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I Do Radio - Wedding Planning with Rev. Angela

Wedding Planning Radio At Its Best!When planning your wedding, we know you want all the information you can get. Tuning into I Do Radio is your first step in getting that expert advice. We discuss all aspects of planning your wedding ceremony from - “How do I write my own vows?” to “How do I choose an event planner?” Radio for you.

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Attending Bridal Expos

Have you ever wondered what goes on at one of those big bridal expos? They happen at various times of the year around the country exposing you to the various vendors available in your area.Listen in as we check in with Don Van Meter of the Rabun County Bridal Expo www.rabuncountybridalexpo.com in Clayton, GA. We'll ask them why a bride should consider attending, what info she will leave with, and how can she take that new info and plan her dream wedding.


18 Feb 2015

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Who's Who in the Wedding Party

Deciding whom to select to be a part of your wedding party can be as difficult to decide as to whom to seat next to whom. Knowing what’s expected of the duty can help you make the decision a little easier.From bride’s maids to pages, we will list the common (and not so common) roles of the bridal party.


11 Feb 2015

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Wedding Emergency? It's In The Bag!

Entrepreneur Lisa Gehrke opened With You In Mind in 2006. Having participated in a number of weddings, Ms. Gehrke recognized that every wedding event should have an emergency kit and/or amenity basket. The kit and baskets include everything a bridal party and guests need if a minor mishap occurs. Listen in as we find out more about these kits and baskets.


8 May 2010

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Let The Music Play! Stax O Wax DJ Productions

Making the proper music selection for your wedding reception is huge. Pick the wrong music and the reception can be boring, dull and uneventful. Choose the right music and it is a party that everyone will remember. Stax O Wax DJ Productions, have been serving Chicago, the greater Chicagoland area, and the upper midwest United States since 1984. Because of Chicagoland's rich cultural diversity and many international visitors, they really do entertain the world each week. They have the professional DJ experience and knowledge to make your party the huge success it deserves to be. They perform for all types of events: family, corporate, civic, and institutional. Whether you're planning a wedding ceremony, wedding reception, bar mitzvah, school dance, anniversary, or corporate function; let our professional party and dance consultants work for you! Stax O Wax is a full-time DJ production service, and provide full audio, video, lighting, and projection services in-house. They'll be happy to consult with you in office, and help you plan the perfect entertainment package for your event. They understand the different needs presented by different situations. Whether you need classical music for a wedding ceremony, quiet contemporary background music for an intimate cocktail party, decompression and relaxation music for a corporate mixer, a wide age range of dance music for a wedding reception, or lots of rap and hip-hop music for bar mitzvahs and school dances, they have you covered! Listen in as Curt Zimmerman explains more.


3 May 2010

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Wedding Gown Preservation by Janet Davis Cleaners

Getting married is a monumental event in one’s life. Your wedding may only last a day, but you want to be sure the memories last for a lifetime. One of the few tangible items you will have after your wedding day is your wedding gown. To that cause, they are pleased to offer exclusive wedding gown preservation service, which they call "MuseumCare" gown preservation. Listen in as Kyle Matthews tells us more.


1 May 2010

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