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Get actionable ideas, insight & inspiration to turn your real estate career into a life of freedom. Real Estate Uncensored delivers 3 live shows/wk showing you how to blend the latest high-tech and high-touch prospecting, sales and marketing strategies to grow your real estate business.Featuring interviews with mega agents like Joshua Smith, Jeff Cohn, Brett Tanner, Greg Harrelson, Jeff Latham, Kirby Skurat, Aaron Wittenstein, Marti Hampton and many more.You’ll learn how to make 100+ calls/hr, how to use prospecting systems and scripts to sell 500 homes/yr, how to bring homes to market & actually get them sold, how to run high-tech open houses & much more. Co-hosted by Greg McDaniel, the "Junior Grandmaster" / Bay area Realtor, and Matt Johnson, partner in Elite Real Estate Systems / founder of Pursuing Results, a podcast PR + production firm.

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How to Create Video Content That Drives Business to You w/James Rembert and Nick Sakkis

Social media is vital for success in the real estate industry today, and posting video content in particular is non-negotiable. What kind of content should we be including in our videos- and how can we become more comfortable on camera in the early stages? Should our videos be strictly professional, or is authenticity more important? On this episode, founder of DigitalNatives Inc., James Rembert, and owner and founder of Amplified Marketing Group, Nick Sakkis share their insights on video, social media and the future of the real estate industry.  Nationally, we can’t compete with online competitors. But on a hyperlocal stage, we can give them hell. -James Rembert Takeaways + Tactics  To become relevant in our markets, we need to create hyperlocal content. To do this, we can film our experiences in local establishments- like restaurants. In the early stages of being on camera, it’s normal to feel nervous. To combat shyness, we can film ourselves completing everyday tasks. This will help us get used to being on camera. Authenticity is everything, so stop worrying about telling viewers what we think they want to hear. If we’re authentic, we’ll be more likely to attract an audience better suited to us. To stay ahead of new competitors like Zillow, we have to embrace social media. Start getting comfortable with sharing videos, because they’re non-negotiable for success. We need to speak about hyper-locally relevant topics, and build confidence by being ourselves. The real estate industry is going to feel a lot of changes thanks to the internet, but if we stay up-to-date with social media while staying true to ourselves, we don’t need to agonize over it.  Guest Bio Nick Sakkis is the owner and founder of Amplified Marketing Group. He is passionate about marketing and sales, and enjoys any opportunity to teach agents and entrepreneurs how to promote their brands. Nick is a paid advertising specialist with a keen interest in the social media world and digital space. To find out more about Nick, visit  Nicksakkis.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/nick-sakkis-26999816 You can also find him on social media with the name @NickSakkis Find him on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx_sKLMKBCCgAA8RLPoJDsg James Rembert, also known as ‘Zillow Killer’, is the founder of DigitalNatives Inc. He is a trained marketing strategist and talented designer with a background as a Realtor. James is the creator of the wildly successful online course, HyperLocal Domination, which is aimed at teaching real estate professionals how to build a real estate focused marketing agency from scratch. To find out more about James, head to: https://www.jamesrembert.com/bio https://www.facebook.com/zillowkiller/


9 Nov 2019

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How to Find Motivated Sellers w/Jackie Jackson

One of the biggest challenges real estate investors face is trying to find motivated sellers. Where should we be looking for them? Are there any specific groups of people we should be targeting? On this episode, real estate investor and coach, Jackie Jackson, shares how to find motivated sellers.  Takeaways + Tactics  There are tons of real estate investors who have got into the wrong deals and over-obligated themselves. It’s a great idea to look for struggling investors because on top of being able to buy the property, we can be a great source of relief to them. People expecting a baby are also great potential sellers. As families expand, people start looking for bigger homes, but to buy a bigger property, they’ll first need to sell the one they’re in. Don’t forget about homeowners who may need to relocate within a very short space of time. Military professionals, for example, relocate every few years, so they’re motivated by an urgency to sell quickly.  Subscribe on YouTube Guest Bio Jackie Jackson is a real estate coach and full-time real estate investor. After making a bad investment early in her career, Jackie found herself in $120 000 of debt. Knowing she was determined to become a successful investor, she raised money to hire a mentor by completing 6 months training in the US military. Jackie is passionate about coaching, and believes it’s a non-negotiable step anyone wanting to be successful must take.  To find out more about Jackie, head to https://thejackiejackson.com/ For a free once-off call with Greg, text him on 925 915 1978 or send him a message on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/greg.mcdaniel.739 You can follow Gene on Instagram at @thegenevolpe or head to his website genevolpe.com And if you’d like to find out how to become Micro Famous, visit microfamousbook.com Books mentioned on this episode: Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got by Jay Abraham https://www.amazon.com/Getting-Everything-You-Can-Youve/dp/0312284543


16 Apr 2020

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How to Offer Value That Keeps Clients Coming Back

Often, agents lose out on deals when clients think they can buy or sell their properties more easily on their own. How can we make sure our clients know we’re offering a service worthy of their business? What part of our inner game do we need to tweak to start delivering the kind of value that takes us to the top of the game? On this episode, we discuss why offering value is vital for sustained success.  If you think a buyer is trying to cut you out of a deal, get them on the phone. Don’t tell them things: ask them things. Get them to think about aspects they’ve never considered and they’ll realize why they need a buyer’s agent. -Matt Johnson Takeaways + Tactics  Educate clients by asking them questions. This gets them to think about buying and selling in a way they never have before, and shows we have the expertise they need. It’s not enough to presume we’re worthy of great commissions- we have to earn our keep. We need to constantly bring value to the table if we want to generate revenue.  We have to stop underestimating our power. Our inner game dictates our success, so if we believe we hold no authority, we’ll only do ourselves a disservice. There’s an easy way to stop ourselves from being cut out of deals. If we just knuckle down and offer clients amazing value, we’ll become an obvious choice. Get clients to start thinking differently about real estate, and we’ll position ourselves as authority figures in the market. Most importantly, we need to believe we’re capable of it. Our inner game affects every part of our lives- let’s start believing we’re capable of delivering great value. Rockstar Agent Marketing Toolkit - Featuring our favorite scripts, tutorials and quickstart guides to marketing strategies like Facebook Live, door-knocking, remarketing advertising, open houses and referrals. Get actionable ideas and tactics you can use in your career right NOW.


7 Nov 2019

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How to Tackle Buyers’ Objections w/Bernice Ross

Dealing with objections in real estate is a frustrating reality for agents, so it’s a good idea to have responses to those objections prepared in advance. How should we react to protestations in the buying process? Is there a way to stop objections from forming in the first place- and how should we approach buyers who stall the process to speak to other decision makers? On this episode, CEO and President at BrokerageUP! Inc and RealEstateCoach.com, Bernice Ross shares how asking the right questions can help us tackle objections.  Takeaways + Tactics  Asking questions is extremely powerful. Instead of telling a client what to do, formulate questions that will help them rethink their objections.  To avoid objections being raised at crucial moments, be upfront with buyers at the first meeting. Ask if they would be ready to make an offer immediately when they find the right house.  It’s extremely frustrating for agents when buyers stall the buying process to consult with their decision makers. To stop this from happening, encourage buyers to bring decision makers along to each listing.


7 Jan 2020

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What it Takes to Convert Leads in 2020 w/Beverly Ruffner

Converting leads in 2020 will come with unique challenges and we have to learn to adapt our marketing strategies accordingly. Are we still making cold calls in 2020 and if we are, how should we be approaching them? What are the quick, easy ways to stay top of mind for clients, both past and present? On this episode, owner and founder of Balance Business Consulting, Beverly Ruffner shares how to convert leads in the new decade.  Takeaways + Tactics  Most people don’t like being cold called, so start making ‘warm’ calls. We should aim to create a real connection with the person on the other side of the phone, and show we genuinely care about their best interests. Stop selling and start telling. People react very differently when they know they’re learning something. Keep in contact with past leads on Facebook; this is an easy, free way to stay top of mind. We can do this by sending a video to ourselves, and then forwarding it to our Facebook friends


20 Feb 2020

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How to Remain Successful in An Age of Tech Disruptors

Technology has ushered in many changes to real estate. Some changes are small, and others are set to completely revolutionize everything about our business. How can we play within these changes, or prepare our businesses to avoid getting overrun by disruptors? On this episode, we answer these questions and other viewer questions about remaining relevant in a changing real estate business.  If we want to survive in this industry, we should make sure we’re “Tom Cruise famous” with at least 50 people. It’s really about relationships and making sure we’re close to our database. -Greg McDaniel  Takeaways + Tactics  In lead follow up, texting irks people because they aren’t expecting it. We need to explain the purpose of our texts and make them personal.  Tech companies are winning the battle for the hearts and minds of consumers, and there’s very little incentive for them to bring agents into their model.  The more we operate in the space where we’re not selling cookie-cutter homes, the less likely we are to get replaced by tech companies. Most real estate agents are worried about what the influx of tech companies in our industry means for our survival. As much as there’s a lot of change on the horizon, it doesn’t have to be all gloom and doom for us. If we want to sustain the traditional model, we have to get into action right now. We have to build strong relationships with clients who will always want to work with us and move out of the business of cookie cutter homes. If we play in our own league, we won’t get replaced. 


16 Oct 2019

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How to Build Relationships that Take Your Business to New Levels

In the real estate industry, building relationships is crucial for success. How can we build rapport with our clients? What can we do to assemble a great database of people to bond with in the first place? On this episode, we discuss why relationships are vital in real estate, and how to go about building them.  You have to be as visible as possible in your community. -Greg McDaniel Takeaways + Tactics  Be authentic and transparent about who you are. People do business with agents who are true to themselves.  Stop trying to sell- focus on building genuine relationships and having real conversations with clients. To build a bigger database, give your business card to 25 people everyday, for 4 months. Real estate is a people’s business, so it’s vital we connect with as many people as possible. While it can be anxiety-inducing at first, if we commit to meeting as many people as we can, we stand ourselves in good stead to build great relationships that benefit our businesses. Remember to be authentic in all dealings, and focus on conversation and transparency, rather than sales. By building rapport with clients, we can make sales without a pitch. Rockstar Agent Marketing Toolkit - Featuring our favorite scripts, tutorials and quick start guides to marketing strategies like Facebook Live, door-knocking, remarketing advertising, open houses and referrals. Get actionable ideas and tactics you can use in your career right NOW.


9 Oct 2019

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How to Build a Business Through Relationships, Not Leads w/Terry McDaniel

Relationships are central to the real estate industry, so it’s our responsibility as agents to build connections with as many past, present and future clients as possible. How should we react when our past clients choose to work with different agents? What can we do to make sure we stay at the top of their mind between transactions? On this episode, industry veteran and the Grand Master himself, Terry McDaniel, shares how to build a relationship-based business.  Takeaways + Tactics  Don’t be deterred when clients leave. There are so many reasons they may work with another agent that have nothing to do with us, so we shouldn’t question our abilities. Instead of asking how we can make our clients lives’ better, we should be asking them to teach us how to do that. This shows our dedication more clearly. To stay top of mind, have something on hand to give to clients so we have a reason to see them in person. This can be something small, like a handwritten note.


30 Jan 2020

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How to Have More Effective Conversations w/Dale Archdekin

For many new agents, the thought of having conversations with potential clients is terrifying, but if we learn how to interact with others effectively, we can banish that fear. How can we have more positive conversations? Is it possible to convert leads sooner without coming across as forceful? On this episode, CEO and Founder of Smart Inside Sales, Dale Archdekin, shares how to have more effective conversations.  Takeaways + Tactics  Have positive conversations. If a client is interested in something we know they can’t have, don’t start by telling them that. Instead, ask questions to get a sense of what they want, and offer alternatives later. When a client isn’t interested in buying or selling immediately, ask the right questions to find out why. Once we’ve heard their explanation, we can start assessing whether we can help them in the near future. Don’t push potential leads - lead them. Guide people and show them the best way forward, but don’t force anything on them.


5 Mar 2020

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How to Double Down on Lead Generation in the Age of COVID-19 w/Michael Hellickson

We’re living in strange times, and a lot of agents are beginning to worry about their livelihoods, but this is the moment we should really be doubling down on lead generation. Why do we need to make the most of our time in isolation? Is it possible to generate leads while the world is battling a pandemic? In this episode, Founder and CEO of Club Wealth®️ Coaching and Consulting, Michael Hellickson, shares why we should be doubling down on lead generation and how to do it.  Takeaways + Tactics  Where there’s chaos, there’s an opportunity. While we’re in isolation, we have a duty to press forward and look for ways to be part of solutions for the future.  While we’ve been discouraged from going to public places, a lot of people are taking walks with their families around their neighborhoods. Take advantage of the foot traffic by putting up sign advertisements. Keep holding listing appointments with clients: just do it virtually. People respond to videos almost as well as they do to face-to-face interactions. Resources + Links Rockstar Agent Marketing Toolkit - Featuring our favorite scripts, tutorials and quickstart guides to marketing strategies like Facebook Live, door-knocking, remarketing advertising, open houses and referrals. Get actionable ideas and tactics you can use in your career right NOW. Subscribe on YouTube Guest Bio Michael Hellickson is the Founder and CEO of Club Wealth®️ Coaching and Consulting. After beginning his real estate career in 1991, Michael was a top 1% agent nationally, even before graduating from high school. Michael is considered the #1 short sale expert worldwide, and has been featured on several national television and radio programs including Glenn Beck, CNBC, The Dave Ramsey Show, and The Fox Business Network among many other local and regional programs.  To find out more about Michael, head to facebook.com/groups/clubwealth Clubwealth.com Text Club Wealth to 727 287 5993 to get 17 of Michael’s best online lead sources And for a 30 Free Trial of Listings to Leads, head to clubwealth.com/l2l For a free once-off call with Greg, text him on 925 915 1978  And if you’d like to find out how to become Micro Famous, visit Microfamouspodcast.com and microfamousbook.com To get in touch with Gene, visit GeneVolpe.com or follow #ChallengeToLead on Facebook Books Mentioned on this episode: Be the Solution: How Entrepreneurs and Conscious Capitalists Can Solve All the World's Problems by John Mackey and Michael Strong https://www.amazon.com/Be-Solution-Entrepreneurs-Conscious-Capitalists/dp/0470450037


26 Mar 2020

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How to Be Googleable w/Chris Craft

The online space is saturated with content, so to stand out, we have to ensure that we can easily be found on a range of platforms. How can we create effective content for different platforms? How can we link our audience to our content across these platforms, and which online spaces should we be using as search engines in their own right? On this episode, founder of Nao Media, Chris Craft, shares how to be ‘Googleable’.  Takeaways + Tactics  Create pieces of core content consistently, then repurpose by slicing and dicing smaller pieces for other platforms. Don't put links to your core content when you repurpose it for other platforms. Put any links in the comments. People don't use Facebook and LinkedIn search engines, so don't waste time on things like hashtags for those platforms


13 Feb 2020

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How to Create Amazing Experiences for Your Clients Using Simple Tactics

When it comes to the experiences we give our clients, we should all be striving to go above and beyond. Why is it so important to exceed our clients expectations? Do our gestures need to be extravagant? How can we let our clients know about all the small additional things we do without bragging? On this episode, we discuss how to create amazing experiences in a simple way.  Takeaways + Tactics  Most people can’t put a finger on the specific elements that make an experience more memorable, but there is a big difference when every component is well done. People feel perfection, so strive to give clients that.  Little details make all the difference. Stop thinking it’s difficult to offer exceptional service and focus on all the minor components that add up.  Often, agents are overlooked for all the extra services they offer because clients simply don’t know about them. Use videos to show what’s happening behind the scenes.


3 Mar 2020

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How to Increase Your Likelihood of Success w/Brad McDaniel

There are so many leads available to agents today, but only a small portion of them will actually convert. Therefore, we need to find ways to ensure we target the right people. How can we increase our likelihood of success? Would using a predictor or algorithm change anything about the way we do business today? On this episode, CEO of Likely.AI, Brad McDaniel, shares how we can increase our chances of success.  Takeaways + Tactics  Be aware that while around 200 million leads are generated every year, the number of actual transactions hasn’t increased by much. That means most of the leads we buy aren’t going to convert.  We can increase our likelihood of success by using a predictor such as Likely.AI. Using a predictor allows us to cut through the clutter and speak to the right people. Using a predictor doesn’t mean we have to change anything about the way we do business. We still need to build relationships with our clients; the difference is, by using a predictor we don’t waste time with the wrong leads.


6 Feb 2020

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How to Serve Your Relationships w/Hank Avink

So often, people hold back from making an impact on others’ lives because they’re trying to be someone they’re not. How can we become more helpful to others? Why is it so important to let go of our egos and be our authentic selves? On this episode,  developer of the 36 to Life movement, coach Hank Avink, shares insights on the importance of authenticity. Takeaways + Tactics  Have a mindset of service. We need to stop thinking about selling something, and genuinely want to help others with our knowledge.  Stay in your lane. Being authentic brings phenomenal results, while being inauthentic tends to have poor results. Just be yourself.  Drop the ego at the door. People lose the most money when their egos are involved, so present yourself as someone with a genuine desire to help others. 


14 Jan 2020

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How to Build a Massive Following on TikTok w/Alisa Glutz

TikTok is becoming one of the more popular social media platforms, so real estate professionals should be taking advantage of it now. What kind of content can agents and mortgage professionals share on TikTok? How can we create successful videos, and is it possible to use success on the platform to see real-life results? On this episode, licensed mortgage originator, author of Color My Credit and TikTok enthusiast, Alisa Glutz, shares how to build a massive following on the platform.  Takeaways + Tactics  Take a script we would use on a client and act it out dramatically. Bring the script to life, and take advantage of all the creative tools TikTok offers.  TikTok videos are short, so be sure to capture the audience’s attention right from the start. Jump out at the camera if need be, but make sure the audience is hooked from the first word.  Don’t feel limited by TikTok’s short video format; direct the audience to other platforms, like YouTube. Be sure to have more in-depth content on these platforms, and use it as a way to boost credibility.


17 Jan 2020

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How to Stop Making Excuses and Keep Yourself Accountable w/Gene Volpe and Justin Zimmerman

So often, the only thing holding us back from achieving our goals is us. How can we break the cycle of making excuses, and start making good on the promises we make to ourselves? What tactical steps can we take to hold ourselves accountable? On this episode, founder of GVI Media Gene Volpe and REDX Director of Content Development, Justin Zimmerman, explain how we can all stop making excuses.  Your word is your bond: honor the commitments you make to yourself. -Matt Johnson Takeaways + Tactics  We need to honor the commitments we make to ourselves. If we can’t keep promises we make, we can’t expect others to keep their word either. Train your mind to stay focused on the goal by creating habits. Say the goal out loud. If those around us know our intentions, they can help keep us accountable. To achieve our goals, we need to respect and honor the commitments we’ve made. Without making good on our promises, the only people we’re letting down are ourselves. We need to start doing activities habitually and train ourselves until we no longer question them as part of our daily routines. While staying accountable is something we need to do for ourselves, we can also enlist the help of those around us. By simply sharing our goals with others, we add another layer of accountability.  Guest Bio Gene Volpe is the lead digital architect at and founder of GVI Media. He is also a speaker and national marketing expert, and a social media and video specialist. On top of his marketing expertise, Gene has extensive experience in the real estate and technology industries. To find out more about Gene, head to www.genevolpe.com Justin Zimmerman is the Director of content development at REDX. He is passionate about educating people and enriching the lives of real estate agents. Justin believes that through education, agents can build confidence and create successful businesses.  To find out more about Justin, find him on Instagram: @justinzim.personal You can also find out more about him and REDX on https://theredx.com/blog If you’d like to be featured on a podcast, visit howtogetfeatured.com or www.facebook.com/pursuingresultsllc/ To get in contact with Greg, head to BOOKMcDaniel.com Rockstar Agent Marketing Toolkit - Featuring our favorite scripts, tutorials and quickstart guides to marketing strategies like Facebook Live, door-knocking, remarketing advertising, open houses and referrals. Get actionable ideas and tactics you can use in your career right NOW.


2 Oct 2019

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How to Take Real Estate into the Future w/Jeff Cohn

To see great results in real estate both now and in the future, team owners need to start embracing digital technologies. Will there ever be an ‘Uber’ of real estate? What does the future of our industry look like and how can we start offering it to our clients today? On this episode, owner of kwELITE, Jeff Cohn, shares what we can expect to see in real estate in the future.  Takeaways + Tactics  Stop looking to create the Uber of real estate. Buying and selling properties is an involved process, so instead of looking to simplify it, Uber-style, we should be finding ways to offer our clients amazing, innovative experiences.  Offer higher quality images. The client of the future wants to see every part of a property virtually, so postcard-sized images aren’t going to cut it anymore. Create a virtual reality experience. By providing our clients with an opportunity to tour a home no matter where they are, we can offer convenience and value like no other.


19 Mar 2020

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How to Create Multiple Income Streams w/Matthew Clawson

Having multiple income streams is the best way to create freedom for ourselves. We can create those streams by getting involved in the development process. How can we start building relationships with builders and developers, and what kind of value can we offer them? What should we be avoiding if we want to build successful relationships? On this episode, real estate and home building expert, Matthew Clawson, shares how to forge successful relationships with builders and developers.  Takeaways + Tactics  Go out and approach builders and developers. Even if there’s nothing we can help them with now, at the very least, we can start building relationships with them.  Provide value by creating edited videos of developments and sharing them with the developer. Offer to do more videos in the future, once a partnership is established. Avoid wasting a builder or developer’s time by sharing deals they already know about. Time-wasting is the easiest way to frustrate a builder.


28 Jan 2020

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How to Create an Audience of Positively Persuadables in Our Local Markets

One of the biggest barriers to our success in marketing is that we’re putting out a lot of content, but we’re not saying anything arresting, surprising or compelling. How should we approach marketing so that it doesn’t waste our time, energy and resources? Why is it so critical to think of marketing from the perspective of the audience? On this episode, Gene Volpe joins us to talk about the right way to go about marketing.  It’s not just about mass broadcasting, it’s about being able to communicate effectively to the people who need to hear your message. -Greg McDaniel  Takeaways + Tactics  On social media, most of us don’t give anyone a clear and compelling reason to know or remember what we do. We think that because we’re visible we’re going to persuade people.  Our time is much more valuably spent in conversation with the right people.   When you’re not the person you’re marketing to, your view is tainted and unbiased. It’s important to think of your advertising from the perspective of the audience so you know the effect it will have. Rockstar Agent Marketing Toolkit - Featuring our favorite scripts, tutorials and quickstart guides to marketing strategies like Facebook Live, door-knocking, remarketing advertising, open houses and referrals. Get actionable ideas and tactics you can use in your career right NOW. Subscribe on YouTube Additional links to books or other resources mentioned during the show


28 Dec 2019

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How to Keep Creating Content During COVID-19 w/Robert Ring

With so many people stuck at home at the moment, now is the perfect opportunity to double down on content creation. How do we continue to create content during this time if our strategy was highlighting local businesses? Are there any lessons we can take from this time and implement in the future? On this episode, Robert Ring, Mortgage Advisor at Cross Country Mortgage and co-host of Hops and Houses video series, shares how to keep creating content during COVID-19.  Takeaways + Tactics  It’s important we don’t bury our heads in the sand during the pandemic - if anything, now is the time to double down on our online presence. Don’t stop reaching out to local businesses like restaurants. Even though people aren’t able to go out, a lot of restaurants are still doing takeout. Do a live video featuring the chef from a local restaurant to help boost the community and bring attention to places that are still open. Learn from this experience. People tend to be more empathetic during times of crisis, but we shouldn’t be limited to that. Use this time to make a shift towards becoming more empathetic and helpful to the community.  Subscribe on YouTube Guest Bio Robert Ring is a loan officer and mortgage advisor at Cross Country Mortgage. Since entering the business in 2013, Robert has gained a stellar reputation for his hard work and fierce dedication to helping clients achieve their dreams. Robert is also the co-host of the Hops and Houses video series on Facebook. For more on Robert, head to: Robertringteam.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-ring-68378256 https://www.facebook.com/hopsnhouses/videos/832759117126208/?so=permalink&rv=related_videos For a free once-off call with Greg, text him on 925 915 1978  To contact Gene Volpe, head to genevolpe.com And if you’d like to find out how to become Micro Famous, visit Microfamouspodcast.com and join getmicrofamous.com

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23 Apr 2020

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