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A weekly news and discussion show about the world of iPhone, iPad, iOS, and mobile web development. Hosted by Marco Arment & Dan Benjamin.

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13: Thunderbolt!

Fresh from Webstock in New Zealand, Marco Arment returns to talk with Dan Benjamin about the recent In App Purchasing situation, the iPad 2, Light Peak (aka Thunderbolt) ports on the upcoming MacBooks, and more. Links for this episode:Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Update Is A DisasterApple Outsider » Microsoft Buys Nokia for $0BApple issues March 2 invitations - Apple 2.0 - Fortune Tech13-Inch MacBook Pro Specs, Photos, Light Peak Known As Thunderbolt? [Confirmed] - Mac RumorsSponsored by Typekit and NZ Red Cross.

1hr 20mins

23 Feb 2011

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32: Building a Wall

Dan and Marco discuss Amazon's Appstore problems, Google+'s member limits and compiled HTML, when and why you should stray from UIKit, and a special bonus episode extension on the practicalities of the MacBook Airs and other Macs. Links for this episode:iPad: The Microwave Oven of ComputingApparatus will be pulled from Amazon AppstoreUIKit Artwork ExtractorInstapaper's body-text configurationsJohn Siracusa's awesome handmade toaster-thank-you cardSponsored by MailChimp and Sound Studio 4.

1hr 24mins

5 Jul 2011

Rank #2

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30: FBI RAID Is Not A Backup

Dan and Marco discuss the FBI's raid at DigitalOne, database backups, lossless audio compression, and the content ecosystems that tablets and e-readers depend on. Links for this episode:F.B.I. Seizes Web Servers, Knocking Sites Offline - NYTimesNook Simple Touch compared to Kindle 3 – Marco.orgLossless audio compression - WikipediaHypercritical #22: I Would Not Build UndergroundAmazon tablets coming in September, suppliers saySponsored by OmniGroup: OmniFocus and Worthwhile.

1hr 16mins

23 Jun 2011

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31: Google Percent 2B

Dan and Marco discuss Final Cut Pro X, the pro-software market and transition periods, the Mac Pro's future, the HP TouchPad, tablet responsiveness and fun, the 80-20 fallacy applied to app markets, and Google+. Links for this episode:DHH: Ten apps is all I needJeffery Harrell: What went wrong with Final Cut Pro XJason Snell: Hands on with the HP TouchPadGoogle+ DemoHow To Safely Store A PasswordMarco's bcrypt class and functions for PHP 5.3+Sponsored by Field Notes and iStockphoto.

1hr 34mins

1 Jul 2011

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101: Looting Siracusa County

Dan and Marco discuss "Superstorm" Sandy aftermath, Scott Forstall's forced exit from Apple, the iPad Mini and iPad "4", the Microsoft Surface and Windows RT, Disney's plans for Lucasfilm, and hosting servers in natural-disaster-prone datacenters. Links for this episode:An alternate universe – Marco.orgStreetInsider.com - Disney to Acquire Lucasfilm Ltd.The iPad Air – Marco.orgSquarespace - Sandy UpdatesSponsored by Lynda, Shutterstock (use code "dansentme10" for 30% off), and Shopify (use code "5by5" and get 3 months free).


2 Nov 2012

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65: An Accountant Knows Where To Put It

Dan and Marco discuss the value of accountants, taxing, 1099s, Japanese withholding on App Store sales, Internet Explorer's recent improvements and browser testing, and why this show often isn't about programming and APIs. Links for this episode:Intel is only delaying dual core mobile Ivy Bridge CPUs by VR-Zone.comUnderstanding Japanese App Store Withholding - David SmithAmazon.com: Sodastream Fountain Jet Soda Maker Starter Kit: Kitchen & DiningAmazon.com: SodaStream Penguin Earth Friendly Glass Carafe Soda Maker: Home & KitchenAmazon.com: SodaStream 60-Litre Carbonators Spare Cylinders: Kitchen & DiningFlavor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaInternet Explorer for Mac - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaCamino - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaApple Inc.: NASDAQ:AAPL quotes & news - Google FinanceSponsored by AppsFire and MailChimp.

1hr 19mins

20 Feb 2012

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48: Zero Inputs

Dan and Marco discuss the MacBook Pro update, what an Apple television might be like, VoiceOver considerations and testing for your apps, power switches on computers, and encouraging words from Hacker News. Links for this episode:Apple Jumps on TV Excitement; 'I Finally Cracked It' - MarketBeat - WSJAmazon.com: Steve Jobs (9781451648539): Walter Isaacson: BooksAmazon.com: Steve Jobs eBook: Walter Isaacson: Kindle StoreSteve Jobs: Revelations from a tech giant - CBS NewsAccessibility for iPhone and iPad apps - Matt Legend Gemmell5by5 | Hypercritical #15: The Bridges of Siracusa CountySponsored by Squarespace and TinyLetter.

1hr 6mins

24 Oct 2011

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49: I Just Boil It

Dan and Marco discuss the developer implications of apps on TVs, more Apple TV analysis, shovelware, Codify for iPad, Dan's new AeroPress, and whether Marco's upcoming baby will require a minivan. Links for this episode:Green Tea Kettle from Adagio TeasIngenuiTEA Teapot from Adagio TeasReview: Coffee Joulies – Marco.org"Halloween Slice of Life" - Threadless.com - Best t-shirts in the worldAmazon.com: Chemex Drip Coffee Carafe - 8 Cup: Kitchen & DiningCodify for iPad on the iTunes App StoreCodify lets you build iPad apps--on your iPad | MacworldThe Programming Language LuaCodify – iPadAmazon.com: Graco Passage Travel SystemSponsored by Bare Bones and MailChimp.

1hr 15mins

31 Oct 2011

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73: One Cell Taller

Readability's failed payment system, why Instagram was worth so much to Facebook, advertisers outbidding customers, the rumored taller-screen iPhone and its effects on apps, WWDC, and Dan's bold feature decisions in the upcoming 5by5 Radio app. Links for this episode:5by5 | Hypercritical #63: Talking to the BearThe 4-inch iPhone - The Russians Used a PencilPredicting WWDC dates and the June 11 rumor – Marco.orgWaiting for WWDC Announcement - 4 Arrows MediaSponsored by Hover, FreshBooks, and the One More Thing Conference.

1hr 28mins

16 Apr 2012

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27: Android Internet Explorer

Dan and Marco share WWDC tips and discuss Xcode 4, an App-Store-only default, Google's API shutdowns, Twitter photo-hosting, and whether iOS development consultants need to expand to Android. Links for this episode:Marquee iPad appMarco's WWDC tips (old)Internet ExplorerMarco's monitor: HP ZR30wThe official Google Code blog: Spring cleaning for some of our APIsRumor: Twitter Is Launching Its Own Photosharing ServiceXcode 4: the super mega awesome review (forgot to mention this, it's great)Core Intuition episode 39 (on Xcode 4)Sponsored by iStockphoto and MailChimp.

1hr 18mins

31 May 2011

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99: The Podcast

Dan and Marco discuss Marco's new app, The Magazine. Links for this episode:The MagazineThe Magazine – Marco.orgThe FeatureThe BriefSponsored by Harvest (Use promo code 5by5 for 50% off first month), Hover (Use code DANSENTME for 10% off), Squarespace (Use code DANSENTME10 for 10% off), and CacheFly

1hr 30mins

16 Oct 2012

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62: Frustrated by the Invisible Person

Dan and Marco successfully avoid development topics for an entire show, instead discussing USB outlets and the Nest thermostat. Links for this episode:NewerTech® Power2U™ AC/USB Wall OutletNest | The Learning Thermostat | HomeNewerTech NWTPWR2USB Power2U AC Wall Outlet with 2... in stock at OWCAmazon.com: Cooper Wiring Devices TR7740-W USB Charger with Tamper Resistant Receptacle - White: Home ImprovementFastMac | Product - U-SocketUnderwriters Laboratories - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaFreshBooks - Online Invoicing, Accounting & Billing SoftwareEmail Marketing and Email List Manager | MailChimpAmazon.com: Honeywell Digital Round T8775C1005 Non-Programmable 1 Heat/1 Cool: Home ImprovementSponsored by FreshBooks and MailChimp.

1hr 15mins

2 Feb 2012

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75: My Twitterrific Moment

Marco's new baby, working from home with kids, tightening car seats, speaking at conferences, baby monitors, the costs of hiring someone, the Instapaper website job description, Read It Later and Pocket, paying attention to competitors, the future direction of Instapaper, and what Apple should do about WWDC tickets. Links for this episode:Withings - Smart Baby Monitor: always near your babyAmazon.com: Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with 3.5 Inch Color LCD Screen: BabyBack to Work #64: Frozen PosterSponsored by Textastic, TapTyping, and Squarespace (use promo code DANSENTME5 for 10% off).

1hr 57mins

30 Apr 2012

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98: It's Part of Me Now

Dan and Marco discuss non-U.S. universities on CVs, which old iOS devices to keep for testing, prototyping new ideas, why Marco's still not using storyboards, ARC, Core Data, or autolayout, and the boom of relevance and activity on App.net since Netbot's release. Links for this episode:Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaSponsored by HelpSpot (use offer code 5by5 for $100 off), Hover (use code DANSENTME for 10% off), Sourcebits, and CacheFly

1hr 22mins

8 Oct 2012

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43: Mythical Metro

Dan and Marco discuss the Netflix/Qwickster split and then devote the rest of the episode to Windows 8 and Metro: how the desktop, iOS, Android, and Metro interfaces scale to accommodate more features over time, the shortcomings of gesture-based touch interfaces, Metro's adoption challenges among customers and developers, and Microsoft's possible return to their effective strategies from the 1990s. Links for this episode:Netflix: An Explanation and Some ReflectionsAn explanation and some reflections - YouTubeWhy Reed Hastings Should be Applauded for Netflix SplitVideo Game Rentals: Rent/Buy Wii,PS3,PS2,Xbox,360,PSP,DS,3DS,GC,GBA Games – GameFly.comQwikster - Rent Movies, TV Shows, and Video Games on DVD - Coming Soon5by5 | Hypercritical #34: Pride in CraftsmanshipEmbrace, extend and extinguish - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaMicrosoft: No Windows 8 ARM Support For x86 Apps - SlashdotWindows 8 on ARM: more than just tablets, more to come on legacy apps and Office | This is my next...Sponsored by HelpSpot and Rackspace.

1hr 25mins

19 Sep 2011

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63: Underwear Drawer

Dan and Marco discuss apps versus the web, iOS address-book access and data privacy, and Honeywell suing Nest for patent infringement. Links for this episode:5by5 | Royal PingdomiOS Address Book access should prompt the user for permission – Marco.orgStealing Your Address Book by Dustin CurtisPath uploads your entire iPhone address book to its servers[Sponsor] CocoaConf - Promo code 5BY5 gets 20% off[Sponsor] Sourcebits[Sponsor] PDFpen for iPad from SmileNest | The Learning Thermostat | Nest as a programmable thermostatHoneywell goes after Nest Learning Thermostat for patent infringement | The VergeSolarized - Ethan SchoonoverWhy Honeywell Is Suing Nest Labs - Lauren Goode - News - AllThingsDSponsored by Smile, Sourcebits, and Shopify.

1hr 22mins

10 Feb 2012

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68: The Returning Dessert Problem

More on the effects of competition, apps as entertainment risks and the dynamics of low app pricing, why forced app trials would be bad, health insurance for single-person businesses, and why Marco hates iPhoto, Aperture, and Lightroom. Links for this episode:5by5 | 5by5 Specials #5: Fat Wireless: iPad 3rd GenerationSponsored by Hover (promo DANSENTME for 10% off), Squarespace (promo DANSENTME3 for 30% off for 3 months), and Sourcebits.

1hr 16mins

12 Mar 2012

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70: 116 Degree Burns

Dan and Marco discuss the "www" prefix, Eye-Fi with Aperture, using Kickstarter to fund large software projects, iPad Warmgate, being featured in the App Store, customer reactions to requiring iOS 5, instant coffee, and theoretical 3G-equipped MacBooks. Links for this episode:The FeatureMarco.orgWarmgate: Turns out the new iPad gets warm when the GPU and battery are working hard | GadgetronWarmgate Tweets | Mg Siegler TwitterConsumer Reports hot iPad - latimes.comNew iPad runs hot, 'Consumer Reports' tests show – USATODAY.comConsumer Reports Finds New iPad Gets Warm, Can't Charge Under Heavy Loads - Mac RumorsSponsored by Gitbox, AppsFire (coupon code 5by5 for 10% off), and Studio Neat (coupon code 5by5 for 20% off).

1hr 18mins

26 Mar 2012

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10: A Dark Time for Coffee

Marco Arment and Dan Benjamin discuss app store submission tips, realistic expectations for launch, a dark time in history for coffee, piracy, and more. Sponsored by Sound Studio 4 and MailChimp.

1hr 1min

27 Jan 2011

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72: An Uncomfortable Night for Everybody

Upgrades in the App Store (or the lack thereof), gesture discoverability, iPad 3 renderInContext slowdowns, the inelegant transition periods of the Pentium Pro and A5X, and burning hamburgers. Links for this episode:Strategy Letter V - Joel on SoftwareAnandTech - The Apple iPad Review (2012)Computer History for 1996Call Me Fishmeal.: The Mac App Store Needs Paid UpgradesTwitter / @Alyssa_Milano: Boooooo!!! RT @TwitterDisp ...Daring Fireball: Apple's Highest Priority Is ObviousnessI'm excited to... | FacebookFacebook to Buy Instagram for $1 Billion in Cash, Stock - Deal Journal - WSJPentium Pro - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaSponsored by Harvest (coupon code 5BY5 for 50% off your first month) and EveryMe.

1hr 13mins

9 Apr 2012

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