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We're an adult-oriented fine scale model building podcast that focuses on the craftsman modeling side of the hobby!

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Bench Time #99: The Halloween Episode

Happy Halloween everybody!  We decided to have fun this episode and turn it into a Halloween themed show, so yeah, it's a slight change of pace. But sit back, grab a handful of candy corn (yuck!) and pop open your favorite pumpkin-spiced beverage! Do you want to call in to give us a shoutout or message for our 100th episode special? Call in to our automated message line at 717-601-2348 and leave us a special word for our 100th show! Have fun with it. Love our content? Consider supporting us! https://patreon.com/hoscalecustoms or https://hoscalecustoms.com/support 


1 Nov 2019

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Bench Time #20 - Featuring Steven Haworth & George Pierson - Tuscarora Valley RR Narrow Gauge

This week we bring back Steven Haworth along with new guest George Pierson and we discuss some scenery work along with some other cool modeling techniques from working with paper models that fool the eyes, working with trees, adding powerlines to our structures and more! Check George's video tour: Tuscarora Valley RR narrow gauge and PRR Layout George also has a cool book available through the Juniata County Historical Society: Tommy Varner’s Red Rooster:A History of the Tuscarora Valley Railroad

1hr 27mins

18 May 2018

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Bench Time #90: David Yale of Dave's Model Railway Stuff - 3D Printing

Dave Yale from Dave’s Model Railway Stuff joins us on the show this week and we’ve been waiting for this interview for quite some time, so we were very excited to talk with him. Since my Dad and myself are very new and interested in the idea of 3D model printing and very unaware of the process this turned into a BIG Q&A session with Dave and fortunately he was extremely patient and willing to answer all of our questions. The 3D model making world has been around for quite some time, but we all feel that it is so un-tapped and the technology is only going to become more accessible and easier to use for everyone interested in it. Dave went into great detail the differences in types of 3D printers and the differences in printer types including the mediums used and level of quality/detail each produces.  He even has a site that sells some designs he has worked on either of his own or through the scaling down of models that would be of use for the hobby! You can check it out here: DavesMRS.com There’s some really awesome things that we’ve been able to get our hands on and begin to work with from Dave that we’ve included in the photos on our blog (here): Dave also has a blog for his adventures in 3D printing you can read here: http://dcyale.com/blog/ Other awesome links from our discussion:  Dave’s Model Railway Stuff: https://davesmrs.com/ Valley HO Trak Club: http://www.valleyhotrak.com/ Dave’s Thingiverse Page: https://www.thingiverse.com/dcyale/about Dave’s Adventures in 3D printing: http://dcyale.com/blog/ Dave’s Shapeways Shop: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/dcyale Contest Information: This week's winner: Jake Johnson This week's contest: Submit a photo of something you have build or used as a detail from a piece of scrap material. You could have made a detail part with scrap or an entire building! Let's see what you've got! All entries must be in by 11:59:59pm on Thursday, September 5th. One winner will receive an HO Scale Customs Koozie and a Craftsman Kit from RailroadKits.com. Support the show and get the chance to win craftsman kits and cool model building stuff! Visit https://patreon.com/hoscalecustoms to learn how! Make sure to visit our site any time for more great craftsman model railroading content: https://hoscalecustoms.com 

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30 Aug 2019

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Model Building Toolbox Talk #16: Storage form Motrak Models & Essential Paints

Storage and Organization Solutions from Motrak ModelsWe recently had the opportunity to get our hands on some awesome new workbench storage and organization systems from Motrak Models. This stuff is awesome! They’re made from really sturdy masonite board and they offer a wide variety of storage and organization module systems to store tools, paints, and really whatever you may have at your workbench! Some of the specific storage items include: Pan Pastel Racks Acrylic Paint Racks Floquil/Polyscale/True Color Paint Racks Stripwood Storage Box We have the Modeler’s Workbench Organizer Module A & B, which you can find here: Module A Module B We’ll be publishing a video for the modules in the next couple of days, so make sure to keep your eyes open for that!Todd’s Paint InformationThe acrylic craft paints that we most often reach for and keep directly at our side, not the hundreds of other colors I keep in giant racks next to the bench.  These are the ones we use for a lot of different applications and it saves so much time to have them ready to go! Your list, of course, may vary to taste (but don’t taste the paint… PLEASE).Color - Manufacturer This is a suggested list of must-have paints, although all the craft paint companies have many of the same colors. The links are affiliate links to the paints on Amazon (just in case you can't find a certain color locally), but can definitely be found cheaper in most box stores with a coupon... You can grab a popular craft store coupon here: https://www.michaels.com/coupons Lamp Black - Deco Art Americana Soft Black - Deco Art Americana Wrought Iron - Folk Art Charcoal  - Delta Creative Ceramcoat Burnt Umber - Folk Art, Americana, etc. Raw Umber - Folk Art, Americana, etc. Barn Wood - Folk Art Dove Gray - Folk Art Tin, Matte Metallic - Craftsmart found at Michaels White - any brand Khaki - Apple Barrel Tan - any brand Suede - Craftsmart at Michaels Dark Taupe - Craftsmart at Michaels Mississippi Mud - Americana Jute - Ceramcoat Fawn - Americana (perfectly matches Floquil's Earth) Misty White - Apple Barrel Antique White - Apple Barrel (for drybrush highlighting) Avocado - AmericanaFor Rusts and weathering:Burnt Sienna - Folk Art or Americana Raw Sienna - Folk Art or Americana Brown Iron Oxide - Ceramcoat Rusted Pipe - Folk Art This post may contain affiliate links that we've selected to trusted sources for products and materials.


22 Nov 2019

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Bench Time #109: Bob Van Gelder of South River Model Works

This week we had a great time talking with Bob Van Gelder from South River Model Works who has created one of the most revered lines of craftsman kits in the hobby! We talked a little about how Bob grew his business into the giant it became in model railroading and shared some laughs about the hobby and where we've all been.  We also got into a little bit of Bob's modeling career and how much of an impact his kits have made on the craftsman model railroading scene. Enjoy this week's show, and have a great weekend! Love the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! This week's newest patron is Jim M!

2hr 26mins

11 Jan 2020

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Bench Time #105: Our Top 5 Modeling Books & More!

This week we covered our top 5 favorite modeling books, which included the below books (in no particular order): AK - Realistic Wood Effects AK - F.A.Q. Dioramas Book - US How to Build Realistic Model Railroad Scenery, Third Edition (affiliate link) Modelling Ports and Inland Waterways (affiliate link) Model Railroading as Art - Lance Mindheim (affiliate link) After that, we went through our current projects as usual and had some fun talking about our upcoming plans for the layout and models. Make sure to check out our newest YouTube Video here Consider supporting our page here: https://patreon.com/hoscalecustoms This Week's Contest Winner: Lynn McCurdy This week's contest: Share a photo of your favorite Christmas or holiday decoration at your house!

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14 Dec 2019

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Bench Time Podcast #95: Jeff Grove of Carolina Craftsman Kits & The Craftsman Courtyard

https://hoscalecustoms.com/ We were so excited to get Jeff Grove of Carolina Craftsman Kits back on the show to talk about a bunch of topics this week! We started the conversation out about the new CCK limited kit, Shawyers Store which has an awesome mansard roof and cupola. The kit also features a unique shape in which Jeff explains in detail how he went about designing. This is an awesome looking limited run and from our experience with all of the CCK kits we’ve done, this one is sure to be a great build! The kit will be available soon so keep checking back for more details on it! Check out his new kit here: Shawyer’s Store HO Scale Kit Then we dive into the current state of his layout! Jeff has been working away and progressing well on his personal layout which was documented on the recent video by Joey Ricard from Trackside Scenery (future guest… hint hint) which you can watch here: https://youtu.be/jHtOnrkymlY Finally, we talk about the upcoming Craftsman Courtyard at the upcoming Great Scale Model Train Show in Timonium, MD. There are going to be a TON of great vendors there, many of who have been guests on our podcast, and we’re excited to be set up there to build some models and to run some clinics for the attendees! This show is going to be a BLAST and we’re really looking forward to it! Contest Information: Winner, Joe Middleton & his sneezing story This week’s contest, we’re asking you to share your favorite/best INTERIOR detail part! Share your photo to our pinned post on our Facebook page or email it to us at podcast@hoscalecustoms.com. One winner will be selected to receive an HO scale craftsman kit from RailroadKits.com and a koozie! Entries must be received by Wednesday 10/9/19 at 11:59:59pm. Love our content? Consider supporting us! If you love our content and want to support us while getting bonus content, consider supporting us here! https://patreon.com/hoscalecustoms

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4 Oct 2019

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Bench Time #104: New Work on Layout & Unraveling of Laughter

Wow, did we cover a lot this week... From some work that Todd has been feverishly working on near the marina and waterfront, over to Brett's industrial side of the layout, we've been busy working on the layout as well as some new YouTube videos! After our rundown of the week in work for both of our workbenches, we dove headfirst into the Patron questions and... Well, I don't think we've ever laughed as hard as we did in this episode. Hope you all get a good chuckle out of it too. This week's Podcast Winner: Dave Salamon This week's contest for a kit from RailroadKits.com and an HO Scale Customs Koozie is to share on our Facebook Page a photo of a tool that you have that wasn't intended to be a tool! One winner before next week's episode will be selected to win!

1hr 52mins

7 Dec 2019

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Bench Time #82: Lance Mindheim of LanceMindheim.com & ShelfLayouts.com

This week we were very excited to bring Lance Mindheim onto the show! We have had many listeners request us to get Lance on and we finally were able to schedule some time to get together with him and chat modeling with him. Lance provides a lot of great information on his blog at LanceMindheim.com  and from his books over at his bookstore (links are on his site for all books).  He also has another great site for his business site over at ShelfLayouts.com, so go over there too and check out more of what Lance has been working on and what he has to offer the model railroading community. On this site you can also sign up for his Newsletter and stay up-to-date on everything he's working on.  We're going to try to get him on again and have a deep dive into a specific topic or two again. We have so much more we want to cover with him and everything we didn't get to ask him yet. After our time with Lance on this week's episode, we went over all of our usual things like what we're working on, some new thoughts and ideas as well as our What's on Your Bench and Tools of the Week segments. LAST WEEK'S CONTEST WINNER: LARRY STARK THIS WEEK'S CONTEST: Submit a photo of a building you've taken or saved from services like Shorpy that you want to build or use as inspiration for a future build. You can submit it to our pinned Facebook Post or email it to podcast@hoscalecustoms.com for a chance to win a small craftsman model railroad kit from RailroadKits.com! Entries due by 11:59:59 EST on Thursday, July 11th.

1hr 13mins

5 Jul 2019

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Bench Time #94: The Hodge Podge Episode - Model Railroading

Hodge Podge: a confused mixture. Official definition here. Have you ever had a workbench disaster? We'll assume that the answer is yes.  If you've worked as a scale model builder for any period of time, you have definitely had a disaster at your workbench and we talk about that this week! We also answer some Patron questions in the first part of the episode! Then we dive into our funniest and most disastrous workbench disasters. From shaking paint containers that were open, plaster disasters, ink wash spilling, and a funny Testors glue rant/discussion, we talk about all the bad things that have happened at our workbenches as we've worked on our models. Contest Information: This week's winner is Mark Rheaume! For this week's contest, we're asking you to share a funny story of your workbench disaster! Whether you spilled some stain, made a paint mess, broke something, or just created an absolute mess for yourself on your workbench. We want to hear your story! One winner will be selected to receive an HO scale craftsman kit from RailroadKits.com and a koozie! Entries must be received by Wednesday 10/2/19 at 11:59:59pm.

1hr 23mins

28 Sep 2019

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Bench Time #43: Scenery, Trees, Grass, and other plant stuff in model railroading

For the 43rd Episode of the Bench Time Podcast, this week Brett and Todd Wiley discuss scenery involving trees, static grass, bushes, and all the other necessary vegetation associated with making a layout go from boards and white plaster to simulated mother earth.  They also cover how they apply it in a city/urban layout that involves a lot of concrete sidewalks and roads and all of the unusual places people don’t think of but it commonly appears, plus all the many different types of available scenery product today on the market that no one has an excuse not to recreate the exact look they are going for no matter what region of the world you are in.  Also on the topics this week, is where to find resources and information for researching and photo comparisons for your layout, structures, and scenery and how easy it is to use these free sites for so much inspiration.  So kick back this crisp cool fall weekend, grab your favorite comfort beverage and tune in as you work your magic on your workbench or layout!  Some of the links we spoke about on the show: Dremel Rotary Tool Workstation RDA - Railway Design Associates Kits Scenic Express Woodland Scenics Grass Tech USA NOCHSome of the cool YouTube channels for scenery videos!The Trackside Modeler: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2Jk5gGHJNJH4RJW92kP9ag/videos?disable_polymer=1 Kathy Millatt Modeling Trackside Scenery Luke Towan Marklin of Sweden Other cool links & free resources:Library of Congress Shorpy.com The Narrow Gauge: Boston's Forgotten Railroad Become a Patron, gain access to our Overtime at the Bench show and our Patron Modelers Group, just visit our HO Scale Customs Patreon Page

1hr 44mins

19 Oct 2018

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Bench Time #89: Brett & Todd answer Listener Questions & Some Modeling Tips

We go over a bunch of awesome topics and questions from our Patrons this week and covered a lot of awesome areas and some new topics. We also cover some of the new benefits our existing and NEW patrons will receive including monthly contests for craftsman kits and model building contests! You can learn more about how to support our show and how to become a Patron here: https://patreon.com/hoscalecustoms We then dive into our weekly topics, this time covering how to add some weathering to storefronts, windows and doors with a little dry-brushing. Then we get into how we both save a little bit of scale lumber on each of our builds to make sure we have an extra stockpile of bracing and trim lumber! Contest Information: This week's winner is Ken A. This week's Contest:  Let's see your ugliest brush! We want to see the most beaten up, ugly brush you have in your collection!  You can submit your photos to the pinned post on our Facebook Page or email it to podcast@hoscalecustoms.com. All photos must be submitted by Thursday 8/29/19 at 11:59:59pm est. Each winner will receive a free RailroadKits.com Craftsman Kit and a HO Scale Customs Koozie! Make sure to visit our site any time for more great craftsman model railroading content: https://hoscalecustoms.com 

1hr 17mins

23 Aug 2019

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Bench Time #14 - Using Military Modeling Supplies for Model Railroading, Patreon Relaunch and Todd's Pallet Obsession

This week we talk a lot about the use of materials and supplies that would typically be used for military modeling, and how we use/apply them to our model railroading.We also confront Todd on his paint pallet obsession... It's time to have a talk...Plus we cover some of our listener and fan suggestions!

1hr 15mins

6 Apr 2018

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Bench Time #83: Doug Foscale of FOS Scale Models - Rust Rock Falls Limited Release Kit

Are you excited? Because this episode we get to talk to Doug Foscale of FOS Scale models about his annual release of his limited run kit. And this year's limited run is pretty spectacular! Rust Rock Falls is the 2019 limited release HO Scale kit from FOS Scale models and its only available for a short time, because once he sells 200 of them, they'll be "sold out" and your only chance of getting one will be on eBay for like double the price. Enough of trying to excite you about it, because Doug's description of the kit and the details that he goes into on this week's episode are enough to make you want to build it TODAY. This is such an interesting and again, very unique set of models and it really captures the importance of industry through mid century in the United State. How many towns would be centered around an industry building and small commerce and entertainment would pop up around and thrive nearby. Many small towns in America would have industry like this that provided most of the jobs in the community. Here's the description from FOSScaleModels.com: "The Arkwright & Porter Textile Mill has loomed over the falls for over a century. As the business flourished, the mill grew, stretching the limits of its geography; out and over the craggy, uncertain terrain. Within a narrow flat peninsula it eventually gives into nature as the river drops in multiple water falls. The mill takes advantage of the rushing river’s power, harnessing it to power the machines. An exposed freight elevator bangs its way up and down with product and equipment. Over time, the dyes used found their way over the north falls, staining the rocks below a luminous rust. The Mill’s presence is a testament to the booming industrial revolution, filled with the clanging, churning and ticking of the cotton spinners, the daily boxcars and the voices of the American worker.  Rust Rock Falls includes the main mill structure, the M.D. Garage gas station, Wally's Lunch and the Linden Dance Hall.  Also included is the wrought iron foot bridge that provides access to the back of the mill and a sluice gate.  We included the two road bridges FREE. After adding them as the not included scnery component, we thought they really helped the scene so they are included. Optional at a great value, is the Porter Company Store for $59.95 additional ($89 value). Arkwright & Porter Textile Mill: The main structure of our scene, starts off on a simple road; it's exterior elevator, all parts exposed, scurries from the street to the top floor with goods and workers. A loading dock straddles the local rail siding, that make sits way to a steel catwalk that springs up a set of stairs to the pattern floor, than as time went on, an additional stair down provided a safe emergency exit from the cliff bound end of the property. Several additions reach out over the almost impossible to build on granite ledge. Towards the rear, the powerful current of the North River is drawn into the sluice gate, into the heart of the mill where it powers the cotton spinners. FOOTPRINT – 4” x 17” M.D. Garage: This small but detail driven gas station will fit in any town or city. Its concrete block construction exposed in places where the stucco finish has crumbled. FOOTPRINT - 3” x 4” Wally's Lunch: A charming lunch shack serves the small section of the town, no doubt serving up some greasy belly busters. FOOTPRINT - 1.25” x 1.125” Linden Dance Hall: The best place in town to unwind after a long week of hard work in the mill, with live music and dancing every Saturday night. FOOTPRINT- 3.25” x 6.5” Porter Company Store:  Serving the town and the mill for decades, just about anything from groceries to hardware can be found at the Store. FOOTPRINT - 3.25” x 7.5” Kit Contents and Materials: Kit includes lasercut clapboard, scribed, board and batten walls, lasercut and etched concrete block gas station walls, lasercut roof cards and details. Metal cast detail parts as well as plastic details, windows and doors. Kit includes assembly template and diagrams and weathering and assembly instructions. Also included, laser cut shingles, rolled roofing, corrugated metal panels, lasercut sidewalk sections, sluice gate, wrought iron bridge, two road bridges, exterior freight elevator, color signs and posters, double roadside billboard and more. _________________________________________ NOT INCLUDED: Figures, retaining walls, foundation, scenery or vehicles. Don’t forget the kit ships SEPTEMBER 30th, 2019. You will receive an email when it ships." Here's how you can get it: US Orders Canadian Orders International Orders CONTEST INFORMATION: Last week's winner - Ron Piskel This week's contest: Submit a photo of your favorite rooftop detail whether it's on a model or in real life by commenting on this week's pinned post on our Facebook page or by emailing the photo entry to podcast@hoscalecustoms.com by 11:59:59 PM EST on Thursday, July 18th. One winner who will be announced on next week's show will receive a HO Scale Customs koozie and a small craftsman model kit from railroadkits.com. Make sure to visit our site any time for more great craftsman model railroading content: https://hoscalecustoms.com 

1hr 8mins

12 Jul 2019

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Bench Time #92: Gravel Roof & Rub-N-Buff

We’re coming to the Craftsman Courtyard at the Great Scale Model Train Show in Timonium Maryland next month! We talk about coming to the show and a little bit about what we’re going to be doing there including some clinics, and building some stuff right at our table! So if you’re coming to the show be sure to swing by and say hi to us! Here are some of the show links:  Craftsman Courtyard FB Page Great Scale Model Train Show site Before we hit a bunch of Patreon questions, we talk about the Patron contest build and how you can get in on that! More details here: https://patreon.com/hoscalecustoms We had a BOATLOAD of good topics from the patron group this week so we covered that and then followed up with the explanation of how my Dad did the gravel roof of his current build. Next up we talk about our tools of the week, Todd had his home-made tool and Brett threw a new medium in, instead of a tool… Silver leaf rub-n-buff! Video to come soon of him using it. PLEASE don’t judge Brett’s poor taste in music (okay, judge him… he doesn’t know any better) as we then go over our weekly music selections! We also have some AWESOME, and we truly do mean ABSOLUTELY AWESOME guests coming up in October so hold on-to your pants because it’s going to be a fun month! CONTEST INFO: Podcast contest winner Gregory Gay For this week’s contest we’re asking you to share with us some music you’ve been listening to while you work! We listen to literally anything so let’s hear what some of you enjoy listening to! One winner will be selected to receive an HO scale craftsman kit from RailroadKits.com and a koozie! Entries must be received by Wednesday 9/18/19 at 11:59:59pm. Make sure to visit our site any time for more great craftsman model railroading content: https://hoscalecustoms.com 

1hr 28mins

13 Sep 2019

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Bench Time #32 - Friday workbench talk about laying track, new models, some layout work and more!

Happy Friday to our modeling friends! This week on the Bench Time podcast we go old school! Back to the meat and grits of fine-scale modeling like when the show began! Just Brett and Todd talking about the projects on our benches, structures getting those special or final touches, and some chatter about our take on trackwork and what works and doesn't work for us. So sit back, grip onto that hobby knife tightly, drybrush those boards or just grind your molars if you must! And have a great weekend on your workbench!!! Below is the link to Foggy Mountain Models where you can find the textured paper rock and brick Todd spoke of in the cast: foggymountainmodels.com Help us keep the lights on! Become a patron and join in on the fun! And the photo for this week's cast shows the two turntable style tool caddies on Todd's bench that we talk about as well.


3 Aug 2018

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Bench Time #114: Listener Mail, Patron Questions and Todd's Topics!

We kick off this week's episode with some awesome listener mail! Thanks Dan for the sweet Sculpey Hockey Pucks and some vintage PRR items! The Bullhorn:  Ipswitch Hobbies has released its latest craftsman kit in N scale. Check out the Union Freight House here: https://ipswichhobbies.com/shop?olsPage=products/union-freight-house-kit-2 (not an affiliate link) Hobby Holder from Game Envy: https://gameenvy.net/new-hobby-holder-miniature-holder/ (not an affiliate link) Next, my dad and I go through some current statuses of builds, and we talk about some things that are upcoming. We wrap up the episode with some patron questions and the usual ramblings of Todd & Brett!

1hr 16mins

15 Feb 2020

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Bench Time #15 - Special Guest Jason Jensen talks about his weathering techniques & more!

This week we are excited to have special guest Jason Jensen from Jason Jensen Trains and we cover what's going on over in his model building world as well as some of his weathering and model building techniques.Make sure to check out our Patreon Page: patreon.com/hoscalecustoms

1hr 20mins

12 Apr 2018

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Bench Time #29 - Featuring Dave Frary

This week we are very excited to have world-renowned modeler Dave Frary on the show. We go over everything from his modeling past, his work with George Sellios, some of his photography work with model railroading and Model Railroader magazine, and a little bit about his past outside of model railroading which included set building on movies, Construction and a whole lot more. This week's episode is a long one and we were just absolutely excited to get Dave on the show, and I'm sure many modelers out there listening have seen some of Dave's work whether it be in a magazine or online or even from some of his self-published books so we hope you're just as excited too. Dave Frary's Links: The Trackside Modeler Dave Frary's Trackside Scenery Blog

1hr 40mins

20 Jul 2018

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Bench Time #71: The Tools Episode - We talk about all of our favorite essential modeling tools!

Hey, we all love Friday's! And I think as model railroaders and modelers, we all love to collect tools! We were inspired by everybody's photo comments of their favorite tools from last week's contest so we decided to dedicate an entire episode to tools and our favorite ones.  Well they're all our favorites. Kind of our own little toy collection... I mean tool collection.  This week Todd and Brett talk about all of their favorite tools. From pounce wheels to cutters, knives, model building specific tools, to out of the ordinary tools that we just ended up using anyway.  There are a TON of different things out there for every possible thing you could imagine so we know we didn't hit every tool possible.  Here are a couple of the tools we've talked about or written about in the past too: RB Productions Rivet-R Mini Riveting Tool for Model Railroading Supplies, Paints and Tools for the “Live Build Along” Paint Palette Palooza! Get the most out of yours Helping Hands Tool with Magnifying Glass File Card – Essential Modeling Tool Micro Applicators – Must Have Modeling Tool CONTEST INFO: This week's contest winner is.... Joe Collins! Joe Posted his Dollar store caddy, saying " it's Great to hold brushes, pallets and water/thinner". THIS WEEK'S CONTEST: This week for the photo comment contest we're asking everyone who wants to participate that they post a photo comment on our facebook page to the pinned post for this week's episode a photo of your favorite locomotive they have in their collection! Brett will post the pics of the locos that we have too for everyone to check out... We only have 2.  So get to posting those pics of your favorite locomotive on the post about this week's episode and win a small craftsman model rr kit!

1hr 30mins

26 Apr 2019

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