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Learn quick and easy ways to improve education, leadership, and parenting: How to replace traditional homework; how to improve leadership; how to integrate new technology; how to assess for learning; how to eliminate useless meetings; how to engage even the most reluctant learners; how to inspire a lifelong love of reading; how to combine writing with the maker space; how to take learning mobile; how to improve social media strategies. Teacher/author/global influencer Mark Barnes, creator of the Bestselling Hack Learning Book Series, explains precisely what's wrong with education and what you can do about it, tomorrow; because you don't need a 5-year plan. Learn more at http://10publications.com.

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81: How to be the Best Teacher Every Day

In Episode 81 of the Hack Learning Podcast, Mark Barnes shares a heartfelt story from author James Sturtevant about being the best teacher you can be, taken from the conclusion of the new book, Hack Learning Anthology: Innovative Solutions for Teachers and Leaders. Read Sturtevant's story and learn more about being your best on the show notes page at http://hacklearning.org/bestteacher. For all the Hack Learning episodes, visit us at http://hacklearningpodcast.com. Look for the new Hack Learning Anthology on Amazon.


26 Jan 2017

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3 Ways to Improve Teaching and Learning Tomorrow

Mark Barnes shares the evolution of the Hack Learning model and says it's time to reframe your thinking and to change your attitude about problem-solving in education and in life. It's time for right now solutions. Here are three examples of solve-today-implement-tomorrow strategies that are sure to improve teaching and learning in your class, at your school, and at home. Learn more at http://hacklearningpodcast.com. Tweet your thoughts to #HackLearning on Twitter.


22 Jun 2016

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148: How to connect with introverts

James had what appeared to be some major problems. How did his teacher connect with this introverted student? You'll be amazed at how simple it was.For more on connecting with introverted students, look inside Quiet Kids Count: Unleashing the True Potential of Introverts, on AmazonVisit the Hack Learning Podcast archive at http://hacklearningpodcast.com


14 Oct 2019

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Hacking Classroom Management

Mark Barnes shares 5 classroom management tips that he says will work at any school. Learn more about hacking classroom management at www.hacklearning.org.


20 Mar 2016

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How to Make Kids Love Math with Gerald Aungst- EP 53

Gerald Aungst, author of 5 Principles of the Modern Mathematics Classroom: Creating a Culture of Innovative Thinking, knows how to turn math haters into math lovers. In Episode 53 of the Hack Learning Podcast Aungst explains how he learned to inspire inquiry and conjecture in kids by creating unique situations where "something doesn't make sense or is not immediately obvious."Math teachers inspire curiosity in students by immersing them in a problem, Aungst says. Rather than handing them the correct formula and a worksheet, the teacher's job is to ask questions the lead to collaboration and conjecture. Questions like: "What can you figure out? What can you notice here?"When this strategy is employed, students often solve the problem with little or no teacher intervention, according to the author, and then even math haters begin to love math. Learn how to make kids love math from author/expert Gerald Aungst. For details and a link to Aungst' book, visit the show notes at http://hacklearningpodcast.com.


27 Jul 2016

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Hacking Engagement with James Sturtevant

Author James Sturtevant and I talk Hack Learning and student engagement.


29 Jul 2016

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Hacking Master Teachers: 3 Habits of the Greats

Why do students love some classes and hate others? What makes a certain teacher every kid's favorite? How do master teachers become so great? The answer is simple: Master teachers have daily habits that make them great teachers and learners. In Hack Learning Podcast Episode 58, Mark Barnes shares 3 powerful and simple things great teachers do. These 3 habits are part of the 10 Habits of Master Teachers presentation. Learn more at http://masterteacherhabits.com.


24 Aug 2016

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63: Hacking School Discipline: How to Throw Out Detention and Other Lame Punishments

Mark Barnes explains how one Baltimore school repurposed and rebranded its detention room, turning it into a Mindful Moment Room, dramatically impacting schoolwide student behavior and almost magically making suspensions disappear. In Episode 63 of the Hack Learning Podcast, Mark explains how meditation, specifically mindfulness, calms students and helps them focus less on chaos and more on learning. In the What You Can Do Tomorrow segment, Mark explains how to learn practical meditation techniques, recommends powerful resources, and shares his own experience with meditation, which reduced anxiety and helped this veteran educator better cope with his own student behavior issues.For more about mindfulness and meditation resources, visit Episode 63 at http://hacklearningpodcast.com.This is Hacking School Discipline.Check out our sponsor, Kiddom, and learn how to empower your students for free. Visit http://kiddom.co/hacklearning


27 Sep 2016

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Hacking Inquiry Based Learning

Educator, author and instructional design expert, Ross Cooper, explores inquiry based learning with Hack Learning creator Mark Barnes. Cooper explains what inquiry in the K12 classroom looks like and what teachers need to do to create an environment that encourages students to look beyond the surface and participate in a productive struggle that leads to deeper understanding of concepts. This is Hacking Inquiry Based Learning.


2 Apr 2016

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142: It's time to kick the IDK bucket

In this excerpt from Hacking Questions, we learn how to set ourselves up to kick the IDK bucket by identifying the root cause for the “I don’t know” response. You see, we cannot assume that IDK means the student really does not know something.Read this Hack from Hack Learning Book 23 at http://hacklearning.org/IDKbucketBrowse books at http://times10library.comListen to more at http://hacklearningpodcast.com


22 Apr 2019

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94: Better presenting for teachers and students with James Sturtevant

Engagement guru James Alan Sturtevant joins Mark to discuss better presenting for teachers and students and his latest book, Hacking Engagement Again: 50 Teacher Tools That Will Make Students Love Your Class.Sturtevant, host of the Hacking Engagement Podcast, shares some of his best engagement tools and strategies for being the Sage on the Stage (yes, it's okay when done right), but not boring students, and for eliminating those awful student-presentation days that most teachers (and students) hate. Sturtevant shares EdPuzzle and other cool EdTech tools and a couple of tricks for engagement that don't require any technology.You'll love Sturtevant's style. As he says, Buckle up ... you're going to love this episode.Bonus: For a free preview of Hacking Engagement Again, visit http://hacklearningpodcast.com and click the Episode 94 link.Or buy the book now at http://HackingEngagementAgain.com.


26 Jul 2017

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90: Toni's Template for Engaging Reluctant Learners

In Episode 90 of the Hack Learning Podcast, Mark shares Toni's Template for engaging reluctant learners, taken from the forthcoming Hacking Engagement Again: 50 Teacher Tools That Will Make Students Love Your Class (Times 10 Publications August 2017) by James Alan Sturtevant.Toni taught some of Cleveland's most reluctant learners and developed a simple, hacky template for engaging even the most reluctant, and sometimes beligerant, students. Mark shares this amazing template, while providing a sneak peek into another Hack Learning Series book.See Toni's Template at http://hacklearning.org/reluctantlearnersHelp us Hack Learning by joining thousands of educators in this growing movement. Commit today at http://hacklearningambassadors.com.


14 Jun 2017

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137: Throw out your office referral; circle up instead

Handing out office referrals like candy to students who misbehave is like sending kids away from learning for a brief holiday, and Mark Barnes says, "It's time to throw out your office referral." Mark shares a powerful, simple hack from Hacking School Discipline, that will help teachers and school leaders change behavior, while keeping kids in class as valuable members of the learning community. Read an excerpt and learn one of 9 ways to create a culture of empathy and responsibility using restorative justice: http://hacklearning.org/circleupFor more episodes, visit http://hacklearningpodcast.com


26 Mar 2019

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116: The Stupidest School Policy Ever - Hack Learning Uncut

Mark Barnes says he used to penalize kids for insignificant things like using a pencil or putting their names in the wrong spot (a bad practice he now admits). But failing a kid for not printing a Google Doc? Mark argues that this is the stupidest school policy ever. He explains why and how this needs to be hacked ... immediately, while providing a few hacks from numerous Hack Learning experts.Check out the books referenced in this episode at http://hacklearningbooks.comBrowse the podcast archive at http://hacklearningpodcast.com


24 Apr 2018

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How Kindle Instant Preview Rescues Reluctant Readers

Publishing giant Amazon developed a tool for publishers and bloggers to market books, but in the process it may have empowered teachers to turn non-readers into lifelong readers. Kindle Instant Preview is helping educators bring books to life for students, and Instant Preview just might inspire even the most reluctant readers to dive into a book, once they peruse it from their tablet or mobile device. In this episode, Mark Barnes shares the Secret Sauce inside Kindle Instant Preview, which gives website and blog administrators the ability to embed any book on a web page or blog, so a preview of the book will appear there, making instant reading a one-click experience. But how does this rescue reluctant readers? Listen now to unveil this powerful secret that, according to Barnes, even Amazon doesn't completely understand. Learn more about Kindle Instant Preview at http://hacklearningpodcast.com.


29 Jun 2016

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101: Teacher Dress Unraveled - Hack Learning Uncut

A recent #HackLearning chat sparked some hot debate about appropriate teacher dress and engaging with students outside of class. Mark has opinions, and he's sharing in another Uncut episode.See the Twitter chat archive at http://hacklearning.org/dresscodeCheck out all episodes at http://hacklearningpodcast.comVisit the library at http://hacklearningbooks.com


18 Sep 2017

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Hacking the Pineapple

How to embrace the symbolic power of the pineapple and create Pineapple Charts that will revolutionize professional development at your school or in your work place. Let's Hack PD.


15 Feb 2016

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95: Damn right, your students should like you - Hack Learning Uncut

@markbarnes19 is Uncut again, and swearing, literally, that students need to like their teachers in order to learn from them. Mark references a blog post at Teachthought.com that covers students liking their teachers. Most students, Mark says, won't learn from you, if they don't like and trust you and believe you like them back. Find out why students must like you as a teacher and learn Mark's keys to making this happen this school year.Subscribe to the show at http://hacklearningpodcast.comLearn to engage all learners with the new Hacking Engagement Again. Find it at http://hackingengagementagain.com


1 Aug 2017

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110: Why grading and evaluating are not parts of effective assessment

A reader pushed back hard against Mark Barnes' article about going gradeless in Education Week's 10 Big Ideas Special Report. As you may have expected, Mark pushes back against the pushback in this episode, sharing excerpts from the EdWeek article and the comments. Along the way, Mark explains why grading and evaluating are not the same as effectively assessing learning in the no-grades classroom. Check out an excerpt from the article, No, Students Don't Need Grades, on our show notes page here: http://hacklearning.org/10bigideasLearn about going gradeless and other progressive education ideas at http://hacklearningbooks.com. Tell the world what you think of the podcast with an iTunes rating and review.


18 Jan 2018

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Hacking Old School

5 ways to reimagine teaching and learning, so you can create a vibrant, student-centered learning environment.


16 Feb 2016

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