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From Triangle Media, Lead Different is dedicated to helping anyone develop the ability to lead others to do good. Using everyday examples to teach you how to lead your community to reach its full potential. Hosted by Russ Ewell and Nathan Schaffernoth, they discuss different topics to learn how we can all evolve to lead different.

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Are We In A Leadership Crisis Or Have We Stopped Mentoring Leaders? With Russ Ewell, Todd Singleton and Dave Banks

Russ Ewell sits down with Dave Banks and Todd Singleton to discuss if it is worth the time and effort to build and train leaders, allowing them the opportunity to fail and learn through their mistakes. Mark Zuckerberg, according to Kara Swisher’s opinion piece in the New York Times, has cost many people their privacy while he learns “on the job” how to lead in a digital space that has never been explored before. Is our unwillingness to be patient as leaders grow through the process placing us in a leadership crisis? Finally, learn about the mentorship to build leaders with the “competence, character and connection” to bring about a change in the world.  With 32 years of experience as a CEO, Interim CEO or Chairman of a variety of startups, Dave Banks has spent the past 20 years working with early stage company CEO's as an adviser or board member to assist in the growth and development of tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Todd Singleton is currently the Head of Field Engineering for Saffron AI at Intel in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he and his team are working to develop and deliver AI-driven solutions with memory-based machine learning. With twenty years of entrepreneurial leadership experience Todd is adept in a wide range of back and front office functions and a builder of high-performance teams in technology-driven markets. Be sure to check out the books referenced in today’s episode: The Last Lion, a three volume book series on the life and leadership of Winston Churchill by William Manchester and My American Journey by Colin Powell


8 Aug 2018

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