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GovLove is a podcast about the people, policies and profession of local government. From Mayors and City Managers to interns and everyone in between, we interview the people making a difference in their communities to learn about the great work being done at the local level. GovLove is brought to you by Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL).

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#120 Trends & Topics in MPA Programs

Justin Marlowe from the University of Washington Evans School & Alicia Shatteman from Northern Illinois University join GovLove to discuss what they see as the trending topics in local government. From technology to communication and the use of the M-word Justin & Alicia share what they are seeing from their MPA students.


18 Apr 2017

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#15 Tom Lundy, County Manager, Catawba County, NC

From intern to County Manager. Tom Lundy has become a legend in Catawba County, NC. He's been the Manager at Catawba for 36 years as well as served as the President of ICMA, the National Association of County Administrators, and the North Carolina City-County Management Association. In this GovLove Episode, Lundy talks about his perspective on local government, how things have changed during his career, and some of his advice.


28 Aug 2015

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#242 Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan with Heather Worthington & Paul Mogush

Battling disparities through planning. Two people from the City of Minneapolis, MN join the podcast to talk about the hottest comprehensive plan in the country, Minneapolis 2040. Heather Worthington is the Director of Long Range Planning and Paul Mogush is the Manager of Community Planning for Minneapolis. Heather and Paul discussed the goals of the new comprehensive plan, which put dealing with racial disparities at the center of their work, and how they engaged the public throughout the process. The new plan will make big changes to land use in the city including eliminating single family zoning and parking minimums. 


4 Jan 2019

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#80 The Importance of Organizational Culture with Ron Holifield

Ron Holifield from Strategic Government Resources comes on the podcast to discuss culture and how it can impact hiring and brand perception. The interview covers everything from servant leadership to how prepared local governments are for the "silver tsunami."


14 Oct 2016

Rank #4

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#233 What Government Innovation Really Looks Like with Hana Schank

Getting the work done. Hana Schank, Public Interest Technology Fellow for New America, joined the podcast to talk about her recently published report on innovation in government. She interviewed problem solvers working across Federal, State and local governments to learn how they are trying to make government services better for residents. From what this field of innovation should be called, what teams across the country look like and common projects that teams are working on, Hana gave more info on what she found in her report. She also talked about the necessity of buy-in from top leadership and the importance of process over technology.  Read the report: Getting the Work Done - What Government Innovation Really Looks Like


16 Nov 2018

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#65 Standing Up to Gender Discrimination with Kirsten Wyatt

Kent, Kirsten and Ben were together in Wrightsville Beach, NC and used the opportunity to talk together about Kirsten's gender discrimination tort claim notice and eventual departure from West Linn, Oregon. They talk about discrimination, the step-by-step process to stand up for yourself, and Kirsten's transition from local government practitioner to ELGL Executive Director.

1hr 6mins

29 Jul 2016

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#36 Local Government Technology, Next Request and Seneca Systems

A few months ago, ELGL Co-Founder and GovLove host, Kent Wyatt sat down with two people active in the local government tech scene. His guests were, Tamara Manik-Perlman, CEO of Next Request and Chris Maddox, CEO of Seneca Systems. Their conversation covered everything from transparency in government and user experience to the Warriors win streak and celebrity look-a-likes.

1hr 8mins

5 Feb 2016

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#110 Leadership & Infrastructure with Dan Biles, Jefferson County, AL

Dan Biles, the Deputy County Manager of Jefferson County, Alabama, joined GovLove to talk about his career path, perspective on leadership and rebuilding infrastructure after a municipal bankruptcy. We discussed his jump from the private sector to government and how he models the behavior he wants to see in his employees - like leaving at 1:00 pm. Dan also shared how his military experience shaped his career and how the deputy or assistant manager role is unique.


7 Mar 2017

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#116 City Attorney to City Manager with Jane Brautigam, Boulder, CO

Jane Brautigam the City Manager of Boulder, CO joined GovLove to talk about her career path and making the leap from law to management. She also shared her perspective on diversity in local government, affordable housing in Boulder and dealing with prairie dogs. Jane has been the City Manager of Boulder since 2008 and prior to that was the manager of Dublin, OH, Loveland, CO and was an attorney for several local governments in Colorado.


31 Mar 2017

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#147 Local Government Law: Are You Tweeting Into Trouble?

Local government law and social media. In a new series we're exploring the legal side of local government and this week it's all about social media. Dan Bolin and Julie Tappendorf from the Ancel Glink law firm in Chicago, IL join the podcast to discuss. They talk about the cases and trends they are seeing in the legal world around social media.

1hr 8mins

25 Aug 2017

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#150 The Effect of Driverless Cars & Amazon on Local Government

How cities will be adjusting to automated vehicles and e-commerce. Dr. Ben Clark & Dr. Nico Larco from the University of Oregon join the podcast to discuss the impact of driverless cars and online shopping. Local governments will be adjusting through their tax and revenue policies, land use and more. These changes are already here, many brick and mortar retail stores are closing and Uber and Lyft are impacting how the public uses streets and parking.

1hr 4mins

15 Sep 2017

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#274 Strategy & Performance in Olathe, KS and Durham, NC

Measuring success. A trio of strategic planning and performance measurement experts joined the podcast to talk about their work: Ed Foley the Performance Management Analyst for the City of Olathe, Kansas, Josh Edwards the Strategy & Performance Director for the City of Durham, North Carolina, and Laura Chandler a Director at Clearpoint Strategy. Ed and Josh both shared their organizations' journey and Laura added the perspective of a software platform geared for strategic plans and performance measures.  This interview was recorded from the 2019 Transforming Local Government Conference in Reno, Nevada.


4 Jun 2019

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#305 Shared Services & Consolidation with Ed Henschel

Delivering services in a better, faster, and more efficient way. Author Ed Henschel joined the podcast to talk about his career in local government and his new book, which is a practical guide to municipal service consolidation. Ed describes the different types of consolidation and shared service delivery, real world examples and his experience with navigating consolidation.  Book: Municipal Shared Service and Consolidation Handbook Host: Kirsten Wyatt


25 Oct 2019

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#331 Local Politics is the Best Politics with Professor Emily Farris

The best of American politics. Emily Farris, Associate Professor of Politics at Texas Christian University, joined the podcast to talk about teaching local politics. She shared how she includes local government in her courses and gets students to learn about what's going on in Fort Worth, Texas. Professor Farris also shared her career path and what influenced her to study this field.  Host: Kent Wyatt

1hr 1min

28 Feb 2020

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#57 Charlotte, NC Open Streets & Community Engagement

This week we profile an innovative community engagement effort from the City of Charlotte, North Carolina. Sarah Hazel and Monica Holmes come on to talk about Open Streets 704, an event where they shut down the streets to cars and opened them to people.


24 Jun 2016

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#193 The Color of Law with Richard Rothstein

Talking housing segregation and public policy. Richard Rothstein is the author of "The Color of Law," a book about a forgotten history of how the government segregated America. Rothstein discussed his book and how the segregation in our cities was caused by different government policies, not the preferences of residents. From the federal level down to local zoning and urban renewal decisions Rothstein argues that the government caused segregated neighborhoods in patterns that violate the Constitution and require remediation.


1 Jun 2018

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#155 Practical Innovation in Syracuse & Anchorage with Sam Edelstein & Brendan Babb

Open data and innovation from coast to coast. Brendan Babb, the Chief Innovation Officer of Anchorage, Alaska and Sam Edelstein, the Chief Data Officer of Syracuse, New York join GovLove. They answered questions from our listeners, talked about how innovation doesn't have to be fancy and the role of an innovation office in a city.

1hr 9mins

20 Oct 2017

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#252 The Future of Government Websites with Ken Clark, Indianapolis, IN

Shift Indy. Ken Clark the Chief Information Officer for the City of Indianapolis and Marion County, Indiana discussed his career path and his work updating the organization's website. Ken shared how he got buy in for a new approach to the website, the work that went into bringing it into the 21st century and how they improved the user experience. Ken also talked about the importance of understanding finances and how he cut his departmental budget while also taking on this enormous project.


22 Feb 2019

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#264 Right-of-Way Management: Cell Towers, Scooters & Free Speech

Trends in planning. GovLove was recently at the National Planning Conference for a session all about right-of-way. Local governments hold the public right-of-way in trust for the benefit of the public; but rapid changes in technology, federal policy, and constitutional law are increasing demands for services and challenging local regulatory authority. Experienced local government attorneys, and industry professionals discuss best practices for right-of-way management in the face of emerging challenges. Panelists include: Alan Weinstein, Cleveland State University; Alicia Giudice, San Rafael, CA; Brandon Bordenkircher, Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development; Daniel J. Bolin, Ancel Glink; Gail A. Karish, Best Best & Krieger LLP; and Isidro A. Jimenez, San Francisco, CA. This episode was recorded from the 2019 National Planning Conference in San Francisco, CA. 

1hr 33mins

26 Apr 2019

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#205 The Most Innovative City in the Nation, Fayetteville, NC with Rebecca Jackson

In Governing and Living Cities' 2018 Equipt to Innovate survey the City of Fayetteville, North Carolina was chosen as the top overall performer. Rebecca Jackson, the Strategic Performance Analytics Director, joined the podcast to talk about her work and what it means to be chosen as the most innovative city in the nation. Rebecca shared Fayetteville's approach to strategic planning, how they include resident input and their process improvement work.  This interview was recorded from the North Carolina Local Government Budget Association (NCLGBA) 2018 Summer Conference in Atlantic Beach, NC.


27 Jul 2018

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