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Barstool Radio with Dave Portnoy is a weekly "best of" podcast where we deliver to you the best 60-90 min from Barstool's daily show on Sirius XM. This podcast focuses on the inner workings of Barstool Sports while also...

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Best Of Week 151 - Remembering Pete Frates & The Barstool Rap Battles

Eddie is in for Riggs as the host of Barstool Radio and the week starts out with a remembrance of Pete Frates legacy. Dave reflects on his relationship with the Frates family and how that lead to the massive fundraising that was made for ALS. This month's Barstool Doc was about the Tiko Texas saga so Dave and Dana B re-live that legendary time in Barstool history. Big Ev is removed from the RNR card and Dave didn't appreciate how DVD reacted to that news. All this and more on Barstool Radio.


16 Dec 2019

Rank #1

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Best Of Week 145 - The Shove Heard 'Round The World

Dave gives his thoughts on the recent Deadspin developments and everyone that has ever worked there. Devlin and Brandon Walker get into a fight right outside the Barstool Radio room and chaos ensues. Eddie is ready to call the Bears season over, Dallas Braden doesn't want to kill Alex Bregman for batflipping, and more.

2hr 32mins

4 Nov 2019

Rank #2

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The Dave Portnoy Show Episode 2 - Mike Portnoy

Dave goes 1 on 1 with his dad to get his thoughts on everything, from being made fun of on the blog to whether he ever thought Barstool would be successful to which bloggers he likes the most.


3 Mar 2016

Rank #3

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Best Of Week 153: Dave Gives Blind Mike An Ultimatum

Dave struck down a blog written by Blind Mike and Mike dared Dave to fire him. Dave erupts on Blind Mike and Kirk and gives Blind Mike an ultimatum to keep his job. Dave remembers back to the end of year video and summons Mikey Podcasts to answer for stealing from the merch closet. Dave runs through the 80's list of bangers.

1hr 3mins

6 Jan 2020

Rank #4

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Best Of Week 50 - Rough N Rowdy Is Heating Up The Barstool Office

Passion ran hot at Barstool HQ this week with Rough N Rowdy just around the corner. Intense arguments like 'Would Wayne Gretzky make it in today's NFL?" and "Is Conor McGregor cheating on his girl with Rita Ora?" consumed the office. Dave has become obsessed with trying to obtain as much Bitcoin as he can, despite not knowing anything about it. Big Cat and Ria admit that they are a little nervous at the prospect of Hank losing to Tex in RnR, and Tex tries to fight Big Cat in the studio. 15-Year-Old Steve also came in to hangout with us for his 16th birthday, but he'll always be 15 in our hearts. 

2hr 26mins

11 Dec 2017

Rank #5

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Best Of Week 49 - Cheese Doodles, Christmas Trees And Poker Chips ft. Phil Hellmuth

Everybody seemed to be arguing with each other in a contentious week at Barstool Headquarters. Some of the most heated debates your ears have ever heard took place right here on Barstool Radio. Age-old questions like 'Would you rather have a real or a fake Christmas tree?' and 'Is it called a cheese doodle or a cheese puff?' were fought over with fury. Pat McAfee and the Heartland boys stopped by on Monday to host the show and participate in or our Cyber Monday Telethon. Jared Carrabis claims he would not change lives with Justin Timberlake. Kevin brings in his hair stylist so she can passionately lobby Dave to let her cut his hair. World Series of Poker legend Phil Hellmuth stops by talk some cards and take your calls. Mr. Portnoy, Clem, and Rico Bosco make major contributions this week as well. All this and more on Barstool Radio. 

2hr 26mins

4 Dec 2017

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Best Of Week 51 - Rough N Rowdy Fight Week featuring Judd Apatow and Brendan Schaub

The intensity of the Barstool office was at an all time high. Eagles fans were upset over the Carson Wentz injury, Mets/Red Sox fans were angry at the Giancarlo Stanton trade, and everyone else was getting jacked up for Rough N Rowdy on Friday night. We reminisce about the Blackout Tour days where we were making a ton of money, throwing crazy foam parties, and fighting entire fraternities for our survival. Judd Apatow appears as a guest on the show for the second time. Brendan Schaub calls in to give his expert MMA opinion on Hank vs. Tex. Dave calls in the day of the fight from a West Virginia Chick-Fil-A to give an update on how things are going, and tell a story about going to the strip club the night before. All this and more on Barstool Radio. 

2hr 26mins

18 Dec 2017

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Best Of Week 53 - A Show Of Ice And Fire

After a long holiday break, the first week of Barstool Radio got off to the hottest, yet coldest start you've ever seen. The show broadcasted from the frigid Barstool Radio studios that were so cold a space heater couldn't even warm them up before blowing out all the technology in the control room. Despite the room being so cold all week, Dave was able to bring the heat on Fran for taking an extended vacation, the boondoggle boys for boondoggling again, Office Manager Brett just because, and ESPN for publishing fake news about the Patriots. Barstool Radio heating things up in 2018.

2hr 24mins

8 Jan 2018

Rank #8

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Episode 33 - Interviews with Milmore, Office Manager Brett, Trent and Rone.

Today on the Dave Portnoy Show, Dave speaks with Barstool employees around the office. Barstool's mystery man Milmore tells a story of being drugged, Office Manager Brett explains his journey to Barstool, and Trent talks all things Iowa and his hopes of coming to NYC. Dave also speaks with International Battle Rap Champion Rone, who gives his pitch for why he should be working for Barstool.

1hr 7mins

6 Oct 2016

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Best Of Week 33 Part 1 - The GlennyBall Gets Cancelled, Zah Murders Smitty and A Sister Slides Into Dave's DMs

It has come to Dave's attention that Glenny Ball has become too large for it's own good. But how exactly did that happen? Well, no one really knows because no one wants to take the blame. Glenny, Ria, Office Manager Brett, Louis, and Gaz all throw one another under the bus while explaining to Dave how 20,000 invites were sent for a 150-person party. Stars such as Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Sara Underwood, Zac Efron, Nick Jonas, Baron Davis and Mo Vaughn all received invites, but Frankie couldn't even get his buddies on the guest list. Determined not to let the Glenny Ball chaos ruin his moment at Barstool, Zah the black African midget from Zimbabwe bursts through the door, climbs on the table and berates Smitty for a mistake made over the weekend. Only on Barstool Radio.

1hr 46mins

9 Aug 2017

Rank #10

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Best of Week 48 - That Feeling When The Over Hits ft. Clancy And The Cat

On a short week before the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, the show breaks down the upcoming Eagles/Pats Super Bowl, more Sean Kingston, awkward office encounters, overs, and if Christmas is better than Thanksgiving. Fran joins the show because the Eagles do nothing but win, and are looking like the favorite to win the NFC. On Tuesday, Dave and Big Cat watch Iowa-South Dakota State down to the final seconds to see if the over hits. Starting 9 producer Justin joins the show because he walked in on Dave in the bathroom. Kevin and Big Cat spend the day before Thanksgiving debating Thanksgiving vs. Christmas, taking calls from our top guys like Rico and Steve, and learning about nerd stuff from All Business Pete. All that and more on Barstool Radio.

1hr 41mins

27 Nov 2017

Rank #11

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Best of 2017

The first year of Barstool Radio was so damn good they gave us a channel. The Best of 2017 podcast has all the best moments from 2017 including: Our very first segment (0:32-14:54) Grudgement Day (14:56-52:55) the birth of Frank the Tank (53:49-1:07:15) the battle for Nate's WSOP winnings (1:07:16-1:32:37) discovering Zah, and his first day in the office (1:33:35-1:52:50) Feitelberg after the Pats lost to the Chiefs Week 1 (1:52:51-2:04:46) Chaps fuckin weird (2:04:48-2:16:21) Big Cat getting in trouble for pissing in the sink (2:16:22-2:24:06) KFC vs. Rico Bosco (2:24:07-2:36:17) Murdering Adam Best and playing in the mud (2:36:19-3:03:35) Hank's victory lap after Rough N Rowdy (3:03:37-3:25:16) and our last segment of 2017 (3:25:17-3:30:00). 

3hr 30mins

1 Jan 2018

Rank #12

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Best Of Week 52 - Closing Out The Year In Style

The final week of Barstool Radio in 2017 had just about everything. Handsome Hank joined the show to recap his victorious weekend in Rough N Rowdy, and got congratulatory calls from Rico Bosco and Mr. Portnoy. Roger Goodell tried to pull a fast one on us by selling 'Sundays Are For The Boys" t-shirts, but we wouldn't let that slide. Zah has been working at Barstool since the summer, and never told anybody that he's seen aliens before. He tells us all about his firsthand experience of the Ariel Phenomenon. The Barstool Christmas party did Frankie dirty, and created some office drama centered around Dave's wardrobe. KFC has one last violent Mets rant to finish off 2017.

2hr 28mins

25 Dec 2017

Rank #13

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Best Of Week 47 - Rough, Rowdy, Hot and Dangerous ft. Hot Pastor & Ryan Whitney

Week 47 gets off to an intense start when Tex faces off against Team Hank (Hank, Ria & Big Cat)in the first of what should be many rounds of shit-talking. We go in a totally different direction the next day when Carl Lentz a.k.a. Hot Pastor joins the show. Carl reads select quotes from a blog Dave wrote about him, gives us a look into his connection with Justin Bieber, then sticks around to take some calls. Mr. Portnoy calls in and asks Dave for his own show and our upcoming SIRIUS channel, and calls in again the next day to berate Kevin for not having seen The Godfather. Former Edmonton Oiler legend Ryan Whitney also spends an entire show with us getting mocked by Dave and telling NHL fight stories. Only on Barstool Radio.

2hr 20mins

20 Nov 2017

Rank #14

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Episode 30 - The "Non Cool Club"

Today on the Dave Portnoy Show Dave was joined by the "Non Cool Club". Basically everyone who wasn't invited to the Kanye West concert. He talked to Clem: about his commute and being fat. Riggs: about his plans for BarstoolHQ and his illustrious Harvard Hockey career. Nate: On being hated and his plans for Nate at Night. Smitty: about his thoughts on the "Club Cool" and his feud with Nate. Coley: about his infamous blunt rolling video and Mo recruiting him to leave Barstool.


15 Sep 2016

Rank #15

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Best Of Week 104 - Dave Portnoy Has Been Compromised

Somehow, someway, Dave Portnoy has been compromised. Against all common sense, Dave breaks down the details of his stolen identity investigation. The Call Her Daddy girls make waves through the entire office by claiming they can guess the exact size of all the dicks in the office without looking at them. Barstool Carl goes viral, Tommy's got a new blog series, and more. 

2hr 51mins

14 Jan 2019

Rank #16

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Episode 7 - El Pres Brings Back The Power Hour

This week on the Dave Portnoy Show he goes old school with a "Barstool Power Hour" esque show taking non stop phone calls and questions from Stoolies. He also provides updates on the NYC move, the ceo search, and what its like living in NYC.

1hr 5mins

7 Apr 2016

Rank #17

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Best Of Week 54 - Judgment Day

On Barstool Radio's last full week on Rush 93, we start off on a sad note. Kevin addresses the Barstool audience after getting caught cheating on his wife over the weekend. Nate battles with Dave over a blog about Johnny Manziel, and refuses to make content with Smitty for Rough N Rowdy. Blackjack Fletcher joins us in studio to discuss his developing rivalry with Rico Bosco. Mr. Portnoy is still trying to convince Dave to give him and Cousin Murray a SIRIUS Show, and we discover Grant the Trucker. All this and more on Barstool Radio, starting this Wednesday on POWER 85.

1hr 54mins

15 Jan 2018

Rank #18

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Best Of Week 11 - Loud Sean vs Spags and Grudgement Day

Best of Barstool Radio Week 11 is Live. Boy oh boy what a week it was. We kick the show off with Loud Sean vs Chris Spags (1:08 - 30:35). The two go back and forth about what happened at Karaoke night and it turns into one of Barstool's most intense arguments ever. Next up was an update on the Robbie Fox Cum Challenge (30:35 - 38:50). Other topics include International Women's Day (41:08 - 43:20), The impact of Pizza Reviews (43:20 - 46:08), and caller Natalia had a choice to make (46:06 - 48:38). The entire second hour consists of Grudgement Day (49:35 - 1:51:31) as Dave airs out all his dirty laundry regarding a recent breakup with his girlfriend live on SiriusXM airwaves.

1hr 51mins

13 Mar 2017

Rank #19

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Episode 31 - Blogger Power Rankings

Today on the Dave Portnoy Show, Dave was joined by CEO Erika Nardini to discuss life in the New York office, as well as providing power rankings for each of the bloggers.


22 Sep 2016

Rank #20