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Hunt Talk Radio, Randy Newberg Unfiltered is a podcast covering hunting politics, public lands, and conservation topics; even a few things you didn’t need to know. The best hunters you’ve never heard of join Randy to answer questions from the Hunt Talk web forum, share ideas, reveal tactics, and give perspectives unique to public land hunting.

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EP:081 - Todd Orr on grizzly attacks, elk hunting, and knife making

In this episode (081) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy is joined by Todd Orr, backcountry veteran, custom knife maker, experienced handgun elk hunter, and most famously, survivor of a grizzly bear attack.  Topics covered are grizzly bears, knife making, grizzly bears, hunting public land elk, grizzly bears, how Todd has tagged 28 bull elk, grizzly bears, details of a grizzly attack, bad luck is just bad luck, and many other points to be learned from an experienced backcountry expert like Todd Orr.

2hr 11mins

9 Apr 2018

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EP O34: Randy and podcaster Mark Kenyon talk all things hunting

Randy is joined by Mark Kenyon of the Wired to Hunt podcast.  Topics discussed include, western whitetail hunting, expensive nature of producing public land TV, unrealistic expectations, when does hunting critique turn to criticism, hunting politics in an election year, provincial outlook hunters have, traveling to hunt widening perspectives, media message in hunting, never quit, cornering the market on hunting mistakes, narrow vision gets you blindsided, hunters as conservation leaders, bright future for hunting if we make it so.

2hr 8mins

14 Jul 2016

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EP 105: Hunting & Marriage; Advice From Women

In Episode 105 of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, we have a follow up to the recent "hunting & marriage" episode.  This is marital advice from married women; Hillary, Morgan, and Jen laying down the facts to Randy. Topics covered include men being clueless, hunting is a mistress, the thought does count, expectations, financial fairness, time budgets, I need a break from the kids, what women mean versus what they say, and many valuable "decodings" for the hunter who wants marital harmony.

2hr 44mins

25 Mar 2019

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Bonus Episode - Hunting & Marriage Advice for Men

In this bonus episode of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy is celebrating his 30th wedding anniversary today.  As part of that big event, Randy has invited some fellow hunters, Bart May, Michael Parente, and Dan Wilde to discuss marriage advice for men.  Version 2 will have marriage advice from women guests.  Topics covered include "peace, not justice," men are bad negotiators, women are smarter, know what you bring to the table, don't care too much, don't be handy, setting & exceeding expectation, when to get married, elope if you can, measuring the future costs, taxidermy, and a host of other topics men usually mess up on when trying to accommodate their hunting passion with their marriage.  Stay tuned for the women's perspective.

2hr 28mins

11 Feb 2019

Rank #4

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EP 014: Randy Newberg talks with Corey Jacobsen, owner of Elk101.com and 8-time Elk Calling World Champion.

Subjects discussed include what it's like to speak at RMEF's Elk Camp, Corey's history as an elk calling champion, the differing approaches of Randy and Corey, whether or not you can over-bugle, how aggression & confidence play into elk-calling, the full 

1hr 43mins

31 Dec 2015

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EP040: Ramblings from New Mexico Elk Camp

Randy takes a day from elk hunting to rest up and deal with a liver flare up.  Topics include; moon phases for elk hunts, how to blame hunting problems on Obamacare, the UnderArmor bear hunting fiasco, being a hunting or brand ambassador has expectations, why the elk aren't rutting as expected, Randy's bucket list, YouTube as a way to deliver additional content, why we don't film muzzleloader hunts, complications of public land film permits, hunting not ready for social media, hunters getting more involved, source of information for public land YouTube series, and some tangents that will raise the hackles of many listeners.

1hr 31mins

30 Sep 2016

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EP 033: Randy talks backpacks with Mystery Ranch

Randy shares the mic with Dana Gleason, Founder of Mystery Ranch backpacks and Ryan Holm, Mystery Ranch Marketing Manager.  Dana explains 40 years of backpack design and business philosophy that results in the highest quality backpacks on the market.  Built for no failure and no compromise to quality, Dana and Ryan explain how the Mystery Ranch business ethos pervades all the company creates.  There is a reason why we use Mystery Ranch backpacks and this podcast explains why.  When a company builds products for intense users, such as military and wildfire personnel, the technology and product development migrates to consumers at all levels, in our case, the hunting consumer.

1hr 24mins

7 Jul 2016

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EP 121: Montana Elk Camp Summary

In this episode (121) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy is summarizing a recent Montana elk hunt with Marcus Hockett and Adam Foss.  Topics covered include late season elk patterns, hunting pressure on public land, sanctuaries, going a bit further, weather influences, glassing, using pack animals, hunting mid-week, tools for locating elk, bugling in November, how far is too far, new areas and same habits, and a host of other topics that explain a late-season elk hunt on highly pressured public land.

1hr 28mins

18 Nov 2019

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EP 127: So You Want To Be A Mountain Hunting Guide

In this episode (127) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy and Marcus share the mic with James Cruickshank.  James was their guide on the British Columbia Mountain Caribou and Moose adventure last year.  While at the Wild Sheep Show, the topic covered include hunting year round, hunting as your livelihood, unique clients, when hunting gets to be a drag, no complaining, you better love your job, challenges, making the best of bad situations, finding joy in success of others and many more topics about the life of a backcountry mountain hunting guide.

1hr 42mins

19 Mar 2020

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EP048: Hunt Elk EVERY YEAR. No excuses now!

In this episode of Hunt Talk Radio Randy and Field Producer, Marcus Hockett, answer the most common question we receive - How can I hunt elk, preferably every year?  This episode is the nuts and bolts of a short-term strategy to hunt elk every season, in some western state.  We incorporate the short-term ideas with a longer-term strategy to increase odds of a high-quality tag every few years.  We imposed a license and tag budget of $1,000, more than any of these states will cost you.  We also discuss the drawing process for most the western elk states and how you can get more details on each state by watching our Elk Talk videos on YouTube.  If you decide to not go elk hunting each year, that's your decision.  We've given you the road map.  Now go elk hunting.

1hr 34mins

7 Jan 2017

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EP 120: Wyoming Mule Deer Fanatics

In this Episode (120) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy is on a long awaited Wyoming mule deer hunt and shares a mic with two conservation advocates, Chris Steffen and Jared Oakleaf, both lending their talents to mule deer conservation group, Muley Fanatic Foundation.  Topics covered included mule deer, migration routes, Wyoming Migration Initiative, accommodating for wild things, world demand for resources, mothers are leaders, winter kill, quality habitat, risk-reward of migration, corridors, relearning migration routes, and other topics related to the amazing conservation story that is the migratory mule deer of western Wyoming.

2hr 28mins

11 Nov 2019

Rank #11

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EP 010: Randy Newberg answers public land questions with podcast producer Dan Doty.

Subjects discussed include the definition of state trust lands and how they differ from federal public lands, the Sagebrush Rebellion of the 1980s, what it means to be "held in the public trust", possible transfer scenarios in Colorado and Wyoming, statehood enabling acts & the history of how lands came to be public, the liquidation of Nevada's state lands, Randy's crystal ball, Oregon's litigation problem, the American Land Council's plan for the Western states, what's happening on the Congressional level, and why the protection of our public lands is the most important issue of the time. 

1hr 16mins

5 Nov 2015

Rank #12

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EP 122: Wyoming Late Elk Hunt Debacle

In this Episode (122) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy and Marcus are on their way home from a tough late season Wyoming Elk hunt.  Topics covered include hunts that don't go well, weather challenges, closed public roads, risk of short hunts, difficult access, checkerboard areas, hunting small sections, know where you are, etiquette of shared hunting spots, "my spot," sharing public land, hunters helping others, and other issues that have been on our discussion list for a while.

1hr 42mins

20 Dec 2019

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EP 082: Elk, Packs, Tracks, and Mystery Ranch

In this Episode (082) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy is at Mystery Ranch HQ, joined by Luke Boswell and Tim Hoffer.  Topics covered include new packs, how packs are designed/tested/tweaked, Mountain Goat hunting, packing out other hunter's bull, field testing, hunter education, commitment to conservation, public land advocacy, good isn't good enough, and many other tangents.

1hr 56mins

23 Apr 2018

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EP 101: Life in a Mexico Jail (and some Arizona hunting)

In this episode (101) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy is joined by crew members, Marcus and Michael, along with frequent TV guest, Jerry Pritchard.  Listeners have asked for the full story of why Randy won't hunt Mexico.  He and Jerry explain their night in a Mexican jail, making it clear why they will never hunt Mexico.  After that story, other topics include Coues deer hunting, antelope jackrabbits, dove, quail, javelina, Arizona style chili, drawing tags in Arizona, and other random thoughts from a Coues deer camp in the Sonoran desert.

1hr 30mins

21 Jan 2019

Rank #15

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EP 111: Elk - You Find Them Where They Are

In this Episode (EP 111) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy and his crew debate where you find elk and why you find them.  Marcus believes elk "Are where your find them."  Randy insists you find elk "Where they are."   That debate is not solved, but discussed in great depth, along with elk patterns, why elk are where they are, five calendar periods of an elk's year, E-scouting, fishing skills for elk hunting, elk needs, hunting scapegoats, moon phases, locked down whitetails, internet research, all forage is not the same, elk hunter botanists, and host of other topics designed to inform and inflame the listener.

1hr 40mins

30 Jun 2019

Rank #16

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EP 118: New Mexico Elk Hunt Update

In this episode (118) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy and the crew are wrapping up a trip to New Mexico to help Uncle Mike fill his elk tag.  Topics covered include "sensitive" social media images, before/after food images, aging as a hunter, hunting with family, paying back the favors, a lengthy day-by-day analysis of Mike's elk hunt, misses are part of hunting, post-rut elk, bulls and burns, wind sucks, and always, some marital advice.

2hr 13mins

28 Oct 2019

Rank #17

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EP 019: Randy Newberg talks equipment; a Podcast "Bag Dump"

"Bag Dump" topics covered in this episode are equipment, mostly that gear needed for backcounty elk hunting.  Equipment types covered are packs, boots, knives, game bags, GPS and map chips, tents, coolers, hydration systems, optics, and Randy's "system" for consistently finding bull elk on public land.  Randy gives his opinions on elk calibers and bullets.

1hr 32mins

25 Feb 2016

Rank #18

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EP015: Randy Newberg explains the western state elk tag drawing systems

Topics covered are; why we missed a scheduled episode; preference point versus bonus point systems; how the elk tag drawings work in Wyoming, Arizona, Utah, Montana, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, and Idaho; ELK TALK, the YouTube video series; quirks of each state, land ownership colors on your map; goHunt INSIDER research service, how you can hunt elk every year, and why Randy often talks in the third person style.

1hr 21mins

28 Jan 2016

Rank #19

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EP: 088 - Expand Your Public Land Hunting with Remi Warren

In this episode of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio (EP: 088), Randy Newberg and Remi Warren finally connect for a long-planned chat, albeit a shorter thannormal episode.  Topics covered include public lands in other countries, self-guided experiences in Australia and New Zealand,  buying one-way tickets, figure it out, being a lucky fool, is hunting really a job, cancellation lists, solo hunting/filming, digital media, and making success your only option.

1hr 12mins

13 Jul 2018

Rank #20