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Awards Thus Far!

One third of the season is done and we are bringing you one whole episode of awesome awards predictions. Who can give Giannis a run for MVP? Ariel and Mike have strong to medium feelings about Defensive Player of the Year, 6th Man, and very strong feelings about Rookie, Coach, and Chicagoisterrible of the year. Tune in for a random diversion into Spencer Dinwiddie trade talks as well as our biggest surprise, disappointment, championship pick updates. Thanks for listening and, as always, we’d love a five star rating and review!


18 Dec 2019

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Hey Now You're An All Star (Reserve)

NBA All Star voting is well underway! With Mike out of commission, Ariel is joined by Brian and Tobin from the Spread the Floor Podcast to talk about the potential All Stars this 2019-2020 season. Specifically, we breakdown who we think should make the reserve list! If you're a small market fan or new NBA follower this is a great episode to jump into! We ask the important questions; how many All Stars do the Celtics deserve? Which Eastern guard on a losing team is most worthy? Why was Jarrett Allen playing in the G League this summer??? Tune in for answers! Don't forget to leave a rate and review!

1hr 10mins

12 Jan 2020

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The Five Games of Christmas

The Christmas day smorgasborg is almost upon us and Michael and Ariel have got you covered with trade talks and previews of all five games. What is the chicken wing game and what is Michael watching for in it? Who do we like in the marquee Eastern Conference matchup between Giannis and the Bucks vs. Embiid and the 76ers? Ariel thinks there’s a chance Harden and the Rockets get spooked by the Ghosts of Warriors past but it’s more the Beard goes banana-town bonkers on a hapless Golden State team. All this before the title fight between the behemoths of LA and is there anything to focus on in the Denver/New Orleans matchup to round out the night? Happy Holidays everyone! Thanks for listening and if you think we’ve been good, please leave us a five star review!


24 Dec 2019

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We're Halfway There!

Michael returns to chat with fellow NBAsian Ariel about the biggest stories halfway through an exciting season. Ja Morant is dunking (or attempting to) on everyone in the NBA! No one believes in the Bucks but everyone think they will make the finals? We debate Simmons/Embiid, talk the last hurrah of Chris Paul, and discuss what moves the Clippers can make without starting a riot in their locker room. All this and Michael gives his take on the all-stars. Is there a Brandon Ingram nod coming? Does he agree with Ariel’s Spencer Dinwiddie votes? Tune in to find out...then rate and review us! 

1hr 21mins

23 Jan 2020

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LOLKnicks & Risers and Fallers

Week 3 is in the books and the NBAsians are here to tell you all about it. Freak out! We have injuries to Khris Middleton and Gordon Hayward. DeAaron Fox has an ankle sprain, Anthony Davis has a sore shoulder, and we legit forgot to mention Kyle Lowry because everyone is hurt. But seriously, FREAK OUT if your name is Dion Waiters...or if you work for the New York lolKnicks. Yeesh. All this and Mike and Ariel dive into risers and fallers as the NBA season starts to offer a bit more clarity. Who do we like going forward and what trouble could be on the horizon for the Eastern Conference contenders? Thanks for listening and sharing with all your nerdy basketball friends. You’re a real pal.


13 Nov 2019

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All New NBA Tiers!

The Nerdy Basketball Associ-asians are baaaaaack and we are tearing our old tiers apart. We chat about the players of the week: Giannis and Melo and not James Harden. Michael is super sad Ja Morant is out and Ariel is awaiting the return of Kyrie Irving. Onto the tiers and we lay out our clear contenders and those clearly chasing the #1 pick before diving into teams that are moving up and down our tiers including the Jazz, Heat, Hawks, Raptors, and more! So much free content and it doesn’t even cost you five stars ALTHOUGH we would really appreciate a rate and review. Thanks for listening!

1hr 17mins

5 Dec 2019

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Cavs Coaching and Taking a Mulligan

All Star weekend is over and your NBA(llstar)sians are here to talk about our reactions to the weekend, Cavs coaching changes, and Kyrie’s new leadership position that will keep him busy as he recovers (again). Then, Ariel and Michael meander around some mulligans on our preseason predictions. What are the current chances of the Rockets, Jazz, Nuggets and more! They stop to discuss which teams need (and have figured out how to get around a lack of) good point guard play and - AND! - who would have thought in 2014 that Kevin Love and Andrew Wiggins would be such shiny assets the entire league was fighting over only six years later? Everything is fine in Cleveland. This is fine. 

1hr 9mins

19 Feb 2020

Rank #7

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All Star Snubs!

Michael and Ariel respond to the freshly released All Star reserves and CONTROVERSY! Who do we think deserves to get on the team instead of your favorite player? Were the Celtics robbed or is Michael right about the East being largely correct? Meanwhile in the West: Westbrook over a bunch of deserving candidates? Has Booker really been good enough to be an all star the past three seasons? (no) And JUSTICE FOR UTAH!!!! All this and we dive into the new All Star Game scoring rule and raise another option for honoring Kobe. RIP. Hug a friend. Text a loved one.


3 Feb 2020

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Week Two! Freighthopping and the MVP Race

Week 2 is in the books and the NBAsians are here to tell you all about the surprising statistical trends of the season. “Nerds!” you say? “YES!” we say back! Join us as we dive into our MVPs to date including Anthony Davis, Karl-Anthony Towns, Kawhi Leonard, and more! What bandwagons should you be hopping onto (because we already have)? More importantly, which wagons are we slowly sliding off of and why is it the Brooklyn Nets? All this and more small sample sizes in another free and super-recommendable episode of the NBAsians!

6 Nov 2019

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Week One Overreactions and Analysis!

We’ve got nearly a week of games in the books and all the overreactions! Deandre Ayton is suspended but nothing can stop the Phoenix Suns! Mike loves seeing all the size on offense but wonders if it is workable on defense for teams like the Trailblazers, Pacers, and maybe even his Cavs. Ariel thinks the kids are alright as young guards are proving their chops and even guys like RJ Barrett and Rui Hachimura (#NBAsian) are showing they have the skills to be more than just NBA-ready bodies. Of course we talk about the Lakers rotation and give our Conference and NBA finals predictions. One of us picks the Lakers! If we didn’t get to your favorite team, don’t worry! We will try to cover the other teams in the next episode - especially once you leave a 5 star review? Win-win (that’s two more wins than the Warriors have right now)

1hr 8mins

29 Oct 2019

Rank #10

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Award Previews, Playoff Seeding, and Early Takeaways

The NBAsians are back with a slew of predictions for all the awards and playoff seeding. We even disagree (some). Which player not named Giannis do we think will win MVP this year? Or do we disagree?! Tune in to find out. Ariel is a homer as we go through seedings while Michael commits the cardinal sin of betting against the Spurs. And...AND we have real live games to talk about. We go through a few trends to watch for early in the season before signing off to watch more basketball. Thanks for listening and spread the word! The NBAsians invasion depends on YOU!


25 Oct 2019

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Team Previews: Utah Jazz & Washington Wizards

The NBAsians love what the Jazz have done with the place. How do the additions of Bro Ingles and Mike Conley affect their outlook and can this team hang with the favorites in the Western Conference? Is Gobert enough to anchor this defense (again)? We also chat about the perplexing Washington Wizards who have doubled down on the pairing of Wall and Beal. We bring you over/unders and basketball banter because we care. Thanks for listening and remember sharing is caring! 5 star reviews...are also considered caring.


21 Oct 2019

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Team Previews: San Antonio Spurs & Toronto Raptors

Michael and Ariel are so close to the NBA season but there are still a few more previews including the Eternal San Antonio Spurs. Michael really likes Demar Derozan. No he doesn’t. Ariel has thoughts about blowing this team up but will Pop let him? Next up the NBAsians check out the defending champion Toronto Raptors. Sure, they are ready to unleash Spicy P but will they pay him? What do they have in OG Anunoby and can this team still compete? LOL It’s the east, of course they will! All this a


21 Oct 2019

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Team Previews: Philadelphia 76ers & Phoenix Suns

Ariel and Michael are back and chatting about the new look 76ers. Will Ben Simmons shoot enough to open up this offense or is it up to the bigs to put this offense on their back? Is it championship or best for these Eastern Conference contenders? Then we dive into another team pinning their hopes on a big man. Death to small ball! Long live Embiid...and Ayton! Michael thinks the Rubio contract was bad but his presence may be necessary for this team to begin to turn the corner while Ariel isn’t as sure about this team’s prospects. All this and our usual round of over/unders. Download and share please! Listening is also highly recommended by 2 out of 2 hosts of this podcast.


21 Oct 2019

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Team Previews: Detroit Pistons and Golden State Warriors

Ariel and Michael are back and we’ve got team previews for the Detroit Pistons and Golden State Warriors. Has Blake Griffin nailed down his Hall of Fame case? Do we like the addition of Derrick Rose et al to bolster another playoff push? What even happened to the Warriors and will a core of Curry, Russell, and the newly paid Draymond Green be enough to carry a roster of centers until Klay Thompson returns. What are Steph’s MVP chances and can this team make noise in the playoffs or is the door closed? All this and more on another episode of the Nerdy Basketball Associ-asians. Thanks for listening and please don’t be a goober. Share this podcast with your friends.


4 Sep 2019

Rank #15

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Team Previews: Dallas Mavericks & Denver Nuggets

Michael and Ariel talk Boogie’s injury and if it’s time for a Lakers and Dwight Howard reunion before lamenting the current state of Team USA. Then it's on to the Dallas Mavericks and whether Doncic, Porzingis, and a mediocre offseason spells playoffs in a wide open Western Conference. Finally, the NBAsians examine the Denver Nuggets. Michael loves the addition of Jerami Grant so much we start talking about second round playoff matchups in addition to the usual round of over/unders. All this and more on another episode of the Nerdy Basketball Associ-asians. Thanks for listening and keep sharing this podcast with your fellow work-drones!

1hr 13mins

21 Aug 2019

Rank #16

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Team Previews: Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers

Ariel and Michael are talking the surprisingly good offseason of the Chicago Bulls and the Cleveland Cavaliers appear to have a plan? What do we think is the ceiling for this LaVine, Markkenen, Carter core? What was our favorite Bulls move this offseason? The Cavs! Michael gets to talk Cavs basketball and the light at the end of the tunnel. The Kevin Love era may not last for long but Cedi 4eva and will Coach Beilein let the kids shoot some threeeees? All the nerdy basketball talk you signed up for. Spread the word: Join the Associ-asian!


13 Aug 2019

Rank #17

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Team Previews: Brooklyn Nets & Charlotte Hornets

The NBAsians are back and Ariel gets to wax poetic about his Brooklyn Nets. Will Kyrie Irving and the hope of Kevin Durant be enough for the Nets to improve on their playoff appearance last season? What are the Hornets up to now that the Kemba Walker era is over? Long live the Terry Rozier epoch!  Please remember to share this podcast with your grandma. Ask them to rate and review. We’re such nice boys.

1hr 15mins

31 Jul 2019

Rank #18

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The Kawhi Watch has Ended

Kawhi watch is over in the most spectacular fashion possible with Paul George joining him on the Los Angeles Clippers and the Oklahoma City Thunder receiving an absolute treasure trove in return. The NBAsians break down the trade, the outlook for the new look Clippers (and Lakers after signing Danny Green, Rondo, Boogie, Mcgee, while looking for anyone that once played point guard that one time maybe). Michael and Ariel checkout what Toronto does now before breaking down possible Russell Westbrook trades. The NBA is awesome and the NBAsians are here to be nerdy about it. Thanks for listening and thanks more for rating and reviewing!

1hr 28mins

7 Jul 2019

Rank #19

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10 Things on NBA Free Agency!

The NBAsians are here to talk about the most bonkers first day of free agency we can recall! The Brooklyn Nets are now brought to you by Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant...and Deandre Jordan! The New York Knicks sign Julius Randle and a bunch of other dudes that play the same position. What do we think about Al Horford and the humongous 76ers squad? Everyone is signing crazy contracts and Kawhi isn’t even taking meetings yet! Nobody could predict some of these moves but never forget you heard about Bro Ingles here first. Tell your friends. And tell them to rate and review the podcast as well.

1hr 46mins

2 Jul 2019

Rank #20