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20. From Working with Matthew McConaughey to Joining the Award Winning Family Wine Business - Featuring Cushing Donelan, Marketing & Sales Director of Donelan Family Wines

On this episode, I sit down and speak with Cushing Donelan. Cushing left his Hollywood career to join his family business, Donelan Family Wines, where they make some of the most coveted "Rhone Varietals" in Sonoma County as well as exceptional Pinot Noir. However, it's been a constant battle against Mother Nature but the Donelan Family continues to overcome these obstacles to consistently produce some of the best wines in California.  www.donelanwines.com --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sarah-faherty8/support


19 Mar 2021

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19. From Rock Band to Master Sommelier - Featuring Jay James, VP and General Manager of Larkmead Vineyards

On this episode, I sit down and speak with Jay James. Jay is a Master Sommelier who started in a rock band in Atlanta, GA before leaving the music industry to eventually run the most successful hotel wine program in the world at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV. He later moved to wine country in Napa Valley and currently runs the historic Larkmead Vineyard as the VP and General Manager.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sarah-faherty8/support


9 Mar 2021

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18. Putting Sommeliers on the Map, How Legendary Filmmaker Jason Wise, Director of the SOMM Trilogy, Brought an Obscure Profession to the Forefront of the Wine Industry.

18. On this episode, I sit down and speak with Jason Wise. Jason is an award winning filmmaker known for his excellent wine documentaries, "SOMM," "SOMM; Into the Bottle," and "SOMM III" as well as the series, "Uncorked," and "SOMM TV." Jason's films are responsible for illustrating a once off the beaten path profession, the sommelier, and highlighting what it takes to make it to the pinnacle in the wine industry, becoming a Master Sommelier. For information on the guest, please visit: https://www.sommtv.com --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sarah-faherty8/support


10 Feb 2021

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17. Diving into Blind Taste Testing and Exploring the Birth and Growth of South American Wine - Featuring Master Sommelier, Evan Goldstein

For more information about Evan Goldstein please check out his website: www.fullcirclewine.com--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sarah-faherty8/support

1hr 11mins

16 Dec 2020

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16. Art, Design, Wine and Luxury - How Lawrence Fairchild is Using His Creative Genius to Fashion the Ultimate Napa Valley Wine Experience

on this episode, I sit down and talk with Lawrence Fairchild. Lawrence is a prominent figure in the winemaking industry and is known for his top-class cabernets from both the Stones wine and Fairchild wine labels. Lawrence’s passion for winemaking is characterized by his desire for perfection above everything else. He says he wants you to feel like you’ve received a gift from Cartier every time you receive one of his incredible bottles. Lawrence never had any intention of being in the wine business. From a boy raised on a farm in Nebraska, Lawrence’s trajectory came to this apex more by fate and a passion for perfection in life rather than raw ambition. That leads us exactly to our discussion today! Please enjoy this episode where Lawrence and I discuss his incredible journey from a farm in Nebraska, to Capitol Hill and finally to his incredible career in world of wine to include his amazing Perrarus II release. For more information on our guest, please visit the following: https://www.houseofperrarus.com https://www.stoneswine.com https://fairchildwines.com --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sarah-faherty8/support


29 Sep 2020

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15. Want to become an expert in wine, but aren't part of the wine industry? No problem! Here's everything you need to know - featuring Christian Oggenfuss Founder of Napa Valley Wine Academy

On today’s episode, I sit down with Christian Oggenfuss. Christian is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Napa Valley Wine Academy. Christian is a passionate wine industry spokesman, and educator. He holds the his WSET diploma, from the London based Wine & Spirit Education Trust and is an Associate Member of the Institute of Wine & Spirits. Christian also holds the French Wine Scholar, the Italian Wine Professional, and the American Wine Expert certifications. Christian brings over 20 years of wine experience to the wine education arena as a marketer and brand builder for wine brands Christian is a born entrepreneur and has successfully launched wine-related businesses in Switzerland and traveled extensively to all major wine regions in Europe and North America. For more information please visit: https://napavalleywineacademy.com--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sarah-faherty8/support

1hr 7mins

17 Sep 2020

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14. A Brief History of the Growth of Napa Valley, Howell Mountain and the Importance of Cabernet Sauvignon - Featuring Robert Foley of Robert Foley Vineyards

On this episode, I sit down with Robert Foley. Robert is a world renowned wine maker and owner of Robert Foley vineyards in Napa Valley. Dubbed as the “God of Cabernet” by acclaimed wine critics and publications he is known as one of the iconic winemaker that helped make Napa what it is today. Bob is best known for his unique style of creating very expressive wines that finish gracefully. graduated from UC Davis with degrees in both Viticulture and Enology and spent the beginning of his career working for wineries such as Heitz Cellars, Markham and Pride before moving on to create his very own wine under his name Robert Foley. To support this podcast, please visit: https://www.patreon.com/everydayfoodandwine?fan_landing=true For more information on our incredible guest, please visit: https://www.robertfoleyvineyards.com--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sarah-faherty8/support

1hr 17mins

1 Sep 2020

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13. [EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WARNING] Exploring The Wine World of Paso Robles, California - Featuring Eric Jensen, Owner and Winemaker at Booker Vineyards.

On this episode, I sit down and speak with the owner of Booker Vineyards, Eric Jensen. We explore the the fascinating things going on in the world of wine in Paso Robles, his wine making style as well as how you can identify wines that have been manipulated chemically and are untrue to their nature. Paso Robles has largely flown under the radar until more recently, but they’re doing some pretty incredible things that this episode will help you discover and definitely make you want to put this special place on your list of wine destinations. I do have to give an explicit language warning for this episode. Eric is a straight shooter and he will be sharing some incredible information with us today that you don’t want to miss out on. So please make sure you listen in and save this episode for when there aren’t kids within ear shot. To support this podcast, please visit: https://www.patreon.com/everydayfoodandwine For more information on our incredible guest and Booker Vineyards, please visit: https://www.bookerwines.com--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sarah-faherty8/support

1hr 10mins

21 Aug 2020

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12. From Trials to Triumph, The Story of a Vineyard in Napa That Started Off Bumpy, but Then Became One of the Worlds Greatest Wineries - Shafer Vineyards with Doug Shafer

On this episode, I sit down with Doug Shafer, who is a James Beard award recipient, Author of the book “A Vineyard in Napa” and president of Shafer Vineyards. Doug’s father, John, the founder of Shafer Vineyards was an early visionary for for Napa Valley hillside vineyards. Shafer Vineyards is an iconic family-owned winery, named one of the top 25 vineyards in the world by wine publication “wine and spirits” and was named “one of the worlds greatest wineries” by wine critic Robert Parker. But, good things can take time and can occasionally start off bumpy. John, a former Army Air Corps B-24 pilot during world war 2 turned highly successful businessman for the Scott Foresman publishing company in Chicago (which most people know them for their Dick and Jane basic readers), decided it was time to leave Chicago and take the family to Napa to pursue a career in wine. John moved the family on a prayer and a dream, but having had no prior farming experience, things weren’t always so smooth sailing. Today we’ll learn how Doug’s father, John and the Shafer’s were able to turn trial into the true definition of triumph. To support this podcast please visit: https://www.patreon.com/everydayfoodandwine To learn more about our incredible guest this episode, please visit: https://shafervineyards.com--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sarah-faherty8/support


21 Aug 2020

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11. Drinking Trends as a Result of COVID-19 and What Restaurant Dining Could Look Like in the Near Future - Featuring VinePair Chief Content Officer and Podcast Co-Host, Erica Duecy

Erica Duecy is a New York-based digital media strategist, content marketer, and writer. She is the Chief Content Officer, Editor in Chief and Podcast co-host at Vinepair which has been named as the best place to learn about wine, beer & spirits and features helpful expert guides, infographics, maps & more make learning about drinking fun and easy! On this episode, Erica and I sit down to discuss drinking trends we expect to see for the next year, specific categories of alcohol that are currently thriving, as well as what the data is saying on what restaurant dining could look like in the near future. http://www.ericaduecy.com https://vinepair.com --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sarah-faherty8/support


17 Aug 2020

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