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Real-life lessons for becoming your best self. On​ the Reach Your Prime Podcast,​ ​we​ ​dig​ ​into​ the stories of sports business professionals who have overcome challenges to achieve success that is lasting and sustainable.​ Our purpose is to pull out the life lessons, habits, and thought patterns of these people and share those with others who can use them in their lives and become the best version of themselves. #ReachYourPrime

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Find Your Opportunity with Vince Pierson

In this episode, we welcome Vince Pierson, who is currently the Director of Diversity and Inclusion in Minor League Baseball. Vince is here to share his lessons and habits for success and growth and inspire some thought and action in our ambitious listeners! In his work, Vince aims to bridge gaps and open hearts, eyes, and minds, broaden the horizons and possibilities of everyone involved. We chat about the specifics of his job and his thoughts on D and I and why it should not become an abstract concept that we cannot see. We also chat about  Vince’s goals and strategies to reach these and he stresses the importance of finding your own path of what works for you. Some of the major takeaways from the episode are dealing with your emotions head-on, realizing the importance of relationships and connections to people, why reading is very important but can be abused and trusting instincts. For a great conversation with a great young leader, be sure to tune in! Key Topics: An introduction to Vince and the work he does in the Minor League. (1:31) Keeping diversity and inclusion tactile, present and concrete. (2:40) Vince’s work in compliance and the lessons he has carried forward from this time. (5:33) The specific work that Vince does in his job in the Minor League. (8:12) The importance of goals in helping Vince reach and grow. (11:44) Honing and controlling our emotions and staying honest. (14:31) Growing patience and standing firm and being intentional. (17:19) Trusting your instincts and steering clear of paralysis by analysis. (20:12) Vince’s personal and daily goals for which he strives. (22:27) Something that not many people know or see about Vince. (26:51) Staying focused and saying no in order to stick to priorities. (27:42) How Vince has continued to be kind and graceful with himself through difficulties. (29:21) Final thoughts from Vince. (31:01) And much more! Interact with Vince Pierson: LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/vince-pierson Twitter —https://www.instagram.com/vince_vsp/?hl=en Website — http://www.milb.com/index.jsp Tweetable Quotes: “That’s what we’re doing, is really opening hearts eyes and minds.” (2:58) “There’s so many different opportunities to really show your stuff and let your talent be seen.” (4:43) “I just became more cognizant, started to pay attention and ask more questions.” (6:33) “There is not a single person in a single community that we can’t talk to.” (8:56) “I do sit down and make goals.


11 Oct 2018

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The Power of Courage with Tori Stevens & Adrienne Brown

Welcome back to the Reach Your Prime Podcast. In this episode, we interview two courageous women who decided to take risks in order to change their lives for the better. In the first half of this episode, we are joined by Tori Stevens, founder of Evolyoution. Self proclaimed job hopper, Tori took the leap towards entrepreneurship after working five years in education, and another five years in the corporate world. In her interview, she discusses how her previous career experiences lead her to become a self-employed self-awareness coach, helping others discover their purpose. In the second half of this episode, we are joined by Adrienne Brown, a current law student at the University of Florida. We hear about Adrienne’s previous experience working for major entities such as the Philadelphia Eagles, and why she quit her steady job to pursue her ultimate goal of attending law school. Key Topics: 00:46: Tori shares her working background & her journey that lead her to to become a self-awareness coach. 13:52: Tori’s inspiration for Evolyoution. 15:42: What Tori has learned since taking the leap of entrepreneurship. 22:03: Where we can get in touch with Tori. 23:12: Adrienne discusses her degree and her pre-law school background, working for major entities. 29:51: Why Adrienne chose to pursue law. 42:01: Where we can connect with Adrienne. Tweetable Quotes: “You literally can be whatever job or whatever career or whatever person that you want to” (09:13) “Habits create comfort. And the thing is that you have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable in order to create change.” (12:10) “Every person has an opportunity in order to make an impact but your impact is not going to be able to be made until you choose how you want to show up in this world and how you want to change this world for the better.” (40:04) “If you don't wield the power of shock you will never move forward.” (33:45) “Never be afraid to do something different. “ (39:33) Interact with Tori Stevens Website: https://evolyoution.net/ Interact with Adrienne Brown LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adrienneebrown/ Stay up to date with us at https://primeu.org/  


11 Mar 2019

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The search for True Identity, a keynote from Jarrod Barnes

Jarrod Barnes challenges deep psychological themes affecting athletes, business people and students. He shares how to overcome self-doubt, anxiety and negative self-talk with student-athletes and the athletic department at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ. Hear how to find purpose in pain and steps to strengthen your emotional intelligence that will lead to your true, strong identity. Key Topics: Dealing with anxiety and overcoming self-doubt (01:10) Coping with rejection and failure (04:14) Truth, shame and guilt (06:15) The importance of forming habits and how to stick to them (12:24) Starting a business from the ground up (14:29) Learning from the loss of a loved one and why time is crucial (16:30) Identifying certain behaviors that with your identity (17:25) Make yourself accountable and defining the non-negotiables in your life (19:03) Finding pain in purpose and motivation to do more (20:08) Interact with Jarrod Barnes: LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/jarrodbarnes/ Twitter – https://twitter.com/JarrodBarnes Website – https://primeu.org/ Tweetable Quotes: “We need the tools to be fit for the fight against anxiety stress and depression.” (1:32) “Isn't it interesting... that it takes a life-altering moment for us to turn to something greater than ourselves?” (5:25) “If you truly want to be exceptional it might be a lonely road.” (08:42) “You get reps and practice so when the game comes - it's nothing - because you've been doing it your whole life.” (18:10) “I would challenge you to identify the non-negotiables in your life and then hold yourself accountable to them.” (19:05) “You probably won't find the answers on Instagram or Netflix” (19:52) Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Georgia State University - https://www.gsu.edu/


23 Oct 2018

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Embracing Change and Transitions with Walter Brock

Walter Brock is the Former Director Of Athletics Development at Columbia University in New York. Walt was a football student-athlete at St. Mary’s College in California and Sacramento State University, where he learned the ins-and-outs of athletic department culture as an intern. He started his professional career -- post-graduation -- with the NCAA. A native of San Francisco, Walt went back to the Bay Area to work with the Oakland Raiders as a Sales Account Executive and then as Director of Sports Services with Conference USA. Today, Walt is a guest lecturer and also a leadership consultant with Forward Progress Athletics Consulting. In our conversation, we discuss about transitions at work and in life -- something he experienced quite often throughout his personal and professional journey. We also dive into how change is easily perceived as a threat, but it could be a blessing in disguise. Enjoy the show! Key Topics: Transitions - Sometimes young professionals get stuck, paralyzing them from adapting [8:30] Difference between listening, active listening and hearing [12:28] The value of patience and giving yourself grace [15:09] A change in mentality when it comes to money. Remember the value you add [19:00] In sales, develop a narrative and a story about the experiences you’re creating [22:31] Importance of dreaming and writing things down [26:05] Overcoming your past, even trauma, to reach your goals [27:24] Defining and cultivating initiative [28:37] Tweetable Quotes: “No one gets to where they’re at alone. They all have someone to help them along the way.” “From my mentor, I learned to develop a narrative about my assets. This is half the battle.” “If you’re making a transition, do your due diligence, do your research, find out industry leaders to get knowledge.” “As a former athlete, we’re our worst critics.” Mamba Mentality by Kobe Bryant: “As competitive athletes, we always seek the next thing after we’ve successfully achieved one goal. But we need to better appreciate the process.”   Interact with Walter Brock: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/walterjbrock Links Mentioned in this Episode: Mamba Mentality by Kobe Bryant Turning Informational Interviews into Job Opportunities


29 Nov 2018

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Progress Over Perfection with Alvin Hines

Alvin Hines is the Assistant Athletic Director at Florida Atlantic University. Alvin was a two-sport student athlete, competing in both baseball and football, and was even drafted by the Washington Nationals at the age of 18, so he knows a thing or two about the game! Despite being scouted by the Nationals, Alvin made the mature decision of pursuing his education and the future he saw as solid and went on to college athletics before taking up his current position off the field. In our conversation we go deep with Alvin, getting into his philosophy on preparation, self-belief and learning from failures. As his own career trajectory has shown, Alvin places great importance on education and crafting a well-rounded and secure future, a lesson that we at Reach Your Prime fully applaud. He really stresses the value of weighing the long-term gain and impact when assessing opportunities and believes that there are lessons to be learned from every experience. Enjoy! Key Topics: A brief introduction to Alvin and his student athletics pursuits and career. (1:56) Alvin’s experience as a two-sport athlete. (4:39) When Alvin was drafted by the Washington Nationals! (7:00) The contributing factors to Alvin’s decision-making capabilities. (10:39) Preparation, preparation, preparation. (13:28) What to compare your performance to. (20:45) Taking the lessons from the field into the rest of life. (22:51) The lessons we can take from failure and the levels of learning. (25:07) Comparing the present to a younger version of ourself. (30:22) Alvin’s final thoughts on growth opportunities. (34:14) How to connect with Alvin. (41:59) And much more! Interact with Alvin Hines: LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/alvin-hines-ii-462a2345 Twitter — https://twitter.com/alvin_hines2?lang=en Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/a_hines2/ Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/alvin.i.hines Hard-hitting Quotes: “Growing up, I played both. I actually started off with baseball.” (4:45) “It was exhausting but it taught me a lot!” (6:30) “Baseball was definitely my love.” (7:07) “Just going through sports, it teaches you so much.” (10:40) “Don’t give up education over money.” (11:50) “You obviously had to have been able to do some things to get to this moment. SO this is not the time for you to doubt.” (16:32) “No one owes you anything. So one of the biggest things that I have learned is that if you want it, you’re going to have to go and get it.” (30:48) “It’s having perspective on who you are and what is going to truly help you be successful.” (32:17) “In those moments there is so much growth, there is learning right? There were times when I was younger in my first few jobs, I’m asking people what they’re doing. I’m asking people why, the question why. I think finding out the question why sometimes tells you so much more than just a quick little snapshot that you see.” (34:46) Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Florida Atlantic University — https://www.fau.edu/ University of Missouri — https://missouri.edu/ Kyler Murray —


5 Nov 2018

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Develop Habits First with Celine Mangan

Welcome back to the Reach Your Prime Podcast! This week we are so lucky to have the wonderful Celine Mangan as our guest and we cannot wait to share this conversation with all of our listeners! Celine is the Membership Coordinator at Women Leaders in College Sports and she is here to tell us all about her experiences in her career and what has helped her get where she is today. We discuss her childhood and early college years before delving into the jobs she did before moving into her current position. Celine opens up about vital skills that she treasures, what it means to ‘own it’ and how she maintains balance in her life. We also talk about her future and how she has dealt with pressure on and off the field. For all and much more be sure not to miss this inspiring episode! Key Topics: A little of Celine’s background, early years and starting at Women Leaders. (1:35) Celine’s experience as a student-athlete at Notre Dame. (4:59) The step up to working at Western Illinois University. (6:24) Starting out and integrating into her job at Women Leaders. (8:02) The skills that Celine views as being vital to her so far. (10:52) The concept of ‘owning it’ and what this means to Celine. (11:34) Staying balanced and healthy in a busy and demanding job. (12:30) Celine imagines her career trajectory and discusses her hopes. (15:08) Dealing with pressure inside and outside of sport. (17:17) The last thing Celine would tweet if she had to. (19:37) Celine’s essential course that she wishes was mandatory for everyone. (20:58) Interact with Celine Mangan: LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/celine-mangan-a4a26990 Twitter — https://twitter.com/celinem11 Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/celinem11/ Email — celine@womenleadersincollegesports.com Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Women Leaders — https://www.womenleadersincollegesports.org/ Notre Dame College — https://www.notredamecollege.edu/ Western Illinois University — http://www.wiu.edu/ University of Pittsburgh — https://www.pitt.edu/ Be Good to People — https://www.begoodtopeople.com/


21 Sep 2018

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Challenging Foundational Norms with Dr. Phil Wagner of Sparta Science

Dr. Phil Wagner, founder and CEO of Sparta Science, joins our latest episode of Reach Your Prime podcast. Dr. Wagner shares his personal journey as a young athlete experiencing continuous injuries and how that led him towards continued learning about the human body and ways to leverage it. We also discuss how he has prioritized the focus of Sparta Science and integrated a high-level of diversity to execute their mission and to deliver results. Stay tuned for an incredible conversation on challenging the norms, understanding the fundamentals of teamwork, and learn the true value of time. Key Topics: Dr. Wagner’s journey as a young athlete and what lead him to build Sparta Science. (0:50) Why Dr. Wagner put such a central focus on learning and adaptation (4:45) How Dr. Wagner encourages others to challenge foundational norms to improve (6:40) A key piece of knowledge that Dr. Wagner would tell his younger self (8:56) Dr. Wagner’s strategy for keeping his priorities focused: calendar (10:36) The core product and heart of Sparta Science (13:40) What Dr. Wagner is most proud of about the Sparta Science team (14:53) How Dr. Wagner has leveraged diversity into cohesion and organizational efficiency (15:53) The final message that Dr. Wagner would want the world to know (18:05) One word that would define Dr. Wagner’s life and journey up to now (18:59) Interact with Dr. Phil Wagner: LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/drphilwagner/ Twitter — https://twitter.com/drphilwagner Website — https://www.spartascience.com/ Tweetable Quotes: “Physically, I’m not the best athlete, and so I was always looking for ways to try to improve my own performance.” (1:32) “Really encouraging people that are in the administration — athletic directors, couches — to challenge foundational norms in order to learn and improve is a key piece.” (6:30) “Working harder and having more effort with lower or similar results is not always, and generally not the best approach.” (9:26) “How you sequence what you do is such a critical piece. We can’t do everything at once.” (9:52) “To me, the calendar is a physical representation of what is all of ours most limiting resource, which is time.” (10:50) “Where you invest your time, really defines your life. It’s what your habits are, it’s what you’re stating is important. It’s where you’re giving that most important resource.” (11:07) “A thing that I had to learn was that really making time for yourself to do the things that only you can do, but delegating the things other people can do or other p


12 Jul 2019

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Getting Back in The Game with Marina Paul

Welcome back to another episode of the Reach Your Prime Podcast. In this episode, we Speak with Marina Paul, former college soccer player at Georgetown University, and founder of JOX. Marina shares her experience playing soccer at Georgetown, and how her major injuries lead her to focus on building character. We also learn what inspired Marina to create her own company, and how she and other former athletes continue to relive their athletic careers through JOX. Key Points: (0:50)- Marina shares what prompted her to go to Georgetown and her experience as a three-time captain of the women's soccer team. (6:00) - The adversaries Marina faced during her college soccer career. (8:45) How Marina learned to lead soccer games from the sidelines and what it was like for her. (12:15) The moment Marina chose to focus on building her character. (15:24) What lead Marina to create a company based on life after sports. (17:19) The birth of Marina’s company, JOX. (21:20) Where we can connect with Marina. Tweetable Quotes: “I had to work a lot more on the person I was rather than soccer player I was.” (4:53) “Sports was an outlet for me to be my best person” (7:09) “For anyone that has that burning passion inside of them, just take that, learn the fundamentals and keep rising”  (19:28) “Leave everyone better than you found them and live everyday with passion.” (20:05) “A day lived without passion is a day wasted” (20:45) Connect with Marina: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marinapaul/ & https://www.instagram.com/wearejox/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/mpisme05 Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/marina-paul-3153475a/ We Are JOX Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/we-are-jox/id1445509338?mt=2


24 Mar 2019

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Football Player to Published Author with Rennie Curran

Welcome Back to another episode of the Reach Your Prime Podcast. In this Episode, we speak with Rennie Curran, former NFL player turned published author and motivational speaker. Rennie tells us about his experience growing up with immigrant parents, his football career, and what inspired him to write a book and become a motivational speaker. Key Points: (0:44) What it was like for Rennie to grow up with immigrant parents in America. (3:11) Rennie’s football career. (9:03) The key values and lessons Rennie learned from his mentors. (11:04) The Process Rennie went through to write his book. (15:00) Rennie’s transition into business. (17:10) What is in store for Rennie. (18:36) Where we can connect with Rennie. Tweetable Quotes: “Focus on what you can control.” (3:37) “What people saw as a weakness gave me even more motivation,” (4:09) “It was the first time I had to face myself and ask myself, who are you?” (5:50) “I really started digging deep into the things that I can present to the world. How can I provide value?” (5:58) “We all face those times of uncertainty, the no man’s land place in life… I talk about how you can build yourself during those times, and how you can develop true self confidence, true self motivation, self discipline, and how you really learn what matters most in life.” (6:29) “I want to help former athletes but through that, help the next generation of athletes.” (18:08) Connect with Rennie: Website: https://renniecurran.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/RennieCurran53 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RennieCurran53 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/renniecurran/ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/renniecurran/


1 Apr 2019

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Grace, the Story of Chris Everett

Welcome back to a new episode of Reach Your Prime. Today we are talking with Chris Everett, the Director of Student-Athlete Development at UNC Charlotte. Chris is a driven former student-athlete with aspirations of one day leading an athletic department to the pinnacle of college athletics. His natural curiosity pushes him to accomplish his goals, while gaining knowledge that will prepare him for new obstacles in life. Like many others, Chris suffered a major injury early in his collegiate football career, but he didn’t allow it to define him. On today’s episode we’re going to dive into the story of how Chris battled back onto the field, how he thinks about goals and the journey to accomplishing them, and some of his habits for success. Enjoy! Key Topics: Chris’s story and how he ended up at UNC Charlotte (1:26) What gave Chris the purpose and drive to overcome his major injuries (4:28) How Chris has maintained his competitive mindset and drive in his day-to-day life (10:13) Understanding why time is a great equalizer in sports and in life (12:20) What Chris is focused on and expectant of in his career (16:22) The biggest thing that student-athletes need today (20:02) What Chris does to maintain his success from a practical, and big-picture standpoint (22:55) The last tweet that Chris would send if Twitter got shut down (26:54) Title of the book that Chris has not written yet (27:35) Interact with Chris Everett: LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/christophereverettjr/ Twitter — https://twitter.com/coej10 Website — https://charlotte49ers.com/staff.aspx?staff=70 Hard-hitting Quotes: “When I broke my arm, those two bones, I just remember thinking I’ve never sat out a year of football; this is going to be hard.” (4:59) “In a sense, I was just kind of in limbo just watching, to be honest, the Titanic sink that year.” (5:18) “To me, loyalty is always more important.” (5:47) “Those relationships that you create will outlast your statistics and the memories that you create within a sport.” (6:19) “You might not be the best at whatever you’re doing, but time is a great equalizer.” (8:22) “Sweat plus sacrifice equals success” (13:13) “People strive too hard for those long-term goals and the forget to live in the moment right now” (17:25) “All we’re trying to do is make connections so that other people can feel loved in this world” (24:22) “Humility can go a long way in this world nowadays” (27:23) “Never give up and always work hard.” (28:34) “Being able to say I competed with somebody so hard for so long that it created one of the best bonds in my life, to me that cemented in me just how much you can reap from being a hard worker. Being a hard worker doesn’t mean that you’re going to be somebody that everyone’s going to hate or not want to talk with. Being a hard worker means that people see the fruit of your labor and they can connect to that, so why not be a hard worker in everything that you do?” (7:49) Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: UNC Charlotte — https://www.uncc.edu/ Western Carolina University — https://www.wcu.edu/


13 Sep 2018

Rank #10