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What happens when a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and an everyday investor sit down each week to talk about how to better understand today’s financial and retirement landscape? Investing Sense!

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Beauty and the beast: Putting recent market fluctuations in perspective

This year’s market feels different because last year’s was a “beauty.” But recently, the market has acted like a beast. Andy helps you place the recent volatility in historical perspective. Plus, analyst Bill Tracy is back to share insights from the Research Center, and producer Chris has a conversation with one of the most interesting and inspiring retired couples: The Senior Nomads!

31 Mar 2018

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Top Financial Topics

In this week’s show, Andy and Bob highlight some of the top interviews with their panel of experts.

24 Dec 2016

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While the cat’s away, the mice will play: Andy’s back…and so is market motion.

Andy may have been on vacation, but that doesn’t mean the market took any days off! Back from breathtaking Scotland, Andy gives his take on recent market activity, the start of earnings season, and of course interest rates. Also, the guys dive deep into a well of topics with Don Luskin, CIO of Trend Macrolytics. Plus, are you avoiding the doctor simply to skip the bill? Be careful because this could end up costing even more.

12 May 2018

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Time is a flat circle: A positive outlook on the inter-connected global economy

Investing can be emotional, especially when there’s a non-stop flow of news stories that directly affect the markets. Andy re-assures listeners that there ARE positive trends around the globe, and you don’t need to ride this roller-coaster alone. Plus, Senior Investment Analyst Bill Tracy shares his charts and trends that the Research Center is following, including rising oil prices and sector performance.

14 Apr 2018

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Figuring Out Financial Advice

In this week’s show, John Bunch, president of Financial Engines Advisors L.L.C., talks about how to tell the difference between good and bad financial advice and how to tell if an advisor is taking advantage of you.

10 Dec 2016

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Mr. Smith (And Mr. Richards) goes to Washington, part II: Conversations from Capitol Hill

It’s important for investors to avoid emotional reactions to political headlines, but it’s helpful to stay informed of what’s happening, why it’s happening, and what it means for YOU. To these ends, the guys welcome back Washington D.C. insider JT Taylor and Trend Macrolytics CIO Don Luskin, covering a wide range of topics from FANG stocks to the recent trade skirmish with China, and much more!

28 Apr 2018

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Managing Medicare Open Enrollment

In this week’s show, Bob and Andy talk with Philip Moeller, author and Fellow at the Center for Aging and Work at Boston College, about how to get the Medicare coverage you need without paying more than you should as you work through this year’s Medicare open enrollment period.

19 Nov 2016

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Coming into bloom: Positive earnings propelling the market

Bob and Andy celebrate the men and women who serve because it’s Armed Forces Day in America! In the investing world, there’s much to celebrate, including positive news so far this earnings season and rebound in the stock market. Bill Tracy from the Financial Engines Research Center sits down to discuss Q1 earnings and their impact on the market. Also, with the help of Duke University professor Dan Ariely, the guys explore the concept of ”loss aversion” and how it can impact financial decisions.

19 May 2018

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Understanding the Fed funds rate

In this week’s show, Chris Bouffard, managing director of the research center, talks about the Fed’s decision to raise interest rates and what it means for listeners, especially when it comes to their 401(k)s and IRAs.

17 Dec 2016

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Changes to Social Security and Medicare Benefits in 2017

In this week’s show, Andy and Bob discuss changes to Social Security and Medicare benefits happening in 2017 that listeners need to know about.

14 Jan 2017

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Ready to retire: Now what?

The goal of this show is to help hard-working Americans get to and through retirement. Due to the remarkable run of the market over the last 9 years, many investors are now ready to take the plunge into retirement, but may still need help taking that next step. Andy has an easy way for you to get started today! Plus, special guest Kyle Bingham joins the show to share how he helped his mother optimize her Social Security benefits.

21 Apr 2018

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Changing of the Seasons: A listen back at the best of Investing Sense

As the calendar turns from winter to springtime, take a listen to some of the best segments from Investing Sense in what has been a wild 2018. From a very bullish start to the beginning of the year, to the recent rise in interest rates and stock market volatility, Andy and Bob have nailed the market action so far this year. Plus, hear some of the best listener conversations covering everything from target-date funds, company stock, and angry annuity salesmen!

5 May 2018

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What to Learn From 2016’s Worst Advisor

In this week’s show, , John Bunch, president of Financial Engines Advisors L.L.C., talks about one of the worst advisors of 2016 and what listeners can learn from how he mistreated his clients.

7 Jan 2017

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A Look Forward and Backward

In this week’s show, Andy and Bob review 2016 market activity and what listeners can learn from it, particularly in light of non-stop media reaction to the markets’ ups and downs.

31 Dec 2016

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Investors behaving badly: What is loss aversion anyway?

ABob and Andy explore one of the ways that investors could be accidentally hurting themselves: loss aversion. Recalling their conversation with Dan Ariely, a leading expert on psychology and finance, this is just one example of irrational investor behavior. Plus, a caller asks a frustrated, yet important question: Why pay fees for bad investment advice?

15 Sep 2018

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Myth of the retirement fairy: Learning how to retire

Andy continues his series of talking with recent retirees about achieving the goal of retirement. Today, Bob, who is a long-time family friend, opens up and shares some of the hardest lessons he learned while transitioning into retirement and growing older. Plus, Senior Analyst Bill Tracy is back to talk about the latest trends from the Financial Engines Research Center, including a forecast for a sector “shake-up” and other events making for a busy September!

8 Sep 2018

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Ripe for recency bias: Don’t be a performance chaser!

Happy Labor Day weekend! Small cap stocks have been leading the way over the summer, rising just like the temperatures, and once again reaching all-time highs. Strong runs like these are ripe for recency bias, as it’s tempting for investors to only look at the most recent past when considering an investment. Bob and Andy break down why it’s all about diversification and asset allocation! Also, special guests Rick and Joyce sit down with Andy to share their story about achieving retirement.

1 Sep 2018

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Success leaves footprints: Navigating the journey to retirement

Andy continues his series of sitting down with friends who have recently retired, sharing how they navigated their journey and what they’ve learned along the way. These conversations fit right in with the many questions, calls and emails this week: from the impact supplemental income could have on Social Security benefits, to the idea of using retirement savings to help pay for long-term health care. Plus, Bill Tracy is in-studio to shed more light on recent changes to client portfolios.

25 Aug 2018

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Motorhome on the mountain: A retirement success story

Investing Sense continues the series of interviewing recent retirees, sharing success stories and advice, both as celebration of reaching the goal and inspiration for investors who are not quite there. This week, Andy sits down with Jamie and Mary, who share a story of how they discovered it was time to retire, and the personal and financial freedom they now enjoy! Also, Bill Tracy is back to share his latest charts, this time with a focus on emerging markets.

18 Aug 2018

Rank #19

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Inside the Beltway: Tax cuts 2.0 and the mid-term elections

Our Washington D.C. insider JT Taylor returns as our special guest this week, with his straight-forward, unbiased approach to the news and stories from Capitol Hill, including a second round of tax cuts and a look forward to the mid-term elections, while Andy breaks down the potential impact for investors and the stock market. Plus, a look at the rise of Apple, as the tech giant recently became the first $1 trillion company!

11 Aug 2018

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