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The Authentic Masculinity Podcast is where men and women from every walk of life come to find out what it means to be fully masculine in a world in dire need of better, stronger, more courageous and more heroic men. It's where men and women tired of the fast food approach to masculinity come for the pick and shovel work of what men have to do to confront and triumph over all the enemies of true masculinity: laziness, cowardice, out of control appetites and perhaps most of all a culture that has forgotten what it means to be a Good Man and is encouraging men to behave like boys and to take the easy path.We are the other guys. We believe in results and we believe that being a man is the greatest gift each man has been given. We believe men and women are completely equal and-- completely different. We love the difference.We are Shannon McGurk and Jonathan Frappier. Two men-- a French Canadian Mergers and Acquisition international business attorney and a U.S. Armored Cav officer and China Foreign Area Officer turned serial entrepreneur-- who have walked the walk of facing our demons and conquering ourselves. We know what it's like both to fail as men but also what it's like to triumph and experience the savage joy and confidence of being men-- flawed, determined, tough, motivated, ultimately triumphant-- in a world that craves true masculinity. Unapologetic, confident yet humble, content yet ambitious and with no chips on our shoulders. We can help you tap into your own masculinity but more importantly we represent networks of the kind of men who can help you learn how to be a better man as you define it.But-- and this is important-- we don't sugar coat anything and we use an unconventional approach: We expect you to behave like men and we know accountability is key to being a man. We promote self-reliance and confidence in personal relationships, in business, in finance and we reject anything that emasculates men.We challenge a lot of the nonsense that we see suggested in this crazy world: that men are chauvinists, that men are weak, that men won't commit, that men are incompetent, that men are indecisive, that men can be dominated by self confident women. We know that strong men want strong women and strong women crave strong men. The problem we see is that most men have bought into the lie that men should be weak, that men learn how to be men from women. Nothing is further from the truth and it's time to turn the trend around.We're men, not boys. We commit, we execute, we finish and we don't sugar coat. We believe in courage, commitment, valor and most importantly, self-mastery. And we don't want to work with men who are afraid to master themselves. We respect and love women and we believe in traditional tests of masculinity.We are Authentic Masculinity.We believe in the heroic and we believe in you. Listen in if you're ready to get serious about taking on your toughest and most determined opponent: yourself.Learn more at: http://www.authenticmasculinity.com/

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AM 17: Army Leadership Principle 1: Know Yourself and Seek Self Improvement

Have you ever wondered what the Army teaches its young leaders? Listen in as Jonathan interviews Shannon McGurk, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (retired). Shannon shares the lessons he learned from his 20 year career as a Ground Cavalry Officer and China Foreign Area Officer in the U.S. Army. In Principle 1, Know Yourself and Seek Self-Improvement, learn the importance of self awareness and what it can tell you about your own, personal leadership style. Learn why you should not try to emulate other great leaders but should instead study them to inform your own, authentic leadership style.


14 Apr 2015

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AM 12: The Guarded Man

The toughest man in the world can still have his heart broken. What does it mean to guard your heart? How can hard edged men protect their hearts from being wounded? Learn here how to be vulnerable without becoming cynical.


23 Mar 2015

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AM 18: Manhood and 50 Shades of Grey with Dave DiNuzzo

What does it take to be a true man? What does it take in the modern world to be a True Man? Get an up-close look at an every day hero in this interview of husband, father of 4 and blogger Dave DiNuzzo, the founder of TrueManhood.com. Dave points out in solid, clear and logical language the key to making women feel special, how men can keep some of their own most vicious demons at bay and why it is that what we do on an every day basis matters so very much. What's a healthy masculine response to 50 Shades of Grey?Dave also knows how to cut to the heart of the matter at hand. Listen in as Dave puts many pieces together-- the parasitic drag of 50 Shades of Grey and how that one movie can exercise a very subtle destructive influence on our abilities to live a fully masculine life as husbands, fathers, sons, friends.


16 Apr 2015

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AM 31: Tim Rook Part 2

Part 2 of our interview with Tim Rook: Husband, Father, Martial Artist, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Leader, Actor, Podcaster 


11 May 2020

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AM 11: The Courteous Man

Is it better to be polite or courteous? Why are the most successful men often the most courteous? Is it accidental that powerful men we admire are courteous? Learn here about the role of courtesy and how it can carry you forward in life.


16 Mar 2015

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AM 30: An Interview with Tim Rook

Part 1 of Shannon's interview with Tim Rook, an authentic man exemplifying the 5P's of Authentic Masculinity.


4 May 2020

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AM 16: Your Stronghold with Travis Nelson

Travis Nelson’s philosophy on personal protection can be summarized as this: “Each man has a responsibility to protect those he loves and must do so in a way that is respectful of those around him and respectful of police officers and other public servants.” Travis is committed to the highest level of physical, mental and emotional strength, resilience, endurance and personal protection training. His primary goal is to enable every man that he has an opportunity to coach/train/mentor/advise to protect himself and those that he is responsible for regardless of the threat. His vision of personal security and resilience goes beyond fighting techniques (he has plenty of that in store for you as well), Travis will prepare you to prevent the fight with his Situational Awareness training. Get ready to hear from an exceptionally well informed and experienced man how to train, observe, act and protect others in an increasingly dangerous and unjust world. 


9 Apr 2015

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AM 13: How to Invest Your Most Precious Resource

Can anyone else waste your time? Learn here why it is that nobody can waste your time. Learn how to be in command of time and how that command communicates greatness to others.


30 Mar 2015

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AM 15: The Man of The World

What is your definition of success? Do you define yourself by what you do? How can being more masculine make you a more balanced and successful man? Learn how to put what you have learned together and let it move you forward.


6 Apr 2015

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AM 14: Courage to Dream with Wayne Winsley

Success Leaves Clues and it Takes Courage to Dream: The Remarkable Journey of Wayne Winsley. Our truly remarkable guest Mr. Wayne Winsley (http://www.winsley.com/) has an inspiring tale to tell. Born into modest circumstances and raised from childhood by his Great Grandmother, Wayne saw as a child the clues he needed to solve the mystery of success. Wayne Winsley asked himself why some men rise above their circumstances while others struggle. He asked himself how he could help other men to succeed when the odds seem stacked against them. On his journey from a simple background to serving on the U.S.S. Enterprise, a successful career in radio, inspirational speaking and his current project, Courage to Fail, Wayne made two critical discoveries. He learned success leaves clues that, if you can detect them, will lead you to your own goals and he learned that if a man can muster the courage to dream with perseverance he can accomplish amazing feats. Listen in as Wayne tells us his story. Learn from a successful man how you can succeed by strengthening two key virtues.


1 Apr 2015

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AM 19: Army Leadership Principle 2: Technical Mastery. Tactical Mastery

Have you ever wondered what the Army teaches its young leaders? Listen in as Jonathan interviews Shannon McGurk, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (retired). Shannon shares the lessons he learned from his 20 year career as a Ground Cavalry Officer and China Foreign Area Officer in the U.S. Army. In Principle 2, "Be Technically and Tactically Proficient" learn the importance of focusing on the basics. How well do you do your job and how well do you know where and when to do your job? Learn the important link between your own proficiency and that of those you lead.


20 Apr 2015

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AM29: Dangerous On Demand

Shannon and Steve discuss the Authentic Protector mindset, and why it's important to be Dangerous On Demand.


29 Apr 2020

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AM Immediate Action 1: Meeting The COVID-19 Challenge

Shannon and Steve discuss the current challenges we are facing with the Coronavirus outbreak, associated impacts, and actions we can take to address them in true authentic masculine fashion.


21 Mar 2020

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AM28: Authentic Marriage

Shannon and Steve discuss their experiences as married men, sharing ways they have learned to navigate the rocks and shoals that can damage a marriage.


20 Mar 2020

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AM27: Masculine Friendship

Authentic Men need the company and friendship of other Authentic Men. Shannon and Steve discuss their friendship with each other, how it has evolved over time, and the importance of standing alone together, in this troubled world.


5 Mar 2020

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AM26: Back From Hiatus


9 Feb 2020

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AM 25: Dave Gambale of Freedom Bail Bonding: The Ferocity of a US Marine, the Drive of an Entrepreneur.

As a young Bail Bondsman Marine Dave Gambale asked for a greater stake in his employer's business. When told no, he drove the 800 miles to the business's bank in Florida to strike his own deal and start his own Bail Bonding Business (www.freedombailbonding.com ). Listen as Dave tells his story of how one Marine learned to help young men start again and how he brings a ferocious sense of masculine strength to a much misunderstood business. Strength, courage, kindness and a sense of mercy can lead to remarkable success.


2 Jul 2015

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AM 24: Greg Turley: The Quiet Confidence of a Musician, the Drive of an Entrepreneur.

What sorts of gentlemanly qualities will help you succeed in the modern economy? Self-discipline, kindness, perseverance, commitment. Listen in as Mr. Greg Turley of Evolution Printing ( www.evolutiondpi.com ) tells his story of overcoming difficulty while keeping his balance as a happily married father of two sons who also tours with a band in Europe. Find out what a surprisingly small detail of Greg's life-- a decision to stop using profanity-- reveals about his character and how such a decision can help lead to ultimate success.


16 Jun 2015

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AM 23: Army Leadership Principle 6: Keep Your People Informed

Have you ever wondered what the Army teaches its young leaders? Listen in as Jonathan interviews Shannon McGurk, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (retired). Shannon shares the lessons he learned from his 20 year career as a Ground Cavalry Officer and China Foreign Area Officer in the U.S. Army. Why is it important to keep your people informed? Listen in and learn why keeping people informed and up to date raises morale and turns them into self-motivated team mates. People are inquisitive by nature. If we don't give them the right information they will often get hold of rumor and inaccurate information. To promote efficiency and raise morale, leaders should keep people informed and tell them not only what must be done but why. Giving people the right amount of information engages their passion and helps them to invest in what your organization is driving to accomplish. Join us as we discuss this key to effective leadership.


22 May 2015

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AM 22: Army Leadership Principle 5: Know Your People And Look Out For Their Welfare

Have you ever wondered what the Army teaches its young leaders? Listen in as Jonathan interviews Shannon McGurk, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (retired). Shannon shares the lessons he learned from his 20 year career as a Ground Cavalry Officer and China Foreign Area Officer in the U.S. Army. In Principle 5, Know your people and look out for their welfare, listen in and learn why it’s not enough to know the names and birthdays of your people. It’s important to understand what motivates them and what is important to them. Commit the time and effort to listen to and learn about them. Showing your genuine concern for the people you manage and lead builds trust and respect for you as a leader. Merely telling your people you care about them has no meaning unless they see you demonstrating it through concrete actions. They assume that if you fail to care for them daily, you will fail them when the going gets tough. Can you demonstrate sincere concern for others? Learn here the important link between caring and leading.


11 May 2015

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