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The Mike Alkin Show: Talking Stocks Over a Beer

Listen to hedge fund veteran and one of the best short-sellers in the world, Mike Alkin from Curzio Research, as he talks to CEOs, Corporate Managers, and Hedge Fund Managers to expose price imbalances and money-making opportunities “hidden in plain sight.”

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Ep. 12: The Truth Behind This “Incredible” Earnings Season

Welcome back to Talking Stocks Over a Beer. This earnings season is proving to be quite spectacular. The S&P 500 is growing earnings at a staggering 23% year-over-year—blowing away estimates of 17% earnings growth. But there’s a problem: It seems Mr. Market might have anticipated this growth. Despite the monster earnings, stocks are down. On today’s podcast, I’ll break down the math behind this season’s earnings—and more importantly, how you should be thinking about the impact to your portfolio. I have two guests on today’s podcast. First, former NFL linebacker Chad Cascadden joins me to discuss the NFL draft. He also tells me how playing for legendary coach Bill Belichick helped him become a better investor. Then, professional short seller Rob McArthur shares what he’s focusing on in today’s market environment, and how recent stock movement could be signaling trouble around the corner. Be forewarned: this episode is lengthy. You might want to listen in two parts.

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1 May 2018

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Buyer beware in the natural resource sector (Ep. 67)

As a short seller, I always enjoy looking at the mining sector. It’s a great place to find some overhyped bullsh*t. To hear some mining executives tell it, they have THE PROJECT that will pave the way to riches for investors…  If there’s a sector that requires due diligence and a skeptical eye, mining is it.   Today’s guest is Jamie Keech, mining engineer and co-founder of Resource Insider. Jamie shares what he looks for in resource companies, as well as interesting opportunities he sees right now [6:06]... He’s chock-full of fascinating tidbits. ------------------------- Editor’s note: If you’re looking to add exposure to the resource sector to your portfolio… check out All-Star Portfolio, where Frank Curzio taps into the best ideas from his Rolodex of industry insiders, covering a wide variety of sectors. -------------------------- The Mike Alkin Show is available at: --iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-mike-alkin-show-talking-stocks-over-a-beer/id1350956784?mt=2 --Stitcher : https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/curzio-research/the-mike-alkin-show --Website : https://www.curzioresearch.com/category/podcast/mike-alkin-show/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/footnotesfirst Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CurzioResearch/ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-alkin-43b67324/ Website: https://www.curzioresearch.com


22 Jul 2019

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A master class in uranium... and the best risk/reward setup I’ve ever seen (Ep. 52)

This is the best risk/reward setup I’ve ever seen in my investing career…  And nothing is a close second. Technical factors involving geopolitics and an ETF rebalancing have masked dramatically improved fundamentals in the uranium and nuclear power industries… And the market is asleep at the switch. That means you can still get up to speed and prepare for the uranium bull market. My guests today are Bannerman Resources CEO Brandon Munro and 50-year nuclear engineering veteran Malcolm Rawlingson. Join us as we dissect nuclear power demand… primary and secondary supply… enrichment/underfeeding… and the role China and Russia play in the nuclear fuel cycle.

1hr 56mins

12 Mar 2019

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Ep. 13: These Left-For-Dead Sectors Are About to Make a Major Comeback

First quarter earnings continue to be impressive... except, it seems, to the throngs of investors demanding even more. Despite a year over year earnings per share increase of 24%, stock prices are barely budging. On today’s podcast, I talk about why. You’ll hear from two of the smartest commodity guys I know... First, Daniel Major, CEO of Goviex Uranium and I deep-dive into the uranium sector—specifically the macro uranium environment and what’s happening at Goviex. Next up, economist and commodity investor Peter Sainsbury walks us through investing in the complex commodity sector… and where he suggests putting your money today.

1hr 29mins

8 May 2018

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This Left-for-Dead Sector Is Poised for an Exciting Recovery (Ep. 24)

My guest today is Amir Adnani, founder and CEO of Uranium Energy Corp. The price of uranium has been in the doghouse for the past seven years, falling from a high of $137 per pound in 2007 to around $25 today.  Supply cuts by uranium miners are beginning to take hold… starving the market of the uranium it will need to fuel nuclear reactors… And market participants are just waking up to the possibility of a looming supply deficit. Not only are supply cuts beginning to have an impact―it could take years for any significant new mine production needed to fill the gap to come online. Some could be seven years or longer... It’s an excellent time to start exploring the sector.

1hr 15mins

31 Jul 2018

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Uranium on the cusp of a major breakthrough (Ep. 42)

Uranium fundamentals have been improving dramatically for over a year… kind of like my New York Islanders. The Islanders have improved markedly—their defense has gone from the bottom of the league to near the top. And with uranium, we’re about to witness a quantum leap that will make investors finally take note. Last month, fellow uranium fund manager Arthur Hyde from Segra Capital and I talked about mispricings in the uranium industry. Join us this week for part two of our talk about this potentially explosive market.

1hr 21mins

14 Jan 2019

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A perfect setup for higher uranium prices (Ep. 28)

When markets are opaque and underfollowed… misinformation occurs. When those same markets have been in a bear market for years… any changes that might be brewing beneath the surface often get overlooked—if not completely ignored. This is what’s happening in the uranium market right now. My guest is Rob Chang, board member of UR Energy & Fission Uranium—two high profile uranium companies. Today we dig into the fundamentals that could lead to rising uranium prices… and big gains in uranium miner equities. It’s a perfect setup for this necessary and ridiculously cheap commodity. Note: After working as a uranium analyst for 13 years, Rob recently took the role of CFO at Riot Blockchain. Today he and I briefly discuss blockchain and why he’s so impressed with distributed ledger technology. If you’re interested in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and the best assets to buy now… click here to learn more about Crypto Intelligence—a new service here at Curzio Research.

1hr 3mins

17 Sep 2018

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The Central Bank Experiment… And How It Ends (Ep. 25)

My guest today is Bill Fleckenstein, founder of Fleckenstein Capital. Bill closed his short fund in 2009… near the bottom of the roaring bull market. He seemed to be following the market wisdom of one of my former bosses, the legendary Marty Zweig. Marty famously said, “Don’t fight the Fed,” in reference to the Federal Reserve’s stance on the direction of short-term interest rates… But this bear hasn’t been in hibernation. Since 2009, Bill has been following closely—and opining daily on—the meteoric rise of central bank-fueled asset prices… And he thinks the market is due for a correction.


6 Aug 2018

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The Smart Money Goes Where Others Fear to Tread (Ep.22)

On Talking Stocks Over a Beer, we love to talk about the most hated stocks and sectors on the planet. Anyone can make much ado about industries that are doing well. But what's the point? The market knows all about them... and the stock prices reflect the market’s optimism. Real opportunities exist in the market’s underbelly—the place where few care to look. The industries that have been left for dead. It’s where changes are occurring beneath the surface—the kind of seismic shifts that can set you up for massive returns. Today, that opportunity is uranium. There's no commodity more hated. And for patient investors, it's the best risk/reward setup I’ve ever seen. Joining me today is Jeff Klenda, CEO of UR Energy. Jeff is a uranium industry veteran and one of the two CEOs behind the Section 232 petition asking for a reduction in the amount of uranium imported to the U.S. (among other things). If you're one of the rare investors who doesn't need immediate gratification (a quality many of the world's great investors share), we'll explain why the uranium sector is where you should look... We'll discuss: Uranium market supply/demand dynamics Inventories How much uranium really costs What’s going on with the Kazakhs All the moving parts behind Section 232 UR Energy

1hr 22mins

17 Jul 2018

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Is there finally certainty for the uranium market? (Ep. 66)

After 18 months (that felt like dog years), President Trump finally ruled on the Section 232 petition on U.S. uranium imports.  The president had wide latitude on his ruling… He could have chosen the Department of Commerce’s recommendations, come up with his own solution, or opted to do nothing at all.  The petitioners were hoping for a 25% quota… But the commander in chief rejected the petition—against the recommendation of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. As is often the case, the headlines don’t depict the whole story.  Rather than imposing restrictive quotas, the president commissioned a working group to conduct a thorough review of the whole nuclear fuel cycle…  The group’s findings could have many implications for the uranium market.  Arthur Hyde, a partner at Segra Resource Partners uranium fund, joins me today to discuss the implications of the Section 232 ruling and our thoughts on the working group [10:57]. ------------------------ Editor’s note: If you don’t have exposure to the energy sector… Mike recently recommended two of his favorite plays in his signature newsletter Moneyflow Trader. Sign up now to get in on these names... while they’re still in “buy” range. ------------------------- The Mike Alkin Show is available at: --iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-mike-alkin-show-talking-stocks-over-a-beer/id1350956784?mt=2 --Stitcher : https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/curzio-research/the-mike-alkin-show --Website : https://www.curzioresearch.com/category/podcast/mike-alkin-show/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/footnotesfirst Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CurzioResearch/ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-alkin-43b67324/ Website: https://www.curzioresearch.com

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15 Jul 2019

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Special Edition | Uranium mining… Section 232… and matters of national security (Ep.47)

I’ve got a special treat for you this Valentine’s Day… In the uranium and nuclear power world, all eyes are on the outcome of Section 232. The recommendation to the president by the U.S. Department of Commerce is expected by mid-April… and could have broad implications for the industry. Today I’m talking with Jeff Klenda, CEO of UR-Energy—one of the two petitioning uranium mining companies. Jeff is his usual refreshing and unfiltered self as he shares an insider’s overview and perspective of 232.

1hr 24mins

14 Feb 2019

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The geopolitical events shaping your portfolio right now (Ep. 27)

The markets move around based on a lot more than what’s happening in our own backyard. Geopolitics… and country-specific attitudes and policies… shape what happens in the investing world. Specifically, these factors shape what’s in your portfolio. And no one knows that better than today’s guest, former proprietary trader and hedge fund manager Steve Koomar. Steve is publisher and editor of Vigilante Investor… He’s also a geo-political junkie. Join us today for a deep discussion outlining some key geopolitical items you should be thinking about right now.

1hr 7mins

28 Aug 2018

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Have the Tesla Bulls Lost Their Minds? (Ep. 21)

Some things seem to make so much sense… until you take a closer look under the hood... And then they make no sense at all. Take Tesla, the electric vehicle (EV) car company, for example. Tesla’s outspoken CEO Elon Musk has mesmerized throngs of followers… and scores of shareholders… with his vision for the car of the future. After all, Tesla was years ahead of any real competition―and on a path to dominate the EV market. But Musk’s plan was to build the Tesla brand with sales of high-end luxury EVs... and use those profits to build a “holy grail” mass-market EV. Now—after countless delays—that mass-market vehicle has finally arrived. Tesla is ramping up production... and bulls are foaming at the mouth to prove the wait was well worth it. My guest today is Stanphyl Capital Founder Mark B. Spiegel… a hedge fund manager known for his exhaustive analyses on both the long and short side. Listen to find out why Mark thinks the Tesla bulls have lost their minds.

1hr 33mins

10 Jul 2018

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Diving deep into Tesla… It’s not pretty (Ep. 53)

Elon Musk is the much ballyhooed would-be-savior of the planet. He’s created a cult-like following through his efforts to bring electric vehicles to the masses. These Teslemmings would walk to the ends of the earth for him… Good thing the Earth isn’t flat. If it were, they’d be heading right over a cliff. Today, professional investor Ed McCabe joins me in dissecting some of the challenges Tesla and Musk face right now. Supply… Demand… Financial… Legal… It isn’t pretty.

1hr 33mins

19 Mar 2019

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Contrarian investor shares how to get the most bang for your buck (Ep. 57)

Chris MacIntosh is founder and author of Capitalist Exploits. He’s about as contrarian as you can get… always calling it like it is, without any B.S. He shares what you should be buying—and avoiding—to make asymmetrical returns [20:17]. Remember, what gets you the most bang for your buck isn’t always the popular pick…

1hr 49mins

16 Apr 2019

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Nuclear power… truth be told (Ep. 48)

Nuclear power has had a bad rap for 50 years… Talk about believing myth over reality. My guest today is world renowned nuclear advocate Michael Shellenberger [10:46]. For years Michael campaigned against nuclear power, espousing the virtues of renewables like wind and solar…   But then—after much study and a hard look at the facts—he changed his mind. And the rest is history. Listen and learn from the world’s foremost speaker on nuclear power. Click below to listen.

1hr 23mins

19 Feb 2019

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Self-taught investor says don’t miss these mispriced industries (Ep. 59)

You probably haven’t built a power plant… But our guest has! John Polomny has an abiding passion for all things energy related. And while being part of a team that builds power plants doesn’t automatically make one an expert in the business of investing in the sector… he’s done the requisite work. John’s knowledge of the energy sector has translated into a knack for identifying out-of-favor, mispriced industries—like uranium, for example. Listen and learn how John educated himself on energy investing, the folks he followed on his journey, and the industries he thinks offer great value [26:52]. -------------- P.S. People are asking how I’m handling the NY Islanders’ traumatic exit from the NHL playoffs. Sigh… I’m ready to talk about it now. -------------- The Mike Alkin Show is available at: --iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-mike-alkin-show-talking-stocks-over-a-beer/id1350956784?mt=2 --Stitcher : https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/curzio-research/the-mike-alkin-show --Website : https://www.curzioresearch.com/category/podcast/mike-alkin-show/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/footnotesfirst Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CurzioResearch/ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-alkin-43b67324/ Website: https://www.curzioresearch.com

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9 May 2019

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The market’s misunderstood, lucrative underbelly

In the world of distressed investing, blood in the streets often spells opportunity… This is a potentially lucrative—though often misunderstood—corner of the markets. My guest today is Neil Weiner, founder and chief investment officer of Foxhill Capital Management. Neil manages a hedge fund focused on sniffing out opportunities in the world of bonds, credit, and equities that most investors ignore. He gets his cues away from the noise of Main Street… Join me to learn how he does it.

1hr 11mins

24 Sep 2018

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How to use stock charts to predict the future (Ep. 45)

I’m a fundamental analyst. Numbers speak to me. But that’s just one way to invest. Sometimes the numbers don’t tell the whole story… That’s when pictures help. My guest today is David Keller, former chief technical strategist for Fidelity Investments and founder of Sierra Alpha Research. David has charted the price movements of thousands of stocks over his career.  For him, stock charts are a window into the behavior of the crowd. More than just an historical representation of where a stock has come from… a chart gives off signals about where a stock could be headed. Join us [33:14] as we talk behavioral finance and how investor emotions work their way into stock prices.

1hr 35mins

4 Feb 2019

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How to Avoid Falling Prey to the Next Debt Crisis... (Ep.19)

A new debt bubble has quietly formed over the last decade. And just like the last one... when it pops, investors will be taken by complete surprise. But they shouldn’t be. The facts have been hiding in plain sight. You just need to know where to look. Instead of getting blown up and left holding the bag along with other stock owners, turn your attention to the cheapest asset class on the planet: commodities. Today, I walk you through the treacherous world of corporate debt and bond ETFs. Then, Jamie Keech, a veteran mining engineer and the co-writer of the Resource Insider newsletter, joins me to discuss the screaming values he sees across the commodity complex. A new debt crisis is looming… Learn today how to avoid becoming its victim.

1hr 18mins

19 Jun 2018

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