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Madeleine Byrne and Miranda O'Hare are proud to bring you Validate Me, the podcast where two LA based girls serve up some gossip and advice. Get to know these two actress/writers as they navigate their way through the eccentricity and rollercoaster that is living in Los Angeles. Each week they discuss everything from pop culture to dating, to plastic surgery, diet fads and their own lives. Guests within the entertainment industry will make their way in and out of the podcast, sharing insight and advice with you and the girls. Pour yourself a shot, put your feet up and listen responsibly.

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Episode 3: The one where the girls talk diets

Our resident DJ, Michael B tells us about the Keto diet and the high energy benefits... Also, is it wrong to be addicted to energy drinks and coffee or is that the norm of life? During, “Who The Fuck Cares”, Michael shares what is proven statistically to make you feel closer to your date—- just facts guys. Miranda vows to cut out French fries and gets nominated for Best Actress at the Amsterdam Film Festival!!! Yeaaah! The girls wrap up by answering your most exciting fan questions!!! Listen responsibly!!


21 Aug 2018

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The one where everyone was delusional

This week on the pod everyone caught the frick up because we’ve been off a week. Making a mental note to repeatedly record in the evenings from now one because we were ON ONE. The Vodcast team is making some awesome changes (probs selling pics of Mirandas boobs but IDK). We discuss our feelings on Fyre Fest, Mac n Cheese, AirPods, and hottest porn categories of 2018. Apparently a bunch of people are into Fortnite porn and I’m… not here for it…? Also, Miranda goes on a date with Shock Collar and you need to know the deets. Pour yourself a shot and get ready for some updates with the team. SEEYAH! Listen responsibly.


22 Jan 2019

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The one where Madeleine realizes things

This week on the Vodcast, the gang discusses all the truly LA things they do daily and reveals the racy podcast name they nearly had. After a birthday and a reflective week, Madeleine asks some big life questions and the group discusses growing up, attempting to adult and dating in LA. Meanwhile in celebration of his keto weight loss Michael threatens to take his shirt off and tries to get us to buy Drake’s Favorite wine, Miranda’s discusses her lack of life skills after her kitchen floods and Madeleine wants to go traveling. So settle in ladies and gentlemen, pour yourself a glass and drink responsibly.

1hr 9mins

28 Aug 2018

Rank #3

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This week on the pod we chat about a lot of random shit. SHOCKINGGG! Miranda and Michael bond over gut issues while Madeleine laments over her allergy to chickpeas. Miranda dishes on her new lease on dating... which is basically that dating in LA is still hard and there’s nothing new. #Relatable. We discuss that dating doesn’t HAVE to end in tragedy but somehow people always act like you killed their family when you run into them at a coffee shop a year later... you know? In other news, don’t eat protein bars, support your local coffee shop, and get a dog. LISTEN RESPONSIBLY!


25 Oct 2019

Rank #4

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The one where the girls sit down with comedian Michael Lenoci

This week on the pod the girls invite their first guest to the inner circle of vodcast soda. Michael Lenoci is a stand up comedian, who regularly opens for Chris Delia .. but moonlights as a voice for the LA male dating scene. Lolz. The girls dish on their dating lives while Michael gives some very candid and shocking advice. The three also touch on career highs and lows, what it means to “stay in your lane”, and how to tackle the entertainment industry in 2018. Sit back, relax, and listen responsibly.

1hr 10mins

6 Sep 2018

Rank #5

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Zoey 101? More like Zoey 911!!

Welcome back to the highest rated political podcast in the literal world. HAHA. We talk about what’s REALLY important, Nickelodeon drama. Mads tells the team all about the scandal of Zoey 101 behind closed doors and it might be falling on deaf ears (a la Michael gives no fucks), but this really opens up the floodgates to each of our individual bullying stories. We collectively realize that no one is safe from the evil middle school and highschool girls or boys, but we do admit, life gets better. Trust me y’all, those bullies will be bald and teen preggo in no time. LISTEN RESPONSIBLY WE LOVE YOU.


2 Dec 2019

Rank #6

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The one where the girls sit down with love and dating coach, Evin Rose.

Oh boy, what an episode. This week on the pod, the girls and (resident DJ, Michael B), sit down with love and dating coach, Evin Rose. Evin discusses terms like, “situationship”, “attachment style”, and what it feels like to personally date in Los Angeles. The girls get some insight on why certain relationships may not have worked out, or why it is better to move on than to go back to an ex. The girls also talk ghosting vs. the “break up text”. This ep is so juicy you don’t want to miss a THANG. Check out our lovely Evin on Instagram @evinrose & on Facebook Also make sure to rate and review us!!! Drink and listen responsibly. ;)

1hr 31mins

9 Oct 2018

Rank #7

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The one where everyone gets the feels

This week on the pod the crew has some emotions (which Michael still is attempting to relate to lolz). We love that you guys think our lives are all sunshine and rainbows but we’re totally here to just get super real and show you that life can be hard no matter your circumstance. Mads and Miranda discuss their feelings on the entertainment industry and the lows that come with choosing an unstable career path. Michael gives us some good tips on productivity and some beautiful comical commentary on being a grumpy “old” man. We love you for submitting your questions each week - we actually read them ALL so send away! Pour yourself a shot and listen responsibly!!!


1 Apr 2019

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To Botox or not to Botox, that is the question?

This week on the pod the gang gossips about Botox, lip filler, getting hot... OH MY. Is Los Angeles brain washing us into wanting to self improve or is this a world wide thing? Miranda talks about exercising her right to be Mrs. Robinson while going on a date w a YOUNGER MAN. Michael gives us the BEST DATING TIPS, while we basically either confirm or rip them to shreds. Also, Miranda went to catholic school.... amazing. VALIDATE US PLZ. We love you. Let us know what you guys want to hear next and send us your questions. Xx

1hr 3mins

26 Jun 2019

Rank #9

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Talking Reality TV and Instagram fame with HANNAH BERNER

This week on our hot ass new rebranded pod, VALIDATE ME, we talk all things *~iNtErNeT fAmE~*. Hannah Berner graces us with her presence and joins the bearded man / girl cave during her FIRST ever visit to Los Angeles. Hannah comes straight off the heals of Bravo TV’s, “Summer House”… so we wasted no time talking allllll things reality TV. We also spend like ten minutes talking about how obsessed we are with each others Instagrams, annoying Michael all the live long day. We talk meme culture, Vanderpump Rules, and how to be hot AND funny. *Shocking*. Hannah has a sexy podcast as well so check her the hell out, @BeingBernz & Berning In Hell Podcast. Like us, subscribe to us, VALIDATE US. Love you, mean it. LISTEN RESPOBSIBLY

1hr 19mins

21 May 2019

Rank #10

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This week on the pod the gang discusses Neighborhood gossip, fake plants, their nightly routines and being triggered by the dieting culture of LA. Meanwhile Miranda plots to kill a delivery man in order to seduce Michaels Neighbour and Maddie will in fact still be wearing crops in her fifties. Also, our resident LA girl Michael B is on a 21 day hot yoga challenge and is killing it!The biggest news however is that the girls have two huge discoveries. They actually enjoy the pod.People do in fact actually listen to the pod. So in the words of the great Kylie Jenner ‘were all just, like, realizing things.’Thanks for your support and ears spicy queens, write a review and let us know your thoughts. Love you, mean it!


13 Nov 2019

Rank #11

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This episode is sponsored by Smirnoff Seltzer. Please Drink Responsibly! This week on the pod literally nothing matters except the fact that DJ Michael B is now ENGAGED!! How crazy that we’re all so young and beautiful and successful and now our resident MALE is about to be a MR WIFEY. Miranda and Mads ask him everything about the process because we are both SUPER far away from being housewives LOLZ. Michael shares his super cute story about how he proposed… it’s a good one guys. Miranda also has huge freaking news, SHES ON RAYA. Our resident dating babe is now on the most “elite” dating app of the century. Here’s hoping she meets some wealthy billionaire so Madeleine can come third wheel on their trips to Greece. (Madeleine may or may not be writing this description). Anyway…big week on the podcast. Lots of excitement tears were shed during this pod. Thanks for listening, WE LOVE YOU!


4 Nov 2019

Rank #12

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Celebs we've dated!

We are back you hot babes! Ugh, we missed you. But guess what! We have a new name! We are now called VALIDATE ME!It’s very us guys. We decided to officially rebrand after months of Maddie and Miranda complaining endlessly about the podcast name. We even got a new logo and some merch. Whoa we’re so professional, who do we even think we are right now? We might have a new name but we still talk about the same fun LA stuff like- dating, diets, social media and the entertainment industry, to name a few! From now on, your fan questions will always be incorporated in our episodes, so make sure to DM the crew with yours to get it answered and also a shout out in the episode. This week on Validate Me, we go in on some secret celebrity gossip in the LA dating scene whilst sharing our own celeb dating stories and discuss our most LA moment on the most LA pod. It’s a thing. So strap in guys cause things are about to get fun and fresh in here. We’re so excited to be back. Did your hair get longer??? Love you, mean it!

1hr 2mins

13 May 2019

Rank #13

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The boys (& girls) are back in town

This week on the pod the gang is reunited and it feels SO GOOD...tbh maybe slightly mediocre but “so good” sounds better. Mads is fresh off the plane from Kentucky filming her first ever feature where Denise Richards plays her HOT mom. I’m jealous of myself. Miranda is in the thick of auditions and dating and honestly has some juicy bits of insight to her personal life. We discuss long distance dating, sexting, the biz (per usual), and Michael tells us all about his high school acne. You know them (kinda), you love them (maybe), and you WANT TO LISTEN TO THEM (definitely). Pour yourself a drink and VALIDATE ME (us). Love you mean it.

1hr 9mins

10 Jun 2019

Rank #14

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New year, new... Kidding omg they’re exactly the same.

Today the OG three are back and better than ever because it’s 2019 you guys!!! Hot new celebrity chef Madeleine Byrne is here as always and she’s packed with New Years Resolutions including the white girl favourite ‘be more healthy.’ Miranda has a resolution to have more fun (pray for us all) and the three discuss hot topics including handling yourself as a young woman in a creative world, marrying your rebound and of course, dating in LA, because, like, don’t pretend you’re not interested. Oh and Michael knows the future of podcasting so you better listen in. Kick off your heels, pour yourself a drink (or don’t, we support you either way) and tune in because 2019 is off to a great start!


14 Jan 2019

Rank #15

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Accutane and Boyfriends

Omg it’s almost a new year. That’s pretty cool huh? New year, same convos and empty promises of a Patreon from us!!! We wrap up our year with some of our favorite things like beauty products, people we don’t hate, and Michaels technology thangz. MIRANDA HAS A BOYFRIEND. Gonna end that there bc honestly nothing tops this news. We also talk about Michael getting acutane but Miranda has a boyfriend. We love you guys happy holidays & happy new year. Listen responsibly xx


31 Dec 2019

Rank #16

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2020 goals and regrettable trends!

Welcome back you hot babes! This week on the pod as 2019 comes to a close, we are discussing all the spicy topics as we reflect on the past decade. We go in on the most regrettable trends, fast fashion and seriously, what the hell was happening with our eyebrows?? Meanwhile Maddie and Miranda discuss being triggered by social media and it’s affect on our dieting habits (shocking Maddie and Miranda discussing diets— we know!)Meanwhile Michael likes to imagine his life is a video game. So thoughts and prayers guys.So settle in and don’t forget to like and subscribe to our pod. Love that for you! Byeeeee xo


13 Dec 2019

Rank #17

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This week the vodcast crew goes in on hackers after Maddie’s socials get attacked and the girls reflect on their experiences with stalkers. Meanwhile the dream team discusses having a career in entertainment and the great LA tradition of being slashies (ACTOR/MODEL/DJ/WILL DO WHATEVER FOR $$$).After a local attack in the neighborhood, Michael explains why he’s scared for his dawgs... wait, no like his actual dogs and discusses managing his life as an entrepreneur and photographer. We answer fan questions (AKA- fans of Maddie ask her questions) and learn some fun things like Miranda googles herself, OH, AND MADDIE CAN’T REMEMBER HER WHOLE LIFE.So pour yourself a glass of Charles Shaw (honestly the rose is pretty decent- just sayin’ ???) and strap yourself in fam cause another episode of Vodcast is here and it’s pretty damn great

1hr 3mins

26 Mar 2019

Rank #18

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This week on the pod things get hot and heavy when Michaels babe/successful girlfriend comes on to discuss her journey to becoming more creative by micro dosing mushrooms on the daily.The pod get intense for a hot minute and discusses some more serious topics including The Jordyn Woods saga and The Leaving Neverland documentary.Things even out in Michaels Corner when Michael tells the girls how many pounds of spiders we’re all ingesting a year, continues to rant about the Arc Storm and then attempts to convince Miranda to download Tinder and activate holiday mode! So not much has changed really. Oh, and plot twist, Maddie is still drinking cold brew and obsessed with North Korea. Send help. So sit back, pour yourself a shot and....UGH, just listen okay?!!! It’s pretty great.

1hr 6mins

12 Mar 2019

Rank #19

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The one where it’s the holidays

The OG team is cooking up some juicy things in the proverbial kitchen. Shortly you guys will be able to have a little piece of Vodcast Soda in your hands! More to come on that. In other news, Michael and Mads are peer pressuring Miranda to get back into the dating scene because what else is new. The girls discuss dating guys that don’t have social media gasp and according to the news, all women in their 30’s are single. Um? I have questions. Also it’s “cuffing” season and we’d all rather lay in bed watching Netflix than partake.. except for Madeleine who has a boyfriend ... incase you forgot. We love you and we mean it. Listen responsibly!!!


3 Dec 2018

Rank #20