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HumaNature explores where humans and our habitat meet. You'll hear real stories about human experiences in nature. Along the way, we’ll meet people whose encounters help us reflect on our own place in the natural world.

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Episode 67: The In-Between III

A burned-bare house. A pervy spirit. The ghost of Schafer Meadows. A haunted woman. It’s our annual Halloween episode—keep your friends close and your lights on as we find the place that’s not quite human or all the way natural. (more…)


30 Oct 2019

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Episode 69: Brain On Nature

We’re taking a little break for the holidays, so we have a special treat for you from down under. The Australian podcast Brain on Nature tells the story of how going into nature helped a woman recover from a traumatic brain injury. We hope you love the show as much as we do! (more…)


11 Dec 2019

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Episode 58: Close Encounters Of The Wild Kind

It’s spring! Animals are on the move, and sometimes their paths cross with people. Here are four stories. (more…)


1 May 2019

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Episode 3: When A Search And Rescue Becomes A Search For Something Else

Greg Ley was deep in the Rocky Mountains, training as an outdoor guide, when his group encountered tragedy. What happened next forever changed his beliefs about the importance of humans to the wilderness. Winner of a 2016 PMJA Best Station Podcast award. (more…)


16 Sep 2015

Rank #4

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Episode 66: The Secret Of The Adirondack Lean-tos

Jeff Osgood and his friend Anthony just wanted to go on a winter hiking trip in the Adirondack Wilderness in upstate New York. But after a series of mishaps, their adventure took a strange turn with the discovery of a mysterious VHS cassette tape. (more…)


9 Oct 2019

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Episode 64: Migrations

Caroline Van Hemert and her husband Pat were nearly finished with the most ambitious trip of their lives, a 4000-mile trek across the Yukon and Alaska following animal migrations. But bad weather and a missed food drop put their lives in jeopardy. (more…)


11 Sep 2019

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Episode 51: The Water At The Roof Of The World

Wang Ping wanted to go to Tibet to bless the world. But to do that, she had to risk her own safety. (more…)


9 Jan 2019

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Episode 68: All The World’s A Deer Stand

Fisher Neal was a struggling actor in New York City. So he turned to his old hunting skills for a side job extremely off-Broadway. (more…)


13 Nov 2019

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Episode 52: A Positive Experience!

Monty Hudson wanted his daughter, Siena, to have a good time on her first backpacking trip. But things didn’t go according to plan. (more…)


23 Jan 2019

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Episode 38: The Hunt

Jessi Johnson is a modern-day Artemis. But the perfect shot led her on a heartbreaking odyssey. (more…)


14 Mar 2018

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Bonus Episode: Hiking Through History

When Tarik Moore became an Outdoor Afro leader, the first hike he planned wasn’t a traditional one. He took his group down city streets to commemorate Philadelphia’s Osage Avenue bombing. (more…)


25 Mar 2020

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Episode 72: Everyone Needs A Purpose

Christopher McDougall is famous for starting the barefoot running craze with his book ‘Born to Run.’ And now he has an unusual new running partner⁠—a donkey named Sherman. If you like HumaNature, help us tell more stories! Support us at https://donate.nprstations.org/wpr/humanature. You can also follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/HumaNaturePod, Instagram https://www.instagram.com/humanaturepodcast, and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HumaNaturePodcast. (more…)


12 Feb 2020

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Episode 59: Vicious And Viral

Travis Kauffman went for a trail run near his home in Colorado. But an unexpected run-in almost turned him into trail mix. Then the internet got involved. (more…)


15 May 2019

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Episode 11: Hoofprints On The Heart

This is the story of a love that spans continents. Jon Dunham set out on the longest, toughest walk of his life. But along the way, he met someone who helped carry the weight.  (more…)


17 Aug 2016

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Episode 13: Bigfoot

For our 13th episode, we venture off the beaten path to hear about Bigfoot and the scientist who’s on a mission to find him.  (more…)


19 Oct 2016

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Episode 36: The Oregon Trailblazer

In 2011, Rinker Buck crossed the Oregon Trail — yes, that Oregon Trail — in a covered wagon pulled by a team of mules. He traveled with his brother Nick and a Jack Russell Terrier named Olive Oyl. The journey forced Rinker to confront his greatest fear. (more…)


7 Feb 2018

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Episode 33: Ten Steps

On December 22, 2016, Karen Klein got trapped in a snowstorm near the Grand Canyon. But she pushed through it to save her family. (more…)


20 Dec 2017

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Episode 65: Deserted

Josh Patterson loved taking photographs of rare finds in the Mojave Desert. But on one trip, things didn’t go as planned. (more…)


25 Sep 2019

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Episode 30: The In-Between

A possessed basement. A magic mirror. A shop of spirits. Mysterious lights where they don’t belong. Gather around the campfire as we open the portal to a place that isn’t quite human or all the way natural. (more…)


25 Oct 2017

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Episode 8: Row Row Row Your Boat. Or Not.

It was supposed to be a leisurely float down the Snake River. But when they lost their guide, a group of tourists got more than they bargained for. (more…)


16 Mar 2016

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