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Jim Rantschler and Randy Morrison discuss physics from elementary particles to cosmological effects at the limits of our theoretical knowledge or have recently emerged.

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Dark Energy

Randy helps Jim get a handle on Dark Energy. Why do we need it? What could it be? What does it have to do with you? How close are we to knowing anything about it?Show Notes: http://frontiers.physicsfm.com/23


9 Feb 2018

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A Gravitational Arrow of Time

Jim and Randy discuss a cosmological theory that purports to find an explanation for the arrow of time in gravitational theory based on the shape and distribution of matter and how it evolves. Show notes: http://frontiers.physicsfm.com/12


20 Aug 2017

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Randy talks to Jim about gravitoelectromagnetism. Based on the similarity between Newtonian gravity and electrostatics, there should be a second gravitational field,the gravitomagnetic field. What are the implications of the existence of such a field, and how large are those effects? Show notes: http://frontiers.physicsfm.com/3


6 Dec 2016

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Spooky Action at a Distance

Jim and Randy discuss experiments that put a minimum superluminal speed of communication between parts of a wavefunction.Show Notes: http://frontiers.physicsfm.com/44


16 Jul 2019

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Loop Quantum Gravity

Jim and Randy discuss loop quantum gravity, and integration of quantum mechanics and gravity that quantizes space-time itself through the use of uncertain quanta of volumes and the random connections between them.


16 Aug 2019

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The Physics of Time Travel

Randy and Jim talk about traveling through through time, discussing relativity and, in particular, Kurt Goedel's solution for closed timelike curves in General Relativity. Show notes: http://frontiers.physicsfm.com/17


24 Nov 2017

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The Dimensionality of Space-Time

Jim discusses why the world we observe is 4-dimensional with Randy. We discuss anthropic and fundamental reasons why we need 3 dimensions and no more than one time dimension for reasons of complexity, predictability and stability.Show Notes: http://frontiers.physicsfm.com/38


25 Nov 2018

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Bimetric Gravity

Randy introduces Jim to Sabine Hossenfelder's bimetric theory of gravity. In this gravitational theory, there are two types of matter whose only interaction is through gravitation. However, each one reacts to space-time differently, resulting in different metric tensors for each. In low-curvature situations, this creates a kind of anti-gravitation.Show Notes: http://frontiers.physicsfm.com/47


24 Nov 2019

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Post-Newtonian Gravitation

Jim discusses the Parameterized Post-Newtonian formalism with Randy. The PPN framework is a general, linearized metric theory of gravity that can simulate all metric theories of gravity and compare them to solar system sized experiments.Show Notes: http://frontiers.physicsfm.com/31


8 Jun 2018

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Tunneling Time

Jim talks to Randy about the amount of time it takes for an electron to tunnel through a forbidden region of space. Astoundingly, how quickly this happens has been a subject of debate for eighty years and is still unresolved.Show Notes: http://frontiers.physicsfm.com/32


7 Jul 2018

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Jim and Randy look at how quantum mechanics is affected by time. Most importantly, what happens when temporal boundary conditions are used to create standing waves in the wave function of a particle?Show Notes: http://frontiers.physicsfm.com/33


25 Jul 2018

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The Gravitational Equivalence Principles

Jim talks to Randy about the different ways in which the equivalence principle of general relativity can be formulated. More than just the equivalence of accelerations, the different possible meanings of the equivalence principle mean different things about how gravity works. From weak to strong, from Einstein's equivalence principle to Schiff's conjecture, the implications of these theories are explored.Show Notes: http://frontiers.physicsfm.com/27


15 Apr 2018

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The Origin of Inertia

Randy tells Jim about a scheme that uses Mach's Principle - the idea that there is a preferred background frame with respect to the fixed stars - to explain the origin of inertia.Show Notes: http://frontiers.physicsfm.com/21


11 Jan 2018

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Jim and Randy discuss a possible "fifth force," the hypothetical X17 particle that has been seen in several experiments. Erratum: The g-2 of the muon was shown to be off by 1 part in 500,000 in 2001 at Brookhaven. It may not be in there, I'm not sure how much of that I cut out.Show Notes: http://frontiers.physicsfm.com/50


3 May 2020

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The Consistent Histories Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

Jim and Randy discuss the consistent histories interpretation of quantum mechanics. The brainchild of Robert Griffiths and with a surprisingly strong set of supporters, Consistent Histories seems to be a strong, logical description of what happens in the quantum world.Show Notes: http://frontiers.physicsfm.com/30


24 May 2018

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Photonic Molecules and Optical Circuits

Randy tells Jim about photonic molecules, pairs of photons that create bound states like molecules do through a force mediated through an ultracold gas and similar ideas in optical circuits. They also discuss application of the same for quantum computing. Show notes: http://frontiers.physicsfm.com/11


16 Jul 2017

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General Relativity for the Experimentalist

Randy shares some of his favorite papers with Jim: papers on general relativity by engineer and science fiction author Robert L. Forward on how general relativity could be used in a terrestrial environment, including proposals for devices and materials. These papers are "General Relativity for the Experimentalist" and "Guidelines to Antigravity." Show notes: http://frontiers.physicsfm.com/6


14 Feb 2017

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Time Crystals

Jim talks to Randy about structures that are periodic in time like crystals are periodic in space. Show notes: http://frontiers.physicsfm.com/20


22 Dec 2017

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Wigner's Friend

Randy and Jim discuss experiments that purport to show that there is no such thing as objective reality.Show Notes: http://frontiers.physicsfm.com/46


22 Sep 2019

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f(R) Theories of Gravity

Jim and Randy discuss gravitational theories that modify general relativity by changing the action using a polynomial dependence on the Ricci scalar. Although not physically motivated, some of these theories produce effects similar to those of dark matter, dark energy, and cosmological constants. Show notes: http://frontiers.physicsfm.com/9


2 Jun 2017

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