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Better Library Leaders-- Library Leadership Skills for School, Public, Academic, and Special Librarians

Are you a public, school, academic, or special librarian who is ready to become a better library leader? Drawing on her experiences as an academic librarian and library leader, as well as the knowledge she gained earning her PhD in Higher Education Leadership, Dr. Sarah Clark interviews leaders in the library world to learn their secrets for becoming better leaders and building stronger libraries. In addition, Sarah shares her thoughts on current events in the library world, as well as a deeper dive into leadership topics that are on her mind. Dr. Clark is now done with writing in the third person as it makes me sound kind of pompous. Check out my show! I promise it won't be boring, and you just might learn something along the way.

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BLL 2: Digging out the Buried Treasures Featuring Andy Taylor

Back by popular demand (and because I already had the interview recorded), it’s Better Library Leaders Episode 2! As a way of helping more folks discover the show I’ll be putting it out weekly through the end of August before my long term schedule of every other Tuesday (the ones that aren’t Circulating Ideas episodes).  After announcing the winner of last week’s drawing for an Amazon gift card and our other Episode One show sharers (the list includes two of my podcasting role models AND a Monkee), I take a moment to gush about America’s new Librarian of Congress before transitioning to an interview with Andy Taylor, a librarian, archivist, and records manager at Tulsa Community College. He took a classroom filled four feet deep with 45 years of institutional archives and imposed order on the chaos, finding numerous buried treasures along the way. After our discussion about the preservation of past and present institutional knowledge, I wrap up with a spotlight segment on the 4 Ps of library marketing. Enjoy! News Segment: *Circulating Ideas (YOU ARE subscribed, right?): http://circulatingideas.com *Atlantic article on Carla Hayden: http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2016/07/carla-hayden-is-librarian-of-congress/491267/ *Thomas Jefferson Hour: http://jeffersonhour.com/ Interview with Andy Taylor (8:18) *TCC’s Record Management policies: http://guides.library.tulsacc.edu/recordsmanagement (included Andy’s contact info) Spotlight on Library Marketing (41:30) *More on the 4 Ps of library marketing: http://betterlibraryleaders.com/marketing *Flickr Commons (where I find my blog post covers!): https://www.flickr.com/commons Other Handy Links: *Subscribe to the show: http://betterlibraryleaders.com/itunes *BLL Facebook: http://betterlibraryleaders.com/Facebook *FREE Mastering Difficult Conversations mini-course: http://betterlibraryleaders.com/subscribe


19 Jul 2016

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BLL 4: Libraries on the Spectrum

Library leaders get frustrated sometimes, and last week on the Facebook group they shared some of those frustrations. The interview segment is a good one, with our first non-librarian guest, Amy Gravino, dropping by to talk about how librarians can best work with patrons and colleagues on the Autism Spectrum. Last but not least, I share some tips on efficiently and effectively hiring volunteers and student workers, a chore that many librarians are thinking about as summer begins to turn toward autumn. Full show notes: betterlibraryleaders.com/episode4 BLL Facebook Community: betterlibraryleaders.com/facebook FREE Course on Mastering Difficult Conversations: betterlibraryleaders.com/subscribe


2 Aug 2016

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BLL 3: Let's Get Critical! Featuring Dr. Sarah McNicol

I hadn't planned it this way, but current news events in libraryland combined with a wonderful conversation with Sarah McNicol, PhD (Editor of Critical Literacy for Information Professionals, for which I contributed a chapter based on my dissertation work) gave me the idea to go all-in on the theme of Critical Librarianship. As for the brief Olivia Newton-John interlude, sorrynotsorry. ;-) News: Donate Books to Prison Libraries: http://action.everylibrary.org/sign_up_to_donate_books_to_prison_libraries Jail Time for losing Dr. Seuss?!?! https://www.facebook.com/groups/betterlibraryleaders/permalink/1151449734913364/ Circulating Ideas Episode 92 (Jake Berg and I talk Information Literacy): https://circulatingideas.com/2016/05/10/episode-92-jacob-berg/ Interview: About Dr. McNicol: http://www.esri.mmu.ac.uk/resstaff/profile.php?surname=McNicol&name=Sarah Buy Critical Literacy for Information Professionals: www.facetpublishing.co.uk/title.php?id=300822 (UK) http://www.alastore.ala.org/detail.aspx?ID=11687 (US) Spotlight Segment: Critical Librarianship for Library Leaders: http://betterlibraryleaders.com/critlib My Dissertation: http://betterlibraryleaders.com/Dissertation


26 Jul 2016

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BLL 7 Collaboration Rules!

This week I’ve got former colleague and current writing program director Sara Beam from the University of Tulsa here to talk about the ins and outs of partnerships between the library and other organizations, and about our specific collaboration the last few years developing a joint workshop series for senior capstone students. I’m also excited to share my spotlight segment, in which I go off on a bit of a rant about why imposter syndrome is neither a syndrome or related to being an imposter. But I’m even more excited today because this is my LAST WEEKLY EPISODE. My blog post as usual for this launch series will be coming out on Thursday, and then after a week off, I’ll be starting my new content release schedule. Starting on September 6th, I’ll be releasing a podcast episode every other week, alternating with blog posts at Better Library Leaders.com. I’ve enjoyed the everyday tools for library leaders series, and I hope I’ve introduced you to some nifty resources, but this new release schedule will let me really dig my teeth into some big-picture concepts and issues we all need to grapple with to become better library leaders. When you're done listening,don't forget to donate to the Feminist Library in London, which is trying to raise money for a new location for one of the most unique collections on feminism in the UK! Full Show Notes: betterlibraryleaders.com/episode7 FREE Course on mastering difficult conversations: betterlibraryleaders.com/subscribe


23 Aug 2016

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BLL 9: Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying

Lots of good news (and one slightly embarrassing bit from local politics), a GREAT interview with prison librarian Jameson Rohrer, and I have a question for all of you in the spotlight segment. Hang around after the end, I've got a great bonus bit from my conversation with Jameson about why you should become a corrections librarian. full show notes: betterlibraryleaders.com/episode9


20 Sep 2016

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BLL 11: Overcoming Overwhelm and My First Library Leadership Course!

Welcome back to Better Library Leaders! I didn’t intend to take October off from blogging and podcasting, but when I look back at the things I KNEW I had on my to-do list, not to mention a couple surprises that came up, I really should have given myself the grace to take a bit of an official hiatus. But hey, I finished the outline and general topic of my very first online course, which I’m going to be teaching through Library Juice Academy at the invitation of friend of the show and librarian entrepreneur extraordinaire Rory Litwin. I’ll give you the full scoop in this short and sweet episode, and I'll also share my thoughts on how we can do a better job of managing overwhelm. Sign up for my Collaborative Leadership Course: betterlibraryleaders.com/LJA


1 Nov 2016

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BLL 10: The Magpie Podcast

Welcome to Episode 10 of the Better Library Leaders Podcast—in which Ingrid Abrams talks about being the Magpie Librarian, I get my Rant on over a scuffle in Kansas City, and I talk about Leadership Books that don’t suck.


4 Oct 2016

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BLL 8: Political (Library) Science with Patrick Sweeney

After a brief post-launch hiatus from the microphone, I'm back! Several nifty things happened while I was away on my little rest, including my first iTunes review, an interview for the Library Career People blog, and more. Today's Interview is a fascinating look into the world of Library Politics, with Patrick Sweeney of EveryLibrary. Hear him tell some fascinating war stories, and share some useful tips for becoming a more effective political advocate for your library. Finally, webinars are in the spotlight for the final segment of the show--how to be a good presenter AND a good attendee. Enjoy! full show notes: betterlibraryleaders.com/episode8 Subscribe in Itunes: betterlibraryleaders.com/itunes FREE Mini-Course on mastering Difficult Conversations: betterlibraryleaders.com/subscribe


6 Sep 2016

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BLL 6: Zines, Bikes, and Communities with Ziba Perez Zehdar

How can librarians provide excellent services to a community that is almost certainly more diverse than our profession? How do you go about developing a collection of zines? What can you do on the days when it feels especially lonely at the top? This week I explore the debate around a hot-button article about reading outside our comfort zones. I also interview Zine Librarian, former AFI Intern AND radio host Ziba Perez Zehdar from the Long Beach Public Library, who even found some spare time to win an Emerging Cities Champions fellowship from the Knight Foundation to build a book bike. (Go Speed Reader, GO!) Full Show Notes: Betterlibraryleaders.com/episode6 BLL Community: betterlibraryleaders.com/facebook FREE Mastering Difficult Conversations course: betterlibraryleaders.com/subscribe


16 Aug 2016

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BLL 5: A Little Brasher

If you can't beat the election obsession, join it! After a brief programming note about the change to an every-other-week schedule that will happen later this month, I bow to the inevitable, and talk about Presidential Libraries in the news segment. That's just a warmup for a GREAT interview with Justin Brasher, of Brash Librarian fame. he had me in stitches while talking about how a struggling actor becomes a public librarian, social media expert AND blogger. And we didn't even get into his partnership with menswear designer Combatant Gentleman! Oh well, I'll just have to bring him back. I wrap things up in the spotlight segment with the ONE thing you can do right now to escape the "busy trap." Full Show Notes with Links: betterlibraryleaders.com/episode5


9 Aug 2016

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