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Exploring DevOps With Gene Kim

This episode explores DevOps with background, suggestions, and useful tips.Alignment between IT and business is a core issue facing virtually every CIO. Different perspectives, constraints, and goals can present obstacles to the business gaining the highest value from IT. DevOps can help.


11 Aug 2015

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Innovation and Digital Government With Mark Schwartz

Information technology in the federal government is large, complicated, and often slow. Our guest, Mark Schwartz who is Chief Information officer of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USICS), wants to change that by applying lean methods and shifting the focus of IT toward consumers inside the government and citizens on the outside. In this show, Schwartz shares his experience with DevOps and other methods to improve IT and enable digital government.


29 May 2015

Rank #2

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Chris Hjelm, CIO, Kroger

Chris Hjelm, CIO, Kroger discusses innovations disrupting retail in areas such as digital sales, marketing, operations, inventory, and supply chain.


23 Sep 2015

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John Halamka, CIO, Harvard Medical School

The amazing CIO of Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston discusses health care from an innovation perspective.


6 Oct 2014

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CIO Innovation and the Modern Data Center: Brian Lillie, CIO, Equinix

CIO's must evolve to meet the needs of sophisticated business users. In this episode, Brian Lillie, CIO of Equinix, explains how a CIO can play a strategic, customer-facing innovation role in a large technology company.


20 Mar 2015

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IT and Startup Investment Perspective: Brook Colangelo and Michael Skok

Brook Colangelo is Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Michael Skok has been a Partner at North Bridge Venture Partners since 2002.


24 Feb 2016

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Aneesh Chopra, Former Chief Technology Officer Of The United States and Co - Founder Of Hunch Analytics

Aneesh Chopra is co-founder of Hunch Analytics and former Chief Technology Officer of the United States.


16 Feb 2016

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Data, Machine Learning, and User Experience, with Giorgos Zacharia, CTO, Kayak

Giorgos Zacharia Leading the global KAYAK Technology and Product team. Overseeing the company's global technology strategy and product development for KAYAK's websites and mobile applications. Responsible for all aspects of Product Management, UI Design, Technology, Engineering, and Data Science.


13 Feb 2016

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Innovation, Data & Technology in the Federal Government: Bryan Sivak, Chief Technology Officer, Dept of Health & Human Services

Open data and innovation in the federal government are critical topics in today's digital environment. Bryan Sivak, Chief Technology Officer of the US Department of Health & Human Services, discusses sustainable innovation in government and "challenging bureaucracy to escape the status quo.”


7 Feb 2016

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Lee Congdon, CIO, Red Hat

How can a CIO reconcile the demands between technical proficiency and business responsiveness? In this episode, Lee Congdon, CIO of Red Hat Software, shares ideas for balancing infrastructure and innovation in a dynamic and transformational environment.


9 Oct 2015

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Lisa Davis, CIO, Georgetown University

Lisa Davis is Georgetown University's Vice President for Information Services and CIO.


19 Sep 2014

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Michelle McKenna-Doyle, CIO, National Football League

Michelle McKenna-Doyle is Senior Vice President and CIO of the National Football League. She is responsible for the NFL’s technology strategy, shared service delivery and management of the league’s corporate technology activities.


12 Aug 2014

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Patty Hatter, CIO, McAfee

Patty Hatter is Senior Vice President, Operations & Chief Information Officer, and is responsible for innovating and executing a sustainable transformation of McAfee's operational processes and infrastructure across the global organization. As CIO, Hatter is responsible for driving cross-functional partnerships to accelerate delivery of strategic business priorities that impact bottom line profitability. Focused on driving world-class operational effectiveness and scalability, Hatter leads all facets of McAfee's ongoing transactional business and shared services, as well as IT, risk and compliance, and M&A integration.


1 Aug 2014

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Sonny Hashmi, former CIO, General Services Administration

Sonny Hashmi was the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). Named as CIO in May 2014, Mr. Hashmi is responsible for managing the agency's $600 million Information Technology (IT) budget and ensuring alignment with agency and administration strategic objectives, information security and enterprise architecture.


17 Jul 2014

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David Bray, CIO, FCC And Alissa Johnson, Deputy CIO, White House

Dr. David A. Bray is Chief Information Officer for the Federal Communications Commission. Dr. Alissa Johnson (Dr. J) is Deputy Chief Information Officer (DCIO) for the Executive Office of the President (EOP)

1hr 1min

11 Jun 2014

Rank #15

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Tim Weaver, CIO, The Dannon Company

Timothy Weaver is the CIO for Danone’s North American business units, where the focus is to bring health through food to as many consumers as possible.Its Dannon subsidiary is the market leader in the USA’s fast growing yogurt category.


14 Mar 2014

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Mike D. Kail, CIO, Netflix

Learn about CIO innovation, DevOps, and building out a world-class IT department in a major Internet company.Mike D. Kail serves as Vice President of IT Operations (CIO) at Netflix. Mr. Kail has more than 20 years of IT Operations experience. Prior to Netflix, was Vice President of IT operations at Attensity, where he was responsible for the Americas data center.


25 Jan 2014

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David Chou, CIO, Univ. Of Mississippi Medical Center

David Chou is CIO of the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, MS. He is responsible for all technology related to the three missions: education, research and patient care.UMMC includes five hospitals and University Physicians.


6 Dec 2013

Rank #18

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Kristin D. Russell, CIO, State of Colorado

Kristin D. Russell is the Secretary of Technology and Chief Information Officer of Colorado. As the Chief Information Officer, she is responsible for the overall information systems function statewide and to increase the effectiveness of government.


21 Nov 2013

Rank #19

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Ramon Baez, CIO, HP

Ramon F. Baez has been Senior Vice President and Global Chief Information Officer at Hewlett-Packard Company since August 20, 2012.Mr. Baez served as the Chief Information Officer and Vice President for Information Technology Services of Kimberly-Clark Corp.


13 Nov 2013

Rank #20