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The NCTE Language Arts podcast, "Conversation Currents," presents interviews with noted educators discussing current research and practice in the language arts. A new mp3 podcast accompanies each bimonthly issue of Language Arts, published by the National Council of Teachers of English. The music for this podcast ("Funky Monkey") was composed and performed by Branden Lisi and is ℗ & © 2011 Branden Lisi.

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Students as Writers and Composers: Workshopping in the Digital Age

In the Conversation Currents for the January 2015 issue of Language Arts, Troy Hicks and Franki Sibberson, two educators who actively integrate technology into their language arts teaching, as well as into their work in teacher professional development, discuss what happens when we think of writing workshop as a structure for supporting students as composers.


22 Dec 2014

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The Arts in Language Arts

In the Conversation Currents for the November 2014 issue of Language Arts, the LA editors talk with Sir Ken Robinson about the arts, creativity, passion, and innovation in education.


17 Oct 2014

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Language Brokering and Translanguaging in School

In the Conversation Currents for the May 2014 issue of Language Arts, Marjorie Faulstich Orellana (UCLA) and Ofelia Garcia (The Graduate Center, CUNY) discuss translanguaging and new ways of thinking about the crossing of linguistic borders, and about exciting new ways to consider the language resources children bring to classrooms and other educational settings.


18 Apr 2014

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Learning from Families and Communities

Catherine Compton-Lilly and Eve Gregory share their latest research involving family members, communities, and the uncovering of varied literacy practices sprinkled throughout homes, faith-based organizations, and community centers. They talk about the reciprocal nature of children's literacy learning and how what is learned at home comes into school, and what is learned in school also shows up for the children as they interact with family members at home.


24 Jun 2013

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On Discourse and Language Learning

David Bloome (The Ohio State University) and Arlette Willis (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) discuss discourse and language learning.


16 Aug 2013

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NCTE's 2013 Outstanding Educators: Yvonne and David Freeman

In a special bonus Conversation Currents podcast, Language Arts editors talk with Yvonne (Bonnie) and David Freeman, Professors Emeriti at the University of Texas Brownsville, recipients of NCTE's 2013 Outstanding Educators in the English Language Arts Award.


16 Dec 2013

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Story, Relationships, and Healthy Eating: An Interview with Chef Kevin Gillespie

Language Arts editors talk with chef Kevin Gillespie about his involvement with local farmers and communities in promoting quality ingredients in cooking, his participation in food activist organizations, and how these issues relate to families and schools.


26 Feb 2013

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Interrupting the Single Story: LGBT Issues in the Language Arts Classroom

Jill Hermann-Wilmarth and Caitlin Ryan discuss their work and the importance of including LGBT topics in elementary language arts classrooms, even when doing so is hard.


14 Dec 2012

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Create Partnerships, Not Programs

JoBeth Allen, from the University of Georgia, and Valerie Kinloch, from The Ohio State University, talk about their thoughts and experiences working with families and communities.


24 Apr 2013

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Digital Storyworlds: Transmedia Literature in the ELA Classroom

In the Conversation Currents for the November 2013 issue of Language Arts, three author/educators--Kate Pullinger, Amanda Havard, and Melanie Hundley--discuss the emerging field of transmedia literature for children and adolescents and the role of these texts in English language arts classrooms.


21 Oct 2013

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