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Dan Millman Way of the Peaceful Warrior discusses The Life You Were Born To Live book

Dan Millman wrote a book that changes lives. It was made into a movie also. He will be telling us how to find our life path through numbers. Why does numerology work? Discover how to find your life and spiritual path purpose and how to know if you are on it now. http://www.DanMillman.com


29 Aug 2008

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Liz Cosline Transcendental Sojourn NEAR DEATH Experience experiences

Join us to talk with Liz about her near death experience and how it transformed her life and theories on death, dying, then coming back. This author shares her personal story of death being at her door, and how it changed her views about God and life. Tina Lee says: I kept getting CHILLS from this book when I touched or held it.


15 Aug 2008

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Dael Walker Crystal skulls crystal healing energy crystalotherapy

Join us with a wonderful regular guest who always has interesting information to share. The crystal skulls, healing with crystals, how energy works in healing, affirmations, power of the mind and more. OPEN FORUM for questions. Dael Walker http://www.CrystalAwareness.com


22 Aug 2008

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CHRIS GRISCOM SHIRLEY MACLAINE'S regressionist author of The Evolution of God joins us

Talk with a woman who has touched Shirley MacLaine's life dramatically, and countless others with her past life regression sessions, and knowledge from the Galisteo LIGHT INSTITUTE of New Mexico. Chris Griscom will discuss her NEWEST BOOK, The Evolution of God. Spiritual values that can change our lives. Join us to hear this wonderful woman share her esoteric knowledge and thoughts on how to improve our lives spiritually. Truly an icon of our time who has touched and taught many. Mentioned in Shirley's Maclaine's book, join us for this WONDERFUL GUEST! http://www.chrisgriscom.com/~chrisgri/?q=node/98


3 Oct 2008

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Stephen Lewis The Path to Consciousness SANCTUARY AUTHOR balancing healing remove inbalances of life

The AIM Program of Energetic Balancing is a powerful & unique spiritual technology that allows you to realize your true energetic potential. Energetic Balancing helps you remove your energetic imbalances in order to unleash your natural ability to heal yourself in every area of your life. EMC² believes that energetic imbalances impede the flow and expression of Life Force, which we define as your vital energy, your natural healing capacity. WEBSITE: http://www.energeticmatrix.com/aim.shtml


26 Sep 2008

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