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What do Parents Know?

Nobody said parenting teenagers was easy. Join Amit Singh Kalley as he interviews professionals in mental health and people with lived experience on a variety of issues that affect 21st century teenagers. Each episode provides advice and guidance for parents to help them deal with the issue being discussed and to support their children. You can't help your teenager if you don't know what your teenager is going through.

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16: Child Criminal Exploitation

Amit Singh Kalley talks to Lynn Gradwell, Director of Children's Services at Barnados, about how young people are recruited into gangs. We discuss county lines and how many young people are unknowingly recruited into gangs to transport drugs and then find themselves too far in to be able to get out. Lynn and I also talk about how parents need to take an interest in their childrens' lives in order to understand what they are going through and the issues they may have. 


26 Jul 2021

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15: Cybertrauma

Amit Singh Kalley talks to Cath Knibbs, academic researcher on Cybertrauma, about exactly what the term means and how people like her support young people dealing with online harm. We discuss exactly what cybertrauma is, how parents can stop it from happening and also how parents should embrace their teenagers' digital life, rather than try to stop it from existing. Cath also shares her experience of TikTok and the issues its huge usage has caused in young people. 


19 Jul 2021

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14: Online Grooming

Amit Singh Kalley talks to Lorin LaFave, founder of the Breck Foundation, about online grooming. Lorin shares how her son, Breck, was groomed online and tragically killed by the man that was grooming him. We discuss Breck's story and also go through the signs that parents can look out for that might suggest online grooming is taking place. 


12 Jul 2021

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13: Youth Justice System

Amit Singh Kalley talks to David Breakspear, somebody who was expelled from school and had various stints in prison. David was sexually abused as a child and displayed challenging behaviour at school. Rather than those around him trying to understand the whole child, David was labelled as a difficult kid and expelled from school. We discuss how his life spiraled out of control and how he now uses his lived experience to fight for justice for students who have behavioural issues at school. We also discuss what parents can do if they have a child who has been labelled as difficult or challenging to ensure they don't follow the same path that he did. 


5 Jul 2021

Rank #4

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12: Internet Safety

Amit Singh Kalley talks to Parven Kaur, founder of Kids n Clicks, about how young people can keep safe online and how parents can keep their children safe online. We discuss the many benefits of the internet, but also the dangers and we delve into issues such as online grooming, pornography and social media. We also discuss how parents knowing their childs' digital world is the best way to ensure that young people can be safe and responsible whilst online. 


28 Jun 2021

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11: Covid and Mental Health

Amit Singh Kalley talks to Brian Dow, CEO of Mental Health UK and Deputy CEO of Rethink Mental Illness, about the impact that COVID has had on the mental health of young people. We discuss how going in and out of lockdowns has affected social interactions and how it has increased anxiety and withdrawal in young people. The conversation then moves onto removing the stigma of mental health in schools and the workplace and the signs that parents can look out for that might suggest a mental health issue in their teenager. 


23 Jun 2021

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10: Surviving a Knife Attack

Amit Singh Kalley talks to Natalie Queiroz, survivor of a horrific knife attack. Natalie shares her story, remembering every last detail about the day she was stabbed 24 times, and how, at eight months pregnant, both she and her baby survived. Natalie now works tirelessly to get knives off our streets and works works particular with young people to show them the dangers of knife crime. Natalie and I also discuss how parents can spot the signs that their child may be carrying a knife on a regular basis and what they can do for support.


12 Jun 2021

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9: Online Gaming

Amit Singh Kalley talks to David Linton-Smith, counsellor, trainee psychotherapist and avid gamer, about the world of online gaming. We discuss all the jargon, such as skins and microtransactions, and we go through the risks that exist when teenagers game online. David also provides advice, guidance and information about how the online gaming world works, so that parents can better understand it and better monitor their teenager's use of it. There really is so much to learn and in order for parents to adequately support their teenagers in the online gaming world, they need to understand the online gaming world. 


6 Jun 2021

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8: Child Sexual Exploitation

Amit Singh Kalley talks to Holly Archer and Scarlett Jones, from the Holly Project, about Child Sexual Exploitation. Both guests talk with brutal honesty about going through CSE themselves and how they eventually managed to escape from the awful places they were in. We discuss how so many signs were missed and how easily they went from children to victims. We also discuss what signs parents should look out for and how communication between parents and children is so important so that things such CSE can't happen. 


31 May 2021

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7: Identity and Digital Literacy

Amit Singh Kalley talks to Liam Hackett, CEO of Ditch the Label, about identity and how young people today explore their identity so much more. We discuss Liam's own experience with being a victim of bullying which led him to start Ditch the Label, an organisation that now helps thousands of young people worldwide. Liam and I discuss how parents can be allies if their teenage children might be exploring their identity and we also discuss bullying and how young people, and parents, can be digitally literate. 


24 May 2021

Rank #10