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Mud Stories with Jacque Watkins - Messy moments worked for our good

Mud Stories with Jacque Watkins is a podcast dedicated to bringing you inspiration in your muddiest moments, hope to make it through your mud, and encouragement for you to know, you are not alone. Jacque interviews author types--Lysa Terkeurst, Shauna Niequist, Michele Cushatt, Shannon Ethridge, Holley Gerth, Amber C. Haines, Emily P. Freeman and many more--as well as non-author types, as they share their stories of mud and we explore how even our messiest muddy moments can be worked for our ultimate good.

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MS 075 Jamie Ivey: The Happy Hour ~ Failure, Forgiveness, and God's Amazing Grace

Host of the podcast, The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, Jamie shares her mud story of promiscuity, pregnancy, and pain, about God's amazing grace, as well as adoption and the mud of motherhood..including links to some things we're LOVING right now! Subscribe or Leave a Rating or Review HERE JOIN the MUD STORIES GATHERING closed Facebook page HERE GIVEAWAY!! Enter to win..take THIS SURVEY HERE (giving away ONE 30 minute Skype call and TWO $25 Amazon Gift Cards!!)

1hr 14mins

20 Jan 2016

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MS 096 Shauna Niequist: From Frantic and Hustle to Being Present Over Perfect

Shauna Niequist shares about choosing to be Present Over Perfect with practical advice, and helps us turn from frantic and hustle, to stillness and peace. ~To sign up for updates about Jacque's new ecourse: TEXT the words 'CONNECTWITHYOURTEEN' to 33444 ~To ENTER to win a copy of Present Over Perfect:  TEXT the words 'PRESENTOVERPERFECT' to 33444 ~Shownotes page--> Click Here ~SUBSCRIBE/Review->SUBSCRIBE/Review HERE ~Sign up for Coaching with Jacque --> COACHING HERE (http://www.jacquewatkins.com/coaching) 


10 Aug 2016

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MS 034 Elizabeth Foss: Parenting, Perfectionism, Social Media and Burnout

Part two--of a two part episode--with Elizabeth Foss, who shares about how our suffering is a gift that shapes and grows us, how to help our adult children through hard things, our struggle with perfectionism, navigating social media for good, burnout, depression, and burnout recovery through The Restore Workshop. Elizabeth is the founder of The Restore Workshop, a six-week online community designed to identify and cultivate burnout recovery in women's lives. Registration is open through April 12, 2015.

1hr 13mins

3 Mar 2015

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MS 061: My Mud Story and 31 Days of What You Should Know Before An Affair

Jacque Watkins, host of this podcast, shares her personal mud story in the aftermath of an affair, divorce and remarriage, and introduces a 31-day series on her blog about what she learned and what you should know before an affair. Jacque's Written Story Jacque's Video Story Where The Love Lasts Forever, by Hillsong United


1 Oct 2015

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MS 020 Lysa TerKeurst: Shame, Failure and Finding The Best Yes

Lysa TerKeurst, New York Times bestselling author, shares the story of her childhood mud, the failure of her abortion, and the way God brought good even from that, through her discipline and calling to write. Lysa shares insight about finding our courageous yes, and fighting for our confident no, and much more, from her latest book, The Best Yes.


18 Nov 2014

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MS 005 Jennifer Smith: Marriage Encouragement from An Unveiled Wife

Jennifer Smith, founder and author at Unveiled Wife, shares the sexual intimacy challenges she faced in the first few years of marriage, how she worked through and overcame her struggle, and offers encouragement to us all as we face the myriad of challenges marriage can bring.


6 Aug 2014

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MS 019 Jess Connolly: Suicide Attempt, Depression, Brokenness, and Feeling 'Not Enough'

Experiencing sex, drugs, and alcohol at an early age led Jess Connolly down a path of feeling broken and 'not enough'. And even after becoming a Christian, she shares her struggle through depression and suicide attempts, and how God great love and grace and mercy met her even there.


11 Nov 2014

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MS 037 Remembering Kara Tippetts: Mundane Faithfulness and Big Love with Kindness and Grace

Kara Tippetts, author of The Hardest Peace--wife, mother, and friend to so many--taught us about loving big in kindness and living with grace, looking to Jesus in all things with mundane faithfulness. We remember, reminisce, and give thanks for the gift of Kara today, and for all the valuable lessons she taught us and will continue to teach us through her writing. In lieu of flowers, donations may be sent to a fund benefitting the Tippetts children: Jason Tippetts, P.O. Box 49727, Colorado Springs, CO 80949

1hr 9mins

24 Mar 2015

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MS 031 Jeannie Cunnion: Shattering Shame and Perfectionism With the Power of Grace

Shame, Failure, and Perfectionism can be so paralyzing, and in this episode, Jeannie Cunnion shares how she allowed God to shatter them all through the power of accepting God's great grace. Jeannie shares the importance of receiving God's grace and in turn giving that grace to others, not only in our relationships in general, but more specifically in our parenting too. Parenting the Wholehearted Child, by Jeannie Cunnion FREE Study Guide for Parenting the Wholehearted Child, by Jeannie Cunnion FREE Resources for Finding Freedom From Failure, by Jacque Watkins

1hr 10mins

10 Feb 2015

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MS 088 Katie Orr: Depression, Grief, and Studying the Bible

KatieOrr shares about her depression, grief after the suddenloss of her young brother, and her FOCUSed15 method for us to learnto love to study the Bible. SUBSCRIBE/Review->SUBSCRIBE/Leave Review HERE Show Notes Page --> HERE ***Giving away THREE of Katie'sbooks!*** To ENTER to WIN abook: 1. "Like" Jacque Watkins' Facebook Page--> HERE  2. Leave a comment on the Facebookpost and answer this question: What is your biggestchallenge when reading the Bible?  3. Not on Facebook?? Answer thequestion on the show notes page in the comments section--> HERE to be entered to win

1hr 1min

4 May 2016

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MS 062 Amy J. Bennett: The Power of Thoughts, Entanglement and an Emotional Affair

Amy J. Bennet shares her mud of an emotional affair, the power of our thoughts, and her path out of the entanglement and how her grief led her to God. She also shares how the process happened, the steps she took along the way, and suggestions for how to be more aware and handle these kind of connections should you find yourself in a similar situation. Amy's Book: Entangled, A Woman's Guide to Recognizing Your Emotional Affair and Restoring Your Marriage Amy's Podcast: Feathers, Faith in Flight

1hr 8mins

8 Oct 2015

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MS 050 Annie Lobert: Sex Trafficking, Pornography, Pimps, Prostitution and God's Great Love

Annie Lobert shares her experience through the messy muddy world of sex trafficking, pimps, prostitution and pornography, and offers the hope of God's Great Love to each of us and to the women she rescues through her ministry Hookers for Jesus and their year-long program with The Destiny House. Annie's Website: Hookers For Jesus Annie's Book: Fallen: Out of the Sex Industry and Into the Arms of the Savior

1hr 13mins

23 Jun 2015

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MS 083 Thad Watkins: Relationships, Regret and Redemption

In this episode, Jacque's husband, Thad, talks with her about small muddy things we face and also the deeper, thicker mud we go through, including the challenges of ministry life, the lack of communication and unmet needs that can lead to an affair, and insight as to how to deal with deep regret in life. Thad also offers advice to couples who are maneuvering the demands of online ministry--including blogging, podcasting, and other creative endeavors. SUBSCRIBE/Review--> SUBSCRIBE/Leave Review HERE Join Facebook group --> Mud Stories Gathering HERE


23 Mar 2016

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MS 097 Overcoming Resistance, Fear and Procrastination to Get Things Done

Jacque shares about the challenge it is to overcome resistance, fear, and procrastination, in order to get the things done that matter most. She explores concepts from the book, The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield, and offers insight, tips and a practical plan, to overcome our resistance and get things done. ~To sign up for updates about Jacque's new ecourse: TEXT the words 'CONNECTWITHYOURTEEN' to 33444 ~Shownotes page--> Click Here ~SUBSCRIBE/Review->SUBSCRIBE/Review HERE ~Sign up for Coaching with Jacque --> COACHING HERE (http://www.jacquewatkins.com/coaching)  The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield


17 Aug 2016

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MS 003 Lisa Jo Baker: Cancer, Death, Grief & Loss {How to Be Sad and Well at the Same Time}

Lisa Jo Baker shares about her personal loss, the universal process of grief, living life without a mom, and how it is possible to be sad and well at the same time because of Christ.


29 Jul 2014

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MS 054 Amber C. Haines: Desire, Sin, Shame and Finding God in Broken Places

Amber C. Haines shares her life story of desire, sin, sex, drugs, an abortion, an affair, and how she handled shame and found God in her most broken places. Amber's book: Wild in the Hollow: On Chasing Desire and Finding the Broken Way Home

1hr 15mins

4 Aug 2015

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MS 082 Handling Comparison, Jealousy, Envy and Discontentment

Comparison, jealousy, and discontentment are such a struggle. Jacque shares her own experience as well as thoughts, scripture, and encouragement to help us heal. SUBSCRIBE/Review--> SUBSCRIBE/Leave Review HERE Leave a voicemail question--> HERE Join Facebook group --> Mud Stories Gathering HERE Snapchat Tutorial by Cliff Ravenscraft qBible Website


14 Mar 2016

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MS 063 Tray & Melody Lovvorn: Porn Addiction, Betrayal and The Destructive Paradigm of Performing and Pretending

Tray & Melody Lovvorn, from the Undone Redone podcast, share Part One of their Two-Part story, including porn addiction, performing, mask-wearing, betrayal, a 6-year divorce, and then remarrying one another in 2008. Undone Redone Podcast Life Beyond Betrayal-30 day course for women Embark-4 day intensive for men

1hr 8mins

15 Oct 2015

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MS 087 Feeling Afraid and Not Enough

There are times in life we are afraid--afraid we will miss God'swill--afraid to take the next step, move toward our goal,accomplish that achievement, or believe we can do whatever it iswe're dreaming about or believing for. We feel like we are notenough and become paralyzed by our fear. And we are not enoughby ourselves, but we are enough because of Christ. And God is withus and He does not want us to be afraid. SUBSCRIBE/Review->SUBSCRIBE/Leave Review HERE Support the Mud StoriesCommunity: Free Audiobook fromAudible --> HERE Shop at Amazon --> CLICKHERE Sign up for Coaching with Jacque--> HERE http://www.jacquewatkins.com/coaching JoinFacebook group --> Mud Stories Gathering HERE Seeshow Notes Page --> HERE SONGS: My Portion and My Strength, by EllieHolcomb Good, Good Father, by Chris Tomlin


27 Apr 2016

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MS 090 Anger, Adjusting Our Expectations, and Extending Grace

Often we get frustrated and angry in our relationships, and especially in our parenting, when our expectations are not met. Jacque explores the some of the possible roots of our anger, how to pause, evaluate, and identify our expectations. She also shares some practical ways to adjust our expectations, in order to minimize our frustration and anger, and extend grace--both to ourselves and to others. -SUBSCRIBE/Review->SUBSCRIBE/Review HERE -"Like" The Mud Stories Facebook Page --> HERE -Sign up for Coaching with Jacque --> HERE (http://www.jacquewatkins.com/coaching)  -Show Notes Page --> HERE Buy Jeannie's Book --> HERE Jeannie's Mud Story, Episode 31 --> HERE


19 May 2016

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