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History of Indian and Africana Philosophy

Peter Adamson teams up with Jonardon Ganeri and Chike Jeffers to represent the philosophical traditions of India, Africa and the African diaspora. Website: www.historyofphilosophy.net.

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HPI 24 - No Two Ways About It - Sankara and Advaita Vedanta

Śaṅkara and his “non-dual” (Advaita) Vedānta, which teaches that only brahman is real, and the world of experience and individual self are mere illusion.


4 Sep 2016

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HPI 03 - Kingdom for a Horse - India in the Vedic Period

The Vedic period sets the context of the Upanisads, Buddhism and Jainism.


18 Oct 2015

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HAP 01 - Something Old, Something New - Introducing Africana Philosophy

Chike Jeffers and Peter Adamson kick off the new series by explaining the scope and meaning of "Africana philosophy".


1 Apr 2018

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HAP 39 - Doris Garraway on the Haitian Revolution

An interview with Doris Garraway on the background, intellectual basis, and legacy of the Haitian Revolution.


10 Nov 2019

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HAP 02 - It’s Only Human - Philosophy in Prehistoric Africa

Might philosophy be as old as humankind as we know it? We investigate the implications of findings concerning the origins of humankind in Africa.


15 Apr 2018

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HAP 38 - My Haitian Pen - Baron de Vastey

The Baron de Vastey unveils the horror of colonialism as a system and defends the monarchy of King Christophe in the tense early years of Haiti’s independence.


27 Oct 2019

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HAP 17 - Event Horizon - African Philosophy of Time

John Mbiti’s influential and controversial claim that traditional Africans experience time as having “a long past, a present, and virtually no future.”


9 Dec 2018

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HPI 05 - Do it Yourself - Indra’s Search for the Self in the Upanisads

The god Indra learns patience and something about the self in a famous passage from the Upanisads.


15 Nov 2015

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HAP 31 - Justin Smith on Amo and Race in Early Modern Philosophy

Justin E.H. Smith joins us to discuss Anton Wilhelm Amo against the background of ideas about race in early modern philosophy, including Leibniz.


23 Jun 2019

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HAP 33 - Young, Gifted, and Black - Phillis Wheatley

Phillis Wheatley astonishes colonial Americans with her exquisite and precocious poetry and reflects on the liberating power of the imagination.


21 Jul 2019

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HAP 36 - Sons of Africa - Quobna Ottobah Cugoano and Olaudah Equiano

Quobna Ottobah Cugoano and Olaudah Equiano advance the goals of the abolitionist movement through a groundbreaking political treatise and an influential autobiography.


29 Sep 2019

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HPI 54 - Graham Priest on Logic and Buddhism

Graham Priest joins Peter to discuss non-classical logic and its connections with Buddhist patterns of reasoning.


26 Nov 2017

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HAP 21 - The Doctor Will See You Now - Divination, Witchcraft, and Knowledge

Special forms of knowledge and the explanation of misfortunes in African tradition.


3 Feb 2019

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HAP 08 - Solomon, Socrates, and Other Sages - Early Ethiopian Philosophy

Philosophy in Ethiopia, with translations of religious and philosophical texts into Ge’ez and a national epic called the Kebra Nagast.


8 Jul 2018

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HPI 06 - You Are What You Do - Karma

The origins of the idea of karma, its moral significance in the Upanisads, and an alternative conception in the Bhagavad Gita.


29 Nov 2015

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HPI 47 - Jan Westerhoff on Nagarjuna

A discussion with Jan Westerhoff, an expert on the great Buddhist thinker Nāgārjuna.


23 Jul 2017

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HAP 03 - Fertile Ground - Philosophy in Ancient Mesopotamia

Do the cuneiform writings of Babylonian culture show that it had its own philosophy?


29 Apr 2018

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HAP 23 - Nkiru Nzegwu on Gender in African Tradition

An interview with Nkiru Nzegwu on matriarchy and gender fluidity in Africa.


3 Mar 2019

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HAP 43 - Kill or Be Killed - David Walker’s Appeal

David Walker defends violent resistance and encourages self-improvement in his incendiary and influential Appeal.


5 Jan 2020

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HAP 41 - Should I Stay or Should I Go? - The Colonization Controversy

Questions of political autonomy and group identity in the emigration movement led by Paul Cuffe, Daniel Coker, John Russwurm and others.


8 Dec 2019

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