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This multi-part written series of articles is now available in podcast form. Dr. Drew reads “A History of Opium,” which includes additional commentary from recognized experts (available only in this version). A previous Weekly Infusion podcast with Internal Medicine/ Addiction specialists Dr. Drew and Dr. Bruce Heischober welcome a variety of guests and explore topics ranging from everyday health issues, to the latest medical breakthroughs and treatments, to incredible stories of the ER.

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Weekly Infusion 01 Nicole Angemi

For the premiere episode of WEEKLY INFUSION, Dr. Drew Pinsky and Dr. Bruce Heischober pair up with pathologist assistant Nicole Angemi (of @mrs_angemi Instagram fame) to discuss the human body, diseases, and death. Find the "Mystery Diagnosis" photos on Drdrew.com to play along. On the new show WEEKLY INFUSION, two internists with addiction specialties will bring in guests in the know about medical sciences and healthcare.  Visit Drdrew.com for all the latest info and join the email list at Drdrew.com/contact to get the Dr. Drew's Newsletter.  Subscribe to get it first on Itunes and Podbayfm.com. Rate us! A Playroom Podz Production. 


26 Oct 2016

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WI 56 : Hair Loss Solutions

Drs. Drew and Bruce tackle the topic of hair loss and discuss the most current treatments.  They are joined by Bill Edwards, CEO of Regenix, who talks about the regimen that Susan Pinsky is finding success with, and hair replacement surgeon, Dr. Parsa Mohebi.  Later, they speak with dermatologist Abel Torres MD/JD, Professor and Chairman of Dermatology at Linda Loma School Of Medicine and dermatologist Dr. Hal Weitzbuch who has successfully treated his alopecia patient, Max, with steroid injections and platelet rich plasma. Get 15 percent off a starter kit at Regenix when you mention Drdrew at checkout.  This episode is sponsored by Hydralyte.


10 Jan 2018

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Weekly Infusion 03 Candy Finnigan

Great minds think alike on Weekly Infusion, addiction specialists Dr. Drew and Dr. Bruce are joined by Candy Finnigan, star of A&E's, Intervention.  Candy was one of the very first women to become an interventionist. The threesome discusses the condition of addiction, the history of intervention and various modes of recovery that are now available.


8 Nov 2016

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WI 55 : Nicole Angemi

Pathologist Nicole Angemi shares some of her favorite stories from the pathology lab and then challenges Dr. Drew and Dr. Bruce to a round of Mystery Diagnosis. Find Nicole at @Mrs_Angemi on Instagram! See the live video and photos on YouTube/Drdrew and play along!  This episode is sponsored by Alliant University CSP.


30 Nov 2017

Rank #4

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Weekly Infusion 30 - Dr James Fallon

Renowned neuroscientist James Fallon talks about his family's violent history and how he discovered that his own brain's anatomy predisposes him to psychopathy. This episode is sponsored by Heal.com and Alliant International University. Go to Drdrew.com for details. 


29 May 2017

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WI 35 - Dr Alan Schore

Dr. Drew's favorite guest on his Dr. Drew Podcast. Dr. Allan Schore is on the clinical faculty of the Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, and at the UCLA Center for Culture, Brain, and Development. His Regulation Theory, grounded in developmental neuroscience and developmental psychoanalysis, focuses on the origin, psychopathogenesis, and psychotherapeutic treatment of the early forming subjective implicit self. This episode is sponsored by Alliant University. Go to alliant.edu for more.

1hr 8mins

5 Jul 2017

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WI 37 - Who Are You, Really?

Human personality expert, Dr. Brian R. Little, discusses his new book, Who Are You, Really? and describes how "personal projects" influence our lives and can help us to flourish. BrianRlittle.com Sponsored by Alliant University so go to Drdrew.com and click on the banner for more details.


19 Jul 2017

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WI 50 : Mind Of A Mass Murderer

Mass murder expert, Dr. Jonathan Metzl shares his insight about what drives a person to commit a heinous act like the shooting in Las Vegas.  This Episode is sponsored by Hydralyte and Alliant University CSP.


18 Oct 2017

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Weekly Infusion 22 - Dave Pelzer

Dave Pelzer, bestselling author of A Child Called It, describes how his picture-perfect childhood spiraled into a hellish nightmare of physical and psychological abuse when his mother became a raging alcoholic.  Nearly killed by her on several occasions, Dave's case was one of the worst be documented in the state of California at that time.  Dave is now a popular motivational speaker who extols the healing powers of resilience, optimism and hope.   Sponsored by RefillWise.com and Hydralyte.com


4 Apr 2017

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Weekly Infusion 15 - The Return of Nicole Angemi! 

Our favorite pathology assistant, Nicole Angemi, returns this week to discuss the health hazards of smoking cigarettes.  One of Nicole's  passions is teaching people about (and how to avoid!) the many preventable illnesses that we willingly inflict upon ourselves via bad habits.  She sees smoking related deaths regularly, and wants to tell you why you need to stop NOW.  Also, find out if she can stump Dr. Drew and Dr. Bruce in another round of Mystery Diagnosis.  You can play along at drdrew.com!  Then, Dr James Erlich calls in to go deep on the Bergamet line of products. This episode is sponsored by Bergamet ProPlus.

1hr 10mins

14 Feb 2017

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Weekly Infusion 13 Dr Cate Shanahan

Dr. Catherine Shanahan is a board-certified family physician who runs the Los Angeles Lakers nutrition program.  Her book, "Deep Nutrition," is based on the "four pillars of the human diet."  In it she identifies and describes the commonalities between all the most successful nutritional programs people the world over have depended on for millennia to protect their health.  It encourages the birth of healthy children so that the heritage of optimum health can be gifted to subsequent generations.  This episode is sponsored by Bergamet Pro Plus


2 Feb 2017

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Weekly Infusion 13 Amy Meyers MD

Thyroid specialist, Dr. Amy Myers, joins Dr. Drew and Dr. Bruce to discuss her unique approach to managing various thyroid issues.  Inspired by her own bout with hyperthyroidism (while in medical school) and the limited treatment options that were available to her, Dr. Myers developed her own program aimed at regulating various thyroid conditions.  She discusses the latest in thyroid research and her specific approach to optimum thyroid health, which is outlined in her bestselling book, The Thyroid Connection and The Auto Immune Solution   Sponsored by Bergamet Mega Plus. Music intro Courtesy of Douglas Pinsky. 


24 Jan 2017

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WI 53 : David McRaney

Drew welcomes the popular host of You Are Not So Smart Podcast David McRaney to the show. They discuss the Dunning-Kruger Effect, flat-earthers, the backfire effect and much more. This episode is sponsored by Alliant International University School of psychology and mental health, education and teaching, business and management, and law and forensics. Alliant.edu for details.

1hr 2mins

7 Nov 2017

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Weekly Infusion 05 Mark Leyner and Dr. Billy Goldberg

Bestselling authors of "Why do Men Have Nipples," Mark Leyner and Dr. Billy Goldberg join us this week to answer interesting questions about the human body and some of its more amusing functions. The panel also discusses funny emergency room cases, how patients' instant access to medical research has changed exam room conversations, and how the advent of social media might be affecting the brains of future generations and their ability to communicate face to face.


23 Nov 2016

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WI 41 - Nicole Angemi

Pathology Assistant Nicole Angemi returns to discuss the stigmas associated mental illness and the difficulties that many people face while seeking treatment for it.  She talks about her own diagnosis of bi-polar disorder and her experiences with the condition. Can Dr Drew and Dr Bruce guess one of her mystery diagnosis?? This episode is sponsored by Alliant University CSP and Hydralyte.


16 Aug 2017

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WI 33 - Dr Stephen Porges And Dr. Cheryl Arutt

Dr. Stephen Porges, originator of Polyvagal Theory, discusses the evolution of the human autonomic nervous system with special guest Cheryl Arutt PsyD. This episode is sponsored by Aliant.edu and Heal.com


18 Jun 2017

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Weekly Infusion 20 - Ayelet Waldman

Dr. Drew and Dr. Bruce discuss the topic of LSD microdosing with author Ayelet Waldman, who practiced the controversial technique for a period of one month as a treatment for her unbearable mood storms.  She describes the profound benefits she experienced from taking sub-clinical doses of the drug, which she chronicles in her new book, A Really Good Day:  How Microdosing Made a Mega Difference in My Mood, My Marriage and My Life.  Afterwards, psychiatrist Dr. John Sharp weighs in the subject.   Sponsored by Bergamet, Hydralyte, RefillWise.


22 Mar 2017

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Weekly Infusion 16 - Dr Luanne Freer

Wilderness Medicine expert and founder of Everest ER, Dr. Luanne Freer discusses a relatively new specialty in medicine, a discipline that is practiced in extreme geographical locations, emergency situations, and on people who injure themselves in areas where conventional hospitals are not easy to access.  Among many outstanding career accomplishments, Dr. Freer founded Everest ER, the hospital at the base of Mount Everest, which services climbers as well as the Sherpa population. Sponsored by Bergamet Pro Plus.


22 Feb 2017

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WI 40 - Dr. Sue Johnson and Dr Lisa Palmer-Olsen

Dr. Sue Johnson and Dr. Lisa Palmer join Drew for an in-depth discussion on Emotionally Focused Therapy and ways it can be applied to our everyday lives oaths crossover Dr. Drew Podcast 15.  The three of them then take calls on single parenting, schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder. Sponsored by Hydralyte and Alliant University CSP.

1hr 5mins

7 Aug 2017

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Weekly Infusion 19 - Dr Jake Lentz

Dr. Jake Lentz shares his journey from the writers' room to the emergency room this week with Dr. Drew and Dr. Bruce.  After graduating from Harvard, Jake moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in comedy writing and quickly found his way to a position at the Jimmy Kimmel Show.  After several successful years under his belt, however, Jake decided it was time for a career change and applied to medical school and he is now a physician.Drdrew.com has all the latest podcasts. Subscribe and please tell a friend.   Brought to you by Bergamet Pro Plus, RefillWise.com and Hydralyte.


15 Mar 2017

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