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The Dead Games Society Podcast discusses out-of-print role-play games and game editions. Injecting humor into game-talk as well as having interesting interviews with the game designers who created our favorite RPG's.

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Dead Games Society #17 : Elric of Melnibone RPG creator, Lawrence Whitaker

The Dead Games Society returns to the land of the living with an all new episode featuring Lawrence Whitaker, creator of the Elric of Melnibone RPG, as well as the author of the current sixth edition of Runequest!

1hr 13mins

15 Mar 2016

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Early Battletech and Mechwarrior with Fear the Boot! -- DGS Episode #24

Join the DGS as we talk with Fear the Boot's Daniel Repperger and Chris Hussey about the early editions of FASA's game of armored combat, Battletech and Mechwarrior!  Find out what it's all about and how to combine these two great games into one extraordinary campaign.

1hr 58mins

24 Jul 2016

Rank #2

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Call of Cthulhu, The Stars Are Right! – DGS Episode#13

We shall see that at which dogs howl in the dark, and that at which cats prick up their ears after midnight. Howard Phillips Lovecraft Join Michael, Colin and Chad as they rend that thin veil separating man from madness!  This one’s all about, Call of Cthulhu!     The post Call of Cthulhu, The Stars Are Right! – DGS Episode#13 appeared first on Dead Games Society.

1hr 12mins

7 Feb 2015

Rank #3

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Boot Hill! – DGS Episode #9

The Dead Games Society heads out onto the open range with TSR’s classic, Boot Hill! The post Boot Hill! – DGS Episode #9 appeared first on Dead Games Society.


4 Sep 2014

Rank #4

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The MARVEL-PHILE, Jeff Grubb – DGS Episode #10

Join us as the Dead Games Society sits down with prolific game designer, Jeff Grubb, to talk about Marvel Super Heroes, The Manual of the Planes, Al-Qadim and Spelljammer! The post The MARVEL-PHILE, Jeff Grubb – DGS Episode #10 appeared first on Dead Games Society.

1hr 6mins

11 Sep 2014

Rank #5

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World Building -- DGS Episode #37

It's episode #37 and we are talking about the art of World Building through history and items!  Not every setting needs to be made from scratch, sometimes all it takes to make a setting your own is fleshing out the history of your world through the people and items in it.  So grab a drink and a comfy chair and sit back to listen as Cory and I talk all about how to write between the lines to make any established world your own!

1hr 17mins

31 Jan 2017

Rank #6

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Amber Diceless Roleplay - DGS Episode #35

Hold on tight as our guests, Brett Bloczynski (Gaming and BS) and Phil Vecchione (Misdirected Mark) take us on a wild and diceless hellride through shadow to reach the center of it all, Amber!  I warn you before hand, this is a long episode, but if you are a fan of Roger Zelazny's classic Amber series or just want to know how a iceless game can actually work, then you must give this episode a listen.  So grab your trumps and gird your Pattern blade because on this episode all roads lead to Amber!

2hr 29mins

19 Dec 2016

Rank #7

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Jeffrey Talanian on the Holmes Edition -- DGS Episode #20

The Dead Games Society talks with Jeffrey Talanian, creator of Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers, about his favorite dead edition of Dungeons and Drgaons, the legendary Holmes Edition!  It's a great hour of hearing Jeffrey's memory's regarding this great out-of-print edition so beloved by the gaming community. And find out what the DGS has been up to of late and where we will be next!


22 May 2016

Rank #8

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Remembering Star Frontiers with Cory Gahsman -- DGS Episode #29

On this episode of the Dead Games Society podcast we bring on our good friend, Cory Gahsman, aka DM-Cojo, to talk all about one of TSR's classics, Star Frontiers!

1hr 2mins

25 Sep 2016

Rank #9

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TSR's Marvel Superheroe Roleplay with Zak Sabbath -- DGS Episode #23

In episode #23 the DGS talks with Ennie award winning game designer, Zak Sabbath about one of his favorite out-of-print roleplaying games, TSR's Advanced Marvel Superheroes Roleplay Game.  Yes, we are going to get all into the classic FASEIP system as we geek out on all things comic booky, so grab a drink, sit back and have a listen!

1hr 18mins

4 Jul 2016

Rank #10

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The Cosmology of David "Zeb" Cook -- DGS Episode #27

Few game designers can claim such a prolific body of work as David "Zeb" Cook!  His many projects include such iconic TSR modules as, Slavepits of the Undercity, Dwellers of the Forbidden Kingdom, The Isle of Dread and The Veiled Society.  His work on game systems boasts the Expert Set which he created alongside Tom Moldvay, Oriental Adventures and the acclaimed Planescape system.  And he took gamers into the farthest reaches of space with the classic scifi game, Star Frontiers. Now Zeb sits down with the Dead Games Society to talk about many of these projects in what is one of our best episodes yet.  So grab a drink, find your comfy chair and have a listen as Zeb takes us through these and many more projects from his career!

1hr 34mins

3 Sep 2016

Rank #11

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West End Game's, Star Wars! -- DGS Episode #31

In this episode the Dead Games Society talks about what some consider to be the best version of Star Warsever to be brought to the table, West End Game's classic Star Wars roleplaying game!  So grab a drink and sit back, because in this show, the Force will be with you, always...


23 Oct 2016

Rank #12

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A Game Called MERP -- DGS Episode #40

On a shelf there lived a game....  Not a dirty little unplayed game, but a game called Middle-earth Role-play, or MERP, and that meant beloved.  It's episode #40 of the DGS podcast and in this one we complete our Tolkien trilogy with one of my fondest remembered games, MERP!  While Cory is off celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Dublin, doubtless visiting the Green Dragon Inn to tip a pint with wee hobbits, I have on the show direct from Gaming and BS, my buddy Brett Blozynski!  Together we are going to assail the lands of Mordor like Frodo and Samwise (guess which one I am).  So grab the One Ring and a flagon of Ent Draught then get comfy in your cozy chair to have a listen as we go there and back again!

1hr 31mins

12 Mar 2017

Rank #13

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A Ravenloft Valentine -- DGS Episode #38

It's the week of Valentines Day and in honor of unrequited love and ever-lasting damnation we are taking you, our one fan, into mist-shrouded Ravenloft!  I9, Ravenloft has long been considered one of the best modules to ever come out of 1st edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.  It was written by Tracy and Laura Hickman, and included art by Clyde Caldwell along with revolutionary maps by Dave Sutherland.  So grab a box of chocolates and a glass of vino then sit back with your Valentine to listen as we tell a tale of tragic love and vampires.

1hr 14mins

13 Feb 2017

Rank #14

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Origion of The Morrow Project with Kris Patrick Vezner -- DGS Episode #28

Welcome to the world of to- Morrow, it isn’t pretty!  The DGS is joined by one of it’s own, Kris Patrick Vezner to discuss the origion of one of tabletop gaming’s cult favorites, The Morrow Project.  Ever wonder what would happen if it all ended tomorrow, well you are in luck because on this episode we go through the early editions of The Morrow Project, a game that sees it coming and charges you the player with rebuilding society.  Damnation Alley meets A Boy and His Dog for what will surely be a fun show!

1hr 2mins

18 Sep 2016

Rank #15

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Cyberpunk 2013! -- DGS Episode #34

Techies, Solos and Netrunners, oh my!  Thats right chummers, it's episode #34 of the Dead Games Society podcast and we are talking Cyberpunk 2013.  So don a pair of mirror-shades, check your smart-gun and get ready to jack into the Net cuz it's gonna be a wild ride!

1hr 16mins

6 Dec 2016

Rank #16

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GaryconVIII Podcast Panel 2016! Pt2- Dead Games Society Podcast Ep #19

The DGS goes into new terrain for this special two part episode on how to produce a gaming podcast. Recorded at GaryconVIII, this is part 2 of the panel hosted by the Dead Games Society, Drink Spin Run, Gaming and BS, Game School, Cube of Death and the Mythwits podcast, with special guest, Jayson Elliott.  If you liked this episode and want to check out some of the other podcasts represented, check out these links… http://gamingandbs.com/ http://www.drinkspinrun.com/ http://studio187.com/mythwits/about/ http://cubeofdeath.tsrpn.com/ http://gameschool.tsrpn.com/ http://rfipodcast.com/show/ And of course, the TSR Podcast Network as well as Garycon itself! http://garycon.com/ http://tsrpn.com/ Also, I just wanted to say thanks to our great audience members and if you like painting miniatures then check out The Dale Wardens! http://thedalewardens.blogspot.com/


27 Mar 2016

Rank #17

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Delving through Undermountain at Brandonomicon! -- DGS Episode #36

In episode #36, the Vorpal Chainsword delves into the storied deeps of Undermountain at Brandonomicon, a small con with massive game!  Cory flies solo in this exciting episode to sit down with the Good King Brando, founder of Brandonomicon, and talk all about mini-cons and mega-dungeons. If you have ever wanted to run epic adventures in a miniature convention format, this is the show to listen to.  Learn some of the wily Brando's tips and tricks to keep attendees happy and well fed as they embark on a several day adventure into one of Dungeons and Dragons most storied dungeons, Ed Greenwood's classic mega-dungeon, Undermountain!


10 Jan 2017

Rank #18

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The Scouring of the Shire Adventure -- DGS Episode #39

Looking for adventure writing inspiration, in Episode #39 the DGS talks to Rob Ujazdowski about his Tolkien-inspired AD&D event, The Scouring of the Shire!  Yes, if you are looking for a new setting for your fantasy adventures, you can look to the world's of established authors, and today we talk about using Middle-earth.  So grab your pipe and a pouch of Hornblower's best then sit back and have a listen.

1hr 31mins

27 Feb 2017

Rank #19

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A Conversation with Sandy Petersen - The Dead Games Society

Today episode features a very special guest, Sandy Petersen.  So grab a beverage of your choice and lick back in your comfy chair as we talk all about Sandy's work on Call of Cthulhu, Rune Quest, Ghostbusters and lots more!


4 Feb 2019

Rank #20