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Episode 472: Finger Off the Pulse

Rich, Charlie, MBD, and Maddy discuss Stacey Abram’s comments about heartbeats, the Russian mobilization, and more.


23 Sep 2022

Rank #1

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Episode 471: Sixty Excruciating Minutes

Editors’ Picks:Rich: Ed Ring’s piece on DamsCharlie: Rich’s piece “What’s Wrong with Illegal Immigrants?”Jim: Phil’s piece "Liz Cheney Is Wrong about Kevin McCarthy"Jack: Richard Reinsch's piece "What the Constitution Can Give Us," and Armond White’s upcoming piece on The Woman KingLight Items:Rich: His Constitution Center debateCharlie: The JagsJim: The JetsJack: Pizza on the beach

1hr 11mins

20 Sep 2022

Rank #2

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Episode 470: Unprepared and Inconsistent

Editors’ Picks:Rich: Also Dominic’s workCharlie: Andy’s "Dissent from NR’s Editorial Favoring Federal Abortion Ban"Maddy: Dominic Pino’s workMBD: Dan’s piece "The Shape-Shifting Evan McMullin"Light Items:Rich: Aaron JudgeCharlie: An informal NR meet-upMaddy: NYC comedy showMBD: The Pogues

1hr 8mins

15 Sep 2022

Rank #3

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Episode 469: Gains in Ukraine

Editors’ Picks:Rich: Jim’s Jolt from today "The Democrats’ Empty Celebrity Candidates"Charlie: Mark Sidwell’s piece "Milton Friedman and the Back Road to Socialism"Jim: Dan McLaughlin’s piece "‘Ultra-MAGA’ Now Means Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan"Light Items:Rich: The movie BeastCharlie: FootballJim: The Offer

1hr 7mins

13 Sep 2022

Rank #4

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Episode 468: The Western World Loses a Giant

Editors’ Picks:Rich: The Editorial on Queen Elizabeth "Queen Elizabeth II: An Extraordinary Life of Extraordinary Service"Charlie: He seconds Phil’s pickMBD: Charlie’s piece "Queen Elizabeth II, R.I.P."Phil: MBD’s piece “I’m a New Yorker, Governor Hochul”Light Items:Rich: Houston Oilers memorabiliaCharlie: SeveranceMBD: First week of schoolPhil: Corned Beef project


9 Sep 2022

Rank #5

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Episode 467: Biden Muddles the Waters

Editors’ Picks:Rich: Mark’s post "Passive Travel? Yes, Please"Charlie: Jim’s Jolt “Covid Origin Destined to Be a Forever Secret”Jim: Charlie’s piece “Biden’s Pointless Presidency”Jack: Amity Shlaes’s piece “What’s Wrong with Siding with Unions?”Light Items:Rich: Magna Carta: The Birth of Liberty by Dan JonesCharlie: Driving a U-HaulJim: NFL season beginsJack: The kindness of strangers

1hr 25mins

7 Sep 2022

Rank #6

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Episode 466: Dark-Lord Vibes Only, Please

Editors’ Picks:Rich: Nate Hochman’s piece "MLB’s Unseemly Support for Youth Gender Transitions"Charlie: Phil’s piece “Blake Masters and the Limits of Fight Club Conservatism”MBD: Russ Latino “How the Jackson Water Shortage Happened and How It Can Be Solved”Phil: NR’s Editorial “Biden’s Looming Giveaway to Iran”Light Items:Rich: SportsCharlie: Transferring vinyl records to digitalMBD: Top Gun: MaverickPhil: Watching RRR

1hr 3mins

2 Sep 2022

Rank #7

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Special Episode: The Goldwater Institute [465]

On this special edition of The Editors, Rich is joined by Goldwater’s vice president of litigation, Jon Riches, and former NR writer, Christian Schneider. Among other things, they discuss how public schools are hiding information from citizens and what we can do to stop them from doing this.


1 Sep 2022

Rank #8

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Episode 464: Miscarriage Misconstructions

Editors’ Picks:Rich: Caroline Downey's piece "Adam Kinzinger Attacks Rich Lowry on Meet the Press"Charlie: Ellen Carmichael “Worried about Student-Loan Debt? Start Firing Administrators”Alexandra: Charlie’s piece from the magazine “A Long Goodbye to Trump”Jim: Rich’s piece “Republicans Can’t Run and Hide on Abortion”Light Items:Rich: Bags of saltCharlie: Ken Burns Vietnam documentaryAlexandra: Going to a Twins gameJim: Train-wreck: Woodstock 1999

1hr 16mins

30 Aug 2022

Rank #9

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Episode 463: Waving a Wand over Student Debt

Editors’ Picks:Rich: The latest print issueCharlie: Editorial on student loan debacle "Biden’s Student-Debt Decree Wrong on Every Level"Maddy: Michael’s piece “The Fauci Effect”MBD: Charlie’s piece “Joe Biden Illegally ‘Canceling’ Student Loans Would Be a Middle Finger to America”Light Items:Rich: Household choresCharlie: An old SNL sketchMaddy: Wind chimesMBD: Mopeds

1hr 12mins

26 Aug 2022

Rank #10