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Our world is changing faster than most people can adapt. If you want to survive and thrive in the economy and culture of tomorrow it starts here. Liberty, libertarianism, and Austrian economics are the backbone of our philosophy. Personal autonomy and income mobility is our goal.

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860: Medallions, Monopolies and the Importance of Self-Interest

I've got a couple of great economics lessons for you today. The big one will be on the taxi medallions market which has collapsed with the introduction of Uber and Lyft. There are a lot of cab drivers who make huge investments in this corrupt government attempt to control competition and now they're losing everything.I also want to talk a little about the difference between self-interest and selfishness. I think you'll find the discussion inspiring and motivating.Enjoy the weekend!JasonSupport the show.


19 Oct 2018

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854: Amazon Employees SHOCKED to Find Out Pay Raise Come at Cost

Yeah I know it's shocking but it turns out Amazon isn't just going to eat the cost of increasing wages to $15/hr. Instead, they're ending their stock option program and their incentive-based bonus system.The changes will hurt those who already made $15 or more the hardest. But shouldn't those people be grateful someone stood up for the little guy? Why are those making more than $15/hr so greedy? :-)As I said yesterday there are no free rides. Employers don't pay taxes, they don't eat costs. They pass them along. In this case, the employees will be subsidizing their own pay increases. It's a hard economic lesson to learn and I don't feel sorry for any of them.JasonSupport the show.


4 Oct 2018

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805: The Trade War Begins

Today Trump fired the first volley in what is likely to be the next great trade war. He imposed a new tariff on 34 Billion in Chinese goods and suggested he may increase the tariff to include 500 Billion.China in response has increased its tariffs in kind vowing to trade blow for blow with the US President.It's stupid, unnecessary and dangerous. It hurts every America even the one's whos industry benefits from the tariffs.****The BIS tells young people they should "stop trying to create money." And why wouldn't they? That's really the government's job, isn't it? lol.Meanwhile, the IMF has been slowly and patiently preparing its own currency known as SDR's or "Speical Drawing Rights"Support the show.


6 Jul 2018

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The Formula for Freedom in the 21st Century

These days, it seems like everybody fancies themselves valiant freedom fighters.They're filling our city streets with protests. They think they're "fighting the power" and "sticking it to the man." But the reality is, they're just revealing their own powerlessness.Freedom isn't something you fight for. It's not something you demand, or beg for, or even die for.Freedom is something you take. It's something you use. And it's always available to you.Lots of people will tell you that you don't have freedom because of some government program, or because of institutionalized racism, or because of welfare cliffs, or because of socialism.But they're wrong.If you don't have freedom, it's because you've chosen not to have freedom.You've enslaved your mind to narratives and systems and ideologies and interests whose lifeblood is your attention. They've persuaded you that your freedom depends upon someone else giving it to you.And you've chosen to believe them.But the funny thing about beliefs is, you can change them whenever you want.In fact, when you change your beliefs, you change your whole world. Opportunities manifest themselves to you. Where before there were closed doors, poverty, and oppression, now there are open doors, wealth, and freedom. You'll realize they were always around you; you just weren't looking for them.If this sounds too woo-woo or too good to be true, it's because you just haven't yet understood the formula for freedom in the modern world.Don't worry: it won't cost you anything but your life.Because freedom's only price is the old toxic beliefs you leave behind when you choose to claim it.When you choose not to identify with your old perspective any longer, all of the old beliefs that made up your identity will fall away from you, and you will experience life as a new person.A free person.This episode is brought to you by our sponsor:Feetures (Code: STAPLETON)


3 Jun 2020

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President Trump Just Assassinated the John Wayne of the Middle East, feat. Michael Malice

2020 is off with a bang! Quite literally.First of all, we have a surprise guest for today's episode.As soon as we started streaming our pre-show, the studio door opened and in walked none other than Michael Malice. Apparently Matt & Amy conspired behind my back to surprise me.Michael joined us in a rousing discussion about the implications of Trump's targeted assassination of legendary Iranian general Qasem Soleimani.Everyone else is discussing the potential global implications of his death, but I want to paint you a picture of who the man actually was and why Iranians held him in such high esteem.You won't hear this caliber of conversation anywhere else.~~~~~~~~~~~~Intro music by Nick White, producer of The Statist QuoThis episode is brought to you by our sponsors:SkillshareZipRecruiterSupport the show.

1hr 5mins

4 Jan 2020

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891: LA Debates User Fees to Fix it's Traffic Problem

Of course, they don't call them "user fees" but that's exactly what it is. We've talked about this for a long time, the idea that cities and states could use toll roads or other use-based fees to pay for roads and bridges rather than taxes.Los Angeles is now talking about something similar. Unfortunately, (and predictably) they are doing it wrong.JasonSupport the show.


10 Dec 2018

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834: Amazon, Electricity and Public Utilities

Support the show.


20 Aug 2018

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907: Forbes Says You Can Grow An Economy By Printing Money

I'm not joking. Forbes.com actually printed an article from some egghead at Cornell University that claimed the way to grow our economy was by printing money and pumping it into untested green energy products.The arguments in his seven-page piece range from misrepresentations to outright lies and Matt and I had a great time making him look stupid.My hope is that you also learn a little about how our economy works and what is needed to bring more green energy to market.Have a great weekend,JasonSupport the show.

1hr 3mins

18 Jan 2019

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958: Michael Malice and The New Right: Part 1

Anarchist State advocate Michael Malice joined me today to discuss his new book The New Right: A Journey to the Fringe of American Politics.Michael's observations have powerful implications for all of us, both culturally and politically.Matt & I had such a good time picking his brain that we split the interview into two parts. The second half will air on Friday, so don't miss it!Reminder: before and after each episode, I record a live video pre- and post-show in my private Facebook group, and members get to interact with the show and ask us questions while we're on the air. If you'd like to join, go to jasonstapleton.com/members.Support the show.

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22 May 2019

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How the Coronavirus Is Mutating Our Economy

The coronavirus is making landfall in the US, and it's only accelerating the economic changes that were already underway.Work from home and automation will only increase--and increase faster--as our economy adapts to this new threat.The coronavirus isn't the only thing going viral. A Detroit auto worker confronted Joe Biden about his stance on gun control, and someone videoed the interaction. Now it's everywhere on the internet.Is this REALLY the guy who Democrats will rally behind?This episode is brought to you by our sponsors:ZipRecruiterMVMT

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11 Mar 2020

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864: Trump Administration Says Feds Should Stop Raising Rates. We Will Never learn

Mick Mulvaney was out talking to the press this morning, lamenting the fact that "every time things are getting better, the Fed pumps the breaks".What he's suggesting is that the Fed should leave rates low because it looks good. This is exactly what the Fed did during the late 90's and it led to the collapse of our housing market.So what's going on here? Well, it's pretty simple. The president likes being able to take credit for a strong economy and every time the Fed raises rates it slows things down. Trump doesn't really CARE about the economy. If he did he wouldn't be complaining every time the fed moves to bring rates back into what can be considered historical norms.I continue to say, nobody is looking out for you and this is just another example of that. The president does not have your long-term interests in mind. He is concerned only with the short-term political gain he can get from a strong economy.Support the show.


26 Oct 2018

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How to Get Rich

The world is full of people telling you to settle for less. Today I'm going to teach you the 4 things you need to know to get rich.This episode is brought to you by our sponsors:DynaTrap - DynaTrap is the leading manufacturer of outdoor mosquito and insect traps, and now they've come up with a solution for indoor pests - the DynaTrap Fly Light.  Get yours at dynatrap.com.  Enter the promo code STAPLETON and receive 15% off an of their products.Blinds.com - Whether you're looking for energy efficiency, you just moved, or want to refresh the look of your home, Blinds.com makes the whole experience so FAST and EASY!  Plus, every order gets FREE samples, FREE shipping, and a FREE online design consultation.  For a limited time, my listeners save $20 at Blinds.com when you use promo code STAPLETON.  Rules and restrictions apply.  Support the show.


14 Aug 2019

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What Happens Next: Inflation, Deflation, & the Economy of Tomorrow

The Fed has dumped trillions into the market in the last couple weeks alone. It's slashed rates to zero and eliminated the reserve requirement. And on Monday, it announced that it would purchase Treasurys and mortgage-backed securities without limits.The SARS-CoV-2 virus has ripped away the band-aids and revealed gaping festering wounds in our economy. And these Fed policies are only papering over the holes.What does the future hold?If you've been listening to us, we've been warning of a major crisis on the horizon.But we've also given you the blueprint for not only surviving, but ensuring that you thrive and prosper in the new economy.This episode is brought to you by our sponsors:SkillShareHelix Sleep

1hr 2mins

23 Mar 2020

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909: What Venezuela Can Teach Us About The Power of Personal Wealth

Venezuela is in the final throes of collapse. President Maduro has been asked to step down and an interim president has been declared.The country has imploded. The people are dying of starvation and lack of basic medical care. Black markets thrive and anyone who could leave already has. Only the poor and helpless remain.What can we learn from this? We can spend time talking about the dangers of socialism but ultimately I want to talk about the power of personal wealth. Money is freedom and the more you have the freer you are.Tune in and listen now.JasonSupport the show.


23 Jan 2019

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981: Ilhan Omar, American Debt, and Why Home Ownership is a Bad Investment

The mad hatter is at it again. This time he's attacking Ilhan Omar, suggesting it might be best if she moved back to Somalia to fix her native country before attacking America for it's perceived shortcomings. The antics are both hysterical and sad.And later, in the show...home ownership is bad and so is college. LOL.JasonThis episode is brought to you by:Blinds.com - Whether you're looking for energy efficiency, you just moved, or want to refresh the look of your home, Blinds.com makes the whole experience so FAST and EASY!  Plus, every order gets FREE samples, FREE shipping, and a FREE online design consultation.  For a limited time, my listeners save $20 at Blinds.com when you use promo code STAPLETON.  Rules and restrictions apply.  Express VPN -  If you believe that you're not being snooped on, or that nobody cares about your online data, well then I'm sorry to disappoint you, but you're wrong.  Because you listen to my show, you;re clearly smart enough to understand that your privacy is under attack.  Hackers, governments, ad companies, and ISPs are gobbling up your data... like ALL of it.  That's why I recommend getting the software that I trust MY online activity: Express VPN.  Their apps use powerful encryption to secure your data.  Protect your online activity TODAY  and find out how you can get 3 months free at EXPRESSVPN.com/JASON.Support the show.

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15 Jul 2019

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804: I'm Accused of Strawmanning???

It seems like every time I talk about Democratic Socialism I get accused of using a strawman argument. I have stated (correctly by the way) many times that Democratic Socialism is nothing more than communism by another name. Each time I get a listener who points out Bernie Sanders claim that Denmark and Sweden are proof his ideas work.Well, let me just put that idea to rest once and for all. What Democratic Socialists like Bernie advocate for is NOT Denmark style government. Quite the contrary. I'll explain on today's show.****Trump is skillfully threading the needle on oil, tariffs, and trade by treating our enemies and our allies. Will it end in disaster? I don't know. What I'm sure of is tactics run contrary to the principles we advocate for on this show and I'm going to call him on it.JasonSupport the show.


5 Jul 2018

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PANDEMIC!!! Dozens Die As Health Experts Warn That 65 Million More Could Be Next

The corporate press is in the business of manufacturing hysteria and profiting from clickbait. Their business model demands it, because their incentives demand it.This is doubly true in the internet age. So many things are fighting for your attention around the clock. It's getting harder & harder for each outlet to stand out from the crowd.That's why you need to view the narrative surrounding this Chinese coronavirus "pandemic" through a very skeptical lens.Words like "PANDEMIC" and phrases like "65 MILLION COULD DIE" are guaranteed to get your attention. After all, that's why we used them in today's title!But you need to understand why the corporate press uses them. It's not because they're concerned with accurately reporting the news. It's because they're trying to manipulate you.Meanwhile, the Democrats and the media have united in declaring that Trump is guilty of "abuse of power." And that's why he should be impeached, they say.Here's the problem: those people don't care about reporting honest facts any more than the people reporting on the Chinese "pandemic."In fact, in many cases, it's the exact same people! They're just seeking to manipulate you and your beliefs to suit their own ends. For some of them, that means incentivizing you to click on their headlines. For others, it means motivating you to vote for their favorite politicians.Here is the great irony of the impeachment hearings:Trump is accused of abusing his power by manipulating others to promote his own interests ahead of the interests of the American people. Yet his accusers are guilty of THE EXACT SAME THING.~~~~~~~~~~~~Intro music by Nick White, producer of The Statist QuoThis episode is brought to you by our sponsors:Stamps (Code: STAPLETON)LightstreamSupport the show.


24 Jan 2020

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What Can We Learn From Super Tuesday?

The DNC just executed one of the most brazen political checkmates of all time.First, they kneecapped Bernie Sanders in 2016. He could have fought back. But instead, he kowtowed to Hillary Clinton. Perhaps he thought he could build momentum for four years and be all but guaranteed the nomination in 2020.Turns out, he was a great big sucker.Throughout the primary process, Bernie has looked like the likely favorite. But then the DNC stepped in.Immediately before Super Tuesday, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar suddenly decided to drop out and inexplicably endorse Joe Biden.Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren has performed no better than either of them. But nobody leaned on her to end her campaign, because her platform is identical to Bernie's. She poaches voters from him.That leaves us with Mike Bloomberg. The internet is awash with Bloomberg mockery (you should see Trump's tweets!).But Mini Mike didn't waste $700 million. He purchased something much more valuable than the presidency, and you'll only hear about it in this episode.👇So listen now! 👇This episode is brought to you by our sponsors:Blue VineStamps (Code: STAPLETON)

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4 Mar 2020

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803: The Fed Revises GDP Numbers While Gowdy Tells Rosenstein to "Finish the Hell up!"

Today I'm going to piggy pack off a discussion I've been carrying forward for the past few days. Both the Atlanta and St. Lewis Fed have revised down their GDP projections significantly. This should come as no surprise to any of you considering this typically happens.Turns out Trump's forecast of 5% GDP growth in the 2nd quarter will most likely come in somewhere between 1.75% and 2%. Right in line with inflation expectations.Translation? The economy isn't getting better it's just inflating.****There's a truck driver shortage in America today. We're short around 63,000 drivers and companies are finally coming to the realization that they can't avoid economics forever.So they've decided to the one thing that can end their shortage and get drivers back on the road. Offer better pay and benefits.I'm shocked it's taken this long but the reality is, the free market doesn't always work as quickly as we'd like. The good news is, left alone it will balance itself. It doesn't require government, just the invisible hand of millions of people all pursuing their own self-interest.Enjoy the weekend!!JasonSupport the show.


29 Jun 2018

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