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Shipping Podcast - listen to the maritime professionals in the world of shipping

The shipping industry is the backbone of international trade, contributing to the globalisation and development of the world, but it's the shipping people who makes the world go around.This is where you meet the maritime professionals, strong characters with an interesting background.

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119 Birgitte Ringstad Vartdal, CEO Golden Ocean Management AS

Meet Birgitte Ringstad Vartdal, CEO of Golden Ocean Management AS in Oslo. Birgitte is one of the #WomeninShipping that is more often interviewed by the trade press than others, that comes with the task of being the CEO of a listed company. In spite of that, Birgitte doesn't see herself as a role model even though she understands that others do that. We talk about her background and what she thinks about the future and she gives good advice to young people who just started in the maritime industry. I think it was a treat to be able to sit down with Birgitte and chat about the topics at the top of my mind, what do you think?  We are referring to the episode with Pia Meling in our chat, that is number 107 and you find it here.  Birgitte is the 57th female guest in the Shipping Podcast, how did you like the 119th episode? Give me a shout-out, I am @lenagothberg in most channels, or comment on the website www.shippingpodcast.com Thank you for listening! Lena 


6 Sep 2019

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025 Karin Orsel, CEO MF Shipping Group, President WISTA International, Vice Chairman International Chamber of Shipping, ICS.

Karin Orsel is a 45 year old Shipowner, Ship manager & Entrepreneur who thinks it is very important to engage and get involved in the international trade associations within the shipping industry - how else can you influence upcoming regulations, gain knowledge and have a heads-up?  Listen to how she took a leap of faith 1994, at the age of 23, started a shipping company with one client, 6 vessels and 50 crewmembers and how that has grown into a substantial ship owning and ship management company, MF Shipping Group, today employing more than 1,000 crewmembers on 52 vessels. This episode of the Shipping Podcast covers a lot, 90 % of everything within shipping I would say; why is a ship called "she"? What is the responsibility of the Godmother of the ship? How Shipowners does chose which flag to fly? SECA, how do that effect the industry? Unmanned ships? Are there only 0.6 % female seafarers in the global merchant fleet?!  Well, you have to listen, this is a real titbit, either you are a mariner or a non-mariner, promise you! Help spread the word about the Shipping Podcast through all channels possible! That will get more people interested in all the exciting things within our industry! Kudos!  


29 Jan 2016

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Bonus episode 2yr anniversary of the Shipping Podcast

How to celebrate 2 year of podcasting, 64 guests, 85,000+ downloads in 155 countries? I decided to do that by turning the table and open up for my listeners to interview me! Ping shipping, this is something you need to listen to! I list my favourite episodes, my listeners favourites and what I have learned since I started. I have views, and good advice if you listen carefully, on marketing and advertising, I challenge the maritime industry to support a disruptive start-up, lead by a female in this male dominated industry.  It will be interesting to see how many of my listeners that are willing to celebrate with me by giving shout outs to this ambitious host and producer of the only channel where you can hear the VOICES FROM THE MARITIME INDUSTRY. From me to you, over & out <3 Lena PS. This is my Patreon Page where you are welcome to support my work 


31 Jul 2017

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034 Kathi Stanzel, Managing Director INTERTANKO

Kathi Stanzel is the Managing Director of the International Association of Independent Tanker Owners, INTERTANKO since five years. Prior to that she was twelve years with the International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation, ITOPF, and the International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds, IOPC. Kathi has a background in Coastal Management & Marine Biology and is passionate about the environment, which you can hear in this interview. She is also a shipping industry spokesperson hence very well informed about what’s at the top of the agenda within the maritime industry. We discuss tanker specific issues on the agenda which is the foundation of the strategy going forward for the independent tanker owners. This is a long interview, where Kathi explains to us where she is coming from and one really understands why so many has asked to listen to her. Reviews! <3 reviews! Write one on iTunes or the website www.shippingpodcast.com Thank you for listening! 

1hr 4mins

3 Jun 2016

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035 Kate D Adamson, Blue Futurist, Futurenautics

Kate D Adamson is a Blue Futurist and thought-leader in the maritime space, she the founder of Futurenautics, an author, novelist, conference chair and keynote speaker. Alongside her work as keynote speaker, Kate is an accomplished and frequently requested conference MC, roundtable anchor, and has presented both for TV and Radio. Some of her most requested topics include: – Future of transport and logistics, drones, autonomous vehicles, impacts on business and consumers. – Regulatory, Legal and Insurance challenges, the Bureaucratic Singularity in a digital age – Manufacturing 3.0/Industry 4.0, 3-D & 4-D Printing, nearshoring/next shoring, changing trade flows and consumer demand. Thank you listening to the 35th episode of the Shipping Podcast! If you like it share it!


17 Jun 2016

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092 Christopher Clott, PhD, Maritime College, State University of New York, ABS Chair of Marine Transportation and Logistics, Global Business Transportation Department

I met Chris Clott at the Opening Oceans Conference in Copenhagen early May and since he has a much experience from the maritime industry after having worked for liner companies, specialised in business strategy and also is one of the co-founders of the Maritime Global Innovation Centre, he gives a crash-course on where the maritime industry is right now when it comes to Industry Revolution 4.0.  With the goal to influence & drive change, Chris sees the necessity of collaboration and he would very much like to have that once he has figured out HOW it's going to be done and then identified WHO can make it occur? If you want to reach out to Chris, he is @CCMaritime on Twitter. Chris thinks that Scandinavia is ahead of the US when it comes to digital transformation but he can see the entire spectra in a true transformation when looking on a global scale. There are the Prospectors, where he counts Scandinavia, the Analysts, the Defenders and the total Reactors. They are all there and even though it's most fun to look at the two first groups, the total reactors, they will probably not be here in a short number of times, things are changing, like it or not. What is your view on what Chris is talking about? Where are you in this development? Can you list some of the true prospectors?  I would like to hear from you. I am @lenagothberg everywhere in social media, and there is a website for you to comment on if you are not into social media, it's www.shippingpodcast.com 


24 Aug 2018

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013 Per Stefenson, Naval architect, Marine standard advisor, Stena Teknik AB

Per Stefenson is the naval architect responsible for the conversion of the STENA GERMANICA to methanol. This project is one of the answers to the SECA rules which has become a talking point all over the world.  Per is mentioning the Methanol Institute as one of their partners when developing this first ever conversion of a ship engine from diesel to methanol. He also praises Wärtsilä and Lloyd's Register for their co-operation, not to mention Port of Gothenburg and Port of Kiel.  The big project of converting STENA GERMANICA started after the tests were done on the STENA SCANRAIL, which was the testing vessel for the SPIRETH project.  Methanol as an alternative fuel is partly funded by the EU Commission through the Motorways of the Sea and the Pilot Methanol on the Zero Vision Tool platform.  The shipping industry is getting more and more energy efficient, improving the image as the most environmentally friendly mode of transport. If you want more people to know about this, please share the Shipping Podcast. 


4 Dec 2015

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023 Rolf Westerström, CEO Swedish Sea Rescue Society, SSRS

Rolf Westerström, CEO of the Swedish Sea Rescue Society, SSRS, speaks about how their organisation has developed over the last 20-25 years, how accidents as ESTONIA, SCANDINAVIAN STAR & JAN HEWELIUSZ was a wakeup call and what impact they had on the development of new, faster and more safe rescue boats and how mass evacuation now is looked upon in a completely different way. Rolf also gives the background to the "Yellow Boats" (gula båtarna) an initiative by the media house Schibsted to assist refugees in need for sea rescue in the Mediterranean Sea, which until Christmas has saved more than 600 lives.  Rolf is retiring soon, he has got a perspective on the shipping industry since the 60's and he thinks that it's his job to make sure that each and every politician realises that we always cross water, when we leave our countries or our continents. Listen to this wise and humble man and tell someone about it - that is the best way to get the Shipping Podcast more well-known, which is our common goal. This episode was brought to you by the Swedish Mercantile Marine Foundation. Thank you for listening!


1 Jan 2016

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031 Dr Tristan Smith, lecturer in Energy and Transport, UCL Energy Institute

Dr Tristan Smith is a lecturer in Energy and Transport at the UCL Energy Institute, where he leads a shipping modelling and analysis research group. Tristan has degrees in Engineering and Naval Architecture and he has been the coordinator of the project Low Carbon Shipping – A Systems Approach, leading two of the six work packages on ‘modelling the global shipping system’ and ‘regulation policy and incentives for low carbon shipping’. Tristan's research interests cover all aspects of shipping economics, logistics and operation and he has been leading a consortium of ten organisations to produce the Third IMO Greenhouse Gas Study 2014: a major publication for the industry, which is used as a reference for CO2 emission regulatory discussions for the future. It's interesting to hear Tristan explain the challenges the researchers meet when trying to explain the shipping industry and it mechanisms to the policy makers and what difficulties there is for the same researchers to reach the industry and convince them to let go of the mind-set of "what can we get away with". Hear how Tristan examines the often used arguments for why shipping should benefit from not making any changes to the current state of the business; Shipping is the greenest form of transport, Shipping is too important to the global economy, Shipping is intractable for developing countries & that the current technology is the only solution. It's a bright future with no shortage of stimulating employment opportunities that Tristan describes for the #shipping industry. Thank you for listening, please share this podcast with your friends! Any comment you may have on the content of this episode is welcome, use @ShippingPodcast for twitter or go to the website www.shippingpodcast.com don't forget to include @tristanps ;) Let's get the debate going!

1hr 3mins

22 Apr 2016

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041 Kathy Metcalf, President and CEO at Chamber of Shipping of America

Kathy Metcalf, President and CEO at Chamber of Shipping of America. Kathy graduated in June 1978 with highest honors from the US Merchant Marine Academy with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation and Nautical Sciences. She spent five years as a deck officer aboard crude oil and product tankers. Kathy became the Director of Maritime Affairs for the Chamber of Shipping of America, a maritime trade association representing US based commercial shipping interests in international, federal and state forums. Her responsibilities in this position included monitoring and development of positions with regards to legislative and regulatory initiatives and advocacy on issues of impact for the members of the Chamber of Shipping, before various organizations including the International Maritime Organization, the US Congress, and federal and state regulatory agencies. In this capacity, she has testified before Congressional committees, federal and state regulatory agencies and has attended numerous sessions of the International Maritime Organization initially as the American shipowner representative on the US delegation to the Marine Environment Protection Committee and the Maritime Safety Committee and currently as the American shipowner representative on the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) delegation. Kathy is also the Chairman of the ICS Environmental Sub-Committee. She took the reins as President & CEO in January 2015. If you like what you hear, be sure to share it with your friends, both IRL and online. You can find the Shipping Podcast on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, besides the website, of course.


9 Sep 2016

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084 James Paddon, Senior Executive, Marsh Global Energy & Power

Jim Paddon, Senior Executive, Marsh Global Energy & Power, explains the marine insurance market and how it has changed over the years. Large risks like oil drilling rigs, how are they insured? What are the challenges for a marine insurance broker? What is it like to be working in a global market? All of those questions are raised in my chat with Jim, and of course, the usual questions that all the guests answers. Don't miss out! And you listeners, give feedback! What do you think? I am @lenagothberg in all social media and I would appreciate a review on iTunes, that helps other people to find the Shipping Podcast. 


4 May 2018

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009 Per Erling Evensen, former Marketing Manager, Destination Gotland

Per Erling Evensen just retired from the duty as Marketing Manager at Destination Gotland and has left for an around the world sailing tour for the coming years. Prior to him leaving, he took the time for a chat about how the concept of Destination Gotland was developed and what that has meant to the people of Gotland. Per Erling found himself employed by a Shipowner, Rederi AB Gotland, in 1997, when the tourist company he work for was bought. He thinks the journey he has made since then has been fantastic and is thankful for being given the chance to make change possible!  If you live on an island like Gotland, the ferry is under the skin of each and every citizen as 85 % of everyone is travelling by sea. If you move to an island you ask yourself; is it worth it? How can I run my business from the island? The ferry to and from the island is essential and it is important that the inhabitants, the ferry company and the politicians realise that and work together. Per Erling speaks about the Passenger Shipping Association, you find more information about that here PSA and this is the link to Per Erlings' blog Nerthusbloggen. You can also reach Per Erling on Twitter @PE_Evensen  Thank you for listening! Here is a link to iTunes where I would love a review from you! If you don't know how to actually make a review, please visit ShippingPodcast.com and read up on how.


9 Oct 2015

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012 Philip Chaabane, CEO Selektope, I-Tech AB

Philip Chaabane is a young CEO at Selektope, a selective marine antifouling technology, who has been working in the automotive industry and now found the shipping industry. From a blank paper to the possibility of seeing it from the inside of course gave him the bug! The office of Selektope is situated in the Astra Zeneca Bio Venture Hub, which is in the same building where their R&D department is situated. I was given a tour of the office and I can see the benefits of gathering start-ups in this kind of environment. Philip wants to lift the level of innovation in the shipping industry, so if you are interested in that, you can reach Philip on Twitter.  Selektope is co-funded by the eco-innovation initiative of the European Union and has has been approved by the EU Standing Committee on Biocidal Products for EU-wide use from the 1st of January 2016. Thank you for listening. Do the shipping industry a favour and spread the word about this podcast, promoting the entire industry and please write a review on iTunes, it isn't that hard for a mariner! 


20 Nov 2015

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063 Per-Olof Arnäs, PhD and Senior Lecturer in ICT-based transportation systems, Chalmers University

Meet Per-Olof Arnäs, PhD and Senior Lecturer in ICT-based (Information and Communications Technology) transportation systems at Chalmers University, who loves the 21nd century and thinks that everything is better now compared with before. P-O is a digital evangelist and has been so for as long as I have known him. We talk about the difference between Digitization and Digitalisation, where digitization is when you create digital information, you have information already but convert it into a digital format, but digitalisation, that's when you increase the use of digital technology to solve everyday problems for instance, or to create new opportunities.  Of course, we go into a discussion on block chain, my latest craze and we talk about the times we live in how and how the maritime industry is adapting to them, or not. You don't want to miss this deep-dive into all the digital trends we are living now, and you don't want to miss listening to P-O. Give your opinion about what P-O is talking about, in any social media, Shipping Podcast is everywhere, or go to the website www.shippingpodcast.com and comment. Thank you for listening, it's my pleasure to make sure you don't miss the paradigm we are in right now.


14 Jul 2017

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061 Catja Hjorth Rasmussen, Head of Equipment Excellence, Maersk Line

Catja Hjorth Rasmussen explains why it took 5 years to complete the remote control container management project, which is now in full operation at Maersk Line. The system has GPS tracking and has eliminated more that 100,000 manual pre-trip inspections. Catja joined the shipping industry fresh out of school as a shipping trainee, and has been in love with the industry ever since. The international environment, the fast pace and the ever changing environment was what attracted her to the industry and still excites her.   You want to hear all the benefits of a remote controlled container management, and you want to listen to yet another young woman who is bringing new knowledge in to our community. It excites me that I have managed to find so many interesting young women with deep knowledge, especially when I get the answer that "all the women declined when invited to speak" from well renown shipping media.    Thank you for listening, talking about and hopefully sharing this episode with your maritime network. That is the only way we will get more visible in this industry, by sharing and supporting each other.   For those of you who wants to contribute to my 2 year anniversary episode, please download Voxer, either on your computer or as an app on your mobile and start talking to me!   I am eagerly waiting to hear from you, love & hate, constructive criticism and ideas for the future. I will be using the voice messages in the podcast, if you let me. If you don't want to contribute with audio, please write to me at hello@shippingpodcast.com or give me a shout out in any other social channel.    Over & Out Lena


16 Jun 2017

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128 Fran Collins, CEO, Red Funnel

Happy New Year 2020!  We are kicking off the new decade with Fran Collins, Chief Executive Officer, Red Funnel. Fran has a dual license and has trained to become both a Master Mariner and a Chief Engineer, however, the life on the Bridge seems to interest her more. What Fran is sharing with us is music to my ears. We speak about what impact connectivity has had on life onboard, how people now know what they are missing at home and how that can be a double sword. Fran brings up the culture change that the maritime industry needs to become more attractive to the young generation and how important it is to have role models.  I am interested in hearing your view, what do you think about this episode, the 128th? I am all ears at @lenagothberg in most channels. And hey, help spread the word! That's a nice gesture for someone you care about. Thank you for listening! 


10 Jan 2020

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059 Märtha Rehnberg, Partner, Dare Disrupt

You don't want to miss this episode, the 59th, where we dare to talk about things that could change our industry in the future, especially the mindset of us, working in the industry. Märtha Rehnberg, Partner, Dare Disrupt is a technology optimist and critical thinker, who is passionate about the environment and tech. Listen to the advice of a young woman looking into the future for the maritime industry. We discuss innovation and how that is done nowadays and compare that to the mindset and culture within the maritime industry.  Märtha do not think that the shipping industry needs to get more well-known to the public, we are transporting things from A to B and as long as that is done without any hickups, maybe we shouldn't get more into the public domain.  What do you think? Please share your view on the content of the Shipping Podcast, either in social media or by commenting on the website www.shippingpodcast.com Looking forward to hearing from you!  Thanks for listening!


19 May 2017

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129 Mayte Medina, Chief of Office of Merchant Mariner Credential, Commercial Regulations and Standards Directorate, Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy, the U.S. Coast Guard

Meet Mayte Medina, Chair of the IMO HTW Sub-committee, (Human Element, Training and Watchkeeping) representing the US Coast Guard at IMO.  Mayte was born and raised in Panama and dreamt of becoming a Panama Canal Pilot as a little girl. She ended up working for the Panama Administration for 7 years after she graduated from Kings Point and sailed for a couple of years. Mayte has been working in the development and implementation of domestic and international maritime safety, security and environmental protection standards since 1990.


24 Jan 2020

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014 Gerardo A. Borromeo, CEO PTC Holdings

Gerardo A. Borromeo, CEO PTC Holdings, Chairman of InterManager and Vice Chairman International Chamber of Shipping, ICS, is appearing in this the 14th episode of the Shipping Podcast. Gerardo, or Dito to his friends, is passionate about shipping and crewing in particular. PTC Holdings have got 600,000 employees onboard 700 vessels around the globe. Education and training is very important to Dito and he has an interesting view on seamen and their origin. It started with the European seamen going on shore and Shipowners turned to Asia to crew their vessels. Now, when the next continent is raising as the new source for seamen, Africa, and the Asian seamen will go ashore to pursue their maritime careers, what education is then essential? And how to we continue to develop the maritime jobs to be even more attractive?  Listen to Dito Borromeo and get a perspective on crewing, the maritime sector and how he sees his mission to get the Philippines move the world! This episode is brought to you by Stena, an international group of companies involved in many maritime business activities.  Apologies for the sound in this episode, trust you will love the content enough to have indulgence. Have you found our Facebook page? Our Twitter account? Or maybe you prefer the website?  Thank you for listening! Give us a high-five on iTunes if you liked what you hear! 


18 Dec 2015

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073 Matthew Tillman, CEO and Founder of Haven Inc

Matthew Tillman, CEO & Founder, Haven Inc, is bringing a fresh perspective on the maritime industry, where he thinks we need to gain back our self-confidence and recognize that we are as important as the internet, another obvious important, constantly delivering mode of transport.  Haven does not want to become a broker, they work on a fixed subscription fee and have been successful in attracting venture capital for their ideas. It's refreshing to listen to Matthew, how he shares failures and what they did in order to come back as strong as intended from the start. We get some good advice, but most of all, we get the insights of a startup in the maritime industry. What do you think? Join the conversation, both Matthew and I are on Twitter @mtillman & @lenagothberg Thank you for listening! Spread the word and talk about the @ShippingPodcast - we need to talk about this


1 Dec 2017

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