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When Life Gives You Melons

Maya Jama hosts this podcast about work, life, sex, and boobs. Featuring all-female guests, the panel talk pay rises, love stories, and the quarter life crisis in this second 6-part series, brought to you by Freya Lingerie.

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S01 Episode Seven - The Friendship Breakup

Keep your friends close, keep your frenemies closer. Maya welcomes Anna Richardson, Billie JD Porter and Gemma Styles to discuss how friendships are built and broken in this penultimate episode of the series.


12 Dec 2017

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S01 Episode Two - The Best Career Advice You've Ever Had

Maya chats to Gemma Cairney, Katie Piper and Alex Brownsell about the best career advice they've ever had. Listen in as they cover work highs and lows, pulling sickies and the salary gap.


9 Oct 2017

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S01 Episode Four - On Dumping and Being Dumped

Montana Brown, Dolly Alderton and Katy Colins join Maya to discuss dumping and being dumped. Listen in for tales of ghosting, jilting and what to do when you’ve sent your ex a nude photo.


7 Nov 2017

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S02 Episode One - The L Word

When Life Gives You Melons kicks off in style with a load of hilarious and heart-warming tales about The L Word. In the first #MelonsPodcast of the hotly anticipated Season 2, host Maya Jama is joined by beauty and fashion queen, Tia Ward, and model, presenter and former Miss England, Georgia Jones. The girls are talking about L-O-V-E, covering everything from first relationships, to playing the game, to the importance of sex in a long term relationship.


3 Jul 2018

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S01 Episode Six - Oh. Am I Old?

Maya is joined by model Charlotte De Carle, chef and author Jasmine Hemsley and Refinery 29’s Sarah Raphael to answer the important questions about ageing… How old is old? Is 40 the new 30? Will I still be on Insta when I’m 80? All is revealed in episode six of ‘When Life Gives You Melons’.


5 Dec 2017

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