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Welcome to Inspirasoul! The place where all the enlightened treehuggers, b-boys and girls, cultural creatives, earth angels, lightworkers, urban alchemists, and real life superheroes come for their dose of spiritual mojo. Inspirasoul Talk Radio is a mash up of collaborative heart to mind conversations between Interfaith Minister Rev. Jennifer Rogers, her weekly special guests, and soul epiphany filled music. Tune in every Saturday at 12PM EST. New season kicks off October 5th!!!

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The Life Organizer: A Woman's Guide to a Mindful Year

Jennifer Louden is the author of The Life Organizer and The Woman's Comfort Book. A personal growth pioneer who helped launch the self-care movement, she's written four additional books on well-being and whole living that have inspired women all over the world. Jen believes self-love + world-love = wholeness for all. Visit http://jenniferlouden.com/lifeorganizer for a life organizer app and other useful freebies.


4 Jan 2014

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Supa Nova Slom's Power Plan For Detoxification

Know as Hip Hop’s Medicine Man, Supa Nova Slom is a celebrity wellness coach, published author, hip-hop recording artist, and an active duty soldier in the United States Army.Supa Nova Slom has been the long time wellness coach to Erykah Badu, Common, and Andrea 3000 of the group Outcast, amongst others. What he shares with these celebrities, he also shares with the U.S. Military and now with the American public.Supa Nova is galvanizing a new tomorrow for today's generation with his multifaceted work which includes his recently released book: 'The Remedy: The Five-Week Power Plan to Detox the Body, Combat Fat, and Rebuild Your Mind and Body', his super food supplement line Supa Mega Greens, his film 'Wholistic Wellness for the Hip Hop Generation,' 'The Remedy Film', and a number of albums. Check him out at http://www.wellnesssalute.com.


14 Dec 2013

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Holistic Pain Relief

Dr. Tick is an integrative medical practitioner. She has directed pain clinics in the United States and Canada and is a consultant to corporations on ergonomics, health, and safety. She has also taught at numerous medical schools and is currently involved in medical research. A sought-after speaker, she lives in Seattle and works at the University of Washington, where she is the first Gunn-Loke Endowed Professor for Integrative Pain Medicine.Listen in as we discuss her latest book “Holistic Pain Relief”. Learn more about her at http://www.heathertickmd.com


23 Nov 2013

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Manifest Your Desires With Your Intuition

Amy Tammen is a motivational coach, spiritual teacher and a highly gifted intuitive based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. As a lifelong psychic, she has spent many years developing her connection to the Spirit realm. Amy uses wisdom brought forth by her Spirit Guides, psychic feeling, oracle cards and numerology to provide her clients with transformative intuitive coaching. She is the creator of Seeker Circle, a weekly email reading subscription. Since the birth of her business in 2010, Amy has worked with over 4000 clients.  Amy hosts the weekly radio program, The Healing Clinic on Blog Talk Radio and can be found spreading love and empowerment at IntuitiveCoachingwithAmy.com.

1hr 2mins

19 Nov 2013

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Sacred Sexuality

Zahava Griss is the founder of Love Making Dances, offering performance, dance, coaching, and Esalen bodywork.  She is committed to each generation feeling increasingly more trust, love, and passion in the body and in relationships.  She has 30 years of dance training, certifications in Yoga for birth, Pilates, & Health Coaching.  She has studied the sexual and spiritual arts of Sufi whirling, Sexual Shamanism, tantra, bioenergetics, and transformational group dynamics.  Learn more at www.LoveMakingDances.com


2 Nov 2013

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