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In-depth interviews with documentary photographers from around the world who have documented stories local to them

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Hannah Mornement and Food Bank Britain

In this Documentary Photography Review Podcast we talk to freelance documentary and reportage photographer Hannah Mornement. We discuss her journey into photography and the influence of her fine art background on her image taking. Hannah talks about her personal and historical projects in Italy and Antarctica and how to keep going when ‘everything goes wrong’. We discuss at length her recent project, Food Bank Britain, in which she worked with the Trussel Trust to document food banks and food poverty in the UK. We talk about the increasing and worrying trend in the need for food banks in this country, and the lack of awareness about this ‘hidden hunger’. Hannah discuses gaining access and trust to food bank users, her decision to photograph the food itself and produce an accompanying newspaper, and the ways in which she wants to take the project forward.


1 Mar 2014

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Documentary Photography Review - The Video Podcast

In this episode, instead of Rebecca and I interviewing a documentary photographer as we normally do, I will be informing you of a new spin-off production. I wanted to bring a more visual form to the interviews carried out for the podcast, and also to tap into other platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, and so I have started to produce a video podcast of sorts to accompany the audio podcasts. These will include a brief video introduction from the photographer themselves, after which they will go on to narrate a slideshow of their work. I hope to produce video podcasts in tandem with the future audio podcasts – so you can watch a 5-10 minute introduction to the work, and then listen to a more in-depth audio interview to learn more about the project, the story being explored, and the photographer themselves. Or of course you can always listen to the podcast first, and then visit the YouTube Channel to see the body of work for yourself, with narration from the photographer to give you insight into the stories behind each image. Ultimately it will hopefully provide everyone with a more engaging experience, and an opportunity to learn more about the story and the photographer.


1 May 2014

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Antonio Olmos and The Landscape of Murder

In our interview with Antonio Olmos we discuss his journey as a photographer from Mexico to London, and the changes he has seen over his many years in the business, including the switch to film and the role of the mass media in disseminating photographic stories. In his latest project, The Landscape of Murder, Antonio documents the scenes of the murders that have taken place within the M25 in the past two years. He visited each sites within a few days, taking an image of what was there, from flowers, to crowds of people, to nothing but red tape. Antonio talks about working on London based stories, his philosophy and approach to photography and his belief in the importance of being analytical rather than technical.  In our discussion of The Landscape of Murder we discus Antonio’s methods and composition, his decision to use a Google map and a blog, and the unexpected places and victims of these murders. His images challenge stereotypical views of London and question why these murders often go underreported.

1hr 11mins

1 Jan 2014

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Claudia Leisinger and The Last of the Fish Porters

In this Documentary Photography Review podcast we talk with Claudia Leisinger, a London based freelance portrait and documentary photographer. We discuss Claudia's journey into photography; her well travelled childhood and its influence on her image-taking and the challenges of juggling a family and photography. The interview focuses on her project The Last of the Fish Porters. We discusses the story of the fish porters at Billingsgate Market and the changing face of London, as well as the photographic challenges, aesthetic choices and her use of multimedia.

1hr 12mins

15 Feb 2014

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Roberto Zampino and Piscaturi

In this Documentary Photography Review Podcast we talk to Sicilian photographer Roberto Zampino about his recent documentary photography project ‘Piscaturi’.  Roberto tells us what drew him to photography and why he now brands himself an ‘out there’ photographer. We then talk in depth about Piscaturi, which documents changing fishing practices in the villages in Sicily; developments in technology, over-fishing and depleting stock numbers mean that traditional practices are being eroded in favour of larger catches. Roberto discusses his motivations behind the project, his experiences working with the fishermen and the challenges of staying objective as a vegan! He also talks about the physical and photographic challenges of working at sea, the politics of fishing and what the future holds for this body of work.


15 Apr 2014

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Cinzia D'Ambrosi and Transitional

In this podcast we talk to Cinzia D’Ambrosi about her photographic work Transitional, in which she documents people stuck in various forms of temporary, emergency, housing in London, Slough and Chichester. She tells us about her journey into documentary photography, starting as a painter and moving into photography after her first degree. She recently went back to do a Masters at the London College of Communication, where she was especially interested in understanding the ethical position of a documentary photographer. Cinzia has a very personal approach to her photography and tends to work on long terms projects; for Transitions she has spent over 2 years getting to know the residents, spending time talking with them and building relationships. She wanted to portray a set of images that breaks the stereotypes associated with the homeless or those in temporary accommodation. She chose a partially participatory approach to Transitional - working with the people she was photographing to choose the final edit of images, and leaving out any they were not happy with. Cinzia talks about the learning curve of self-publishing a Blurb book and her approach to visually laying out the story in book form.


18 May 2014

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An Interview with Eduardo Leal

In this episode I am speaking with Eduardo Leal – is a Portuguese documentary photographer focusing on social and environmental issues across South America, along with politics and traditions within the region. I first came across Eduardo’s work during a graduate exhibition at the London College of Communication, where his work Forcados was on display. Since he graduated Eduardo has spent a lot of his time in South America, and has a particular attraction to life in Venezuela. In the interview we discuss Eduardo’s work and his practices and how he goes about obtaining commissions.

1hr 3mins

1 Jun 2015

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Adhytia Putra and The Price of Paper

In this episode I am speaking with Adhytia Putra, an Indonesian documentary photographer who has recently graduated from the London College of Communication with a Masters in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography. During his time at the LCC, Adi created a body of work entitled ‘The Price of Paper’ – which explores the issue of deforestation in Indonesia – it’s causes and impact on the environment, the wildlife, and those who live in the communities affected by it. The complete body of work – made up of prints and a web documentary, will be exhibited at the final degree show from the 8th – 16th January at the LCC in London. In the interview we discuss the story behind the Price of Paper, Adi’s experiences in exploring the subject of deforestation and it’s impact, as well as how he is going about getting it into the public domain, and much more. Show notes for this episode can be found on the Documentary Photography Review website by going to http://www.documentaryphotoreview.com/episode15


1 Jan 2015

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Tim Mitchell and A Fish Out of Water

In this Documentary Photography Review Podcast we talk to Tim Mitchell, a London based documentary photographer.  Tim tells us about his journey into photography through music and the visual arts, and the challenges and positive aspects of developing as a self-taught photographer. Tim often works collaboratively with academics, and we discuss this method of working and how it can add depth to both the academic and photographic body of work.  Created in collaboration with social scientists, Tim’s recent project, A Fish Out of Water documents the breaking of a ship, the RFA Grey Rover, over two years in a dry dock in Liverpool, UK.  Referred to as ‘the workhorses of globalisation’, ships slowly but surely transporting materials, influence and power across the globe. They then require huge amounts of energy and force to be dismantled at the end of their working lives and the vast quantities of hazardous materials contained within the ship become reanimated, problematic and dangerous. Once disturbed, the very materials that protected life now become a threat.  An important element to this recent body of work was the use of time-lapse photography, a challenging but powerful visual tool.

1hr 10mins

1 Apr 2014

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