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The wedding business podcast for pros who want to grow a profitable, sustainable and fulfilling business in our industry.How do I get more clients in my wedding business? How do I start a wedding venue? What are the latest social media trends for marketing? Have you ever found yourself Googling these questions late into the evening between wedding seasons? Here's the great news my friend: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. All of us in the wedding industry share the same struggles, we all have stories AND the best part is......we all have solutions! Every Tuesday & Thursday, She Creates Business, a Podcast for Wedding Pros interviews women entrepreneurs in the wedding industry just like you. Each episode shares a business-building strategy that you can apply to your own business. From wedding planners to photographers and venue owners to calligraphers, no topic is off-limits!Join us for community and conversation!Connect with Kinsey:@shecreatesbusinesswww.shecreatesbusinesspodcast.comArtwork Headshot: Amanda Matilda Photography

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11: Heidi Thompson, Evolve Your Wedding Business

My guest today is a total wedding pro and I'm thrilled to have her on for a great chat about email marketing in our wedding businesses. Before we get to the show I'd like to send a huge thank you to today's sponsor, Ginny Krauss and her Heart of Your Brand Strategy Session. Claim your 60 minute session with Ginny by going to http://www.ginnykrauss.com/heart (be sure to mention the podcast!) Heidi Thompson is the chief marketing geek & founder of Evolve Your Wedding Business and she helps wedding professionals grow their businesses without going crazy in the process. Her marketing expertise has been featured on several wedding and business outlets including The Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner, Book More Brides, Sprouting Photographer, Photo Biz Xposed & she’s an advisory board member for the UK Academy Of Wedding & Event Planning. If your goal is to grow & improve your wedding business, be sure to pick up Heidi’s free Email Marketing Services Comparison Guide and get started with email marketing today! You can also join her and lots of other wedding professionals just like you in The Evolve Your Wedding Business Facebook Community.


18 Oct 2016

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16: Kinsey Roberts, My Story

Today I've decided to share my personal journey and story! I'm nervous and excited for us to get to know each other better and I'd love to hear more about your journey and your 2017 goals for your business! Feel free to email me at kinsey@vistaviewevents.com so we can chat! Today I cover what I thought I'd be doing when I was younger (hint: it involved NYC) and what I'm actually doing now! I'll take you through my journey of being a student at the University of Nebraska & writing for the college newspaper  all the way to now being a wedding venue owner and podcast host! Fair warning, I get a little passionate near the end of this episode talking about women entrepreneurs and how we are brilliant just as we are and how we are capable of amazing things! Hope that's okay!


3 Nov 2016

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100: 7 Things I've Learned from 100 Episodes

Don’t forget to grab your Opt In Shop Lead Magnet Bundle! Prices increase on March 10th, 2018! 100 Episodes. It feels really good to say that and it couldn’t have happened without you. I love you and am so grateful for you! Today I want to share the 7 Things I’ve Learned from 100 Episodes on She Creates Business a Podcast for Wedding Pros. 1.) Relationships matter, Always and FOREVER. 2.) My #1 Growth Tool has been Word of Mouth Recommendation 3.) Podcasting is special - it’s a medium that provides an extensive level of both personal and professional growth.  4.) We’re different, but we’re the same.  5.) I like to interview more than I like to do solo episodes on this podcast.  6.) Pull the trigger on your ideas…even if you don’t feel ready 7.) The right technology and tools are important……but they’re not everything.  If you’ve been considering starting a podcast I’d love to chat with you! Email me at: kinsey@shecreatesbusinesspodcast.com. Don’t forget to grab your Opt In Shop Lead Magnet Bundle! Prices increase on March 10th, 2018!


2 Mar 2018

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56: Maria Bayer, How to Become a Better Sales Person in Your Wedding Business

When I did my podcast listener survey a few months ago, the main topic that listeners wanted to hear more about was selling. How to get more sales, how to become better at sales and how to do it without feeling sleazy. Maria Bayer is the perfect person to take us through this topic today on She Creates Business a Podcast for Wedding Pros. Maria Bayer is the creator of “Irresistible Selling” – an online group coaching program she designed to help creative entrepreneurs book dream clients, grow their business and design a life they love. Maria teaches the authentic selling and mindset strategies that helped her triple her income in less than a year, and go on to book over $25 Million in sales from companies like Target, Best Buy, Ulta, Office Max and Hyatt. She also leads a private Facebook Mastermind group of talented creative business owners called Learn Collaborate Flourish. Maria is a national speaker, and has authored and co-authored several Kindle books, and her articles have been featured throughout the creative industry. Maria holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and currently resides in the Chicago area with her husband Tim and fur-baby Gia, usually with a cappuccino in hand.


27 Apr 2017

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64: How to Price Your Wedding Services for Profit with Kristin Kaplan

I'm just going to say it, it's time we all collectively said "enough is enough" and start getting serious about pricing our services so we can actually take home a paycheck in our wedding businesses. Kristin Kaplan is my guest today and I'm thrilled she agreed to come on and talk to us about how to logically and realistically price in our wedding businesses! What I love about this interview is there are actual steps you can follow to just do a check up on your biz if you feel like you have pricing under control OR steps to follow if you have no idea why you charge what you charge. This isn't an interview where we hold hands and tell you "oh charge what you're worth." This is an interview where Kristin brings the house down and asks the hard questions: What do you want to make? How much do you need to save for taxes? What are your fixed costs? RUN, don't walk, to grab Kristin's Pricing Workbook. It will change the way you look at money in your business, period.


22 Jun 2017

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129: How to Build a Business in the Wedding Industry from the Ground Up with Tayler Cusick Hollman

Grab your SEO Checklist here! Today I'm honored to welcome Tayler Cusick Hollman back to the podcast! You might recognize her from a 2017 episode she did while working at Aisle Planner - I'm thrilled to have her back! We're diving into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to conceptualize, launch and grow a brand new business in the wedding industry from the ground up! Tayler is the owner of TAYLRD Media + Designs and the Co-Founder of Sourced Co. As a wedding industry marketing consultant, she works with wedding professionals to help them develop the skills, strategies, and assets they need to market their businesses and build their brands. Connect with Tayler: www.sourcedco.com  www.taylrd.co @taylrd_designs


19 Feb 2019

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How to Design Your Squarespace Site to Keep Brides Coming Back for More with Samantha Mabe

Don't let the title of this episode fool you, even if your website isn't built on Squarespace, Samantha's tips will still apply to you! Samantha is a brand and website designer at Lemon and the Sea who helps creative entrepreneurs share their vision through design. A Pittsburgh native now living in Richmond, Virginia, her background is in design and architecture. She spends her days designing and her evenings watching Netflix with her husband and their dog #gambittheweshi. On today's show, we really dig into tactical ways you can design your Squarespace site that will keep brides on your site longer which will build the know, like and trust factor. Samantha literally gives us a workflow that our website pages could go through from our client's perspective. Check out Samantha's new podcast for even more tips!  Join the conversation!


13 Jul 2017

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How to Blog to Attract Your Ideal Client and Submitting to Niche Wedding Blogs with Alexandra Peterson

Annette Stepanian's Course: Let's Get Down to Business Interested in She Creates Business a Summit for Wedding Pros? Learn More: bit.ly/wedprosummit Today I'm pleased to welcome Alex Peterson from Idalia Photography to the show. We discuss all things blogging for your business to attract your ideal client and the benefits of submitting to niche wedding blogs! Alex's Top 4 Tips for Blogging: 1.) Don't Blog for Everyone (niche down!) 2.) Engage, Inform and Inspire Your Audience 3.) Make Announcements & Promotions (selling is ok!) 4.) Photographers, send your images to other vendors! They can blog about it for you! Vendors: it's ok to ask for images! Alex has created an awesome FREEBIE for She Creates Business listeners. You can get it at: idaliaphotography.com/shecreates Alex's Niche Wedding Blog, The Learned Bride: http://www.thelearnedbride.com/ Join the conversation!


20 Jul 2017

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116: 6 Actionable Steps You Can Take to Attract Your Ideal Client with Kim Wensel

Enrollment for The Venue Academy is still open! Join me and dozens of other students for education, community, bonuses and launch your venue dreams TODAY! It's an honor to welcome Kim Wensel from Pattern of Purpose to the show today. Kim is here to share 6 Actionable Steps You Can Take to Attract Your Ideal Client in your wedding business. Here's a bit more about Kim: Kim Wensel is a branding strategist and founder of Pattern of Purpose where she works with entrepreneurs and small businesses who are ready to scale their business. Before introducing new services, raising their prices, or pivoting, they want to know that what they're building will sell. She helps them peek into the minds of their customers so they know how to attract the right people and make their brand stand out. A true multi-passionate, Kim tried out many career paths before finding her career footing, including owning a wedding planning business, managing health programs in Nigeria and Kenya, working as a nonprofit communication and research consultant, and serving as an admissions counselor at two universities. While she’s a self-taught entrepreneur, Kim also has Masters degrees in Social Work and Public Health. She lives outside of Washington DC with her two kids, husband, and the most lovable rescue dog you’ve ever met. When she’s not working on her business, she can be found heading for the mountains, desperately trying to escape city traffic. Connect with Kim: www.patternofpurpose.com @kimwensel Free Guide: Go Beyond Generic Testimonials

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11 Oct 2018

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138: 5 Mistakes You're Making in Your Wedding Business & How to Fix Them with Megan Gillikin

The She Creates Business Podcast is brought you by The Pro Shop! You'll find editable vendor planners, courses and MORE in The Pro Shop. And the best part? Everything in The Pro Shop has been created JUST for wedding pros like you :)  On to the Show: Today on She Creates Business, a Podcast for Wedding Pros I'm joined by wedding planner and podcast host, Megan Gillikin. Megan shares the Top 5 Mistakes she sees wedding professionals making and how to correct them so you can continue growing and succeeding in business! Connect with Megan: www.asouthernsoiree.com Weddings for Real Podcast @weddingsforreal @asouthernsoiree Here's a bit about Megan: Megan graduated from East Carolina University with her undergraduate degree in Hospitality and Restaurant Management and her MBA. Upon graduation, this North Carolinian relocated to DC with Marriott International completing their Management Development Program. Starting at the front desk and moving into the events side, Megan truly understands the logistics, flow, and behind the scenes effort it takes to make a successful event. Transitioning back to NC in 2006, she moved into event positions including Event Operations Manager, Event Manager, and Sales and Catering Manager on a new property opening team. In 2010, Megan left the hotel world and took over ownership of an existing wedding planning company in need of re-branding to remain relevant within the industry. Over the last 9 years, Megan has grown A Southern Soiree into a multi-planner firm and established it as one of the most sought after, highly regarded event planning companies in NC. A new passion of Megan’s was started in 2018 in the form of a podcast for industry vendors (Weddings For Real) that has highlighted a love that Megan has for providing real, insightful, and tangible advice and wisdom on growing and sustaining a successful event business.

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27 Jun 2019

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BONUS: Chit Chat with Annette & Kinsey: February Roundup

In this week’s episode, we’re shaking things up a little bit! It’s a new flavor of episodes that I’m bringing you and it’s with my friend and fellow podcast host, Annette Stepanian. If you don’t know Annette she’s the brilliant and talented host of Office Talk. Annette has become a great friend over the years and we've worked together multiple times. She's been a guest on the podcast in Episode 32 and she's my go-to for contracts in my creative businesses.  The other day we were having an amazing chat (it lasted over an hour because I can't shut up) and we realized that we needed to share our conversations with you. We suspect that so many of you can relate to some of the struggles and revelations that both she and I have experienced during our time as business owners! About once a month you can expect to hear these talks, which we’re calling Chit Chat with Annette and Kinsey. It’s totally casual and super chill – just two girlfriends chatting about business, life and everything in between. WHAT YOU'LL LEARN IN THIS EPISODE Who you really need to listen to as your business evolves How to tell if what you’re doing might just be a “sophisticated form of procrastination” You’re not a business owner without sales, and here’s how to reframe the sales process… Why you shouldn’t be searching for a formula for building a business and what to do instead What’s is the real reason that many people aren’t completing online courses they purchase Why creating seasons for yourself is such a great strategy for accomplishing what you want to do CONNECT WITH ANNETTE AT: Website: https://www.annettestepanian.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/annettestepanian/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/annettestepanianesq   RESOURCES WE TALKED ABOUT: What did you think of this episode? Let me know on Instagram! Mariah Coz & Megan Mins, Femtrepreneur The Pumpkin Plan & Profit First by Mike Michalowicz Marie Forleo & Amy Porterfield StrengthsFinder The Renaissance Soul by Margaret Lobenstine


28 Feb 2018

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52: Lauren Pedersen, Growing a Style Blog & Jewelry Brand

Today's guest is the lovely Lauren Pedersen from Elisabeth Ashlie and the Lauren Loves style blog. Lauren's jewelry brand started from her sister's kitchen table and has grown into an amazing curation of jewelry (including a bridal line!), custom gift boxes and lifestyle items like mugs and notepads (SO CUTE!). Lauren takes us on her journey and shares how she has grown her business and markets to her ideal audience. HINT: she's not afraid to try new things! Join the conversation!


30 Mar 2017

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Level Up Your Client and Vendor Experience with These Easy Tips and Ideas with Josey Stafford

She Creates Business, a Summit for Wedding Pros is an in-person conference at my family ranch in Colorado. This intimate, all-inclusive event will be packed with IMPLEMENTATION and moving forward with goals in your wedding business. Interested? Head to bit.ly/wedprosummit to let me know! Today's show is all about up-leveling your client and vendor experiences! Josey Stafford from SixPence Events & Planning is with us to share her best tips! Josey is an event planner, specializing in stress free weddings for millennials who love Kate Spade and LOVE love. She believes in customer service and conscious competence, and finds joy in planning, organizing and executing events that everyone enjoys.


28 Jul 2017

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139: Boost Your Revenue with These 9 Ideas to Get More Clients in Your Wedding Business

The Six Month She Creates Content Calendar is HERE friends!  What is it? 180 days of intentional, client-building content….completely planned out for you. Never ask, “What Should I Post?” again. Click here to learn more and grab your copy of the She Creates Content Calendar.  Today's episode is a BIG one friends so buckle up and grab a notebook....and probably some coffee. I'm back with Lindsay Lucas to share 9 Ways You Can Get More Clients in Your Wedding Business. Yep, NINE. This episode is packed with strategic ways you can grow your client base and increase your revenue this year. Connect with Lindsay: www.thelindsaylucas.com @thelindsaylucas


25 Jul 2019

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148: 5 Steps to More Sales in Your Wedding Business with Nikki Rausch

SAVE THE DATE! The 2020 She Creates Content Calendar drops on November 10th, 2019 - get a full year of content creation ideas for Wedding Pros (Whoop! Whoop!). How to get more sales in your wedding business? Have you ever Googled that question? (spoiler alert: we all have). Step away from the keyboard my friend....I've got your back! Today on the podcast we're joined by your one and only Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch. Nikki is walking us step by step through her Selling Staircase which is a 5 Step Staircase to more sales in your wedding business. (We all want that!) Episode Freebie from Nikki: Closing The Sale: Three Secrets of Master Sellers Connect with Nikki: www.yoursalesmaven.com @your_sales_maven Nikki's Bio: CEO of Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch has the unique ability to transform the misunderstood process of “selling”. With 25+ years of experience selling to prestigious organizations like The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and NASA, Nikki shattered sales records and received “top producer” awards along the way. Today, entrepreneurs and small business owners hire Nikki to show them how to sell successfully and authentically. An engaging speaker, she shares the secrets of her sales success through keynote speeches and business-changing workshops. Her robust Sales Maven Society ignites game-changing outcomes for clients. Nikki has written 3 books, all available Amazon.

1hr 9mins

24 Oct 2019

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151: How to Create Systems & Processes for the 5 Key Areas of Your Wedding Business with Ashley Stork

Save the Date: The She Creates Content Calendar arrives on November 10th, 2019!  Head to www.shecreatesbusinesspodcast.com on that date to grab your 365-day marketing calendar for wedding pros! Today on the podcast I'm welcoming my friend and industry colleague Ashley Stork. Ashley is the owner + principal planner at Magnolia Vine Events and the owner of Wedding Business Bosses. In today's episode, Ashley walks us through 5 Areas of Your Wedding Business Where That Need Systems & Processes. Ready for an in-person experience in 2020? Wedding Business Bosses is a 4-day conference in Alabama January 19th-22nd!  Get 10% Off Your Ticket with Code: Shecreatesbusiness Learn more here! About Ashley and Wedding Business Bosses: Wedding Business Bosses is content + support + community for wedding professionals looking to streamline & systemize their business so they can grow, as well as take control of their time & schedule. WBB is hosted by Ashley Stork, a wedding planner & business owner based in Birmingham, Alabama. Ashley has had 8+ years in the wedding industry as well as 10 years in entrepreneurship. Systems & processes were the things that radically changed her business and she is thrilled to use the WBB platform to share with others. Wedding Business Bosses has a free facebook community, as well as a membership community, online summits & live in-person events. Connect with Ashley: www.weddingbusinessbosses.com @weddingbusinessbosses

1hr 10mins

7 Nov 2019

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145: Pricing, Sustainability and Personal Development with Lindsay and Heather from LVL Academy

Click here to learn more about the 2019 LVL Academy in California. LVL Academy Digital Shop Today, I'm honored to welcome Heather and Lindsay from LVL Academy to the show. We're digging deep into three topics: 1. Pricing 2. Sustainability 3. Personal Development Three topics that are imperative to longevity in our industry. About Lindsay and Heather: LINDSAY LONGACRE As a business owner, I dream to cultivate change. My mom started her own business when I was a kid so that she could be there for me and my brother. I didn't realize back then, but since she has passed, I know that I have the same driving force as she had. I am a country music fan. I love to swear. I am on a mission to find a natural deodorant that actually works. I am a gypsy at heart and believe in the power of sage and palo santo. I love to sing out loud but only do it when I am in the car alone because I am too scared. I would make a terrible employee. I eloped. HEATHER HOESCH Being a wedding planner is not just my job, it is who I am. I remember that after the first wedding I did, I knew this is what I wanted to do because it was the first time in my life I felt my work could have a purpose. I am obsessed with baby animals. I have over 30 cousins - they are the best. Lists and whiteboards make me super happy. Dancing to EDM in my apartment puts me in a great mood. I would never say no to a spicy margarita. I have the worst poker face. I para-glided off the top of Aspen Mountain with Lindsay. This episode was originally broadcast on September, 19th, 2018.

1hr 2mins

3 Sep 2019

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128: 10 SEO Strategies You Can Implement Today with Cinnamon Wolfe

It's my absolute pleasure to have my friend Cinnamon Wolfe back on the podcast today. Cinnamon joined me back on Episode 14 (in 2016!) to talk all things blogging and now she's returned! Today Cinnamon will walk us step by step through 10 SEO Strategies You Can Implement Today! Here's a bit about Cinnamon: Cinnamon Wolfe is a former corporate gal turned photographer, private photo editor and educator. She is a retired Army wife, stepmom, pet mom and the friendliest introvert you’ll ever meet. She is obsessed with helping others they are capable of so much more than they think they are. She is a self-proclaimed podcast junkie and hosts her own show…Focused Podcast! Her life goals are almost as big as her Netflix obsession and she can always be bribed with a grande Americano and deep conversations. Connect with Cinnamon: www.cinnamonwolfe.co@cinnamonwolfe.co


5 Feb 2019

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156: How to Get Your Own Publicity for Your Wedding Business with Gigi Barnett

She Creates Business a Podcast for Wedding Pros is supported by The Pro Shop.  My guest on the podcast today is Gigi Barnett. Gigi is a 20-year new veteran who has taken her extensive experience to share with service-based business owners, like wedding pros, how to get their own publicity locally and beyond. Gigi's Website: https://storysellyourbrand.com/ Work with Gigi: https://storysellyourbrand.com/work-with-me/ What you'll learn in today's episode: - How to pitch local television stations - How to pitch local and national publications - What your pitch needs to include to make it an easy YES for producers and publishers About Gigi: Gigi is a veteran TV news anchor, who shows service-based business owners how to become their own publicist; so, they can get more exposure for their brands and be seen as experts in the media. She developed the Story Sell Your Brand “news insider” publicity method in 2011. During her 20-year news career, Gigi has reported for NBC and CBS news; as well as The Miami Herald and Bloomberg Businessweek magazine. She's a Navy wife and mom of two bright and boisterous kids.


12 Dec 2019

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Practical Ways to Be Productive in Business + Life with Tonya Dalton

I rarely bring on a guest to the podcast that isn't directly involved in the wedding industry. I had to make an exception for Tonya Dalton though because she's incredible! I had the pleasure of meeting Tonya in person and learning from her at Reina Pomeroy's VIP Intensive in February. I was so inspired by Tonya's business, how she runs her business + her home and more. I knew I had to have her on the show to share with all of us! Tonya Dalton is a productivity expert who started her first business in 2009 working out of her dining room juggling two small kids. By 2011, she had grown the business to the point where her husband could leave corporate America and come work with her. By combining her entrepreneurial spirit with his MBA and marketing experience, they were able to grow a small niche business quickly into something that could support their family. The company continued to flourish, but something was missing. In the summer of 2014 she closed up shop to follow her true passion of starting inkWELL Press - a company centered around productivity tools and training. inkWELL Press launched in November of 2014 and has been able to rapidly grow its online presence and expand into a national retail partnership thanks to a commitment to quality, focused marketing efforts and fiercely loyal fans. Recently Tonya launched her podcast, Productivity Paradox, which debuted at #12 in iTunes in the Business category and surpassed 100,000 downloads in the first few months. Tonya believes that too many women feel overwhelmed with all that they have to do each day, and many times their own dreams get pushed aside - she helps women use productivity to pursue their big goals and end each day feeling satisfied and successful.


6 Jul 2017

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