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Freight, Passenger, Trolleys, Light Rail, Museums, as long as it is rail/train related, we talk about it!

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LTT is Back On The Air -- at Silver Rails Model Train Show, LaPlata, Mo.

After a year of being off the air, and many listeners asking, the Let's Talk Trains Show is back! What better way, than to be at the SilverRails Model Trains Show, held in LaPlata, Missouri, on October 21st. First, we will talk about the new format of the show, and our newest sponsor of the show VirtualRailfan.com. Then we will have the President of the APRHF, Bob Cox, join us to talk about the happening around the APRHF, including updates on the Lookout Point Park, TrainParty, APRHFStore, and being able to help the APRHF via Amazon Smile at no extra cost to you.Sit back, and enjoy our show!

1hr 4mins

24 Oct 2017

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Saving the NRHS and the Eureka Springs and North Arkansas Railroad

This week's Let's Talk Trains we will reach out to our friend Skip Waters to discuss the proposed changes that are being voted on in a few days. We will also discuss the John Hankey Blog on TRAINS.com. We would also like to hear from you on the issue, please call 646-716-7106 to discuss it. Then for the second half of the show, we talk with Brain Waller, who is leading the effort to save the Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railroad.Great show, so won't you join us?


13 Sep 2014

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Chris Guenzler talks about his 2016 train trips plus other events he has done

Chris Guenzler talks about his 2016 train trips plus other events he has done. He won't talk at his 2016 NRHS trip which he already covered on another show.


23 Dec 2016

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Garden Railroading: How The Pros Do It--Taltree Arboretum

Listeners of the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation's The Let's Talk Trains Show suggested we visit the Taltree Arboretum and Gardens Railroad Garden in Valparaiso, Ind. So for this week's show, we will check it out.We will learn from the professional gardeners and model railroaders about their railroad garden. We hope to learn more about the building of the garden, it's operation and what Taltree's visitors think about the layout.Join the conversation about model trains and gardening, the two most participated hobbies in the world.

1hr 55mins

23 Aug 2014

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Model Railroading in the 21st Century

Model Railroading has been a popular hobby for many decades. This week, Kansas City Nathan, a model railroader himself, will be discussing the Model Railroading in the 21st Century.Long gone are the cracker-jack boxcars or half-hearted attempts to create quality locomotives and other rolling stock. Today, we have highly detailed models that are ready-to-run and highly detailed, to the point that rivet-counters are drooling! A newcomer to the hobby is 3D printing.This and much more will be discussed, we invite you to join in the conversation by calling 646-716-7106.

2hr 3mins

22 Nov 2014

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The History, Present, and Future of Amtrak Cascades--Post Derailment

Please join us, as special guest Bob Alkire joins us to discuss the fatal events which took place near DuPont, Washington, in December 2017. Bob will discuss the history of the line, the right-of-way involved in the recent incident and its inaugural run that never reached its final destination.We also talk about facts that have come to light in the past month, including the lack of PTC and how the incident occurred during it inaugural run.  We will also discuss our thoughts of what will change or be modified in the future of passenger rail in the country.

1hr 12mins

20 Jan 2018

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A Conversation with Fred Frailey

Fred Frailey is a columnist, Feature Writer and blogger for Trains Magazine for which he has written for 37 years. Fred has spent a lifetime as a newspaper and magazine writer and editor; and will soon be divididng his time with his wife Cathie between the Colorado Rockies and an island off the Atlantic Coast of Georgia.

2hr 9mins

18 Apr 2016

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Gateway Garden Railroad Club

Join us at the Gateway Garden Railroad Club Winter Meeting. The Gateway Garden Railroad is a group of Large Scale Railroaders from the Metro St. Louis Area that love to show off their hobby.

1hr 58mins

9 Feb 2013

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The Model Railroading Conundrum I

Do you like trains? Do you enjoy modeling trains? Have you ever had a model railroad when you were young and want to get back into the hobby, but don't know where to start? Have you hit that "bumper at the end of the line" and don't know what you want to do?This week, Kansas City Nathan, will be hosting The Let's Talk Trains Show, with Special Guest, Kevin Buck, and others who have been involved in model railroading , both as an amateur and professionally. This will be the first of a series of shows which we will discuss the different aspects of model railroading, from figuring out what scale is best for you, to deciding if you will have a prototypical operation or a freelanced layout.We will be opening the lines to you, the listener, to give your opinion and pose questions for our Special Guests. We will be also catching up with our Regional Roundup around the U.S. and North America.Be sure to join in the conversation, as this will be a great show!ALL ABOARD!!!

2hr 2mins

23 Feb 2013

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Railfanning in the Modern Age

With the recent events that have taken place in Boston, this past week, our hobby of railfanning is, again, under the magnifying glass by the general public and local authorities. This week, Kansas City Nathan, hosts as we talk about the hobby of railfanning, different website and tools we use and have an open the phone lines for a discussion about the events the past week and what we can do to help promote our hobby and not fall victim to misunderstanding. ALL ABOARD!!!

1hr 42mins

20 Apr 2013

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Phoenix Gene & AC Adam host this week show

Phoenix Gene & AC Adam host this week show


11 Dec 2010

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LTT On The Road: Kansas City

This week, Kansas City Nathan will be hosting the show with his uncle, Todd, live from Doc's Caboose in Kansas City, Missouri's West Bottoms. The topic for the show is Railfanning in Kansas City & the metropolitan area, and model railroading in the area. Besides our regular callers and news items of the week, we will have a number of guest join us at the location, talking about the history of the Kansas City area, as well as the model railroading scene in the area, and it's long ties between city and the iron rails--this would include the battle of which town would have the first rail bridge to cross the Missouri first--Atchison, Kans.; Leavenworth, Kans.; or Kansas City, Mo. Please join us!!!


12 Jun 2010

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LTT Holiday Review

This week, Kansas City Nathan will be hosting this Saturday’s Let’s Talk Trains Show. With less than six days left of Christmas shopping left, we will discuss the "toys" that you will be asking Santa Claus to put under the tree next Saturday. We will have our regular callers, including the Official Caller Ken, the Amazing Chris Guenzler, and others giving their weekly reports. Also, we have some VERY exciting news to announce during the show about the future of the show and what we are looking forward in Year 2011. We will also catch up on news around the railroad industry, and as always, we would love to hear from you and know what is happening in-and-around your local area in regards to railroads big and small. Please join us!


18 Dec 2010

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Chris Guenzler Trip Report & Conductor Larry's Derailment Story

The Amazing Chris returns to talk about his recent trips to Iowa, West Texas and New Mexico.Go to My Train Trips 2009 through 2010 page and follow along with my story.Conductor Larry then finally finishes his derailment story that he started with the late Richard. Enginneer John joins Larry to recall this Cameron, California derailmen. This story we have waited for over five years to hear this whole story. Join us and hear a ture derailment tale on Lets Talk Trains.

2hr 1min

4 Dec 2010

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Railroading of All Genres & Sizes

This week, Kansas City Nathan is back behind the mic, as we talk about happening in the world of model railroading, railfanning, Silver Rails Country and last but not least the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation. He will be broadcasting the show from the Depot Inn & Suites, located in Silver Rails Country, centered in LaPlata, Mo.First off, we will check in with our Regional Roundup Correspondents from around the country, and we will talk about major railroad-related news items. Then, Nathan will discuss the recent N-Scale Enthusiast National Convention, which was held in Roanoke, Va., between June 24th and 27th, after being able to talk to a lot of the hobby's major manufacturers, as well as the up-and-coming companies in the model railroad industry; plus all the things he got to experience while in Virginia--which should be on each railfan's "Railfan Bucket List."Next, we will discuss happenings in the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation, including updates on the facilities, what you the loyal listerners could do to help and volunteer, as well as the different programs that the APRHF supports, including the popular National Parks Services' Trails & Rails program between Chicago, Ill. and LaPlata. We will then welcome Tom Anderson, of Silver Rails Vineyards LLC, Silver Rails Country's newest feature to the show. We will be talking about wine & railroads and how they go hand-in-hand, both in LaPlata & Silver Rails Country, and throughout the United States. If everything works out according to plan, we may even have a couple of other guests who have railroad-themed wines, from a vineyard 20 miles south of LaPlata, in Macon, Mo. We will have a interesting show, and we would like to invite you to join in the live discussion! Be sure to call in to ask your questions, present your opinions, and talk trains!ALL ABOARD!!!

2hr 5mins

12 Jul 2014

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Kansas City Northern Railroad

On this week's APRHF's Let's Talk Trains Show, we visit with the people that make the Kansas City Northern (KCNRR) run. We will learn about park's trains and the history of the KCNRR. We will find what makes a ride on a park train so special for so many people, young & old alike. Join us won't you? Call in and talk about your local park train.


16 Aug 2014

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LTT On The Road: 1st Annual APRHF Train Show

This week, Nathan of Kansas City will be hosting this Saturday’s Let’s Talk Trains Show. He will be at the First Annual APRHF (American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation) Train Show & Swap Meet, located at the SilverRails Event Center, in LaPlata, Mo. Also, we will be test-driving a new communications system for remotes at special occasions. Please join us as we will have special guests who will be at the show, this may include Operation Lifesaver, the Wabash Railroad Historical Society, as well as our regular callers.


23 Oct 2010

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Chris Guenzler Trip Updates And His Website About Railfanning

I will talk about my recent train trip and other things. He also took you through his Railfanning Page so you could see what he does when he is not on the train This show will take you aboard the Southwest Chief, Kansas City Rail Experience, Missouri Railrunner, the Texas Eagle old CE&I detour St Louis to Chicago and Southwest Chief then onto La Plata and another stay at the Depot Inn & Suites then a chase of Union Pacific  3985.  This show you will learn plenty.


9 Oct 2010

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Kansas City Union Station Re-Dedication Ceremony

LIVE Streaming of the Re-dedication Ceremony of Kansas City's Union Station.  Note: the Actual Ceremony got started late, so the filler music plays for the frist five minutes.

1hr 2mins

1 Nov 2014

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What Was Your First Train Ride?

Here is you chance to talk trains with Chris Guenzler and AC  Adam and tell him your first train trip. Chris also talked about his early days of train watching. . We will be joined  by callers who will tell us about their first train trips. This show will be interesting to hear what others first ride were. Chris has many interesting stories he will pass on to you. Join us for what is a very interesting show on Lets Talk Trains


30 Oct 2010

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