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The Adelaide University Gliding Club (AUGC) podcastfeatures material produced by club members to highlight the sport of gliding.AUGC is a non-profit club affiliated with the Adelaide UniversitySports Association.

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AUGC 2006 Promo

Adelaide University Gliding Club has produced this video to promote itself and Gliding in Australia. Featuring dozens of pilots flying in front of cameras, awesome camera work, and a compelling narrative describing how gliders work, what glider pilots can do, and how you can join the Australian Gliding movement to have the most fun anyone can have with their clothes on.


25 Sep 2006

Rank #1

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QH Loop

Fitted with a wingtip camera, David Conway performs a loop over Gawler, South Australia, in his Ventus, VH-GQH

17 May 2006

Rank #2

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Wilpena Pound Fly-Bys

Our tug pilot, Pete, had never flown a glider at the Flinders before. So, after launching the rest of the fleet I invited him up in the AUGC Motorfalke, VH-FQW. Having another pilot made it easy to take some fairly stunning shots, featured here...


17 May 2006

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Pik20D Wave Flight

This flight was carried out on the day after the Stemme wave flight in Episode 1. Wave was contacted at about 4000ft a couple of kilometers south-west of Wilpena Pound, and I rode it to about 10,000ft. David Conway launched a bit earlier than me with Oxygen and managed 18,500ft in the same wave system -- Wow!


17 May 2006

Rank #4

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Wave Flight in VH-TCP, June 2004

This was my first flight in wave lift. We contacted wave over Arkapeena, which is between the Chace Range and Wilpena Pound. We rode the wave to about 8000 feet AMSL, at whichpoint we needed to cut the flight short to avoid failing light.


17 May 2006

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