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Micah Wiener brings his unique viewpoint, soothing voice, and controversial opinions to the masses. Enjoy.

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Micah's 2019 Year in Review Pt. 1

In this long-awaited episode, Micah walks through his eventful Q1 with Brad Kee. We hear about his split with Grandex, his trip to Santa Fe, the birth of MWBK, and his engagement.It's good. You'll enjoy it.Stay tuned for part 2.


7 Jan 2020

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"Jerzday" Ron Ron Juice

The Ron Ron Juice is flowing and the whole squad is spiraling. Barrett Dudley and Producer Micah break down everything including Ronnie risking it all, Snooki getting young girls wasted, and Jwoww (somehow) avoiding all drama.


20 Apr 2018

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Micah's Read of the Week w/ Dillon Cheverere & David Ruff-- Americans are not having sex

On this edition of Read of the Week, we dive into the reasons why the share of Americans not having sex has reached a record high. Christopher Ingraham wrote this article, Published by the Washington Post March 27, 2019.link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2019/03/29/share-americans-not-having-sex-has-reached-record-high/?utm_term=.1e9ea480f659


3 Apr 2019

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The Micah Interview: Will deFries

Will deFries joins Micah to talk about the Sunday Scaries podcast. We also talk about Kanye. You don't want to miss this one.Call the hotline: 800.392.6344


29 Oct 2019

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How Was Your Weekend? With Boosh & Friends

Boosh is back to talk about his weekend which included a punk concert and an epic karaoke troll job. Boosh also answers some hotline calls. You can call our hotline to leave a message for Boosh at 800.392.6344.We're back with more Mind of Micah content next week.

1hr 15mins

26 Jun 2019

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Travel Week: Micah's Guide to Houston, Texas

It's Travel Week on Mind of Micah, and today's episode is about Houston, Texas. Micah gives his picks for best things to do, see, eat, drink, and experience in one of the most diverse cities in America.Support the show and save on some new luggage:awaytravel.com/micahWe're back later with more Mind of Micah. Tell a friend!


24 Oct 2019

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Micah's Mailbag-- Music Picks W/ Dillon Cheverere & David Ruff

We're circling back to Micah's Mailbag today with our friends Dave and Dillon. Today we answer a question about music. The mailbag is always open. DM Micah @micahwiener or call our hotline:800.392.6344We're back with more Mind of Micah next week.Support our sponsor: leesa.com/micah


31 May 2019

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The Death of Deadspin, Pt. 1

Deadspin is dead. Micah talks about the site's legacy, and his personal history as a reader. Plus, he talks about what its death means in the current media environment.In part two, Micah will talk about what it's like to be a part of an online community that suddenly dies.Support our sponsor and save: leesa.com/micah


5 Nov 2019

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Read: "I'm Back!" Michael Jordan's return, 25 years later

Micah is back to tell the story of Michael Jordan's return to the NBA.Lots of Mind of Micah content coming this week. Make sure to check out Jersey Shore, Top Chef, and Curb Your Enthusiasm this week, and check back here for recaps. Stay safe.Read it here: https://www.nba.com/bulls/features/im-back


19 Mar 2020

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Tiger King Cameo Game w/ Jared Borislow

J-Bone joins Micah to discuss Tiger King, and guess how much the show's personalities are now fetching on Cameo.Call our hotline: 800.392.6344


13 Apr 2020

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Read of the Week w/ Will deFries: The Glorious Depravity of “Love Island”

Will deFries joins Micah to talk about the American and English versions of "Love Island."Support our sponsor:forhims.com/MICAHRead it: https://www.newyorker.com/culture/on-television/the-glorious-depravity-of-the-british-love-island


13 Aug 2019

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Welcome To Mind of Micah

Grandex Labs is now "Mind of Micah." Welcome! We'll be bringing you all of the experimental content you're used to plus a whole lot more. Buckle up and stay tuned.


1 Apr 2019

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How Was Your Weekend? With Boosh and Friends

Boosh is back with Conner and Micah to talk about Micah's karaoke accident, Conner's international flight, and Boosh's seizure history.We're back with more Mind of Micah content later this week.Call our hotline with a message for Boosh at 800.392.6344.


20 May 2019

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How Was Your Weekend? With Boosh And Friends

Boosh is back with Conner to talk about strip club stories, Game of Thrones, Joe Biden's creepiness, and much more. We're back with more Mind of Micah content later this week.Call our hotline with a message for Boosh at 800.392.6344.


9 May 2019

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Micah Reviews "The Irishman"

Micah is joined by Brad Kee to talk about "The Irishman." The new gangster movie from Martin Scorsese.Support our sponsor and save:leesa.com/micah


3 Dec 2019

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Micah's Read of the Week-- Pop's secret team dinners that built the Spurs' dynasty

San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich has won five NBA championships and is the league’s all-time winningest coach.But he also leads the NBA in something else: “Pop” is professional basketball’s most discerning and extravagant fine dining obsessive, a subject ESPN’s Baxter Holmes explored in this long read, which he reported over 18 months.Erin Wessley joins Micah to discuss.http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/26524600/secret-team-dinners-built-spurs-dynastyWe're back next week with more Mind of Micah content.Support our sponsors:Save 15% at leesa.com/micah


26 Apr 2019

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Best of 2019: Micah's Etiquette Tips: Mini-Golf Edition

Micah has thoughts and tips on the unwritten rules behind min-golf. It gets heated.We'll be back later with Micah's 2019 Year in Review.


2 Jan 2020

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NEW SHOW: How Was Your Weekend? With Boosh & Friends

BOOSH IS BACK. On this very special debut episode of "How Was your Weekend? With Boosh & Friends" Boosh is joined by Connor Davis and Micah to talk about his weekend. He's also introducing some new segments like "News Briefs" and "Dirty Talk." Let me know what you think of the new show, call our hotline800.392.6344.We're back with more traditional Mind of Micah content later this week.


1 May 2019

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"Jerzday" Meatball Training Day

Producer Micah and Barrett are back to break down another Angelina focused episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. We get some of the best day-drinking debauchery of the season, plus Jwoww in a boxing gym, and the Situation ordering the entire menu. Share this podcast with a friend who's watching and subscribe to Grandex Labs.


1 Jun 2018

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Read: Holiday Potluck Etiquette

Micah talks about holiday potluck parties and the rules that govern them. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!Please support our sponsors and save:stance.com/micah leesa.com/micahRead it: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/home/potluck-etiquette-all-you-need-to-know-before-you-plop-a-casserole-on-the-table/2019/11/25/c8a4659e-062e-11ea-8292-c46ee8cb3dce_story.html


27 Nov 2019

Rank #20