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Room 77 | Unusable Sex Advice for the Open-Minded

A swinger podcast about sex, debauchery, and the humor in it all. Richard and Lauren quit life and moved to Cancun, Mexico to do what they love: work party, and play in paradise. Now, they want to share the fun that they get to have everyday. So come to Room 77, where they discuss sex, swingers, open relationships, hotwives, cuck, BDSM, exhibitionism and much more. Let's play!

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Ep. 27: How To MMF at Desire Resorts

We check into Desire Riviera Maya as guests and spend two days making sure to get everything in. Richard sustains an injury and goes back for more. We kidnap Bee, the Playmaker, and bring her to the house!!! (pause) For an interview. We talk to Bee about her career, Instagram, views on Desire, and her assets. We venture out of the house for trouble. Who knew vanilla resorts could be so, not vanilla? We didn't, and we liked it! We’re getting a lot of booty calls lately. Interviews from Desire guests about junk jewelry, strap ons, sexy hotels, and cover stories for the vanilla friends we have in common.

12 Dec 2019

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Ep. 25: How To Be A First-Timer at Desire Resorts

We go back to Desire with a new objective and fail miserably!! We come to terms with the end of our podcast, our lives, and our marriage. Richard is filled with a lot more than pride on a “good ejaculate day” and we may have accidentally opened a brothel. We survive a giant scorpion, a dangerous oil spill, and then Richard almost dies (again). We interview a “yellow band” (first time), non-lifestyle couple who has such a great time and are such fast learners, we worry they might end up taking over our workshops! Rapid fire interviews from Desire guests about our future tent city party, imaginary sex with Richard, cardio, taking a helicopter to our house, and more!

1hr 7mins

10 Oct 2019

Rank #2

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Ep. 23: How To Advertise You’re 'Open For Sex’ at Desire Resorts' Jacuzzi

It's possible that Lauren is being stalked by the owner of the local print shop. Richard almost received a handshake instead of a grope that he was hoping for, but was ultimately touched.Back on furlough, we interview each other while receiving actual, real-time reports from inside Desire!


16 Aug 2019

Rank #3

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Ep. 24: How To NOT Sip Champagne at Temptation | How To Use Virtual Porn at Desire Resorts

Lauren and Richard venture out to Temptation Resort in Cancun and forget how to check into a hotel and be social. We get invited to drink champagne with a strange couple who states the complete opposite of what we want to hear. First week back at Desire after furlough, we chat with old and some ‘shocking’ new friends. Richard finds himself in a virtual threesome while at lunch in Aphrodite. We discuss a semi secret fetish Richard has that will more than likely creep everyone out. Interviews from Desire guests about hotel likes and dislikes, waking partners up for sex, mutual masturbation, party energy, virtual penis’ and more.


12 Sep 2019

Rank #4

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Ep. 5: Threesomes For Some, Foursomes For Others

We spend time with some podcasters and their followers at Desire Pearl and play another round of the Let’s Not Get Divorced game with Brian and Lisa Jones. We answer an email from #ourlistener and offer our expert advice, giving birth to our new segment “You’re Welcome.” We discuss threesomes and foursomes, meet a cute couple that is looking for a unicorn at a couples-only resort, and hear about their plans to kidnap Lauren. Featuring interviews with @SpiritualSwing and hear from couples about confidence and the social aspect of a Desire Resorts vacation.


16 Jul 2018

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Ep 15: Going Bareback With Doctors Who Squirt (Part I)

Getting back to work, we go completely blank. Vagina, what is that again? A triple blowjob at the jacuzzi turns into a five some. Lauren misses the train. We call our doctor to settle the debate on whether or not squirting is urine. Rapid-fire interviews from Desire guests on safe sex, sexual slips, and squirting.


22 Feb 2019

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Ep. 3: Happy Anniversary! I Heard You Were A Swinger

We celebrate an anniversary and a night out with imaginary girlfriends, Desire Playmaker Anna and Playboy Playmate Veronica Flores. We also hear about how couples sometimes live in a grey area of lifestyle labels and the possibility of ‘coming out’. What are the ramifications? We discuss playing with a couple which was three years cumming; getting nervous before playing, even after 15 years in the lifestyle; and revealing some dirty details about what happened in the room. We share some devastating news on R’s relationship with girlfriend Anna; talk about our six-year anniversary of the first trip to Desire, comparing it to how we think now; and discuss differences and perceptions between Desire Riviera Maya and Desire Pearl. Featuring interviews about a non-lifestyle couple’s change in perspective of Desire during their first trip, and how a couple gets aroused while explaining their ‘pre-pillow talk’.


10 May 2018

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Ep. 6: The Most Popular Flavor At Desire May Be Vanilla

We share what we’ve learned from non-lifestyle couples, but disagree that they may still fall somewhere within the lifestyle spectrum. We discuss Part II – Tulum and reveal the ending to our Kidnapped In Mexico story. We launch “Project Airtight.” L shares her prep strategy, what role R will play, and her plans to audition the perfect participants. Featuring interviews with non-lifestyle couples who share why they feel Desire Resorts is the perfect place for their vacation.


14 Aug 2018

Rank #8

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Ep. 12: Exposing Our Privates To Strangers | An Origin Story

We discuss secrets, and keeping them, inside of the lifestyle. We explore “cruising.” It’s not just for gay men anymore! Discover our origin story and how we use our superpowers at Desire Resorts for good (sometimes bad, oops!) Featured interview with a couple about how they live out in the open and prefer to be sapiosexual.


27 Dec 2018

Rank #9

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Ep. 4: Slap Her On The (Censored)

We attend a Desire wedding. We crush on the same girl until L cock blocks R. R almost dies from a cold, but the show must go on. We hook up with full-swap, non-swinger swingers! Wait, what? And then play “Let’s not get divorced!” We confirm and/or dispel rumors about Desire Resorts with True or False questions. Featuring interviews and couples that playing games with us and a young couple talks about how our podcast helped ease anxieties about their first trip to Desire.


15 Jun 2018

Rank #10

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Ep. 16: Anal With Doctors Who Snort Viagra (Part II)

We bring back “Project Airtight” and reveal contender No. 2. We call back Dr. Jeff and Mrs. Dr. Jeff to talk about anal, prostates, lube, and the rippin’ and the tearin’! After a private goes off the rails, Richard calls his cardiologist to ask if his heart is healthy enough for sex. Rapid-fire interviews from Desire guests on prostates, anal lubricant, and Viagra.


15 Mar 2019

Rank #11

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Ep. 7: Spa Shenanigans, Short Shirts, Smitten and Shot-down

Richard shares what boggles his mind when it comes to poolside fashion. Richard almost gets into a naked spa fight over a hot girl who wants to take a shower with him. We question fetish vs. attraction after a hook-up. Lauren crushes on a day pass visitor, Richard sets them up for some alone time. Featured interview:  A couple on the “fringe” discusses why they stay in the soft-swap category and what makes it so special.


12 Sep 2018

Rank #12

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Ep. 19: A Pile of Girls on Girls on Girls...and Your Mom

While Lauren convinces her mother we don’t do porn, Richard signs us up for a porn shoot.Lauren revisits her “My First Girl Kiss” and reveals something Richard has never heard before?Lauren launches the first girl on girl workshop for curious wives (with encouragement and support from @OurNaughty and @DesireInTheAir) and the husbands see through Richard’s genius plan.


9 May 2019

Rank #13

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Ep. 17: Didn't Peg Him for the Pegging Type

Richard brings the sexy back! (for five seconds in a jacuzzi bed) Lauren eagerly goes to Location B and channels her inner 1/16 Cherokee Indian heritage while Richard gets fucked. We launch Project Yellow Band with the perfect hosts Sarah Clayton @sclaymodeling and Ed. Rapid-fire interviews from Desire guests about the perfect ejaculation time, Mitch McConnell, and the perceptions / fears vs. reality of their first trip to Desire.


28 Mar 2019

Rank #14

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Ep. 9: Hotter, Younger, Tanner... Blowjobs For Everyone!

We talk about the video shoot they did with Playmaker “Pantera” and our girlfriend Milly for breast cancer awareness on social media. Lauren get’s into her first celebrity beef with @NikkiGlaser and (spoiler alert) almost punches her!! Featured Interviews:  We talk with @Sarah_Clayton81 about her modeling workshops at Desire Pearl and Riviera Maya November 7-8th. We interview a few couples about what makes a great blowjob.


3 Nov 2018

Rank #15

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Ep. 22: How To Be Teased Until You Go Crazy at Desire Resorts

It’s the first anniversary of our Tulum kidnapping, this time we’re trafficked to Isla Mujeres where Lauren goes illegally topless. There are talks of a major global deficit in the Desire pool and some ASMR (or is it AMSR?)Inundated with friends, we’ve been having fun catching up and seeing them…naked! Richard is finally faced with what he’s been waiting for. Bad news, he’s still waiting. While Lauren two steps outside with her ‘cowboy’ friends.Spiritual Swingers nama-stay at our house. We get interviewed, take them to our local rooftop hangout, and Eve walks (rubs) a mile in our shoes on Lingam day!Interviews from Desire guests about getting teased, being a fan of opera or “Old Town Road,” and masturbating while holding a conversation.

1hr 2mins

18 Jul 2019

Rank #16

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Ep. 10: Screwing Your Friends and Anal Candy for Ian

We discuss problems in having a foursome when the line between pleasure and pain gets blurry. We talk to Ian, a vanilla “muggle,” who looks forward to getting into the lifestyle solely for more sex than he’s having now. We talk about our growing number of friends in the lifestyle and how they are outnumbering our vanilla friends. What is it about the bond between lifestyle friends? Featured interviews with both our vanilla and lifestyle friends. Couples answer whether they would choose a “Lifestyle or Vanilla Friend” in our rapid-fire interviews.


23 Nov 2018

Rank #17

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Ep. 18: Put That Rock In Your Vagina & Go Find My T-Shirt!

We stay out late on a school night with the @SwingerDiaries gang. Richard is gifted a rock with no instructions. Richard crushes on our non-listener, but only Lauren gets the love. Lauren has a meltdown in the workshop causing full brain-to-mouth filter failure. Rapid-fire interviews from Desire guests about getting wet, lingam stones, kegel eggs, and how young will you do?


18 Apr 2019

Rank #18

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Ep. 21: Pack It In, Pack It Out While Camping at Desire

Lauren gets laryngitis and leaves Richard to fend for himself in the Desire wild.Richard and Lauren have an embarrassing “first”.We go out on too many school nights like the apocalypse is coming. Richard discovers he needs more cardio and Lauren decides we need more sex moves!We discuss sex and religion, swinging with your parents, and living outside of the boundaries of society.Rapid-fire interviews from Desire guests about being a “porn star” or a “falling star”, feelings of guilt from strangers, and how many is too many in any given week.


21 Jun 2019

Rank #19

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Ep. 20: Raging Homoerotic Hormones and On Call with the Doctor

Is it okay to “penis stare” and if so, for how long can I look? Also, an accurate description of how guys talk in a locker room about their junk.We make up for skipping someone in the workshop by making them feel incredibly uncomfortable. Or maybe it was because hotel maintenance was watching us from the bathroom.We talk to Dr. Jeff about Hormone Replacement Therapy, Botox, filler, and “Vanity” in the lifestyle.Project Airtight has arrived. Did it end well?Rapid-fire interviews from Desire guests on body piercings, stages of erect penises, and creating a “Half-Fluffed” pill.

1hr 2mins

31 May 2019

Rank #20