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Shoot'n The Bull Podcast with Josh Keller and Ty Stubblefield is an entertaining and somewhat educational podcast driven by their adventures in the elk woods or any other hunt that comes to be.

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#51 Corey Jacobsen, Tyler Crockett and Donnie Drake on Elk Hunting and Wolf Hunting

This is the first ever live podcast event Shoot'n The Bull has recorded.  We recorded this episode at the 2018 BHA Rendezvous in front of a live audience.  Listen as Corey Jacobsen, Tyler Crockett and Donnie Drake share their colorful story of how Tyler killed 2 bulls in one day.  As if one isn't tough enough!  Their season didn't stop with filling their freezers full of delicious elk meat.  They decided to embark on a wolf hunt and film and document the entire process.  Tune in as the guys break down what it took to find success and what they leaned throughout the process.  Kick back and enjoy the laughs and entertainment, even Corey Jacobsen cant be totally serious all the time!  Cheers! 

1hr 1min

29 May 2018

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#72 A Boot Review & Josh's Recovery

We break into an un-planned discussion on boots we've worn over the past four or five years. Listen to our unbiased opinion on the most popular boots on the market today. We also talk about Josh's recovery and the good news he brought back from his last trip to the Mayo Clinic.  We're also giving away a Kifaru Reckoning - to enter just go to www.shootnthebullpodcast.com - pick up a hat or t-shirt for one entry each and a hoody for five entries. Deadline is May 6th, we'll draw a winner shortly after! One more thing - please help us out by leaving a comment and rating wherever you download the podcast. It helps keep us alive and increases the search rating.  Thank you for your support!

1hr 27mins

21 Apr 2019

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#46 Snowy Mountain Rifles of Montana

Listen as we BS about cans (silencers) long range guns, muzzle breaks, ice fishing in Montana and naked goat yoga. We get a high level gunsmithing education and what happens when you shoot a 338 ultra mag without a break. Our conversation with Paul Donaldson, co-owner of Snowy Mountain Rifles helps break down rifle basics. Hope you enjoy!

1hr 30mins

24 Apr 2018

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#25 Ryan Callaghan, Montana Elk Success and a Moose recovery gone right

Ryan Callaghan, best known for his mustache is also a veteran hunter who see's more success in the field than he does on the dating scene. Conservation & public relations director for First Lite, Ryan has been a conservation warrior for many years. Ryan shares his Montana elk hunt where he and his hunting partner packed some heavy loads of the glorious protein to top off an already full freezer. We also got to hear about a Montana deer hunt where they did not. Cal, as we affectionately call him, also shares with us his B.C. Moose hunt from last year with Arron Snyder, if you listen closely you can hear the circus music playing in the background. A few stories Josh and Ty can relate to all to well. Hunts rarely go exactly as planned and in most cases they are far from comfortable. As they say in B.C. - its a Shmozzle and we love it! If you're not already, follow Cal on Instagram @olcal406 or @firstlitehunting and be sure to thank him for his support for our public lands and waters conservation. http://www.firstlite.com/#donation-section

1hr 15mins

20 Apr 2017

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#20 Corey Jacobsen, Donnie Drake & Dirk Durham of Elk 101 - behind the scenes

Josh and Ty had a blast sitting (or laying) down with Donnie, Corey and Dirk in their hotel room partaking in a late night conversation on the complicated relationship of the Elk 101 crew. They each took turns driving the bus and running each other over. We were looking for some light hearted, fun loving stories with the guys but what we found was much deeper than that. Turns out Josh and Ty will have to schedule several more therapy sessions with the guys to help them work out their issues. Enjoy the show and please leave us comments and a rating any chance you get. And if you're not already following the Elk101 crew you can do so on social media and through their website. http://www.elk101store.com Elk101 Facebook Page

1hr 31mins

20 Mar 2017

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#60 David Brinker, Ty & Josh talk elk

With elk season's fast approaching Ty & Josh talk about elk scouting, hunting and behaviors. Comparing the differences between Rocky's and Roosevelts and all the theories they have about elk and elk habitat. Don't miss this one, you might learn something!! And if you haven't already get Davids new country album, "Made Out West" on iTunes, Spotify and on CD wherever you find David!  Please leave a review and rating after you're done listening. It really helps the Shoot'n The Bull podcast stay relevant!

1hr 3mins

15 Aug 2018

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#47 Life at First Lite with Casey Hawkes, Gregg Farrell, and Rex Wolferman

At the 2018 BHA Rendezvous in Boise Idaho we met up with our First Lite crowd.  We leaped at the opportunity to grab a handful of beers and fire up the podcast equipment!  As Ty is busy working and putting on the event we figured what better co-host to fill in than Rex Wolferman!  In this episode Casey Hawkes of First Lite and Josh talked about their life changing injuries and the experiences they've endured throughout recovery.  Gregg Farrell, also a First Lite employee, talks about what its like working for First Lite and what the company is all about!  Listen and enjoy the entertainment as we sip a few brews and talk the good life!  Cheers! First Lite Website

1hr 8mins

1 May 2018

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#58 Josh & Ty in Yellowstone National Park and an epic Montana tag

Join Josh and Ty as they drive through Yellowstone National Park on a Sunday afternoon in July. If your faith in humanity is waining we highly recommend you don't go to Yellowstone NP during peak tourist season. Laugh along with them as they discuss the "People of Yellowstone" and the 40 mile, three day scouting trip they're coming back from. And learn what amazing tag Josh drew that boarders the northern boundary of Yellowstone NP. It'll take you back in time and finish out the latest series of Shoot'n The Bull.  And the disease Bison and elk carry is brucellosis, for whatever reason the two clowns couldn't remember it. We are asking super nicely for you to leave us a review and rating on iTunes, Stitcher, Podbean or any other podcast app your listening from. And if you would like to get your hands on some sweet STB apparel you can order online at www.shootnthebullpodcast.com As always, thanks for listening and enjoy!

1hr 27mins

24 Jul 2018

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#4 Montana elk success and a man in a TeePee!

Killing elk is seldom text book and this year, though successful, was no exception. Ty tells the story of accidentally killing a one-horned 6point and Josh admits to a mental melt down or two before killing his bull on a solo trip.  We also sit down with Jack Cholewa, Chicago native with a heart for conservation who ends up living in Montana in a TeePee and working for Backcountry Hunters & Anglers. elk, montana, backcountry hunters & anglers, archery, bowhunting, conservation, 

1hr 59mins

11 Nov 2016

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#43 OnX's Zach Sandau and Dylan Dowson on the OnX app and elk hunting Montana

Zach Sandau and Dylan Dowson both of OnX walk us through what the mapping company is doing for conservation, what the map app is good for and a little on how to use it. But most importantly we talk about elk hunting in Montana. Both natives of the Big Sky state, they never take for granted a juicy elk steak or a blue bomber. Down to earth good dudes, they are true representative of the conservation oriented company we call OnX. Join us as we get off topic a time or two but have a great time doing it at the OnX world headquarters in Missoula, Montana.  And if you don't have the app yet you're missing out. Get it now and use the promo code "BHA" for 20% off and support Backcountry Hunters & Anglers. This is one tool we don't hunt without. OnX Website! OnX Instagram! Zach's Instagram! Dylan's Instagram! Dilly Dilly!

1hr 22mins

3 Apr 2018

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#35 Tyler Crockett & Elk hunting with Corey Jacobsen with Elk 101 crew

We sat down for another great story from Tyler Crockett of Pure Elevations and the Northwest Mountain Challenge. This past elk season Tyler discovered he had a broken back but the prospect of hunting with Born and Raised Outdoors and Corey Jacobson and the Elk 101 Crew wouldn't keep him down. Listen as Tyler talks about how he managed to stave off back surgery to make it happen.  NWmountainchallenge.com Pure Elevations Productions

1hr 14mins

16 Feb 2018

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#12 Jason Phelps on elk hunting, big bulls and deep tissue massages

Ty and Josh sit down with Jason Phelps of Phelps Game Calls and talk elk hunting, big bulls vs little bulls, hunting partners and the struggle for elk hunting success. Jason also talks a little about the release of his new diaphragm calls and bugle tube and what makes it better. Facebook Instagram

1hr 33mins

29 Jan 2017

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#23 Remi Warren, Nate Simmons & Chris Denham on public land hunting, fitness and love

Josh and Ty get down to the nitty gritty with Remi Warren, Nate Simmons & Chris Denham. They talk about public land hunting, fitness and love. Learn a little about Western Hunter and public land hunting, Wilderness Athlete and the humble beginnings and the love life of a hunter who spends 200+ days a year hunting everything under the sun. Also learn why supplements are handy even if you don't work out on a daily basis. Get to know these guys from a more personal point of view.  We hope you enjoy the show!

1hr 7mins

15 Apr 2017

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#62 Montana Elk Hunting with Born & Raised Outdoors & Hushin - Land of the Free 2.0

We're back!! This podcast was interrupted for the 2018 Montana Elk, Deer, Antelope, Bison, and soon to come bird season. Shoot'n The Bull Podcast is not funded by sponsors or someone's large bank account. We do however now have some pretty cool apparel that you can purchase to help us keep this thing alive. See details below and remember Christmas is coming so tell ALL your friends and family about the Shoot'n the Bull store. Here's a little preview into Land of the Free 2.0! This episode is about the Montana leg of Born and Raised Outdoors Land of the Free 2.0 project. SPOILER ALERT! A few elk lost their lives to the making of this project. You'll get to here an all encompassing recount of the Montana hunt at the trailhead after the crew packed out the last load. You'll have to watch the series to get the visual but they do a pretty good job at painting the picture with words, at least for the Montana leg. Born & Raised Outdoors - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdyvRalltNM Hushin - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JBO6tYiVCM Shoot'n The Bull Store - http://www.shootnthebullpodcast.com/shop Use the code - BullShootn for 15% off your order Thank You!

2hr 19mins

4 Nov 2018

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#37 Ryan Callaghan, Wild & Crazy Food and Conservation

We sat down with one of our favorite people in the world, Ryan Callaghan with First Lite clothing. Some of our favorite gear.... Cal we like to call him is a great dude who's heart and soul as well as his job are geared 100% towards conservation and as you've heard us say many times, we whole heartedly support companies and people who support conservation and specifically Backcountry Hunters & Anglers! We talk about the crazy out-of the box things Cal likes and how he prepares it. What to do with the liver What he's eating during season Bone broth & demi glaze Why he eats the weird things he does Aging waterfowl And most importantly public lands conservation and his new roll in it  This episode is full of educational tips on cooking wild game and how you can get involved in conservation. And if you're not already following him here's the links to Cal's social media outlets. Instagram - olcal406 Facebook - Ryan Michael Callaghan Enjoy!

1hr 9mins

27 Feb 2018

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#3 Land Tawney - A crazy sheep hunt & a rollover - twice

A story about the pressure of a sheep hunt and passing up the opportunity to hunt with Steve Rinella, host of Meat Eater. Also some safety tips on gun rests and cell phones. Hear first hand where BHA stands on Bundy's acquittal and the importance of keeping public lands in public hands. Sheep hunt, Montana, Shoot'n The Bull,  

1hr 20mins

7 Nov 2016

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#8 One of the toughest men that ever lived - Part 1

Join us for a super entertaining and educational visit with the one and only Tyler Crockett, retired pro bull rider, bow hunter, director of the North West Mountain Challenge, member of the Pure Elevation's Team and most likely one of the toughest men you'll ever meet. Tyler tells his story about lacerated kidneys, hemroids and Pure Elevations plans for 2017. Tyler is a great story teller and has more energy than the energizer bunny.  Please share and leave us a rating on iTunes, Podbean and Stitcher, (preferably a 5 star ;) but if not we want to hear what we can do to make the podcast better!  To learn more about the Northwest Mountain Challenge in Idaho, Oregon & Washington go to https://www.facebook.com/NWMountainChallenge/?ref=br_rs

1hr 31mins

9 Jan 2017

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#45 Dave Brinker Singer, Song Writer, Conservationist, Sitka Gear

David Brinker is one busy guy.  He's the Marketing Leader for Sitka Gear and he's also a singer and a song writer.  Dave resides in Bozeman Montana and is a transplant from Oregon.  Since we're all from Oregon and cut or teeth hunting Roosevelt Elk and Blacktail Deer, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to talk about the hunting traditions we grew up on.  Dave is currently releasing his new country music album Made Out West on Friday April 20th 2018.  Listen in for how to get your hands on some of his music!  Dave's love for the outdoors and conservation is expressed through his music.  You can typically find him performing his music at conservation gatherings and celebrations! Dave Brinker Itunes

1hr 30mins

17 Apr 2018

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#61 Ben Dettamanti, AKA Shed Crazy - how to get in the BIZ!!

This conversation takes place in Big Sky, Montana at the Total Archery Challenge. We uncover how Ben, AKA Shedcrazy, broke out of his mundane day job to make a living entertaining us all in the hunting world. He also gives us a sneak peak on what lies in store this coming season.  We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did, its not short of laughs and inappropriateness....... Instagram Handle - Shedcrazy

1hr 34mins

29 Aug 2018

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#59 David Wise, Gold Medalist, Father and Die Hard Hunter

We had the amazing opportunity to sit down with guest David Wise, two time gold medalist, father of two children and hunter. Humble, well spoken and all around good dude. Get to know David as we talk about life and society outside of hunting and the duties we have to educate the non-hunting community about what we do.  If you're not already, follow him on IG @mrdavidwise 

1hr 46mins

1 Aug 2018

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