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Igor Kheifets, the King of Solo ads, shows you how to build a list and make money living the list building lifestyle from anywhere in the world!

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IKS158: 9 Places Where You Can Buy Solo Ads That Convert

The upside of solo ads is that they're not as mainstream as other traffic sources. This means you don't have to deal with saturation and high CPC. But the downside is it could be difficult to know where to buy solo ads that convert. In this episode I share with you 9 places where to buy solo ads for any niche.


23 Aug 2017

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IKS116: How To Ethically Steal From Your Competition

I spoke to a client on the phone the other day who admitted: Igor, the one thing I realized since I started in February is the internet is a very competitive place! That's right, Amico. The internet is extremely competitive. It removed virtually every barrier for starting an online business or offering a service. No matter your opportunity, MLM or educational program... There's probably at least a dozen look-a-likes out there trying to steal your customer as we speak. Most marketers try to differentiate themselves from competition by making louder claims. But that's like trying to win over the prom queen with a hip haircut. Discover the true and only way to thrive in spite of fierce competition.


29 Mar 2017

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Free Traffic vs Paid Traffic - What Traffic Method Best For a Beginner?

Paid traffic is expensive and free traffic is technical and slow. What's the perfect traffic source for someone who is just getting started with list building? Igor leaves no room for debate in this episode.


25 May 2020

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How To Create Outrageously-Profitable Campaigns With Bill Glazer

Ever wonder what makes a great offer? Is there method to the madness? Or do successful marketers just far out winning campaigns on their morning drive? Igor interviews Bill Glazer, co-founder of Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle and the author of “Outrageous Marketing Campaigns” to discovered the definite way to creating winning marketing campaigns.


12 Apr 2019

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IKS015: The Secrets Of $106.63 EPCs With Andre Chaperon

Igor grills Andre Chaperon, world's leading authority on story-selling and story-driven email marketing on how he pulls over a hundred dollars per click from his list. Igor and Andre discuss the keys to email sequence success and the core mistakes rookie list builders make that hold them back from massive email profits.


11 Apr 2016

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Autoresponder Wars Volume 2 - Self Hosted vs 3rd Party Mailing Software

Igor dives deep into the realm of self-hosted email autoresponders. Who should use them and why? Are they newbie friendly? How they stack up against 3rd party mailers like Aweber and GetResponse?


1 Jun 2020

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5-Step Attraction Marketing System With Tyson Zahner

Who said you have to "chase" customers? Why can't they come to you instead? Better... Why couldn't they be already pre-sold on working with you when they show up on your "door step?" My buddy Tyson Zahner believes that's EXACTLY how it's supposed to be. And he shares his 5 step attraction system to making it happen!


29 Jan 2018

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IKS153: Why Winning Doesn't Come Naturally For Most Of Us

You’ve got to hear about Pavlov’s evil twin. Let’s call him Alfred. Alfred's experiments aren’t for the faint of heart because he likes to experiment on dogs by zapping them. Why? Is he a sadist? Most likely. But he’s doing it for the sake of science. I don’t approve of his work. I believe anyone who shocks animals with electric current should be hung by his nutsack from the tallest tree in Kansas. BUT… There’s one thing we learn from what he’d done about ourselves, not dogs. Arguably, it’s the reason why you feel like a loser. And why most people remain losers for the entire lives.


7 Aug 2017

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IKS162: How To Increase Conversions Using Smart & Ethical Scarcity

Scarcity works. It can easily double your conversions. But you have to do it right. Most marketers do it wrong. In this episode I explain why prospect can't fight scarcity as a selling tool and how to do it the right and ethical way for any product.


6 Sep 2017

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Solo Ads Quickstart Guide For Beginner List Builders

I talk to a lot of solo ad newbies. The #1 question I get ALWAYS is "Igor, how do I get started with solo ads?" Turns out, what stifles most people about solo ads is not having a specific getting-started blueprint for action. And that's what I'm giving you in this episode of the List Building Lifestyle


23 Oct 2017

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Frame Control Affiliate Marketing With Kameron George

Recently I've had an opportunity to sit across the virtual table from one of the highest paid super-affiliates the internet marketing space has ever seen and ask them - what's the #1 thing you do responsible for making you 7 figure affiliate commissions? He spent the next 40 minutes explaining to me the most important thing that made him a super-affiliate.


16 Jul 2018

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IKS170: Are You Making These 5 Deadly Email Subject Line Mistakes?

It’s the most important part of your email. Get it right and your list will reward you with opens, click and sales. Blow it and kiss your profits good bye! Are you making these common subject line mistakes?


4 Oct 2017

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Instagram Marketing Secrets With Ben Oberg

I hate social media. It takes up a lot of time but offers a low ROI. If at all. For most people - it's a nice way to stay busy. Bad way to get customers though. I can't, however, ignore the fact that SOME people make a great living on social networks. Like my buddy Ben Oberg - an Instagram marketer. That's why I decided to get him to spill the exact system he's using to profit with Instagram for you.


20 Nov 2017

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How To Become a Super-Affiliate From Scratch

Andrew Fox has been raking in affiliate commissions since '99. Since then he became a living version of the "cliche" super-affiliate. He owns 2 Ferraris and a luxury yacht where he conducts private workshops. During the interview Andrew talks about the big mistakes he made along the way and how to get on the fast track to super-affiliate success.


18 Feb 2019

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IKS035: 3 Step Formula To Creating Sales-Getting Content With Vick Strizheus

The universe is all about laws. They either work for you. Or against you. In the real world, you've got Gravity and other laws. Online - you got the law of income. It's a 3-part law which explains why 2% of all Internet marketers make about 97% of all Internet income. And why the rest struggle and suffer. The new episode of the List Building Lifestyle features Vick Strizheus who mastered the Law of Income. He sort of made it his bitch lol. And now he shares how you can do the same.


20 Jun 2016

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How I Became 2nd Highest Earning Affiliate On WarriorPlus.com

How did Igor become the 2nd Highest Earning Affiliate on WarriorPlus.com with only 1400 clicks while generating close to $80,000 promoting only 1 product? Could it be the exact secret strategies Igor used to becoming the 3rd top earning affiliate on JVZoo? Discover the simple method that supercharged Igor to becoming a top promoter for big names like Matt Bacak, Dean Holland, Mike Cheney, and more.


3 May 2019

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IKS021: How To Think Like A Winner With Paulo Barroso

Igor and Paulo talk about what you must do to start thinking like a winner in your online business. This is important, because when you think like a winner, you act like one and that's when you become one.


2 May 2016

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Why You Need a Webinar With Jason Fladlien

Jason Fladlien is an international authority on webinar creation. He’s responsible for building webinars that generated multiple 7-figures in revenues for himself and his partners, and he’s the author of “One To Many: The Secret To Webinar Success”. In this eye-opening interview, Jason and Igor dive deep into what it means to build a successful webinar, even if you’re a complete beginner with no testimonials nor social proof, and why that may even be a good thing.


25 Feb 2019

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IKS022: 7 Cardinal Sins Of List Building

List building can be the most rewarding job in the world.But it can also be the most ungrateful way to spend your time and money if you're not careful.Most marketers who attempt list building are digging their own graves.Why?Because without even knowing it, they're committing un-holy sins which can only lead to poverty, misery and despair.This episode reveals the 7 cardinal sins of list building you ought to fix right away to build your own stairway to financial heaven.


4 May 2016

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Near-Passive Income With Michael Cheney of 7 Figure Franchise

What's the definition of "passive income?" It's when you don't have to work and you still make money. Is passive income possible? According to all the VSLs and Gurus - it's the easiest thing in the world to attain (if you know their secrets lol!). But according to my experience - passive income doesn't exist. But there's something I call "near-passive" income. And it's the next best thing!


8 Nov 2017

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