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Private Ryan Presents Soca Brainwash 2019

A very comprehensive musical guide to Carnival in Trinidad for 2019. Most of the soca hits that are in heavy rotation right now on radio, in parties and by special request. For those that think you only hear certain songs in rotation this is definitely a mix for you. Includes some of the hits from other islands that have made it to Trinidad as well. Enjoy!!!

2hr 56mins

27 Feb 2019

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Private Ryan Presents URemember 2019 (Best of 2019 RAW)

URemember 2019 is here! The 2 and a half hour mega mix of some  of the best hits of 2019 in various genres. Features dancehall, soca, hip hop, rnb, afrobeat, latin, pop and more. Press play and relive 2019 in various ways. Enjoy!!!

2hr 29mins

8 Dec 2019

Rank #2

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Private Ryan Presents Post Carnival Relief 2019 (The Road Anthems)

It has been exactly one month since Trinidad Carnival 2019 and its time to cure your carnival tabanca with "Post Carnival Relief." There was so much good music this year that is was very challenging condensing it all into roughly a little over an hour and twenty minutes of energy. Features the songs that has us moving all season long in Trinidad and prepares us for Carnival in Jamaica next. This is the last signature soca mix for a while so soca lovers enjoy!!!

1hr 29mins

3 Apr 2019

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Private Ryan Presents Post Carnival Relief 2020 (The Road Essentials)

Strictly the best of Trinidad Carnival 2020. Only the hits you were guaranteed to hear at all the parties, radio and on the road. Cure that post carnival depression and relive the memories. 1.Conch Shell Road Mix - Machel Montano, Iwer & Skinny Fabulous  2.Stage Gone Bad - Kes & Iwer 3.Pick A Side - Kes & Erphaan 4.Ramp Up - Kerwin Dubois & Machel 5.Brace - Machel Montano 6. Swing - Nadia Batson 7.Bop - Noyde Glo & Sscatta 8.Chupid Gal - Khalifa 9.I Aint See - Trinidad Ghost 10. Thankful - Olatunji 11.Bun Up - Shal 12. Born So - Problem Child 13. Is we - patrice roberts 14.One Miniute Extra - Bunji Garlin 15. Dive - Fay Ann 16.Nasty Up - Problem Child 17. Rukshun - Lyrikal 18. Magic - Kes x Jimmy October 19. Slow wine - Machel x Afro B 20.Headshot - Ravi B 21.Talking that talk - Machel Montano 22. Colours - Machel Montano 23.Super Soca - Machel Montano & Vybz Kartel 24.Top Rankin - Shal Marshall 25. Remove Yuhself - Blaxx 26.Outside - Ding Dong 27.Waste Man - Sekon Sta 28.Birthday Song - Mical Teja 29. Real Woman - Patrice Roberts 30. Carry on - Patrice Roberts 31. Feel it - Problem Child 32. Play Harder - Machel Montano 33.Jamdong - Kes 34. 10_10 - LFS Music 35. Thanks for the love - Kes 36.No Tomorrow - Kerwin & Adanna 37. Private Party Lyndsay 38. Ms Carnival - Voice & Keone 39.Drogba Remix - Machel & Afro B 40. Boss Lady - Kes  41. Mid Section - Marzville 42. Shots - Motto 43. Naked - Skinny Faulous 44. Who Pay - Sekon Sta & Salty 45.Fire - Sekon Sta 46. Love Rum - Bubba 47. Tambourine - Nutron 48. That no Feelings - Motto x Nessa 49.No Scene - Lyrikal 50. Woman Company - Dev 51. Hot Gal Soca - Shal 52. Kiss - Nadia Batson 53. Creme De La Creme - Teddyson John 54. X games Marfan Road Mix - Teddyson John x Private Ryan 55. Sauce Marfan Road mix - Sekon Sta x Private RYan 56. Middle Marfan Road Mix - Angela Hunte x private Ryan 57.Dushi - Kes 58.Happy Song - College Boy jesse 59.Soca Feeling - Christo 60.Spash - Patrice x Nessa 61. Hot Gal - Jus D 62. Bend Yuh Back - Skinny fabulous 63.Boss Wine - Machel Montano x Salty 64.Looking for China - Bunji Garlin 65. Two Knee - Shal Marshall 66.Back Seat Ride - Problem Child 67.Buss A Wine - Bunji & fay Ann 68 Stink - Lyrikal 69.Rum & soca - Destra 70. More Soca - Nailah Blackman 71 The Struggle - Bunji Garlin 72. Dear Promoter - Voice x Kes 73. Reason to Love - Kes x Private Ryan 74. Feel the Love - Freetown Collective 75.Bottle Over Head - Trini boy jocose 76. Dy Zess - Trinidad killa 77. Wrong Again - Skinny canton 78. Rum & Pum Pum - Lavaman 79. Stink Behaviour - Machel 7 teddy Rhymes 80.Stink Face - Kerwin Dubois 81. Take Jam - Imani Ray 82. Yuh Bad - Preedy 83.West Indian - Alison Hinds 84. Fatt - Nadia Batson 85. Do Like Dat - Lyrikal 86. So Bad - Ricky T 87.Up & Up - Skinny Fabulous 88. Drinkin all day - Hollywood HP 89. Feeling it - Swappi 90.Jumbie Head - Swappi x Ultimate Rejects 91.Bam Bam - Nailah Blackman 92. Happy Carnival - Patrice Roberts 93.Iz Dat Yuh Like - Smooth 94.No Standing Up - Preedy x Private Ryan 95. Bumper Murderer - Kerwin Dubois & Mical Teja 96.Everytime - Machel Montano 97.Break A Branch - Motto x Bunji Garlin 98.Block Away - Bunji Garlin 99.Soca Trend 100.Run Up and Down - Ding Dong x Mr Killa 101. Captain - Hey Choppi 102. Drunky - Kerwin Dubois

1hr 41mins

3 Mar 2020

Rank #4

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Private Ryan Presents Soca Starter 2019 (Extended Edition)

Soca starter 2019 extended edition is here!!! Get familiar with some of the soca songs that will be powering Trinidad carnival 2019. There is quite a bit of music this year so I made the mix a bit longer this time. Look out for Soca Brainwash in a couple of  weeks which will feature even more music. Enjoy!!!

1hr 52mins

13 Jan 2019

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Private Ryan Presents Soca Brainwash 2018

Soca Brainwash 2018 is out now featuring most of the songs you need to get familiar with for the Trinidad carnival season. Over two hours non stop of Soca in one megamix. Enjoy!!

2hr 28mins

2 Feb 2018

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Private Ryan Presents Post Carnival Relief 2018

Your cure for Post Carnival Depression is here. Only the best soca hits from the parties and on the road in Trinidad for 2018. Enjoy!!

1hr 14mins

21 Feb 2018

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Private Ryan Presents Soca Starter 2018

Soca Starter 2018 is here. A sneak peak at the first wave of hits to get familiar with for Trinidad Carnival. This is just a preview of what to expect in the Soca Brainwash mix in  a couple of weeks. Enjoy!!

1hr 29mins

30 Dec 2017

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Private Ryan Presents Bienvenido A Miami 2019 (The Caribbean Melting Pot)

The soundtrack for Miami Carnival 2019 is here!! This mix includes 95 percent brand new music from the islands and Trinidad. Should you want to vibe to tracks from Trinidad carnival 2019 you can listen to the older mixes. This one has several exclusive sneak peaks of brand new productions and singles including some of my own to look out for in the coming months. Enjoy the music from St Lucia, Grenada, Barbados, BVI, Trinidad and more. Exclusive new music from Machel Montano, Bunji Garlin, Konshens, Motto and Teddyson John just to name a few. Enjoy!!!

1hr 21mins

8 Oct 2019

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Private Ryan Presents SOCA BABY 2000s Groove Megamix (2009 - 2013)

Soca lovers rejoice!! The sequel to the popular Soca Baby mix series returns with a bang!! Two and half hours of groovy soca from 2009 to 2013 as we relive those groovy hits of yesteryear. There is so much soca we don't hear anymore and this mix is testament to the wealth of music from approximately about a decade ago. Enjoy this megamix that covers five years of soca!!

2hr 36mins

8 Jun 2019

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Private Ryan Presents Freestyle Fridays (Weekend Warm Up ) Semi Edit

An early morning mix I made before a flight with some recent and recurrent tracks. Includes some dancehall, hip hop, top 40, afrobeat and soca. Some of the tracks are raw. Enjoy!!!


18 Oct 2019

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Private Ryan Presents Dancehall Starter Preview (RAW)

The dancehall starter preview is out now. A short tease of some dancehall songs in rotation going into the summer of 2018. All songs on this mix are RAW. Enjoy!!


5 Jun 2018

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Private Ryan Presents Freestyle Friday (Soca Gym Buddy)

Freestyle Fridays brings you the Soca gym buddy. Some high paced tracks to keep you moving in one quick mix.


30 May 2018

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I Am Soca Promo Mix (Mixed by Dj Private Ryan)

Short Promo Teaser for an event in New York this Saturday for Thanksgiving called "I Am Soca" Flashback style!!! I will be one of the featured Djs on this one. Nothing past 2010 is featured in this mix. Enjoy the quick journey to the past!!


28 Nov 2019

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Private Ryan Presents Freestyle Friday (Break the Office Chair Headphone Party) RAW

Usually we don't encourage the ladies to get to active in the office chair but this mix is intended to have those waistlines very active.  Just be careful because this mix is 100 percent RAW rude dancehall. Press play and enjoy this freestyle!!


23 Nov 2019

Rank #15

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Private Ryan Presents Summer Bunny 2018

Summer Bunny 2018 is out now with all those summer mainstream billboard hits you will be hearing in the parties and on the radio. one. All music used on this mix is edited. Listen and enjoy!!! 

1hr 9mins

12 Jul 2018

Rank #16