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I'm a woodworker who uses only hand tools to build furniture and other projects. Come along and watch me embrace my woodworking A-D-D and build without harming any electrons.

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RWW 137 The Invisible Vise

Sometimes the best vise is an invisible one.  Here is a little trick to use when you have to hand plane really thin stock.


2 Feb 2014

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RWW 138 Tuning a Long Bevel

This time I show a quick and easy trick to fine tune the fit and angle of a long bevel for a case side.


2 Feb 2014

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RWW 183 Picnic Style Dining Table Part 1

This should be a 4 or 5 part series on a dining table I was commissioned to make.  This part is all about the milling of the 10/4 and 12/4 Walnut and gluing up the top panels.


12 Sep 2014

Rank #3

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Chips 'N Tips #

Chips 'N Tips is my short form woodworking tip show.  This first episode details how I locate my strop to make using it much easier and more convenient.  Make sure to visit the Chips 'N Tips page on my site to register for free stuff that I'll be giving away each episode.


5 Sep 2014

Rank #4

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RWW 182 Hybrid Milling

This time I walk through how I prepare several large boards for the power planer by using my hand places to create a reference face first.


29 Aug 2014

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RWW 181 Making Hardwood Switch Plates

I'm adding new switch plates to my boring white ones in my newly remodelled shop and though it would be a good opportunity to use up some scrap wood.  Here is how I made them using just a few hand tools.


6 Aug 2014

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RWW 180 Workshop Remodel Part 4

This is the final part of the shop remodel where I set up the new 20" Grizzly planer and move the big piece into place.  I'm excited to start working in my new space!


28 Jul 2014

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RWW 179 Shop Remodel Part 3

This time I hang the last plywood sheet on the feature wall then hang the tool cabinet.


14 Jul 2014

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RWW 178 Shop Remodel Part 2

This time I hang 3/4" plywood on my stud framework as then wrap my gas line soffit with plywood by capturing an unknown miter angle and cutting the compound angle by hand to match it.


26 Jun 2014

Rank #9

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RWW 199 Pencil Boxes

These simple to make pencil boxes are great to use up some scrap wood and use simple half lap joinery and a sliding lid.  I add a few other things to spice them up but mostly they should be simple and unadorned to match the aesthetic.


4 Jan 2016

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RWW 198 Woodworkers Fighting Cancer Table and Chairs


30 Nov 2015

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Chips 'n Tips 13 Refining Odd Angles

When your project throws unusual angles at you don't panic.  Creating a custom angle shooting board is as simple as keeping your off cuts.


30 Oct 2015

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RWW 197 Picnic Style Dining Table Part 5

In this video I drawbored the breadboard ends into place, smooth planed the entire table, then applied a varnish finish using EnduroVar by General Finishes.


8 Sep 2015

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RWW 196 The Peach Crate

If you are going to join a cooperative farm club and get fresh produce each week, you might as well pick it up in style with a hand made crate and vintage peach crate labels.


20 Aug 2015

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RWW 195 Display Shelf Part 3

Preparing the project for the finishin then adding Enduro Var with my Earlex HVLP sprayer.


26 May 2015

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Chips 'n Tips 12 Smooth Planing 101

I share some tips for success with your smooth plane


1 May 2015

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RWW 194 Display Shelf Part 2

I finish the construction of the display shelf in this episode by making shelf panels, adding back slats and gluing it all up.


20 Apr 2015

Rank #17

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RWW 193 Display Shelf Part 1

In this episode I start the build of a simple display shelf made in Maple and designed for a customer.


1 Apr 2015

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Chips 'n Tips 11

Driving 1" of chisel into the wood to make a mortise is a bit too much like work.  When the mortises get big or in odd locations, boring it out is the better choice.  With a center line, it just got faster and easier.


23 Mar 2015

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Chips 'n Tips 10

Don't have a clamp big enough?  Don't spend major cash on a new clamp but grab some rope and a stick.


9 Mar 2015

Rank #20