Heath is joined in Burbank by Ms. Wendy, Anna, Glen and Donald as they review the Lost Concert on 9-22-16

23 Sep 2016

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Episode 124 : Lost in Order Special edition

Heath Solo comes out of LOST retirement to join his former co=host Ms. Wendy and Jacob's Cabin alum Anna in Indiana to talk Lost on their amazing "Lost In Order" Podcast.

25 Apr 2016

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EPISODE 123 - "5 year anniversary since the finale"

Heath Solo is joined by Donald, Glen, and Hispanic Chris to talk Lost 5 years later.

25 May 2015