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When the Moon Hits Your Eye

What coin would just barely cover the full moon? You may be surprised. TI director (and recovering astrophysicist) Linda Shore explains how our brains distort the actual size of the moon.

21 Apr 2010

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Scaling Up Barbie

Size and scale can be difficult concepts to teach. TI staff educator Lori Lambertson talks us through one of her favorite activities, using one of her favorite dolls-Barbie.

2 Jun 2010

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Let's Find Out!

Teaching isn't just work, it's a lot of fun. Staff physicist Thomas Humphrey quickly figured out that he didn't have the answer to every question in the classroom-and that's the fun of it.

19 May 2010

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Teaching Abroad

A veteran teacher describes her first year of teaching-in Guatamala. She faced many, many challenges, but she stuck it out and has been teaching for 20 years.

5 May 2010

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The Last Straw

Despite my better judgment, I invite TI staff educator Eric Muller to do one more set of activities—several things you can do with soda straws.

24 Mar 2010

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