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A very small podcast about reckless, unfettered business domination.

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[60] Copy Everything Kai Does


27 Feb 2017

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[3] How We Got Started

How did we begin our businesses? Where did we come from? And because scale is the only thing that matters, how do we do so? VSA’s gorgeous office. Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port. Double Your Freelancing Rate by Brennan Dunn. Kai’s Twitter bio: “Your real internet boyfriend. Its and favs are sexts. I love you.” Love this episode? Hate this episode? Good. Now it's time to leave a review.


28 Jan 2016

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[36] How You Signify To People What You Do

The Triumvirate of Positioning, How to Create Referrable Moments What's your favorite positioning (Make Money Online: Episode 18)


12 Sep 2016

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[65] How to Fill Your Client Pipeline (and What to Focus on This Month)

In this episode, we answer a listener question: If you woke up and had 0 clients and wanted to start filling your pipeline, what do you do?


3 Apr 2017

Rank #4

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[99] The Actual Doing of the Thing

How do you transition from being an "overthinker" to a "doer"?


27 Nov 2017

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[37] The A/B Testing Manual

The A/B Testing Manual Periodically Yelling for Profit Note: Nick said there would be a money-back guarantee at one point in the episode. Then he thought better. Now there is no such thing. In fact, if you buy a copy of The A/B Testing Manual, there are no refunds of any kind. We apologize for the error.


19 Sep 2016

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[4] Kai Buys a Pen

JetPens, where you will buy your office supplies from now on. Tokyu Hands, which is basically IRL JetPens. Go to the Shibuya location next time you’re in Tokyo. The Pen Type-A, “over-engineered to crazy town.” Platinum; Nakaya. Lamy Safari; Lamy Studio. Kaweco Sport. An Alan Weiss interview where he beseeches the reader to get a Cartier or a Mont Blanc pen. The H. Moser & Cie. Swiss Alp Watch. Ghareeb Nawaz. Girl and the Goat. Alinea. The Henry Graves Jr. Patek Philippe Supercomplication, which is a watch. The Wu-Tang Clan’s new album, pressed in a single copy. The designer of Facebook’s “like” button. The Pen Addict.


1 Feb 2016

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[103] How to Have a Good Phone Call

How do you have a good phone call with a prospect? How do you prepare enough? How long should the call be? Should you leave a buffer after the call? Should you prepare an agenda? How do you determine who is leading the call? How do you end the call?


25 Dec 2017

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[102] Reading, Writing, Doing

What's a good balance between educational content consumption and doing the work? Time management Reading may just happen. Optionally: intentionally schedule time around it Implementation: when you finish a book, how do you decide what to read next? -- Tape flag ("This is a thing I want to remember") -- Highlighting -- "This is an interesting thing to know about" and then apply later Rereading to extract notes / directives


18 Dec 2017

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[97] Positioning: How Specialized Should You Be?

"Obviously there's a diminishing return if you hit specialization of 'There's one business in my region I can market to' -- how do you know when you've specialized enough" Know your target market, like Ecommerce Know niches within your target market, like Women's Fashion and Beauty or Every Day Carry Identify if there are 20-50 companies in your niche in your target market Identify if of those 20-50 there are 15-20 companies that are paying for consultants, have paid for consultants, or are looking for help solving a problem Iterate. Too many companies come out? Become a little more specialized, based on your research. Too few? Become a little less specialized ("SEO optimization for women's fashion and beauty stores selling $1,000,000/yr and based in New York" → potentially too specialized)


13 Nov 2017

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[106] "Writing Time is Sacred Time"

What do our writing practices look like? How did we get started writing? How should listeners work on building their 'writing muscle'? Is it necessarily to write daily? Should you just write? Write and publish? Andrew Chen on Writing and Blogging Robin Sloan on "Stock and Flow" as it applies to the writing / publishing process Nick's Newsletter Kai's Newsletter


15 Jan 2018

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[105] How to Take a Sabbatical


8 Jan 2018

Rank #12

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[108] The Importance of Sleep


29 Jan 2018

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[111] Audio Recording Tips

Focusrite Scarlett Solo (2nd Gen) USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools | First Shure BETA 87A Supercardioid Condenser Microphone for Handheld Vocal Applications MXL Mics MXL-BCD-STAND Professional Articulating Desktop Microphone Stand Shure A85WS Black Foam Windscreen for SM85, SM86, SM87A and BETA87A, and BETA87C Sendt SNT-XMF-6 6' XLR Male / Female Microphone cable 24 AWG Fovitec StudioPRO - 1x 7'6" Deluxe Light Stand Fovitec StudioPRO - 1x Bi Color 600 LED Panel


26 Feb 2018

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[107] Project Scheduling, a How To

How should you effectively schedule projects? (ex: no deadlines on a Monday) How do you best estimate a project length? How do you schedule work around a break (sabbatical, etc.) How do you ensure that client's respect deadlines? How do you 'reset' expectations if there has been a bit of drift?


22 Jan 2018

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[38] Pricing Your Services

How do you price yourself as a consultant? What's the difference between pricing as a consultant and a contractor? What's the difference between pricing on time versus on outcome?


26 Sep 2016

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[104] How to Say "No" to Clients

When should you say no to clients? What's the best way to give a no? How should you politely turn down small projects? How do you avoid making compromises in scope? How do you fire bad clients?


1 Jan 2018

Rank #17

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[64] How Do You Work with Large Internal Teams?


27 Mar 2017

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[58] Parting Ways With Clients

https://www.amazon.com/Nonviolent-Communication-Language-Marshall-Rosenberg/dp/1892005034?tag=donorsclicks-20 https://www.theguardian.com/music/2014/jan/22/new-band-of-day-perfect-pussy https://copyhackers.com/2016/11/note-to-self-on-time-management/


13 Feb 2017

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[100] Finally, a Legitimate Podcast


4 Dec 2017

Rank #20